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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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ISSN: 2319-7064

International Symposium on Ultrasonics-2015

22-24 January 2015

Department of Physics, Rashtrasant Tukdoji Maharaj Nagpur University, Nagpur, Maharashtra, India


Studies of Acoustic and Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Sodium Hydroxide and Dimethyl Sulfoxide System at 303.15 K and at Frequency 4MHz

A. A. Mistry, V. D. Bhandakkar, O. P. Chimankar

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Prediction of Internal Pressure and Surface Tension and their Correlation with Molecular Interaction in Aqueous Amino Acids

Amardeep T Shende, Priyanka Tabhane, O P Chimankar, Vilas A Tabhane

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The New Rare Earth Chlorosilicate Phosphor

Khushbu Sharma, Gurjeet Talwar, S.V.Moharil, K.B.Ghormare

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Synthesis and Optical Properties of Eu3+ Activated YAlO3 Red Phosphor

M.S. Mendhe, S.P. Puppalwar, S.J. Dhoble

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Structural Characterization of Co3O4 Nanoparticles Synthesized By a Sol-Gel Method

B. I. Nandapure, S. B. Kondawar, A.I.Nandapure

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Dielectric Properties of Ultrasonicated Fly Ash and Polyaniline Composites

A. D. Dahegaonkar, S. B. Kondawar, D.V.Nandanwar, V. A. Thabhane

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Influence of Ultrasonically Stabilized ZnS Nanoparticles on Structural Properties of Polyaniline

Shubhangi D. Bompilwar, Vilas A. Tabhane , Subhash B. Kondawar

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Synthesis and Characterization of Ultrasonicated Silver Nanoparticles Embedded Conducting Polymer Nanocomposites

Y. B. Wankhede, B. M. Bahirwar, S. B. Kondawar, P. G. Agone

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Microcontroller Based Instrument for Semi-Invasive Blood Glucose Measurement

N.D. Meshram, P.B.Dahikar

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Output of Laser Beam is Strongly Dependent on Electron Temperature in the Discharge Tube

Dr. A. P. Pachkawade

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Analysis of Transport Properties of Some Glycyl Peptides in Non-Aqueous Medium

Padmavathy.R, Sujatha.S, JasmineVasanthaRani.E,Dhanalakshmi.K

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Ultrasonic Velocity and Free Length of Aqueous Solution of Aspirin

Sunanda S. Aswale, Shashikant R. Aswale, Aparna B. Dhote

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Ultrasonic Study of Acoustical Parameters in Binary Liquid Mixture (Triethylamine With n-hexane) at 301.15K

Apurba M. Ghosh, S.A.Wani, V. G. Meshram, J. N. Ramteke

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Estimation of Acoustic Impedance of 1-Butanol + Dodecane and 2-Butanol + Dodecane Binary Mixtures from Various Models at Temperature Range 288.15 to 313.15

R.K.Shukla, V.K.Pundhir, V.S.Gangwar, S.K.Singh

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Thermodynamical Parameters, Adiabatic Compressibility Analysis of Amides Using Ultrasonic Velocity

Padmavathy.R*, Santhakumari.S JasmineVasanthaRani.E

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Effect of Ethanolamine as Capping Agent on ZnS Nanoparticles: Structural Characterization and Photo Degradation of Toxic Dyes

Rohini. A. Khaparde, S. A. Acharya

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Acoustic Study of Molecular Interactions in some Aqueous Antimicrobials at 298K

S K Paliwal , Priyanka Tabhane, Neeraj Prasad and Vilas A. Tabhane

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Effect of Concentration of Substituted Pyrazoline on Acoustic Parameters

S U Patil, A B Naik

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Thermoacoustic Study of Binary Liquid Mixtures of Hydrocarbon and Fuel Oil

Deepak A. Zatale, Sameer M. Bagade

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Theoretical Investigations of Elastic Constants and Ultrasonic Wave Propagation in Co - X (X = Mo, Nb,Ta) Alloys

Sanjay H. Bagade, V.M.Ghodki , P.D.Wankar

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Synthesis, Structural and Ultrasonic Studies on ZnS Nanofluid Synthesized by Wet Chemical Method

