Downloading: Effect of Burnt Brick Dust on Swelling and Shrinkage in Black Cotton Soil
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Effect of Burnt Brick Dust on Swelling and Shrinkage in Black Cotton Soil

Omkar U. Kumbhar

Abstract: With rapid growth of populations, fast urbanization and more construction of buildings and other structures has resulted in reduction of good quality available land. There is no choice of people except to use soft and weak soils around for construction activities. Such soil possesses poor shear strength and high swelling and shrinkage. The mechanical behaviour of such nature of soil has to be improved by employing stabilization techniques to make it reliable for construction activities. The black cotton soil is one of the major issues in india. The black cotton soil has a properties of expansiveness, swelling and shrinkage. Due to this types of properties of soil the behaviour of black cotton soil changes drastically. When exposed to variation in moisture content they undergo high swelling and shrinkage making it more complicated from engineering point of view. Based on many research we can conclude that the changes in properties and behaviour are due to reaction with water that may reduce the strength and can damage the structure. In this project we have performed stabilization on black cotton soil with brick dust which is waste material and widely available in large quantity. To resolve the problem of swelling and shrinkage we have replaced soil by stabilizing agents of its varying percentage of dry weigth. For analysis of effect of stabilizer on soil. The comparison has done of properties of 100 % black cotton soil and various combinations of black cotton soil and brick dust. The comparison includes total properties consideration carried out by compaction test, atterbergs limit test, linear shrinkage test and swelling test on both normal and stabilized soil.

Keywords: Atterbergs Limit, poor shear strength, high swelling and shrinkage