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Mastoid Cavity Problems

Dr Roopa Malali, Dr Rekha.M, Dr Viswanatha.B

Abstract: BACKGROUND: A discharging ear following canal wall down mastoidectomy procedure is troublesome for the patients and surgeon. These mastoid cavity problems are due to various reasons. Addressing the etiological factors of discharging cavity and need for medical or surgical line of treatment is necessary to provide trouble free dry ear for the patient. METHODS: This study included 100 patients who underwent canal wall down mastoidectomy procedure. The patients presenting with cavity problems are categorised based on etiological factor. The percentage of patients presenting with different cavity problem are tabulated. RESULTS: 75 % of patients were presented with persistent ear discharge. Granulationissue, uneven cavity, inadequate meatoplasty, recurrence and residual disease were the microscopic findings contributing to the persistence of ear discharge in those patients. CONCLUSION: To address these cavity problems, have to adopt proper surgicaltechniquesduring the procedure to avoid discharging cavity. Proper mastoidectomy, disease clearance and meatoplasty will accelerate the epithelialization and reduces the secretion of tissue fluid and bacterial

Keywords: Discharging ear, mastoid cavity, canal wall down mastoidectomy