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Recently Published: Neonatal Outcome of Newborns Admitted in a Tertiary Level Hospital, Nepal          ||          A Study Aimed to Assess the Knowledge of Antenatal Mothers regarding Janani Suraksha Yojana          ||          Personalized Drug Delivery System to Treat Arrhythmia          ||          Effects of Green Tea on Activity of A-Glucosidase in Vitro and Glycaemic Index of White Bread in Vivo          ||          Security Challenges and Solutions in MongoDB          ||          Serum Prolactin, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and Thyroid Hormones (FT3, FT4) Concentrations in Female Patients with Infertility: An Institutional Study          ||          Mental Health, Dynamic Psychology and Personal Management          ||          Unconscious Biases as a Result of Distinction in Political Psychology          ||          Role of Hysteroscopy to Improve Live Birth Rate among Secondary Infertile Couples          ||          Moderating Effect of Access to Capital on the Relationship between Financial Literacy and Firm Survival          ||         

Recently Downloaded: IMPACT OF BUDDHISM THROUGH THIEN TRADITION IN BRILLIANT DYNASTIES IN THE VIETNAMESE HISTORY          ||          IMPACT OF BUDDHISM THROUGH THIEN TRADITION IN BRILLIANT DYNASTIES IN THE VIETNAMESE HISTORY          ||          Abundance and Diversity of Mosquito (Anopheles sp) in Malaria Endemic Areas of Ternate Island North Maluku          ||          Abundance and Diversity of Mosquito (Anopheles sp) in Malaria Endemic Areas of Ternate Island North Maluku          ||          Legal Protection of Medical Records as Evidence Tool in Law Enforcement Process          ||          Effects of Green Tea on Activity of A-Glucosidase in Vitro and Glycaemic Index of White Bread in Vivo          ||          Available of Physical and Environmental Conditions Effect on Rice Crop: A Case Study of Akole Tahsil (M.S, India)          ||          The Impact of Climate Change on Rice Production Center at Area of the City near the Beach in Indonesia          ||          History of the Aesthetic Dimensions of American Animated Cinema          ||          Decrease in Rice Production Due to Climate Change in West Java Indonesia          ||          Effect of Addition Strontium Carbonate on Some Mechanical Properties of Heat Cured Acrylic Denture Base Material          ||          The Effect of Visual Media (Video) Based Process Evaluation of Result of Volley Ball Smash for Student of Sport Education and Recreation Fik State University of Medan (Unimed) North Sumatera Indonesia          ||          A Mathematical Model of a Criminal-Prone Society          ||          The Description of Parental Stress Coping Strategy in Facing Autical Children Growth          ||          The Description of Parental Stress Coping Strategy in Facing Autical Children Growth          ||          The Description of Parental Stress Coping Strategy in Facing Autical Children Growth          ||          The Description of Parental Stress Coping Strategy in Facing Autical Children Growth          ||          Water Quality Analysis of Narmada River with Reference to Physico-Chemical Parameters at Hoshangabad City, M.P; India          ||          Critical Thinking Skill Improvement Using Problem Based Learning (PBL) Model of 4th Grade Students of Elementary School          ||          A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding the Use of Self Medication among People Visiting in Selected Pharmacies at Urban Area          ||         

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Epidemiological Study of Prevalence of Hypertension and Obesity in School going Children of Kamrup District of Assam
Authors: Prabir Kumar Gupta, Anup Kumar Boro

Effect of Mineral and Bio-organic Fertilizers on Sugar beet Growth under Semi-Arid Zone
Authors: Wael A. Marajan, Mohammed A. Hadad, Mohammed O. Gafer, Hatim A. Sulfab, Moamar A. Ali

Acceptability of Community Women in Rural Area for Ca Cervix and Ca Breast Screening
Authors: Sunita H. Tata, A. Pratinidhi, Radhika Joshi, V. Whaval, S. Kakade

Ophiofauna Diversity of Dhaltangarh Forest of Odisha, India
Authors: Sambit Kumar Dwibedy

Fraud Detection in E-Transactions using Deep Neural Networks - A Case of Financial Institutions in Zimbabwe
Authors: Elliot Mbunge, Ralph Makuyana, Nation Chirara, Antony Chingosho

Effect of Meditation on Respiratory System
Authors: Dr. R. Hara Gopal, Dr. B. Rajini

Prediction of Earthquake Using 3 Axis Accelerometer Sensor (ADXL335) and ARDUINO UNO
Authors: Veenu Grover, Aman Sharma

Knowledge and Acceptance of HPV Vaccine among Urban Parents
Authors: Dr. Asima Das, Dr. Lipipuspa Pattnaik, Dr. Sarika Avasthi

