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Recently Downloaded: GIS Based Landslide Susceptibility Mapping along the Road Section from Bandeu to Barahabise, Sindhupal Chowk District of Nepal          ||          The Antioxidant Activity Test of Rosella Flower (Hibiscus sabdariffa Linn.) with DPPH (1,1 -Dhenyl-2-picrylhydrazyl) and its Application for Lipstick Provisions          ||          A Framework of Adaptive Mobile Video Streaming and Efficient Social Video Sharing In the Cloud          ||          Economic Potentials of the Informal Sector in Promoting Local Economic Development in Cities of Developing Countries: A Study of Dodoma City in Tanzania          ||          CSR based MSME Empowerment through Product Marketing Competency Enhancement by Digital Marketing          ||          Sexual Assault: Current Scenario at a Referral Center in Mumbai          ||          Establishment Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Practice in Ready-Made Garments Sector (RMG) in Bangladesh          ||          Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Expenditure on Profitability: A Case Study on Mercantile Bank Limited          ||          Corporate Social Responsibility and Firm Financial Performance: The Mediating Role of Competitive Advantage and Corporate Reputation of Telecommunication Firms in Mogadishu, Somalia          ||          Acute Scrotal Emergencies: Randomised Prospective Study          ||         

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Comparison of Thrombolysis Outcome in Early and Late Thrombolysis in Acute STEMI Patients
Authors: Dr. Uddhav Khaire, Dr. Shweta Shinde, Country: India

A Review Paper on Text Detection, Classification and Segmentation
Authors: Dr. Poonam Patel, Shweta Gandevia, Country: India

Atypical Presentation of Viral Pneumonia (H1N1) as Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss: A Case Report
Authors: Dr Kallepalli Divya, Dr P. Veeranjaneyulu, Country: India

Tax Avoidance: Determinant Factors and Impact on Firm Value
Authors: Maulida Aulia Rezki, Noer Azam Achsani, Hendro Sasongko, Country: Indonesia

A Rare Case of Bilateral Congenital Absence of Internal Carotid Artery
Authors: Narra Ramakrishna, Mukkamala Sonia Pavani, Kopuri Ajay Abishek, Yatham Sai Tejaswini, Gadde Prathibha, Country: India

The Use of Computer Control Local Anesthetic Delivery Injection with Music as an Adjunct in Stress and Pain Reduction for Children
Authors: Cut Rita Agustina, Kirana Lina Gunawan, Ratna Indriyanti, Meirina Gartika, Country: Indonesia

The Earliest Centers of Pashtu Literature
Authors: Mohammad Israr Shinwari, Country: Afghanistan

Significance of Modules with Ascending Chain Condition Which Corresponds of Definite Sorts of Annihilator
Authors: Dr. Rehana Parvin, Momotaz Katun, Dr. Mst. Rashida Pervin, Country: Bangladesh

Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Emergency Contraceptives among Married Women of Reproductive Age Group in a Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Jeevanthika P, Geetha R, Sreeja L, Manju Parmar, Country: India

Hand Schuller Christian Disease: A Case Report with Oral Manifestation
Authors: Motaz Atia, Shaima Taj, Country: Sudan

MRI Evaluation of Modic Changes and Schmorl?s Nodes in Patients with Low Back Pain
Authors: Dr. Garg Yogesh, Dr. Mohi Jaswinder Kaur, Dr. Malik Priyanka, Country: India

Secondary Victimization of a Survivor of Sexual Violence in the Lubumbashi Criminal System
Authors: Kawit Yav Lucide, Ngoie Musasa Joelle, Country:

Impact of Perceived Parental Acceptance - Rejection on Self-Esteem and Emotional Intelligence among College Students of Ranchi University, Ranchi
Authors: Nazim Imam, Dr. Shashi Kala Singh, Country: India

Klippel - Trenaunay Syndrome - A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Kolluru Sireesha, Dr B Manohar, Country: India

Detection of Alloantibodies in Multitransfused Patients
Authors: Prasanta Kumar Dash, Country: India

