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Research on Benin Cashew Nut Exportation Trade

Mahloukou Kingnide ARINLOYE

Abstract: Cashew production in Africa accounts for 30% of the world's total production, of which only 10% is processed. In this regard, African farmers are actively organizing with the support of relevant international institutions to develop cashew processing industry, with a view to increasing income and promoting agricultural diversification. According to WTO statistics, almond, walnut and cashew are the top three in the world nut trade. As early as the 1970s, cashew production in Africa once dominated the world (70%), but by the beginning of this century it had dropped to 30%. The reason is the emergence of India and the Republic of Benin, in which the output and processing volume of Cashew in India are ranked first in the world. Driven by this situation, cashew cultivation in Africa has experienced many years of crisis and finally recovered in an all-round way, especially in the Republic of Benin, Kenya and Tanzania.