Aquatic Insects as Biomonitors of Freshwater Ecosystem: A Review
Authors: Arundhati Gogoi, Bijeta Ghose Guha

Three Level Single Stage PFC Converter
Authors: Sushma, Dr. M. S. Aspalli

Study on Evaluation Index System of Urban Public Transport Development Level
Authors: Yin Di

A Soft-Switching of DC?DC Converter Based on a Phase-Shift-Controlled Active Boost Rectifier
Authors: Shivaleela, Nagabhushan Patil

Measurement of Dielectric Constant & Loss Factor for Three States of Grains Using Microwave Frequency (CJ-Band and X-band)
Authors: Akhil Kumar Jain

Comparison of Dielectric Constant & Loss Factor for Preliminary, Oven Dried and Saturated Grains Using Ku Band Microwave Frequency
Authors: Akhil Kumar Jain

Enhancement of Power-Quality with Grid Interconnection of Renewable Energy Source at the Distribution Level at Different Loads
Authors: Chollangi Venkataramu

Effectiveness of Active and Passive Participation in Music Therapy on Social Emotional Skills of ADHD Children
Authors: M. Mahendran, Dr. T. Jagadeesan Mot (Psy)

Comparative Studies of Alternaria Leaf Spot on CMS, GMS and Conventional ISO- Hybrids in Upland Cotton (G. hirsutum Linn.)
Authors: P. N. Murumkar, Ashok M. Chavan

Geotechnical Stability Performance of Batubesi Dam: A Review of Seismicity Impact on Structural Dam Safety
Authors: Wiyatno Haryanto, Anom Prasetio, Agung Mulyo, Zufialdi Zakaria

Consistency Analysis of Regularization of Coefficient Based on Weak Correlation Sampling
Authors: Lu Luo, Xinxin Chang

Antibiotic Resistance Pattern of Isolates in Intensive Care Unit and Source of Nosocomial Infection in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Authors: Mirza Nazim Uddin, NurunNahar Mawla, Zahidul Hasan, Faridul Islam, Anowar Hossain

Edmodo and Its Potential to Foster Students? Independence in Learning
Authors: La Ndia, Nurul Atma

Least Square Regression with Non-Identical Unbounded Sampling and Coefficient Regularization
Authors: Xinxin Chang, Lu Luo

Formulation, Sensory, Chemical and Nutritional Attributes of Star Fruit, Muskmelon and Orange Squash with Basil Seed
Authors: C. S. Nirali, D. S. Patil, K. H. Ahire

Histopathological and Colposcopic Correlation for Cervical Lesions at Tertiary Care Centre in Central Part of India
Authors: Dr Sawai Khatri

Biovalorisation of Two-Phase Olive Mill Waste by Composting Process
Authors: Amal Kaouachi, Mohammed Amane, Samir El Jaafari

A Study to Assess Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Antenatal Care among Antenatal Women Attending Outdoor in Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Garima Maurya, Varuna Pathak, Juhi Agrawal

Seismic Analysis of High Rise Building with is Code 1893: A Review
Authors: Narayan Malviya, Sumit Pahwa

Anticancer Activity of Protein Extract from Perna viridis (Green Mussel) and Meretrix meretrix (Great Clam)
Authors: Praveena T, Kaneez Fathima S

A Review on Eco-Green Geopolymer Concrete
Authors: Sruthi .S, Dr. A. K. Priya

A Comparative Study to Assess the Level of Postnatal Depression among LSCS and Normal Delivery Mothers in Selected Hospitals at Guntur, Andhra Pradesh, India
Authors: Bhanu Priya Ullangula, V. Sunny Daniel, K. Nirusha

Arrow Injury in Neck: A Case Presentation
Authors: Dr Lakshmi Sinha, Dr Manoj Kumar, Dr Akhilesh Kumar Singh

Quality of Life of Patients with Obturator Prostheses
Authors: Ivan Gerdzhikov

The Effect of Giving Red Guava Fruit Juice towards Haemoglobin and Vo2max Contents on Maximum Physical Activity
Authors: Fajar Apollo Sinaga, Marsal Risfandi, Mesnan, Jumadin IP

The Effect of Exercise and Motivation Method of Sport towards the Result on the Physical Fitness (Experimental Study on Students SMPN 1 Sajoanging, Wajo Regency, South Sulawesi Province)
Authors: Sudirman Burhanuddin

The Effort of a Decrease Fatigue Level on Computer User Employees at State University of Medan
Authors: Syamsul Gultom, A. Rahim Matondang, Wirsal Hasan, Gerry Silaban