Self-Efficacy and Self-Construal
Authors: Anupam Lata, Country: India

Social Study of Culture in the Village of Fishermen Tamasaju Galesong District District Takalar
Authors: Amruddin, Nadir, Country: Indonesia

Research on Benin Cashew Nut Exportation Trade
Authors: Mahloukou Kingnide ARINLOYE, Country: China

Future Progress of Science, Technology and Innovation: Public Perception
Authors: Elene Pitskhelauri, Country: Georgia

Economic Valuation of Carbon Storage in Andean Puna Grass with Multivariate Application
Authors: Raul Yaranga, Mayela Jara, Country: Peru

Role of MDCT in Evaluation of Orbital Lesions
Authors: Devi Mounika Bevara, S. Venkateswar Rao, Country: India

Retrieval of a Foreign Body through Thoracic Oesophagotomy in a Shih Tzu Dog
Authors: Dr. M. Gokulakrishnan, Dr. L. Nagarajan, R. Indumathi, Country: India

A Rare Case Report of Epilepsy with Eyelid Myoclonia - Jeavons Syndrome
Authors: Dr. P Subramanyam, Dr T Jay Chandra Naidu, Country: India

Administrative Support Services and Retention of Distance Learners: The Case of Bachelor of Education Programmes of the University of Nairobi, Kenya
Authors: Johnbosco Kisimbii, Christopher Gakuu, Harriet Kidombo, Country: Kenya

Assessing Acceleration and Deceleration Phase of Sprinting Event Using Newly Crafted Electronic Device - A Scrutiny
Authors: Dr. V. Ravikumar, Country: India

Male Perspectives Regarding Participation in the Use of the Male Sterilization/Vasectomy in Siliragung District, Banyuwangi Regency, East Java, Indonesia: A Qualitative Study
Authors: Lutvia Dwi Rofika, Ni Komang Yuni Rahyani, Luh Seri Ani, Desak Putu Yuli Kurniati, Country: Indonesia

A Comparative Evaluation of Superficial Cervical Plexus Block Versus Local Infiltration for Pain Relief during Internal Jugular Vein Cannulation in Awake Patients - A Prospective Randomised Study
Authors: Dr. Venkata Karthik Reddy Kovvuri, Dr. Vishnumahesh Babu Batchu, Country: India

Context and Impact of Repetition Courses in Mathematics on Feeling of Competence of Middle School Students in this Subject
Authors: BAWA Ibn Habib, Country: Togo

Plant Growth Promoting Endophytic Fungal Association from Cajanus cajan, Linn. Plant which Can Improve Plant Growth Promotion
Authors: Shinde S.Y, Country: India

A Morphometric and Morphlogical Study of Sacral Hiatus and its Clinical Significance in Caudal Epidural Anesthesia
Authors: Pareek Bharti Ramswaroop, Dr. R. P. Busar, Dr.Chitransha Dhakarey, Shilpa Rani, Rahul Sharma, Pankaj Sinsinwar, Devesh Kumar Sharma, Country: India

A Case of Viral Pneumonia (H1N1)-An Unusual Presentation
Authors: Dr Likhitha, Dr. R. Pratap, Dr. Bharath M, Country: India

Fat Embolism Syndrome - A Case Report
Authors: Dr Bharath, Dr TVSP Murthy, Dr Likhitha, Country: India

Effect of Burnt Brick Dust on Swelling and Shrinkage in Black Cotton Soil
Authors: Omkar U. Kumbhar, Country: India

Antihyperglycemic Activity of the Crude Ethanolic Extract of Artocarpus heterophyllus Lam. (langka) Unripe Fruit against Alloxan-induced Hyperglycemia in Mus musculus (White Mice)
Authors: Ma. Socorro G. Leong-on, Country: Philippines

Enhancing the Oral Bioavailability of Poorly Water Soluble BCS Class IV Drug Docetaxel Using Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles
Authors: Pritesh. V. More, Dr. Mrudula. H. Bele, Jignesha. A. Mhatre, Shweta. J. Gangurde, Sunil. B. Rathod, Sachin. S. Warkad, Country: India

