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Recent Trends in Computational Intelligence & Image processing - RCIP 2017

22 and 23 February 2017
College of Engineering, Vadakara, Calicut, India

Social Spam Detection In Microblog

Authors: Akhila M, Sruthi E
Paper ID: RCIP20171, Pages: 1-3, Subject Area: BIG DATA

A Framework for Sentence level Sentiment Analysis

Authors: Anjana P, Syam Sankar
Paper ID: RCIP20172, Pages: 4-8, Subject Area: BIG DATA

Survey on Automatic Crack Detection and Measurement Techniques

Authors: Asna Baby N, Harish Binu K P
Paper ID: RCIP20173, Pages: 9-12, Subject Area: BIG DATA

Lung Cancer Detection Using Neural Network

Authors: Athira PK, Rajin R, Sruthi
Paper ID: RCIP20174, Pages: 13-16, Subject Area: IMAGE PROCESSING

Talking Glove Assistance with Instant Messaging

Authors: Babinraj V, Sharon D Raj, Rithin Prakash A, Abhiram P
Paper ID: RCIP20175, Pages: 17-18, Subject Area: COMPUTATIONAL INTELLIGENCE

Datamining in Cyber Crime Analysis and Prediction

Authors: Deepthi .K, Aruna .A .S
Paper ID: RCIP20176, Pages: 19-22, Subject Area: DATA MINING

A Survey on Red Lesion Detection Techniques for Diabetic Retinopathy Screening

Authors: Fayiza K T, Sherin Jabbar
Paper ID: RCIP20177, Pages: 23-26, Subject Area: INTELLIGENCE

Satellite Image Processing and Fire Detection using Real Time Big Data Analytical Architecture

Authors: Krishnapriya. C
Paper ID: RCIP20178, Pages: 27-29, Subject Area: BIG DATA

A Survey on Various Feature Selection Methods for Fingerprint Liveness Detection Techniques

Authors: Lazimul Limnd T P, Binoy D L
Paper ID: RCIP20179, Pages: 30-35, Subject Area: INTELLIGENCE

Extracting Facets for Queries from Search Results

Authors: Minu Augustine, Vishnu Priya R, Chitra S Nair
Paper ID: RCIP201710, Pages: 36-40, Subject Area: BIG DATA

A Survey on Personalized Recommendation Techniques

Authors: Nusna Khalid C K, Sabeeha K P
Paper ID: RCIP201711, Pages: 41-45, Subject Area: BIG DATA

Music Recommendation System Based on User?s Sentiment

Authors: Radhika N
Paper ID: RCIP201712, Pages: 46-49, Subject Area: BIG DATA

An Enhanced Approach for Querying Integrated Web Analytics Ontology Using Quepy

Authors: Reshma K, Sindhu S
Paper ID: RCIP201713, Pages: 50-54, Subject Area: INTELLIGENCE

Secured Group Photo Uploading on Online Social Networks

Authors: Sahla Nazlin A, Vishnu K
Paper ID: RCIP201714, Pages: 55-57, Subject Area: BIG DATA

Software Fault Prediction Methods: A Brief Survey

Authors: Sajna P, Shahad P
Paper ID: RCIP201715, Pages: 58-62, Subject Area: INTELLIGENCE

Text Extraction from Video and Natural Scene Image: A Brief Review

Authors: Shamnasana V, Binoy D L
Paper ID: RCIP201716, Pages: 63-65, Subject Area: IMAGE PROCESSING

Raspberry Pi Based Security System for Automotive Theft Detection

Authors: Shejina V , Ancy Sudhakar A
Paper ID: RCIP201717, Pages: 66-69, Subject Area: INTELLIGENCE

Visual Tracking; A Brief Survey

Authors: Sreelekha M, Sufyan P
Paper ID: RCIP201718, Pages: 70-72, Subject Area: INTELLIGENCE

A Survey on Different Steganographic Techniques

Authors: Haritha H, Anish Kumar B
Paper ID: RCIP201719, Pages: 73-76, Subject Area: STEGANOGRAPHY

Early Detection of Brain Tumor in MRI Images - A Comparative Study

Authors: Thahseen P, Anish Kumar B
Paper ID: RCIP201720, Pages: 77-80, Subject Area: IMAGE PROCESSING

Mining High Utility Patterns in Single Phase

Authors: Vishnu Priya R, Minu Augustine, Chitra S Nair
Paper ID: RCIP201721, Pages: 81-85, Subject Area: DATA MINING