Downloading: An Examination of Green Innovations in the Information Technology Sector
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An Examination of Green Innovations in the Information Technology Sector

Md Sadaf Aqubal

Abstract: Over the last decade an increasing number of firms are taking actions to cut their environmental impact. As information technology and information system have permeated most business activities. They offer an important opportunity to solve the ecological problems. The IT industry is under the responsibility of 2 % of the world’s total carbon dioxide emission. As IT industry and the effects to environment are connected in many ways. The industry has to learn how to change this negative relation into positive one. There is not much which the industry can do to eliminate all the impacts on environment. Green innovation can be a positive step in this direction. Green innovation comprises all types of innovation that contribute to the creation of key products services to reduce the harmful impact and deterioration of environment at the same time. What can motivate the IT industry to go for green innovation in their organizations Ecological responsibility, competitiveness and regulations can motivate them. The implementation of green innovation represents an important challenge for IT industry because it requires adoption acquisition of new resources and competence that differ significantly from the competence they already own. IT industry should encourage managers and executives to invest in strengthening of external and internal network through which relevant environment knowledge can be exchanged

Keywords: Green Innovation Information Technology