Relationship between Erectile Dysfunction and HbA1C Percentage in Diabetic Patients at Sanglah Hospital, Bali, Indonesia
Authors: Wira Gotera, Widhyasa, Ketut Suastika, Made Ratna Saraswati, Made Pande Dwipayana, I Made Siswadi Semadi, Dewi Catur Wulandari

Synthesis and Characterization of MOF Compound Based on Azide (N3-) and Nicotinamide ligands with Cd(II),[Cd3(?-N3-)4(Nicotinamide)2]H2O
Authors: Deepanjali Pandey, Shahid S. Narvi, Siddhartha Chaudhri

Efforts to Improve Student Learning Outcomes through Cooperative Learning Based on Team Assisted Individually (TAI)
Authors: Suci Frisnoiry

New Implementation of Paired Triple Connected Domination Number of a Graph
Authors: A. Rajeswari, G. Mahadevan

Urgent-Start Peritoneal Dialysis: Opening New Door for ESRD Patients Undergoing CABG
Authors: Syed MS Bukhari, Muhammad Yousaf, Taimur Mansoor, Hamid M. Humayun

Skipping Breakfast a Boon or Bane on Health - A Systematic Review Analysis
Authors: Dr. S. S. Subramanian, S. J. Kanimozhiselvi, N. Mohammed Shabeer, S. Noorunnisha

Competitiveness Measurement of Oranges Based on Consumer Preference
Authors: Anisa Windhita, Joyo Winoto, Sahara

Determination of Molecular Weight of Synthetic Sugars by Measuring the Freezing Point Depression (Colligative Properties)
Authors: Dr. Fathia Mohammed Ibrahim

Fuelwood Consumption by Semi-Nomadic Communities of Sakteng Wildlife Sanctuary in Bhutan
Authors: Norbu Yangdon, Kumbu Dorji, Sonam Tobgay

Comparative Study of Transdermal Nitroglycerin Patch versus Isoxsuprine Hydrochloride in Patients With Preterm Labour
Authors: Sanjaykumar Tambe, Yogita Alnure

Experimental Investigation on Rheological Characterization of ecovio? F Film C2203biopolymer Melts
Authors: Shatha K. Muallah, Sami D. Salman, May M. Ismaiel

Quantitative Characterization of the Blast Furnace Pellet Phases with Different Degrees of Reduction
Authors: Daiane Cardial dos Santos, Gl?ucio Soares da Fonseca

The Prevalence of Epiphytic Parasites (Mistletoes) on Trees in Egerton University
Authors: David M. Nyaga

Phytochemical Screening of Leaves, Bark and Stem of cassia siamea by FTIR Spectroscopy
Authors: David M. Nyaga, Paul K. Kamweru

Social Problems as a Backdrop for Filmography - Contemporary Mexicans in the Eyes of Foreign Film Directors
Authors: Karolina Baraniak

Optimum Location of Phasor Measurement Units in Smart Grid Environment Using Binary Integer Linear Programming
Authors: Sattimsetti Sravani

Financial Exploitation of Elder in Residential Long-Term Care: A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Tilak Raj Joshi, Muhammad Yousaf, Aasish Thapa

Rohingya Muslims: Stranger in Motherland
Authors: Tanzina Afrose

Self-Determination - A History of Concept and its Basic Principles
Authors: Karolina Baraniak

Grid Side Converter Based Shunt Active Power Filter of Variable Speed Doubly Fed Induction Generator Driven by Wind Turbine
Authors: Gaber EL-Saady Ahmed, Hazem Hassan Ali

Diving Into Data Lakes
Authors: Kartikay Sharma, Shreya Patoa

Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Topology with Reduced Number of Switches
Authors: Ashwini S. Sawan, Dr. M. S. Aspalli

Equilibrium, Kinetic and Thermodynamic of Adsorption of (2 , 4 - Dichlorophenoxy Acetic Acid) Herbicide from Aqueous Solutions onto Zeolite Clay
Authors: Ahlam M. Farhan, Zahraa A. Mahmood, Nafeesa J. Kadhim

Assessment of Some Trace Elements in Obese and Non-Obese Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)
Authors: Mohammed Abbas Taher, Sarah Hashim Mhaibes

Influence of Number Shots of Laser on Structural Transformations and Optical Properties of ZnS Nanoparticles Thin Films
Authors: A. Z. Mohammed, N. J. Mohammed, I. K. Khudhair

Study of Polypoidal Mass in Nasal Cavity
Authors: Debabrata Das, Ashis Kumar Ghosh, Riju Bhattacharya

Growth Performance of Sorghum to Different Methods of Cultivation
Authors: Shakuntala Mhaske, Narayan Pandhure

Psychosocial Complaints of Wives of Military Personnel on Peace Keeping Mission, The Kenyan Case
Authors: Apiyo Pamela Akech, Okoth George Odhiambo, Wauna Benta Achien'g, Augustine Nwoye