Remote Monitoring and Controlling of Enhanced Greenhouse Using Web Application
Authors: Dr. Bassim Abdulbaki Jumaa, Amna Muath Mohammed, Country: Iraq

Diagnostic Role of Vaginal Ph, Wet Mount and Pap Smear in Women with Vaginal Discharge Attending Gynecological OPD
Authors: Dr. S. Sandhya, Dr. G. Prameela Devi, Country: India

Formulation and Evaluation of Nanoemulsion for Non-Steriodal Anti-inflammatory Drug
Authors: Gajanan Mogal, Vaibhav Changadiya, Country: India

A Control Scheme for Grid Integration of the Photovoltaic (PV) Generation System
Authors: Dr. Ibrahim Imbayah Khalefah Imbayah, Country: Libya

Asymptomatic Papulonodules on Elbows and Hands: A Rare Chronic Fibrosing Leukocytoclastic Vasculitis
Authors: Garbham Sravani, B. Swetha, D. V. S. B. Ramamurthy, Country: India

An Examination of Green Innovations in the Information Technology Sector
Authors: Md Sadaf Aqubal, Country: India

Evaluation of Sterility of Various Commercially Available Endodontic Instruments - A Pilot Study
Authors: Rajalakshmi Rakshanaa .T .V, Dr. Jayalakshmi, Country: India

Allergic Bronchopulmonary Aspergillosis: Clinical Manifestations, Diagnosis and Management: Importance of Early Anticipation as One Underlying Cause for Intractable Bronchial Asthma, Cystic Fibrosis Flare Ups
Authors: Dr. Liaqat Ali Chaudhry, Aftab Ahmed, Country: Saudi Arabia

Spatial Analysis of Urban Street Lights Infrastructure in Port Harcourt Metropolis, Rivers State, Nigeria
Authors: Wizor, C. H. (PhD), Anthony-Leol, E. N, Country: Nigeria

Evaluation of Crusher Productivity in Coal Processing Plant in Pt. Bara Tabang, Kutai Kartanegara District, Province of East Kalimantan, Indonesien
Authors: Sakdillah, Tommy Trides, Marlinus Matius Lollong, Country: Indonesia

The Phytochemistry and Antioxidant Activity of the Ethanol Extract of Cymbopogon citratus (POACEAE)
Authors: Aniefiok Sunday Udobre, Sunday Boladale Alabi, Odudu Abasi Sampson Uko, Country: Nigeria

Reduction of Leakage Current in CMOS Circuits
Authors: Dr S Rooban, Ch Silas, N Venkaiah, Shaik Karishma, Country: India

Effectiveness of Subcutanous Negative Pressure Drain in Cases of Infective Laparotomies
Authors: Dr. Ankit Goyal, Dr. Rajkamal Kanojiya, Country: India

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Health Teaching on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Dengue Fever among Adults (18 to Below 60 Years) Residing in Morvadi Nagar Ambad Nashik
Authors: Nasim Maniyar, Country: India

Topological Modules
Authors: Gayathri .G, Gayathri .V, Country: India

Savage Minimax Regret Criterion Method to Find Optimal Decision
Authors: Thapaswini P S, Country: India

Nymber Server in Anonymizing Network: A Review
Authors: Anand A. Maha, Jayprakash D. Sonone, Country: India

Measuring Decisions: A Proposal for Quantitative Study in Forensic Handwriting Examination
Authors: Sujay Saha, Kananbala Jena, Country: India

The Utilization of Social Media as a Main Business Platform in a Small Developing Country: A Case Study of SMEs in Brunei Darussalam
Authors: Dayangku Alizatul Nur Intan Pengiran Haji Ali, Country: Brunei

Role of Library in Technical Education with Reference to Chhattisgarh
Authors: Dr. Kalpana Chandrakar, Country: India

Role of Financial Ratios in the Economy
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia

Security Contribution in Wireless Communication Networks
Authors: Anurag Chandana, Dr. Tripti Khatana, Country: India

