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Multi-Sensor Home Security System

Abhinav Chamola, Noopur Divecha

Abstract: In this project, we have made an attempt to deal with problems like trespassing, gas leaks, and fires. Multi-sensor Home Security System is a system that gives a warning to the user if any of the above threats occur. The project uses three sensors, IR proximity sensor, Gas/Smoke detector and Glass Break detector. IR proximity sensor is used to detect trespassing through the door. Gas/smoke detector detects both gas leakage and presence of smoke (fire). Glass break sensor is attached to the glass windows. It detects violent vibrations in the glass. When either of these sensors detects the respective hazard, it gives an high output to the microcontroller. The microcontroller is programmed to detect which of the sensor is activated. It then displays the name of the activated sensor (s) and the said possible hazard (s). It also activates the buzzer alarm to alert the user.

Keywords: Multisensor, Home Security System, IR proximity sensor Gas/Smoke detector and Glass Break detector