Comparative Study of Attitude towards Body Self-Awareness between Women Practicing and Non- Practicing Physical Fitness
Authors: Mridusmita Phukan

Detection of IL28B-rs12979860 Polymorphism and Estimation of IL28B Serum Level in Iraqi Hepatitis C Infected Patients
Authors: Sara Mahdi Shalash, Nawal Mohammed Utba

Sideropenic Dysphagia
Authors: Tsander Tito Prince, K. Srinivaas, K. Thafseera, Dr J. Jananee

Actinic Chelitis
Authors: Subhiksh .P .B, Ashwin Babu, Suriya .K, Dr J. Jananee

Effect of Graded Motor Imagery for Kinesiophobia on Pain and Function for Institutionalised Elder People with Knee Osteoarthritis
Authors: Dr. Mana Yeslawath, Salome Sequeira, Sagar Tarale

Characteristics of Housing in a Rural Community: A Case Study of Chanso Village in Plateau State, Nigeria
Authors: Miner C. A., Bimba J, Zaman M, Afolaranmi T. O., Hassan Z. I., Tagurum Y. O., Zoakah A. I.

Synthesis of Bis-Heterocyclic Compounds and Study their Antimicrobial Activity
Authors: J. K. Shneine, Y. H. Al-Araji, A. Shayea

Business Strategy Development: Analysis of Culinary Business (CV Adistia Makmur Sentosa)
Authors: Harpa Ranusono, Aida Vitalaya, Kirbrandoko

Investor Reaction to Announcement of Increase Fuel Oil Price 2014-2015
Authors: Sediyoko, Dr. Dadan Rahadian

A Study of Age and Motivation Factors for English Language Acquisition in Libyan Students Who Study in India
Authors: Khalifa Musbah M. Khalifa Albasha, Dr. Shivani S. Verma

Comparative Study of Sevelamer Carbonate and Calcium Carbonate on Fibroblast Growth Factor-23 and Parathyroid Hormone in Hemodialysis Iraqi Patients
Authors: Ali Abdulmajid Dyab Allawi, Zainab Taha Mohammed Jaddoa, Omar Farooq Al Azzawi, Sajida Hussein Ismail

Community Structure of Leaf-and Planthoppers (Auchenorrhyncha: Hemiptera) on Rice Ecosystem in Samosir Island-Sumatera-Indonesia
Authors: Binari Manurung, Puji Prastowo, Abdul Hakim Daulae

Quantum Evaporation of Black Holes and Hawking Radiation
Authors: Vivek Chhetri

Differentiation of Renal Oncocytoma from Renal Cell Carcinoma - A Mini-Review
Authors: Lan Mo, Muhammad Yousaf, Fang-Ming Deng

Spectrum of Pain Abdomen in Adolescents
Authors: Dr Navneet Kaur, Dr Hemant K. Mishra

A Study on Changes in Macular Thickness after Cataract Surgery in Diabetic Patients Using Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT)
Authors: Dr. Anant Singhi, Dr. Kabita Bora Baishya

UBI EST Morbus-Where is the Disease?
Authors: Dr. Deepak G. Udapudi, Dr. Rashida Hyderabadwala, Dr. Krishnakanth

An Experimental Study on Partial Replacement of Rice Husk Ash (RHA) With Cement of Concrete
Authors: K. N. Lakshmaiah, D. Anitha

Secure VoIP Network by Fusion of Irises
Authors: S. Bhuvaneshwari, Dr. P. Arul

Face Recognition across Age Using Auto Encoder Neural Network
Authors: Neha Rahman, Nitin Naiyar

Color: Its Science and Esthetics-A Review
Authors: Dr Waseem-Ul-Ayoub, Dr Raisa Rashid

Impact of the Invoice System at Regideso/Sud-Kivu (A Public Enterprise to Supply Potable Water) on the Payment of the Invoices by the Customers of the Household Grade, South Kivu, Eastern D.R. Congo
Authors: MAMBO Muhalira Julien, MUHINDUKA Dikuruba Dieudonne, BASHUGI Bah'ogwerhe Anatole, MASOKA Wamtu Bibish

Delivery Outcome for Patients with Previous One Caesarean Section in Baghdad Teaching Hospital
Authors: Afraa Mahjoob Al-Naddawi, Rafah Khalil Ibrahim

Advanced Maternal Age & Adverse Fetomaternal Outcome: A Retrospective Study
Authors: Dr. Lipipuspa Pattnaik, Dr. Asima Das, Dr. Sarika Avasthi

