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IoT based Automatic Blood Pressure System

Authors: Abhishek Varghese, Mahalakshmi Raghvan, Nagaraj S Hegde, Prathiba N T, Prof. Ananda M
Paper ID: IJSR1, Pages: 1-3, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication

Automated Hotel Management

Authors: Nikhil Jain S N, Nikhil M, S Hemanth, Prof. Ananda M
Paper ID: IJSR2, Pages: 4-7, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication

Modelling of Read Channel of Biomedical Sensors

Authors: Maya Pareek, Ayesha M Betageri, Divya Sadana M S, Chetan Reddy S, Asst Prof Lokesh L
Paper ID: IJSR3, Pages: 8-11, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication

Smart Electrical Operator Using Geo-Tagging

Authors: Reddy Priya Chokkam, Dr. Bajarangbali
Paper ID: IJSR4, Pages: 12-14, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication

An Improved Bilateral Floating Resistor Circuit with Positive and Negative Resistances

Authors: Sharanu Devakki, Dr. Shashidhar Tantry
Paper ID: IJSR5, Pages: 15-17, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication

Recent Advances in the Concept of Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)

Authors: Sunil Kumar P., C. P. Rajendra, T. V. Vidya, , Dr. T. C. Manjunath, Pavithra G.
Paper ID: IJSR6, Pages: 18-24, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication

Sixth Sense Technology

Authors: Akshay Agarwal, Aravinth Subramanian
Paper ID: IJSR7, Pages: 25-26, Subject Area: Computer Science and Engineering

Evaluation of VoLTE Technology Based On Quality of Service, Quality of Experience and Network Performance Assessment

Authors: Abhilash H. Srivathsa, Aanchal Rai, Dr. Annapurna D.
Paper ID: IJSR8, Pages: 27-32, Subject Area: Computer Science and Engineering

Software Defined Networks: The New Norm for Networks

Authors: Gunjan Tank, Anmol Dixit, Alekhya Vellanki, Dr. Annapurna D
Paper ID: IJSR9, Pages: 33-35, Subject Area: Computer Science and Engineering

The Evolution of Video Codecs and the Future

Authors: Sharath Guna
Paper ID: IJSR10, Pages: 36-40, Subject Area: Computer Science and Engineering

PreLogue: A Smart Voice Controlled Presentation

Authors: Amrutha D, Ruthvik Vijayakumar, Deepika R, Chandini C
Paper ID: IJSR11, Pages: 41-45, Subject Area: Information Science and Engineering

Re-inventing Retail with Internet of Things and Engage Connected Customers to Earn Their Loyalty

Authors: C. Madhurima
Paper ID: IJSR12, Pages: 46-48, Subject Area: Computer Science and Engineering

Comparison of Classifiers Based on Case Studies

Authors: Simran D. Makhija
Paper ID: IJSR13, Pages: 49-54, Subject Area: Computer Science and Engineering

AlertU-We Drive Safe! Do You?

Authors: Animesh Giri, Anushya Ashok, Manogna S, Chaitanya Lahari M, Antra Raj Garg
Paper ID: IJSR14, Pages: 55-57, Subject Area: Information Science and Engineering

Automatic Resume Generator

Authors: Harsha B Aladi
Paper ID: IJSR15, Pages: 58-62, Subject Area: Computer Science and Engineering

Employee Attrition Prediction

Authors: Rahul Yedida, Rahul Reddy, Rakshit Vahi, Rahul J, Abhilash, Deepti Kulkarni
Paper ID: IJSR16, Pages: 63-65, Subject Area: Computer Science and Engineering

Shopping Site Recommendation Using Lexicon-based Approach of Sentiment Analysis

Authors: Nidutt Nilay Bhuptani, Smitha B, H M Pooja, Shashank Shekar
Paper ID: IJSR17, Pages: 66-69, Subject Area: Computer Science and Engineering

Open Source Digital Solution to Replace Auditoriums

Authors: Ankush Arunkumar, Vishal Vishwanathan, Dr. Annapurna D
Paper ID: IJSR18, Pages: 70-72, Subject Area: Information Science and Engineering

System for Optimizing Water Usage

Authors: Aditya Agarwal , Amrit M Bhat, Abhishek Surbhat, Mohinish Lokesh Reddy
Paper ID: IJSR19, Pages: 73-76, Subject Area: Computer Science and Engineering

Design of Vibrational Analysis Test Rig for Springs and Dampers: (Quarter Car Model)

Authors: Chaitanya R Hegde, Gutha Bhargavi, Gunasheelan K , Kiran N, Vinutha S, Swathi R Rao, Deepthi R Rao
Paper ID: IJSR20, Pages: 77-81, Subject Area: Mechanical Engineering

Design and Analysis of Cross-Flow Turbine in a Sewage System

Authors: P. Srinath Saravanan, S. Sailokesh, P. Naveen Kumar, A. Obed Joseph Fabian
Paper ID: IJSR22, Pages: 82-87, Subject Area: Mechanical Engineering