Shankar D. Birajdar, Pankaj P. Khirade, Ashok V. Humbe, P.M.Kshirsagar. P. S.Aghav, *K.M.Jadhav

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Studies of Acoustic and Thermodynamic Properties of Electrolytes in Double Distilled Water at 303.15K

S. Mirikar, P. Pawar, G. Bichele

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Study of Acoustic and Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Solution of Dextran at Different Concentration and Temperature through Ultrasonic Technique

Subhraraj Panda, Achyuta Prasad Mahapatra

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Challenges and Recent Developments in Ultrasonic Metrology

Ashok Kumar

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FTIR Spectoscopy of Ca++ DOPED Alq3 OLED Phospor

Sunil A. Bhagat

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UV_VIS Spectrum of Sr++ DOPED Alq3 OLED Organic Phospor

Sunil A. Bhagat

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Thermoacoustical Studies of Polyblend Solutions

Sushama Patil, M.S. Deshpande, O.P. Chimankar

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Ultrasonic Wave ? Induced Elastico-Mechanolumunescence of CaZnOS:Mn2+ / Epoxy Resin Composite

V.D. Sonwane, A.S. Goura, P. Jha, B.P. Chandra

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Molecular Interaction study of Ammonium Hydroxide with Ethanol using Ultrasonic Technique at 313K and 1MHz Frequency

Bhat V R, Bhandakkar V D, Asole A W, Chimankar O P

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Synthesis and Photoluminescence of CaAlBO4:RE3+(RE=Dy & Eu) Phosphor

V.R.Kharabe, S.J.Dhoble

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Wealth from Waste Rice Husk

V.A.Khati, R. N. Singru, D. D. Duryodhan

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The Structural, Dielectric and AC Conductivity Studies of TiCo Substituted Sr2NiZn Y-Type Hexa Nanoferrites

Vijay V. Warhate, Dilip S. Badwaik

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Acoustical Study on Molecular Interactions of Aqueous Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) Solution at 298 K

V. G. Dudhe, I. M. Sarin, V. A. Tabhane

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Some Physical Properties of CuInSeTe thin Films Prepared by Spray Pyrolysis

Y. D. Tembhurkar, A. S. Meshram, A. R. Khobragade, R. S. Shriwas, O. P. Chimankar

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Ultrasonic Studies on Excess Thermodynamic Properties of Ternary Liquid Mixtures of Amide with Ethyl Benzoate in Benzene at 303.15K

B. Nagarjun, R. Kumar, G.V. Rama Rao, Ch. Rambabu, A.V. Sarma

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Advances in Polymer Nanotechnology: Nanocomposites

Y S Bopche, D S Choudhary, Sonali R Bisen

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The Effect Ultrasonication on CdS Thin Films Deposited By Using Ultrasonic Chemical Bath Deposition (UCBD) and (CBD) Chemical Bath Deposition

Sachin V. Mukhamale, Priyanka V. Tabhane, Archana A. Meshram, S. A. Arote, U. B. Mahatme, O. P. Chimankar, Vilas A. Tabhane

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Ultrasonic Studies of Molecular Interactions in the Mixture of Pyridine with 1-Propanol at Different Temperatures

C.M. Trivedi, V.A. Rana

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Temperature Dependent Elastic and Ultrasonic Properties of Superhard Metal and its Carbide and Nitride: Os, OsC, and OsN

Chinmayee Tripathy, Devraj Singh, Rita Paikaray

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Study of Acoustic and Thermodynamic Parameters for Different Ratios of Aqueous Sodium Chloride and Potassium Chloride Solution At and About the Normal Human Body Temperature

Manoj Kumar Praharaj, Sarmistha Mishra

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Study of Electrochemical and Thermodynamical Properties of PANI Acetate Solutions

E.Jasmine Vasantha Rani, N.Saranya, K.Karthika, R.Padmavathy

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Sonochemical, Thermal and Spectroscopic Analysis on Doped Polyaniline Nano Fluids

E.Jasmine Vasantha Rani*, K.Karthika, N.Saranya, R.Padmavathy

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Thermodynamic Study of Binary Mixture of Tannic Acid and Acetone at Different Tempratures and Concentration

