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Technical Research Paper Competition for Students (TRPCS-2K17)

23 March 2017
G. H. Raisoni College of Engineering and Management, Amravati, Maharashtra, India
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Power Generation by Gravity

Authors: Hrushikesh V. Bihade, Abhiraj N. Kharbade, Vaishnavee R. Kambe
Paper ID: TRPCS2K17-1, Pages: 1-3, Subject Area: Electrical

Automatic Star Delta Starter Using Relay with an Electronic Adjustable Timer

Authors: Swapnil R. Badge, Nitin M. Sonune, Akshay P. Wakekar, Hemant S. Ulmale, Rugved R. Deshmukh
Paper ID: TRPCS2K17-6, Pages: 4-8, Subject Area: Electrical

Advantages & Challenges for Using Digital Technologies in the Classroom

Authors: Chhaya A. Khanzode, Dr. Ravindra D. Sarode
Paper ID: TRPCS2K17-12, Pages: 9-12, Subject Area: Electrical

Implementation of Raspberry Pi for Human Face Detection & Recognition

Authors: Mayuri Dahake, N. N. Mandaogade
Paper ID: TRPCS2K17-14, Pages: 13-16, Subject Area: Electrical

Stability Improvement of Wind Generation Using FACTS Device

Authors: Vaishali Chavhan, A. A. Ghute
Paper ID: TRPCS2K17-15, Pages: 17-18, Subject Area: Electrical

Review on Integration of Wind and Solar DC Microgrid Using Matlab

Authors: Pranali S. Fengade, Prof. M. R. Salodkar
Paper ID: TRPCS2K17-16, Pages: 19-22, Subject Area: Electrical

Industrial Power Control by Integral Cycle Switching without Generating Harmonics

Authors: Shrutika Bharsakle, Mayuri Upadhye, Pradip Tayade, Yogesh Rahate
Paper ID: TRPCS2K17-20, Pages: 23-26, Subject Area: Electrical

Inverter cum Ups with a Display of Standby Time

Authors: Aniket Arun Gawande, Umesh Vitthal Kotkar
Paper ID: TRPCS2K17-21, Pages: 27-29, Subject Area: Electrical

Wireless Technology for Power Theft Monitoring

Authors: Sanyukta A. Patil
Paper ID: TRPCS2K17-30, Pages: 30-35, Subject Area: Electrical

Implementation of Soft Starter Using 3 Phase Induction Motor

Authors: Saurabh B.Ganar, Omkar V. Jodh, Prof. Gaurav G. Gulhane
Paper ID: TRPCS2K17-33, Pages: 36-40, Subject Area: Electrical

Application of Power Electronics to Power System

Authors: Pavan D. Pulgamkar, Shripad G. Deshpande, Vaibhav R. Dharme
Paper ID: TRPCS2K17-34, Pages: 41-45, Subject Area: Electrical

Smart Grid with Data Integration and Protection Using ZigBee

Authors: Rasika Dudhalkar, Rashmi Gole, Bhayshree Bhambre, Shaziya Firdous
Paper ID: TRPCS2K17-35, Pages: 46-49, Subject Area: Electrical

Enhancement of Voltage Quality in Power System through Series Compensation

Authors: S. V. Bhonde, R. S. Pote
Paper ID: TRPCS2K17-40, Pages: 50-54, Subject Area: Electrical

Optimal Capacity of Battery Energy Storage System in Wind Farm

Authors: Smita V. Kalmegh, A. A. Ghute
Paper ID: TRPCS2K17-41, Pages: 55-57, Subject Area: Electrical

Practical Model for Solar AC Generation

Authors: Bhushan Paraskar, Prabhat Gawai
Paper ID: TRPCS2K17-42, Pages: 58-62, Subject Area: Electrical

Design and Development of Super Capacitor

Authors: Nayan Tale
Paper ID: TRPCS2K17-36, Pages: 63-67, Subject Area: Electrical