Association of Asymptomatic Malaria and ABO Blood Group among Donors Attending Asamankese Government Hospital
Authors: David N Ofosu, Charles Dotsey, Yeboah M Debrekyei

Theoretical Approach to the Corrosion Inhibition of Some Imidazoline Derivatives on Iron Surface Using Molecular Dynamic Simulations and Quantum Chemical Calculations
Authors: Kelechi Uwakwe, Anthony Obike, Louis Hitler

Influence of Communication Media use as a Public Education Strategy in the Conservation of King'wal Wetland in Nandi County, Kenya
Authors: Jepkosgei Monicah, Paul A. Odundo

Comparison of Different Final Impression Techniques and Occlusal Schemes for Management of Resorbed Mandibular Ridge: A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Swati Bajaj, Dr Gattu Anusha, Dr. Veene S Prakash

An In-Vitro Study on Effect of Multiple Firings on Color of Metal Ceramic Restorations
Authors: Dr. Gattu Anusha

The Influence of Organizational Culture, Job Satisfaction and Leadership Style on Employee Performance (Case Study in Online Travel Company Pojok Celebes Mandiri)
Authors: Tri Agung D. Saputra, Dr. Jafar Sembiring

Robust Encryption of Uncompressed Videos with a Selective Frame Scheme
Authors: Rupali Hole, Megha Kolhekar

Adulteration in Ayurvedic Raw Herbs
Authors: Dr. Monika, Kamini Kaushal

Study of Hematological and Biochemical Parameters in Pulmonary Tuberculosis
Authors: Dr Naveen S Kulkarni, Dr Samir Jaju

The Use of Run Length and Contrast Features with Neural Network for Texture Recognition
Authors: Suhair H. S. Al-Kilidar, Loay E. George

A Systematic Review on Placebo Effect
Authors: Nauma Hafeez, Jothi Priya

Research on the Development Trend of Shanghai Cruise Industry
Authors: Ling Qiu, Changchun Gao

Diversity of Phytoplanktons in Narmada River, Jabalpur Region (M.P) India
Authors: Deepika Saini, K.K Dube

Effect of Mulligan Bent Leg Raise Versus PNF Agonist Contraction on Hamstrings Flexibility in Healthy Females
Authors: Varsha Venkitaraman, Priti Nisheet Agni

Soil Reinforcement in Road Construction Using Geosynthetics Material
Authors: Aparna Verma, Ashutosh Gupta, Prof. Baikunth Nath

Challenges Facing Human Resources Departments in its Functions of Change Implementation and Management: Evidence from Telkom Kenya
Authors: Joan Bii

Enhancement of Production of Cellulases from UV (Ultraviolet light) treated Bacillus subtilis
Authors: Tuba Parveen, Chitranshu Pandey, Hafsa Abdul Hai

Highly Secure and Flexible Authentication Scheme for Ad hoc Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Apurva J. Shastri, S. R. Tandle

Ichthyofaunal Diversity of Astaranga coast (Odisha, India)
Authors: Arpita Priyadarshini, Prabhu Kaibalya Das

Multidisciplinary Approach Resulting in Improved Maternal Survival in Eisenmenger Syndrome: Prospective Study in a Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Akansha Shrivastava, Preeti Singh, Ruchi Bhatiyani, Deeksha Khurana, Asmita M. Rathore

Assessment Women's Knowledge about Importance of Folic Acid during Pregnancy
Authors: Wafaa Ahmad Ibrahim, Maha Mohamed El-Habashy

Web Service Recommendation System Incorporating Location and Personalized QoS Prediction
Authors: Nitin V. Tawar, Supriya A. Kinariwala

Drinking Water Treatment of Natural Organic Wastes Matter with HPSEC Profile Using White Rot Fungus
Authors: Jeyabharathi .S, Stephan .R

Assessing Safety Needs of Adolescents with Reference to Population and Development Education
Authors: Dr. P. Felvia Shanthi

Building Lifecycle Modeling
Authors: Svitlana Tsiutsiura, Yevhenii Borodavka

Clinical Performance Characteristics of Hepatitis B Virus Quantification by Combining Artus-DSP Assay with Rotor Gene Q-Real-Time PCR
Authors: Kandpal JC, Kumar R, Kumar V, Singh PR

Theoretical Study of (RS) - (4-fluorophenyl) (pyridine-2yl) methanol using Density Functional Theory
Authors: Sanjeev Kumar Trivedi, C. K. Dixit

The Uncertainty of the Invisible, the Mystical, the Breathless Omnipotent That Hewed the Concealed Artistries Out of the Doubting Thomases
Authors: Merrin Antony, S. Sreejana

Microbial Fuel Cells (MFC) for Energy Production from Wastewater: A Review
Authors: Shakunthala C, Dr. Surekha Manoj