G. M. Jamankar, M. S. Deshapande

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Visco Metric, Volumetric and Acoustic Studies in Ternary Mixture of Dimethyl Acetamide and Diethyl Ether in an Aprotic Solvent

Ashok Kumar Dash, Rita Paikaray

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Ultrasonic Studies on Molecular Interactions in Binary Mixtures at 308k and Different Concentrations

G. R. Bedare, V. D. Bhandakkar, B. M. Suryavanshi

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Ultrasonic Study of Polymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal

Gharde Rita, Bhave Manisha G.

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Ultrasonic and Thermal Properties of Nanofluids Containing Copper Nanoparticles

Giridhar Mishra*, Meher Wan, Vimal Pandey, Devraj Singh and R.R. Yadav and B. Mishra

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Hydrogen Gas Sensor Based on Ultrasonicated Polyaniline and Tin Oxide Composite Nanofibers

Hemlata J. Sharma, Diptee V. Jamkar, Subhash B. Kondawar

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Ultrasound Assisted Oxidative Desulfurization of Dibenzothiophene Using Htmab as a Phase Transfer Agent

Jaykumar B. Bhasarkar, Vijayanand S. Moholkar

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Ultrasound for BP Measurement and Treatment in Subjects with Resistant Hypertension

K. M. Swamy

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Plane Hydromagnetic Shock Wave Through Uniform and Non-Uniform Media

M.K. Rana, Manoj Yadav & R.P. Yadav and Santosh Kumar

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Molecular Interactions Studies in Some Terpolymers Using Ultrasonic Techniques

M. S. Wagh, P. S. Agrawal, L. J. Paliwal

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Applications of Ultrasound in Medical Science: A Review

Mahatme U. B., Meshram Archana, Dongre S. P., Nakhate A. S., Tabhane V. A.

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Ultrasonics in the Field of Conducting Polymers: A Review

Mahatme U. B., Tabhane Priyanka, Dongre S. P., Nakhate A. S., Mukhamale S. V. ,Tabhane V. A.

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Study of Physical Properties of Binary Mixtures (N, N- DIMETHYLFORMAMIDE with 1-PROPANOL) at Atmospheric Pressure

A. N. Prajapati

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A New Generation of Ultrasonic Techniques Applied In Medical Imaging by Using Cell Phones

Meharaj Begum.A, Dheepa.S , Meenakshi.G

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Ultrasonic Behaviour of Chloroquine in Aqueous Solution of Acetic Acid at 298.15k

Monalisa Das, Smrutiprava Das, Ajay Kumar Pattnaik

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Study of Thermodynamical Acoustic Parameters of Binary Mixture of DBP with O-Xylene at 308k and at Different Frequencies

N.Mohanty, R.Paikaray

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Preparation and Spectroscopic Characterization of ZnS nanoparticles

O P Chimankar*, N N Padole, N R Pawar and P G Agone

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Ultrasonic Behaviour of Diethylene Triamine in n-Butyl Alcohol at 3 MHz Frequency

N.P.Pawar, R.M.Nemaniwar, U.B. Tumberphale, G.M. Kalamse

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Comparison of Ultrasonic Absorption and Relaxation Behavior of some Binary-liquids

N R Pawar, O P Chimankar, Priyanka Shamkuwar, V D Bhandakkar, N N Padole, R P Gadpayle

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Synthesis, Ultrasonic Characterization and Scattered Intensity of Gold Nanoparticles

N R Pawar, O P Chimankar, S J Dhoble, V R Pande, V.A.Tabhane

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Acoustical Investigations in NiFe2O4 Nanofluid

Navneet Yadav, Aashit Kumar Jaiswal, Satyendra Singh, D.K. Singh, R.R. Yadav

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Ultrasonicated Organic Acid Doped Polyaniline Nanotubes for Anionic Dyes Detection in Waste Water

Neha V. Nerkar, Snehal R. Kargirwar, S. B. Kondawar, D. V. Burghate, P. D. Burghate

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Touch Screen Based Sing-Around System for Ultrasonic Velocity Measurements in Liquids

