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Evolution towards Six Stroke Engine

Vishal Pal

Abstract: In the generation high speed, high performance and efficient engine, there is necessity to increase thermal efficiency of engine which is the most difficult technique in engine. Modern four stroke IC engine is adopted widely due to its excellent power to weight ratio and reliability whereas, they have very low thermal efficiency as large amount of energy is lost through exhaust and cooling of engine, also less torque is generated and pollution is more. Six stroke engine is similar to IC engine but has high thermal efficiency and better scavenging, also have increased efficiency by 40 % and reduction in pollution because of adaptability of multi-fuel. Six stroke engine have additional power stroke hence twice power is generated in comparison to 4 stroke engine and difference in 4 & Six stroke engine is of the thermodynamic cycle modified cylinder head with 2 supplementary chambers. As the time passes availability of the crude oil will decrease so, Automotive industry might soon be revolutionized by new Six stroke engine as it is highly fuel efficient, less polluting and would increase world economy. This paper discusses the concepts, features, changes need to be made in crankshaft for six stroke engine and comparative discussion is done.

Keywords: Six stroke engine