Capital Budgeting and Feasibility Waste Filtering Analysis in SMEs of the Tofu Company in Sumedang Indonesia
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia

Clinico-Bacteriological Profile of Surgical Site Infections: Interim Results of a Prospective Study in Southwestern India
Authors: Dr. Indranuj Roy, Dr. Sitaram Ghosh, Country: India

Currency Exchange Rate, Stock Return and Return on Equity in Indonesia
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia

Development and Evaluation of an Instructional Package for the Topic Cellular Respiration in Biology for Grade12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Track
Authors: Ma. Socorro G. Leong-on, Bibiana Espina, Country: Philippines

Factors Affecting Student Confidence in English Speaking Classes
Authors: Mohammad Naseem Pasarlay, Country: Afghanistan

PSAD: A Better Diagnostic Tool to Detect Early Carcinoma Prostate
Authors: Dr. Monawwer Ala, Dr. Gopinath Pai, Dr. MD Hussainuddin Madni, Country: India

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Acute Respiratory Infection among Mothers of Under Five Children
Authors: Prof. Adlin Shinija, Country: India

Prospective, Randomized, Controlled Study of Caudal Analgesia using 0.2% Ropivacaine with 1?g/kg Fentanyl and 0.2% Ropivacaine with 0.02ml/kg NS in Children Undergoing Infraumbilical Surgeries
Authors: Dr Kota Aparna, Dr B V Mahesh Babu, Country: India

Nutrition Education Intervention in Selected Lebanese Nurseries - Procedures and Outcome
Authors: Abboud R., Khalil I., Country: Lebanon

Descriptive Study to Assess the Factors Affecting Harmony of Body, Mind and Spirit of Students Undergoing BSc Nursing Course in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Lucknow
Authors: Col Sarvjeet Kaur, Lieut Rekha Singh, Lieut Neha, Country: India

Participatory Project Initiation Process; A Pathway to Sustainable Adolescents? Reproductive Health Intervention-Developing Country Perspective
Authors: Lurimuah Stephen, Mbugua John PhD, Kyalo Dorothy, Prof. Maitho, Timothy Prof., Country: Kenya

City Transport Reform in Bandung Regency Indonesia
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia

Organochlorine Pesticide Residues Levels in Cocoa Pods and Beans from Selected Cocoa Farms in Ondo Central Senatorial District
Authors: Fasuyi F.O., Oyegoke D.A., Country: Nigeria

A Study to Assess the Awareness of General Public about Organ Donation in Rural Area of Nasik City
Authors: Neha Kasotiya, Country: India

Role of Increased Hydration in Women in Labor with Unrestricted Oral Intake of Fluids - A Randomised Study
Authors: Dr. B. Swetha, Dr. T. Bharathi, Country: India

Effectiveness of a Training Programme on Intravenous Cannulation Therapy: An Interventional Study
Authors: Kaur Varinder, Kaur Jasbir, Thakur Rachna Devi, Country: India

Neurofuzzy Mathematical Logic Quality (NMLQ) in a Fourth Dimension View with ISO Standard 25000 (SQuaRE) and Scale Likert Applied in Diabetes Control
Authors: Shia Chau Sen, Shia Khaohun, Shia Mey Kuang, Country: Brazil

Developing English Speaking Material based on Critical Thinking Skill at Vocational High School in Makassar
Authors: Imran Trista Udin, Basri Wello, Qashas Rahman, Sharyn Graham Davis, Country: Indonesia

Unusual Stridor Following Thyroid Surgery
Authors: Dr. Kollu Divya, Country: India

Spectrum of Disease in the Male Breast: 2 Year Study in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Dr. Chandrakala Joshi, Dr. Renuka Gahine, Dr. Vanita Bhaskar, Dr. R. P. Siddqui, Country: India

Gravity Can be Part of the Transporting Energy by Constructing the Road into a Bio Quantum Path Design
Authors: Yi Yu Lai, Country: Canada