A. S. Pande, A. C. Balharpure, S. J.Sharma, S. Rajagopalan

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Ultrasonic Characterization of Some Nitrogenous Bases in Aqueous Solution

P. D. Bageshwar, N. R. Pawar, O. P. Chimankar R. D. Chavhan and D. V. Nandanwar

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Thermo-Acoustical Studies on Biologically Active Compound Pantothenic Acid at 298 K

Prakash D. Wankar, R. S. Charlewar, V. A. Tabhane

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Molecular Interaction Study through Free Length and Available Volume For Ternary Liquid Mixture of Alcohol + Tea + Acetic Acid

P. J. Thakare, J. B. Thakare

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Synthesis, Structural and Ultrasonic Characterization of CuO Nanofluid

Pallavi B. Nalle, Asha Navpute, S. P. Jadhav, B. R. Shinde, S. U. Shinde, K. M. Jadhav

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Acoustic and Thermodynamical Studies of Ternary Mixture of 2-Aminothiazole with Acetonitrile in Water at Varying Temperatures

P. B. Morey, A. B. Naik

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A Study on Thermodynamic and Sound Parameters of 2-phenylaniline in Ether Media at Different Temperature

Paritosh L. Mishra, Urvashi P. Manik

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Molecular Interactions Study of Acetone and Aniline 303k

Prashant B Dabrase, B M Suryavanshi, R A Patil, P.R.Kakde

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Ultrasonic Study on Enhancement of Intermolecular Interaction in Aspirin with Ethanol by the Effect of Polyethylene glycol

Priti Kabra, Vinitha Lukes, O.P.Chimankar, R. H. Gupta, V.A.Tabhane

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Ultrasonic Study of ?-Alanine in Aqueous Solution with Different Temperature

Priyanka Shamkuwar, O.P.Chimankar, Sanjay Pawar, V. D. Muley, D. I. Shahare

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Ultrasonic Studies of Polymer Blend at Various Concentrations and Temperature

P V Tabhane?, O P Chimankar, Satish Goswami, V A Tabhane

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Design of PIC 18F4550 Based Pulse Echo Technique for Ultrasonic Velocity Measurements in Gelatin Gels

A. S. Pande, A. C. Balharpure, S. J. Sharma, S. Rajagopalan

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Excess Thermodynamic Properties of Binary Liquid Mixture of N, N-dimethyleacetamide in Benzonitrile through Ultrasonic Measurements at 308.15K and 313.15K

R.A. Patil*, P.B.Dabrase#, B.M. Suryavanshi

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An Analysis of Specific Acoustic Impedance, Apparent Molal Volume and Transport Properties of Non-Aqueous Solutions of Peptides

R.Padmavathy, K.Dhanalakshmi, E.Jasmine Vasantha Rani, S.Sujatha

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Molecular Interaction Studies of some Amino Acids with Aqueous K2SO4 solution at 308.15 K

R. Palani, M. Marshal Arunkumar

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Ultrasonic Behaviour of Thiophenol in Carbon Tetrachloride

R.S.Kawale, U.B. Tumberphale, B.S.Narwade, G.M. Kalamse

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Synthesis and Characterization of Al-Cu Nanocomposite and its Water Based Nanofluid

Ramakoteswara Rao.N, Leena Given Gahane, Ranganayakulu S.V

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Acoustical, Thermophysical and Excess Properties of Binary and Higher Order Multicomponent Liquid Mixtures

Ranjan Dey, Karan S. Raghuvanshi Akanksha Saini , Aditya Harshavardhan

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Ultrasonic Analysis of Solvent Extrancts for Nuclear Reactor Materials

R.Giri, G.Nath, P.K.Kar, R.Paikaray

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A Comparative Study of Molecular Interactions of Pure Cow Milk and Branded Milk

Ranjeeta Shriwas, O P Chimankar, Sugandha Khangar, R Turkar, S T Hiwarkar

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Comparative Study of Molecular Interactions of Refined and Unrefined Soybean Oil and Unrefined Soybean Oil with Different Organic Solvents