Evaluation of Joint Properties of Aluminium Alloy After Friction Stir Welding

Authors: Chandru A, Ramesh S, Priyanka Menon
Paper ID: IJSR23, Pages: 89-93, Subject Area: Mechanical Engineering

Improving the Volumetric Efficiency of Six Cylinder Diesel Engine by Forced Air Supply and Studying Its Performance Characteristics

Authors: Sarthak Patil Kulkarni S, Saifulla Shariff
Paper ID: IJSR24, Pages: 94-97, Subject Area: Mechanical Engineering

Manufacture of Aluminum Foam Using Water Beads

Authors: Dr.S.V.Satish, Chandru A, Sanjay Krishna J
Paper ID: IJSR25, Pages: 98-102, Subject Area: Mechanical Engineering

Design and Fabrication of Compact CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutting Machine

Authors: Sanjay S N, Sidhvin D M, Sachin Hegde, K P M Unni Krishnan
Paper ID: IJSR26, Pages: 103-107, Subject Area: Mechanical Engineering

Concept, Design, Analysis and Fabrication of Pesticide Sprayer for Rose Farming

Authors: Pramodh R, Santhosh D, Manjesh K S, Lakshminarasimha N
Paper ID: IJSR27, Pages: 108-113, Subject Area: Mechanical Engineering

Automatic Potato Chips Making Machine

Authors: Vishal Wadagavi, Arpita S A, Bharat Kallihal, Siddhalingeshwar B, Sunil Dadanwale, Mantesh C. Choukimath
Paper ID: IJSR28, Pages: 114-119, Subject Area: Mechanical Engineering

Motorised Bike Handle for Wheelchair

Authors: Dr. S.V Satish,Vaibhav Mattoo,T. Srichandan
Paper ID: IJSR29, Pages: 120-122, Subject Area: Mechanical Engineering

Solitons?An Alternative to Mobile Communication

Authors: Hrudhai Rajasekhar, Kshama Nambiar, Pooja R Raju
Paper ID: IJSR30, Pages: 123-127, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication

Smart Traffic Signals

Authors: Vasudev V. Nayak, Rohan Desai, Tejas G.C
Paper ID: IJSR31, Pages: 128-130, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication

Solution of SIR Model of ZIKA Virus ? A Numerical Approach

Authors: Shashidhar V, Sreejit Menon, Deepa K. Nair
Paper ID: IJSR32, Pages: 131-134, Subject Area: Computer Science and Engineering

Simulation Tool to Determine Presence of Impurities in an Organic Compound Using NMR Spectroscopy

Authors: K V Bhavana, Boggavarapu Reshma, Manasa Gonuguntla, Revana Siddappa
Paper ID: IJSR33, Pages: 135-137, Subject Area: Computer Science and Engineering

Reduction of Carbon Dioxide in the Environment Using Calcium Oxide as an Adsorbent

Authors: Pavan Kumar A, Jaysurya K, Revanasiddappa M
Paper ID: IJSR34, Pages: 138-140, Subject Area: Computer Science and Engineering

The Journey of a Raindrop: From Being Useless to Useful

Authors: Pranav Pathak, Revanasiddappa M
Paper ID: IJSR35, Pages: 141-143, Subject Area: Computer Science and Engineering

Hydraulic Regenerative Braking System

Authors: Dandapani .P, Manas M Bhat, Gowtham S
Paper ID: IJSR36, Pages: 144-148, Subject Area: Mechanical Engineering

Smart Automatic Cleaner

Authors: Naman Kapoor, Sahil Subudhi, Gaurav Haldankar
Paper ID: IJSR37, Pages: 149-150, Subject Area: Mechanical Engineering


Authors: Shivakumar A Matti, Sriram Srinivasan, Syed Zaid Hussain
Paper ID: IJSR38, Pages: 151-153, Subject Area: Mechanical Engineering

Green Engine

Authors: Shikhar Gupta, Shubham Ketkale, Sriram Srinivasan, Shivkumar Matti
Paper ID: IJSR39, Pages: 154-157, Subject Area: Mechanical Engineering


Authors: V Gautham Sai Natekar, Sriram Srinivasan, Gnana Tejesh M
Paper ID: IJSR40, Pages: 158-162, Subject Area: Mechanical Engineering

Spatial Analysis of Groundwater Quality Using GIS System in JnanabharathiWard.No 129, Bangalore, Karnataka state, India

Authors: Aditya G, Sathvik A S, Kakumanu Venkata Sai Sumanth, Grandhi Pavan Kumar, Chakradhar B, Pradeep Raja K P, Revanasiddappa M
Paper ID: IJSR41, Pages: 163-167, Subject Area: Electronics & Communication

Design and Fabrication of Automatic Pneumatic Screen Printing Machine

Authors: SachinR C, Surender S K, Sumith Kumar, Irshad Alam, Dr. S. V. Satish
Paper ID: IJSR21, Pages: 168-172, Subject Area: Mechanical Engineering