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Retrieval of a Foreign Body through Thoracic Oesophagotomy in a Shih Tzu Dog

Dr. M. Gokulakrishnan, Dr. L. Nagarajan, R. Indumathi

A 4-year-old intact male dog was brought to small animal outpatient surgery ward at Madras Veterinary College Teaching Hospital with a anamnesis of acute vomiting post feeding and progressive anorexia with dehydration. Clinical examination revealed absence of palpable foreign body at the cervical esophagus. Lateral and ventrodorsal thoracic and abdominal radiographs were taken which revealed radio opaque foreign body at the level of 8th intercoastal space. Hemato biochemical profile were done to rule out any deformity that revealed mild anaemia, hypoproteinaemia and marginal increase in alanine phosphatase levels. Emergency thoracic esophagotomy was planned. Premedication was done with diazepam @0.25 mg/kg and butorphanol @0.2 mg/kg intravenous respectively. Induction was done with propofol @4 mg/kg i/v. atracurium @200 microgram/kg/iv was given as a neuromuscular blockade. The animal was maintained under IPPV following which thoracotomy was performed at 8th intercoastal space and the foreign body was retrieved. The thoracotomy wound was closed as per standard protocols. Appropriate dressing and post-operative care were given. The animal had an uneventful recovery.

Keywords: Intra Thoracic Oesophageal Foreign Body-Thoracotomy-Retrieval -Dog

Edition: Volume 9 Issue 2, February 2020

Pages: 93 - 94

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