Biocontrol of Cercospora Leaf Spot on Trigonella foenum graecum L. in Kota District Rajasthan
Authors: Dr. Upma Singh

Surgical Versus Medical Management of Appendicitis during Pregnancy
Authors: Harshit Agarwal, Saroj Chhabra Kapoor, Siddharth Jai Singh

Analysis of Non-Cash Social Assistance Policy in Tangerang
Authors: Ekawati Rahayu Putri, Rokhani Hasbullah, Muhammad Findi

Proclivity of School Going Girls towards Nutrition Education and Its Impact on their Food Habits
Authors: A. Joglekar, Lata Chourasiya

Efficiency of Moringa Olifera Seed Powder for Quarry Water Treatment
Authors: Athira C K, K G Harshan

Cadmium Toxicity on Swiss Mice and Spermatogenesis
Authors: Manoj Kumar Panda

FPGA Implementation of LDPC Encoder and Decoder using Bit Flipping Algorithm
Authors: B. Sai Reddy, V. Seetha Rama Rao

When Job Performance of Human Resource's Sugar Factory Affected by Organization Culture, Motivation and Leadership Style
Authors: Teguh Soedarto, Rifan Jefri Sunarsono

Adoption of Prepaid Electricity Metering System and Customer Satisfaction in Nairobi County, Kenya
Authors: Angelina M. Wambua, Peter Kihara, Henry K. Mwenemeru

Biosorption of Cadmium and Lead from Semi-Synthetic Industrial Wastewater by Sargassum sp
Authors: Hlaing Swe Win, Saw Sandar Maw, Hnin Hnin Htun

Frequency Characteristics of Meteor-Burst Channel for TV Signal Reception
Authors: Nabeel Oudah Mnerkhir

Using Signals of Television Broadcasting for Research of Dynamic Processes at Height Mezopausy-Lower Thermosphere
Authors: Kukush V., Oleynikov A., Nabeel Oudah Mnekhir

Method for Fragmentation of Requested Applications in File-Sharing Peer-to-Peer Networks
Authors: Volodymyr Popovskyy, Nabeel Oudah Mnekhir, Niran Sabah Jasim

Polarization Multiplexing Modulation in Fiber-Optic Communication Lines
Authors: Volodymyr V. Popovskyy, Nabeel Oudah Mnekhir

Breeding for Identification of Superior High Yielding Sunflower (Helianthus annuus L.) Hybrids for rabi Season in Tolerance to Sunflower Wilt for West Bengal
Authors: S. S. Lakshman, D. K. Roy, Y. G. Sadkshari

Statistical Fluctuations of Energy Spectra in 32A Nuclei using the Proton-Neutron Formalism Interaction
Authors: Adel K. Hamoudi, Thuraya A. Abdul Hussian

Intelligent Agents as Staff Allocation Optimization Assistants in ICT Services Support
Authors: Julia N. Korongo, David M. Gichoya, Damaris N. Odero

Evaluation of Socio-Economic Characteristics Influencing Choice of Technologies in Maize Production Systems in Kabiyet Division, Nandi County, Kenya
Authors: Kemmey Rose, Dr. Cheserek Grace, Dr. Kiptui Mark

Analysis of Drivers of Forest Degradation in Cherangany Forest, Elgeyo Marakwet County, Kenya
Authors: Suter C. C, Cheserek Grace, Kiptui Mark

Comparative Study of Effect of Crude Extract of Ficus Virens Aiten in Gut Motility of Erythromycin and Bethanechol Treated Albino Rats
Authors: Dr Kavita Topno, Dr (Prof.) Manju Gari, Dr (Prof.) Satish Chandra, Dr Marshall Daud Kerketta

Use of Panic Approach in the Development of Curriculum: Perceptions of Bachelor of Education Students in an ?Issues in Curriculum? Class
Authors: Effie S. M. Sithole

Economic Analysis of the Factors Affecting the Adoption of Sub SurfaceIrrigation Technology in Iraq
Authors: Mohammed Khalid, Basim Al-Badri, Boubaker Dhahibi

The Heterogeneity and Prevalence of ABO and RH D Antigens in the Voluntary Blood Donors of Kenya
Authors: Rachel Githiomi, Kennedy Muna, Naomi Waiganjo

Evolution towards Six Stroke Engine
Authors: Vishal Pal

FMCW RADAR based Level Gauge
Authors: Neeraj Jangid, Tarush Shenoy, Sanath Acharya

Language Style on the Kalindaqdaq Poem (Introduction of Stylistic Study of Mandar Regional Literature)
Authors: Suradi Yasil, Muhammad Darwis

