Downloading: Self-Efficacy and Self-Construal
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Self-Efficacy and Self-Construal

Anupam Lata

Abstract: The present paper is based on the study that describes the importance of self-construal and self-efficacy of the adolescents. The concept of self-construal evolved from a comparison of Western and Eastern conceptualizations of the self (Markus & Kitayama, 1991). It refers to the perception, that individual have about their thoughts, feelings and actions in relation to others. Self-efficacy belief determines how people feel, think, motivate themselves and behave. Maddux (2002) has described self-efficacy as what I believe I can do with my skills under certain conditions. In the present study effort were made to explore the impact of self-efficacy on self-construal of the children. To achieve this, data were obtained on 100 students of which 50 were girls and 50 were boys. Out of 50, 25 were local (Bhopali) & 25 were kashmiri girls and boys. Standard tools assessing self-efficacy and self-construal were used in this study. Relationship between self-efficacy and self-construal were examined. Result indicated that self- efficacy was positively related with self-construal. Results are discussed in the light of importance of self-efficacy.

Keywords: Self-efficacy, residential background, gender and self-construal