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International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)

International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR)
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Author Testimonials

Amit Lodha, Geeta Pachori, Manoj Lodha, Tushar Bayla, Ravi Sunaria (SR21804195334): It's a good experience with International journal of science and research as your response and guidelines are excellent

Girish A Chavadappanavar (MR21909191755): IJSR given me Full of confidence , and all supporting technical team IJSR .your response is really so valuable to all research scholars, I heartfelt thanks for your response and support excellent peer team , once again thank you for all,

Sikh Simran Bhupender Singh (SR21909174017): I am so glad that I found IJSR for publishing my very first research paper. I really appreciate the hustle free article submission process and quick responses from you. I would definitely refer IJSR to my friends and would also like publish more articles here! Thank you so much.

Shalini Singh (SR21907121356): First of all I want to thank IJSR for selecting my paper. I really appreciate the diligence in the overall process and hustle free communication system. Thank you IJSR !!

Priyanshu Kumari, Arshad Jamal, Vikash Kumar Verma, Dr. Shaveta Sharma (MR21829144032): Nice.... Thnks your publication criteria is very successive...nd very fast publication done thnks

Snehal Ganesh Gurav (MR21826125509): Thanks a lot! For the final editing and accepting my research

Rey Arcite (SR21819193348): Thank You International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR).

Adriko Bosco (MR21804185118): Dear editors/entire management of IJSR, With much honor and gratitude i would like to appreciate your efforts in a special way for the help/guidance you have given me as a new author for the first time. Without you i wouldn't publish this paper. My dream finally come true because of your continued support.

Prajna K.B, Pavan Kumar D.V (SR21806171933): thank you for your generous acceptance of our article.your publication helps us in sharing our pear happiness...

Forkpah Pewee (SR21728233819): I do appreciate the publication of my Manuscript in this journal. By far, I am impressed by the fast tracking of quality peer review and publication process. This is a reliable journal to always publish scientific papers. I have already shared my informative article on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and LinkedIn. Few persons have already developed interest in publishing paper with this journal.

Dr. Widyan Mohamed Osman Hassan Ahmed, Dr. Samira Bashir Mohamed (SR21727143557): Thank you for publishing my research and looking forward to publish with you again.

Dr. Syed Rajeena, Zehara Naheed (SR21728183929): Awesome work, quick response and affordable price for publishing.

Lakshmi Devaraj (SR21727144300): I have a good dealing with ijsr.thank you so much for each and every response for all the doubt.

Abhilasha Valmik Gaidhani (SR21718204004): Your journal publishing process is very fast and scoring in article is satisfactory yours response is very quick within the given period of time Thank you for your team

Cokorda Istri Padmi Suwari, Cokorda Bagus Nurparma Putra (SR21717065432): thank you for article publication. We hope can submit another articles.

Pavan Mohan .N (SR21709204919): I appreciate the commitment and fast response of the editors in publishing my article and I recommend your Journal to my colleagues. IJSR is a good journal for its fast publication, excellent service and timely response.

Vallabhi Ghansawant (MR21709173309): Happy to published my first research paper.. And IJSR helped me lot... Thank You Sooo much..!

Vikas Gulhare, R. S. Kher, S. J. Dhoble (MR21701203332): Over all the procedure is very good and good response.

Vishal Gupta, R. Vaishnavi (SR21628111734): As an undergraduate, this is my first research work which is published and is online International Journal of Science and Research IJSR made it very easy and comforting to publish, also they are responsive and take all our concerns Looking forward for more experiences

Dr. Preeti Soni (MR21627105037): Easy method of submission, Very immediate reply and work.

Rahul Kumar (SR21622171146): First of all thank you international journal of science and research team for your commandable jobThe process of Publishing research paper in this journal is really neat and clean It clearly mentions all the steps required for publication and it does what it says

T. Chitra, T. Ashok Kumar, S. Uthirasamy (SR21611121211): Your wonderful response and gave a good research platform to me A lot of thanks to our IJSR journal editors

Dr. Kalpesh J Chaudhary, Dr. Meghavi S Bhappal (SR21619180556): Thankful for Such a quick response for our paper publication in your journal, it's quick response, timely publication, query solving through mail all are very true, and we are very satisfied with your work and would like to do more publication in your esteemed journal in near future.

Syed Abdul Kareem Shajahan (SR21613214904): IJSR wwwijsrnet is a tremendous website for the Authors, researchers and people in Construction industry The ease with which my papers got published was remarkable that too with a very low fees and responding the quires in right time Extremely happy to know about the vision of IJSR Thanks to the team of Editors and Reviewers

Monika Nagrani (SR21615184546): I want to submit my review by just explaining this journal and the associated members to be outstanding including my first interaction with editor sir to reviewer sir of my paperEditor sir was so prompt during my publication queries and very supportive I really felt very satisfactory during whole process of paper sending to publication

Amit Ranjan Sahu, Anand Chaurasia, Arun Kumar Gupta (SR21605201901): This site is very good for paper publication, I am very glad to publish my paper

Abhijit Tripathy (MR21613054013): The entire process is quick and transparent with the minimum possible fees

Shayesta Jahan, Tejaswini Bn, Veena R, Sowmya Bu (SR21608231253): I would like to express my gratitude to the entire team of IJSR Journal for publishing my paper, i appreciate your first response, the quick and efficient process of publication I thank you for your services

C. Iswarya, Dr. K. Arunesh (SR21605135641): The journal review process is satisfied and appreciated

Tanya Sue D. Barayuga (SR21528134417): I really appreciate your effort to publish my paper I do hope that I can publish for the next set of publication for the month of july