Multi-Sensor Home Security System
Authors: Abhinav Chamola, Noopur Divecha

NITI Aayog-Think-Tank for Transforming India
Authors: Nitika

Relationship between the Presence of the R337H Mutation of the TP53 Gene and Expression of the p53 and p53R2 Proteins in Choroid Plexus Carcinomas
Authors: Guilherme R Taques, Cleber M de Souza, Elizabeth S Gugelmin, Maria DFS Begnami, Gislaine Cust?dio, Luiz F Bleggi-Torres, Bonald C Figueiredo, Lucia de Noronha

Determinants of Students? Career Choices in Secondary Schools from Southwestern Uganda; Insights from a Domestic Chores Perspective
Authors: Tuyizere Alice Peace

Patient Satisfaction Level at Local General Hospital in Mamuju Regency, Indonesia
Authors: Paisal Halim, Irma Sriwahyuni

Comparative Cooperative Learning Type NHT (Numbered Head Together) and TAI (Team Assisted Individualization) Volleyball Classes at Junior High School in Makassar, Indonesia
Authors: Hasmyati Suwardi

Ecotourism-Based Management Model of Nantu Wildlife Reserve
Authors: Marini Susanti Hamidun, Dewi Wahyuni K. Baderan, Meilinda Lestari Modjo

Level of Satisfaction of Public Service in Takalar Regency, Indonesia
Authors: Syamsiah Badruddin, Wisudawan Husain

Coconut Water as a Mordan on Natural Dyes Leather Made from Rambutan Skin for Silk Fabrics with Tie Dye Techniques
Authors: Asiani Abu Kurniati

Management of Hypodontia of Lateral Incisors
Authors: Olga Ilkovska, Katerina Spasovska, Danilo Krstevski, Lidija Kanurkova, Natasha Tosheska Spasova, Tina Petrovikj

Effect of Wheat Flour Replacement and Enrichment by Eggshells on the Quality Properties of a Laboratory Produced Biscuit
Authors: F. F. Jumma, M. M. N. Ali

When Toothbrush Troubles!!!!! Toothbrush Trauma - A Case Series
Authors: Dr. Shraddha Kode, Dr. Praneeta Kamble, Dr. Abhinav Deshpande

Trends of the Administrative Leaderships towards Salesmens' Performance in the National Insurance Company Research an Exploratory
Authors: Shurooq Sabah Jaber

Correlation of Cytology and Histopathology in the Diagnosis of Cervical Lesions
Authors: Ayshath Safoorah, Prema D'cunha, Deepa K V

The Effect of Work Load, Motivation, and Competence on Performance of Bank Employees in Indonesia
Authors: Raden Muhammad Angga Bagus Permadi, Aida Vitayala Hubeis, Anggraini Sukmawati

Iraqi Currency Recognition and Identification Using SIFT
Authors: Raghad Khalid Mohammed

Medical Image Encryption Using Modified AES
Authors: Woud Majid Abed

Effect of Project Design Practices on Sustainability of Information Communication Technologies Infrastructure Projects in Rwanda: A Case of Regional Communication Infrastructure Project
Authors: Parfaite Uwera, Dr. Paul Muturi Kariuki

Effect of Project Infrastructure Capabilities on the Performance of it Projects; A Case of Rwanda Online Project in Bugesera District
Authors: Emile Musonera, Dr. Paul Muturi Kariuki

Effect of Relationship Management on Project Contract Performance in Rwanda: A Case of Bugesera Natural Region Rural Infrastructure Support Project
Authors: Cephas Nzanana, Dr. Paul Kariuki

Human Induced Change Characteristics of Selected Vegetation Variables in Parts of Kogi East, Nigeria
Authors: Ocholi I. U., Idoko O., Ogidiolu A.

Teacher Competencies in using ICT in Curriculum Instruction in Secondary Schools in Bungoma County, Kenya
Authors: Anyonje Florence, Prof. Patrick Kafu

Energy Hole Minimization Using Redundant Route in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Md. Abir Hossain, Md. Ibrahim Khalil, Nur-E-Alam Siddiqi, Md. Mahfuz Reza

Discourse Pattern Choices On Topics Perceived to Be Difficult in Biology at Selected Secondary Schools in Luapula Province of Zambia
Authors: Kambi Manda, Christopher Haambokoma, Kabunga Nachiyunde

Knowledge and Attitude towards Option B+ Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission among HIV/AIDS Positive Pregnant and Breast Feeding Mothers in Ethiopia
Authors: Delelegn Tsegaye, Yemiamrew Getachew Tessema, Prema Kumar

