Recent Innovations in Science and Engineering - RISE 2016

30th April 2016
PES Institute of Technology, Bangalore South Campus, Bangalore, India

Public Bus Tracking System

Authors: Sushmita Manikandan, Sharath N, Sheela D
Paper ID: PES10, Branch: Computer Science and Engineering

Voice Vision: Simplifying Communication for the Visually Impaired

Authors: Anupama GS, Anirudh Gopal, Sajeevan K, Dr. Annapurna
Paper ID: PES14, Branch: Computer Science and Engineering

Remotely Controlled Automated Street Lights: A Novel Approach towards IoT (Internet of Things)

Authors: Eshika Soni, Vaibhav Soni, Dr. Annapurna D.
Paper ID: PES19, Branch: Computer Science and Engineering

EMF Pollution ? Causes, Effects and Protection (Case Study)

Authors: Manoj V, Naveenkumara A, M Revanasiddappa
Paper ID: PES11, Branch: Electronics and Communication Engineering

Programmable Adaptor for Home Applications

Authors: Gautham Botlaguduru, Prof. Ananda M
Paper ID: PES13, Branch: Electronics and Communication Engineering

How Developer?s Code Aids in Slower Rendering of Webpage

Authors: Shekhar Gupta
Paper ID: PES4, Branch: Information Science

A Case Study on Fatigue Failure in Air Crafts

Authors: GnanaTejesh M, Chilamakuri Bhavesh, Harikrishna Reddy L, Revanasiddappa M
Paper ID: PES1, Branch: Mechanical Engineering

Minimizing the Factors Leading to Eutrophication in Lakes

Authors: Aneesh Seth, Naman Kapoor, Arjuna Vayalombrone, P. Abhilash
Paper ID: PES2, Branch: Mechanical Engineering

Economical and Effective Method for Design and Fabrication of Pick and Place Robot

Authors: Veeresh H, Manas M Bhat, Gowtham S
Paper ID: PES3, Branch: Mechanical Engineering

Laser Power Beaming: Novel Method for Wireless Power Transmission

Authors: Ketan Pandit, Muhammad Faisal, Revanasidappa M
Paper ID: PES5, Branch: Mechanical Engineering

Design and Fabrication of Human Powered Swing for Electricity Generation

Authors: Gokul S P, Cyril John Tellis, Joash Anchan, Nikilesh Reddy Kalluri
Paper ID: PES6, Branch: Mechanical Engineering

A Study on the Damping Characteristics of SAE Oil Containing Suspended Nano Ferrous Oxide (Fe2O3) Particles

Authors: Madhu M, Mervyn Xavier, Anagha Anand, Ajay S R
Paper ID: PES7, Branch: Mechanical Engineering

Microprocessor Based Speed Control System for Two-Wheelers (MSCS)

Authors: Abhiram S, Anagha Anand, Shashank Naik
Paper ID: PES8, Branch: Mechanical Engineering

Innovative Systems for Possible Energy Harvesting using Seebeck Effect

Authors: Ayush Agrawal, Akhil Varma
Paper ID: PES9, Branch: Mechanical Engineering

Prevention of Vehicular Collisions with Inbuilt Electromagnetic Field (A Concept)

Authors: Gowtham .S, Manas M Bhat, Himanshu Kumar
Paper ID: PES12, Branch: Mechanical Engineering

3D Modeling and Simulation of Coconut Dehusker Equipment

Authors: Shreeshail M. L., Sridhar M., Vishwesh Chougule, Shivanand Sattikar, Praveen S., Akshay S. Ullegaddi, Vijaykumar J.
Paper ID: PES15, Branch: Mechanical Engineering

Study on Mechanical Properties of Sisal and Glass Fiber Reinforced Composites

Authors: Madhu M., Singh Gahloth Abhay Brijpal, Shishir Kant Bhuyan
Paper ID: PES16, Branch: Mechanical Engineering

Interpolation Model for Beam Analysis

Authors: Vipul Kumar, Himanshu Agarwal, Dr. S. C. Sajjan
Paper ID: PES17, Branch: Mechanical Engineering

Influence of Graphite on Mechanical Properties of Al6061-hBN-Gr Hybrid MMC?s

Authors: Nagesh .D, Manjunath .S .H
Paper ID: PES18, Branch: Mechanical Engineering