Ranjeeta Shriwas, O P Chimankar, Y D Tembhurkar, S Jajodia, V A Tabhane

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Ultrasonic Studies of Molecular Interaction in Al2O3 - Water Nanosuspension

Ranjita Turkar, O.P. Chimankar, Ranjeeta Shriwas, A.R. Khobragade, V.A.Tabhane

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Acoustic Waves and Debye Temperature ? A Study

A. T. Seshadri

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Competition between Acoustical Phonon Induced and Polaron Induced Parametric Interactions in Polar Semiconductors

Ratna Agrawal, Swati Dubey, S Ghosh

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Ultrasonic Study on Solvent Dewaxing Process of Crude Petroleum Oil

G.Nath, A.Tripathy, R.Paikaray

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Thrmodynamic Properties of Serine in Aqueous Sodium Chloride Solutions AT 303.15, 308.15 and 313.15K

Shilpa.A Mirikar, Pravina P. Pawar, Govind K. Bichile

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Ultrasonic Studies of Intermolecular Interactions of Dextrose and Fructose in Alcoholic Medium at Three Different Temperatures

S.A.Shah, R.B.Lanjewar, Sunita M. Gadegone

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Study the Interaction of Ascorbic Acid with NaOh Using Ultrasonic Technique

S. P. Dange, O. P. Chimankar, S. T.Hiwarkar, P.D.Borkar

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Investigation of Acoustical Behavior of Dichlofenac sodium drug in Ethanol at Different Temperature

S P Ramteke, O P Chimankar, R A Mandal, V A Tabhane

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Adiabatic Compressibility and Intermolecular Free Length of Electrolytes in Aqueous Biomaterial at 298 K

S. R. Kanhekar

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Structural and Elastic Properties of Li+ and W6+ Metal Ions Doped With Sodium Borate Glass Using Pulser ? Receiver Technique

S Rajesh, S Saravanan, R Palani

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Intermolecular Interaction of Benzene in P-Dioxane and Methylcyclohexane

S.G.Goswami, S.G.Charalwar

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Thermo-Acoustical and Excess Thermodynamic Studies of Binary Liquid Mixtures, Statistical Analysis of Liquid State Theories

Samir Bagade, Deepak Zatale, Shardha Ghosh

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Ultrasonic Spectroscopy of Cu/Pd Bimetallic Nanostructured Based Nanofluids and its Antimicrobial Properties

Aashit Kumar Jaiswal, Meher Wan, D.K. Singh, Giridhar Mishra, Gopal Nath, R.R. Yadav

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Investigation of Comparative Behavior of some Thermoacoustical Parameters of Binary Mixtures of Methanol, Cyclohexanol and Cyclohexane

Sanjay Charalwar , Satish Goswami , S. Mukhmale, V. A. Tabhane

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High Frequency Acoustic Attenuation of Longitudinal and Shear Waves in Germanium at Different Temperatures

Sanjay H. Bagade, V. M. Ghodki

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High Power Ultrasonic for Crystalization

Shruti Dutta Roy, Omprakash P. Chimankar, N.Y.Lanje, A.D.Rangari

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Acoustical Studies on Molecular Interaction in Binary System at the Tempture 298K and Frequency 5MHz

Shweta Rode, V. D. Bhandakkar, O. P. Chimankar

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Photoacoustic Image Simulation of Ensemble of Light Absorbing Cells using Linear Array Transducer

Subhajit Karmakarand Ratan K Saha

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Ultrasonic Investigation of Dipole- Dipole Interaction in Binary Solution of Cellulose Acetate + Water

Sugandha V. Khangar, Omprakash P. Chimankar, Ranjeeta S Shriwas and Sushma Patil

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Study of Molecular Interactions of Aqueous Cellobiose

S T Hiwarkar, S P Dange, O P Chimankar, Ranjeeta S Shriwas and P.D.Borkar

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Ultrasonic Velocity and Absorption in Aqueous Lactose Solution

Sunita T Hiwarkar, S P Dange, O P Chimankar, S A Ghosh, V A Tabhane

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Ultrasonic Investigation of Solution Blends of Polybutadiene and Polymethyl Methacrylate