A Case Report of Cerebral Atrophy at Hyperostosis Frontalis Interna Associated with Hypoglycemia and Hyperthermia in Huntingston's Disease in a 57 Years Aged Women
Authors: Sagar Pamu, Sadiya Anjum, Maseera Fatima, Mohammad Shanawaz Munawar, Kavya Chowdary Yarlagadda

Effect of Glomus intraradices and Organic Fertilizer on the Yield and Quality of Maize Grown in Calcareous Soil
Authors: Amal Aboul-Nasr, Helge Schmeisky, Amal Abou El-Goud

Prevalence of Dental Caries in permanent Mandibular First Molars in Adult Patients Visiting OPD of Department of Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics (18 to 44 years) a Cross Sectional Study
Authors: Dr. Varsha Uttarwar, Dr. Pratima Shenoi, Dr. Swapnil Patil, Dr. Vidhya Mokhade, Dr. Manjusha Pradhan, Dr. Sangeeta Bhattacharya

Business Model Innovations of Small and Medium Agribusinesses in Least Developed Markets
Authors: Rachkara John, Olido Kenneth, Wakwabubi Michael Jackson

Incidence of Urinary Tract Infections (UTI) and their Antibiotics Sensitivity Pattern
Authors: Vijaya Gupta, Ashok K. Shukla

Intracranial Chondroma - A Rare Case Report
Authors: Dr. Meghana V. Chougule, Dr. Prasanna Patankar

Cerebral Venous Sinus Thrombosis during Early First Trimester of Pregnancy
Authors: Dr. A. G. Kulkarni, Dr. Neha Athale, Dr. Vikrant Patil, Dr. Govinda Nagadkar, Dr. Pooja Balani, Dr. Patil Vikrant

Social Perception and Impression Management in Relation to Attribution Theory and Individual Decision Making from Development Perspectives
Authors: Rajendra Pandit

Bidirectional Search on Cyclic Behavioral Patterns for Web Sequential Mining
Authors: A. P. Selva Prabhu, Dr. T. Ravi Chandran

Fabrication and Characterization of Nano Composite Layer on Aluminum Matrix through Friction Stir Process
Authors: D. Premkumar, R. Murugan, G. Purushoathaman

Population Status and Habitat Suitability of Sarus Crane (Grus antigone antigone, Linnaeus, 1758) in Banke District, Nepal
Authors: Shraddha Tiwari, Dikpal Krishna Karmacharya, Nanda Bahadur Singh

Fatigue Analysis and Optimization of Upright of a FSAE Vehicle
Authors: Ayush Garg

A Review: Psychophysiology of Tool Use in Non-Human Primates
Authors: Manuel Alejandro Cruz-Aguilar, Miguel Angel Guevara, Marisela Hernandez-Gonzalez, Ignacio Ram?rez-Salado, Francisco Garcia-Orduna

Locomotion System for ALS Patients using Artificial Intelligence
Authors: Saurabh Singh, Akash Soni, Tarush Shenoy, Taruna Tiwari

Total Phosphorus, Phytate Phosphorus Contents and the Correlation with Amylose in Selected Edible Beans in Sri Lanka
Authors: Keerthana Sivakumaran, M. A. Jagath Wansapala, H. M. Theja Herath

Blood Supply of Female Reproductive System of Tytoalba (Barn Owl)
Authors: Sura Abdul Munaff, Abed Hasan Baraj

Acute Vestibular Syndrome as Manifestation of an Acute Attack Chronic Tophaceous Gouty Arthritis in Obese Man: A Case Report and Literature Review
Authors: Made Edwin Sridana, Ni Wayan Kertiasih, I Komang Arimbawa

Effect of the Livelihood System on the Use of Space on Settlement House Village
Authors: Zuraida, Muhammad Faqih, Arina Hayati

Influence of Resources for Girls on Girls? Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education Performance in Mixed Day Secondary Schools in Nzambani Sub County
Authors: Cecilia N. Mutia, Dr. Gathumbi A. Mungai, Dr. Rose Mwanza

Epidemiological Profile of ICU Mortality at the Lubumbashi University Teaching Hospital, Democratic Republic of the Congo
Authors: Manika Muteya M, Kakoma Sakatolo ZJB, Kakisingi Ngama MC, Kabamba Nzaji M, Mukuku Kabiriko O, Mundongo Tshamba H, Matanda Kapend S, Mukeng Kaut C, Kabey a Kabey AW, Kapend a Kalal L, Kilembe Manzanaza A

Portfolio Selection, Funds Allocation Strategy and Financial Performance of Deposit Taking Saccos in South Rift Region (Kenya)
Authors: John C. Ngeno, G, Kingoriah

Herbal Medicine - A Review Article
Authors: Narinder Kumar, Pankaj Chibber, Surjeet Singh, Sumer Singh, GD Singh

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