Recruitment Process of Grade (B)'s (First & Second BASTs) Civil Services Servants in Afghanistan's Legal System
Authors: Nasratullah Akbari, Country: Afghanistan

About Pastures of the Republic of Karakalpakstan and Ways of its Increase
Authors: V. Utepbergenova, Country: Uzbekistan

Impact of Mothers Level of Education on Caeserean Deliveries in Ghana
Authors: Sulemana Abdul-Salam, Dr. Abdul-Rahaman Haadi, Alhassan Mubarika, Country: Ghana

Improvement Method in Maize (Zea mays L) using Technology of Haploid Induction in vivo with Conventional Methods
Authors: Canteros Francisco H., Country: Argentina

A Study to Compare Local Complications in Use of Disposable versus Reusable Metallic Ports in Laparoscopic Surgeries - A Randomised Controlled Trial - General Surgery
Authors: Dr Tejbir Singh, Dr Manoj Kumar, Country: India

Placental Position and Its Correlation to the Development of Preeclampsia
Authors: Vinobha Dondapati, T. Bharathi, Country: India

Coffee Cultivation for Income Generation for Local People in Chikhaldara, District Amravati, Maharashtra State
Authors: Dr. Shalini M. Guldeokar, Country: India

Product Communication in the Industrial Environment Case of the Cluster (CE3M)
Authors: KAMAL Imane, et MOFLIH Youssef, Country: Morocco

A Study on Laparoscopic Hernioplasty for Incisional Hernia
Authors: Dr. B Anil Kumar, Dr. P Rama Rao, Dr A Sri Rajeswara Choudary, Dr B. Vinuthna, Country: India

Mastoid Cavity Problems
Authors: Dr Roopa Malali, Dr Rekha .M, Dr Viswanatha .B, Country: India

Modeling Volatility Using Garch Models: Application to Food Inflation Volatility in Rwanda
Authors: Placide Aime Kwizera, Country: Rwanda

A Study to Assess Knowledge and Attitude about Mental Illness among Peoples Residing in Adgaon Village
Authors: Mayuri Buttise, Country: India

Sugammadex Versus Neostigmine for Reversal of Rocuronium Induced Neuromuscular Blockade in Pediatric Patients Under General Anaesthesia
Authors: Dr. V. Mukesh Kumar, Dr. Y. Venugopalarao, Country: India

Surgical Management of Obstructive Urolithiasis by Perineal Urethrostomy in a Tom Cat
Authors: M. Gokulakrishnan, K. Jothi Meena, Country: India

An Unusual Anatomy - Thoracic Aorta Aneurism
Authors: Joao Oliverio Ribeiro, Joao Pinto Machado, Eurico Oliveira, Country: Portugal

Case Study of Differentially Private in Big Data Publishing
Authors: Ibraima Djalo, Country: China

Understanding Mentorship and Challenges to Develop a Mentoring Philosophy
Authors: Dr. P. Bharathi, M. Chaithanya, Country: India

Legalization of Surrogacy in India: A Need for Protecting the Rights of Surrogate
Authors: Mansi Kad, Country: India

The Role of Job Satisfaction towards Organizational Commitment and OCB
Authors: Sabaruddin Sondeng, Yasir Syam Husain, Country: Indonesia

Vitamin and Mineral Composition of Complementary Food Formulated from Yellow Maize, Soybean, Millet and Carrot Composite Flours
Authors: Oyegoke T. G., Adedayo E. O., Fasuyi F. O., Oyegoke D. A, Country: Nigeria

Assessment of Effective Dose by Indirect Method for Some CT Examinations in Medical Imaging Department
Authors: T. M. Taha, R. A. Kutbi, Country: Saudi Arabia

Management of Lacerated Wounds Due to Trauma Saws Machine (Chainsaw): Case Report
Authors: Endang Sjamsudin, Harmas Yazid Yusuf, Eka Marwansyah, Cahyono Yudianto, Fauzan Akmal, Rachendra Pratama, Bambang Hudiworo KD, Country: Indonesia
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