Sushama Patil, M.S. Deshpande, O.P. Chimankar and Sandeep Arote

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Ultrasonic Behaviour of Binary Mixture of N-Propyl Alcohol in Ethylene Diamine at 3 MHZ Frequency

U.B. Tumberphale, R.S.Kawale, N.P. Pawar, G.M. Kalamse

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Rapid Ultrasonic Milk Analyzer for the Indian Market

Aba Priev, Slava Boktov, Yechezkel Barenholz

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Develeopment and Ultra Sonic Testing of Blast Resistant Sandwich Panel

U. Urban Kumar, K. Bala Krishna, P.V.S. Ganesh Kumar

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Study of Acoustical and Thermodynamic Properties of Aqueous Solution of NaI at Different Temperatures

Vandana A. Giratkar, R.B.Lanjewar

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Order, Disorder, Velocity Dispersion and Time-Frequency Analysis

Manell E. Zakharia

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Investigation of Ultrasonic Parameters � Effect of High Frequency Ultrasound on Disruption of Cell Density of A.niger and P.chrysogenum

Srinivasa Reddy M, Linga Reddy D

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Effect of Frequency on Physical Properties of Date Palm Fiber -PVA Composites

A.Sarangi, G. Nath, S.K.Swain, R.Paikaray

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Ultrasonic and Temperature Dependence on A.C. Conductivity of (PMMA)/Fe2O3 Nanocomposite Polymer Films

Anita R Ghandhe, A. R. Bansod, O. P. Chimankar, Basavaraja Sannakki

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Measurement of Mechanical Vibration Using Opto-Coupler Sensor and Pressure Sensor Based System

P. Bhat, N. S. Meshram, S.J. Dhoble, K. G. Rewatkar

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Microcontroller Based Low Cost Earthquake Monitoring Using Lab-View

Anup P. Bhat, N. S. Meshram, S. J. Dhoble, K. G. Rewatkar

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Effect of Temperature on the Molecular Dynamics of Binary Liquid Mixtures by Ultrasonic Method

Apurba M. Ghosh, P.D.Bhagwat, J. N. Ramteke

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Ultrasonic, Optical and Volumetric Studies of Binary Mixtures of 1-Propanol With Benzonitrile

C.S. Limberkar, A.N. Prajapati

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Ultrasonic Investigations in MgFe2O4 Nanofluid

Alok Kumar Verma, Aashit Kumar Jaiswal, Satyendra Singh, D.K. Singh, R. R. Yadav

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Novel Red Emitting Iridium(III) Complexes Based on Methoxy Substituted Phenylquinoline for Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

H.K. Dahule, S.J.Dhoble, Neha Khotele, Minakshi Ghate

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Synthesis, Structural And Electrical Studies of Mixed Lithium Hexaferrites Ceramics

Suresh. S. Darokar

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The Effect of Mg Substitution on Structural and Dielectric Behiviour of Srcozn Mixed Nano Hexaferrites

Dilip Badwaika, Vandana Badwaik, Halim Ahamad, Shesh Chopne

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Ultrasonic Study of Molecular Interactions in some Bio-Molecule Aqueous Solution at 308K

Sangita U. Shinde

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Measurement of Acoustic and Thermodynamic Parameters of Tannic Acid and Ethanol at Various Temprature

G.M.Jamankar, M.S.Deshapande

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Ultrasonic Study on Alkaline Treatment of Natural Fiber

G.R.Mishra, G.Nath, R.Paikaray

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Application of PANI/MnO2 Nanocomposite in Ultrasonics

J. B. Bhaiswar, M. Y. Salunkhe S. P. Dongre, Ravindra Kinge, Abhivilas NakhateUpendra Mahatme

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Physico-Chemical Properties of Aqueous Alendronate Sodium through Ultrasonic Investigation at 300K and 303K

K. C. Patil, C. M. Dudhe

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An Embedded System for Measurement of Ultrasonic Distance Meter for Biomedical Applications

K. Y. Rokde, Dr. P.B.Dahikar, Dr. M.J.Hedau, S.S.Shende

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Tunnelling Phenomenon by DC Glow Discharge

K. P. Kadam

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