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Recently Published: The Implementation of Maritime Curriculum in Indonesia          ||          The Invention of Dark Matter and Authentic Galactic Star Dynamics          ||          Disaster Recovery - Foundation Pillars          ||          Evaluation of Methodology and Comparative Study between Micro Typing System Gel Card and Conventional Tube Techniques for Cross Matching in a Tertiary Care Centre          ||          De-fluoridation by Mangrove Microbe          ||          Pharmacognostic Estimation of Powder and Microscopic Analysis of Leaves Stem of Vitex Castofolia          ||          Bioremediation of Lead by a Halophilic Bacteria Bacillus pumilus Isolated from the Mangrove Regions of Karnataka          ||          Application of ABC-VED Matrix Analysis to Control the Inventory of a Central Pharmacy in a Public Hospital: A Case Study          ||          Structural Study of Acetylene Thin Films Absorbed on Exfoliated Graphite (0001)          ||          Relationship between the Committee Service and Competency of Learning Management in Education and Effectiveness of Technical Substantive Technical Publication in Scientific Publication in Education and Training Center for Technical Education and Religion          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Water Quality Assessment of Polachira Wetland Ecosystem in Kerala          ||          Groundwater Modelling using Visual MODFLOW in the Last Two Decades in India: A Review          ||          Pelvic Exenteration Surgery: Experience of a Tertiary Cancer Institution in South India          ||          Automatic Water Level Controller          ||          Management of Oral and Maxillofacial Soft Tissue Injuries: Serial Case          ||          Surgical Correction of Cleft Lip Accompanied with Macrostomia: Case Report          ||          A Study of Clinical Profile of Deviated Nasal Septum and to Determine the Efficacy of Surgery          ||          A Study of Clinical Profile of Deviated Nasal Septum and to Determine the Efficacy of Surgery          ||          Teaching Metric Relations in a Triangle through WhatsApp, A Case Study of Students in Grade 12, Section General Sciences, in a Public School in Beirut          ||          Improving Reading Skill of Freshman Students at the English Department of Kabul University          ||          Development of Edugame Mathematics Learning Media with Innovative Expository Methods in Ar Raudah Bandar Lampung Elementary School          ||          The Implementation of Maritime Curriculum in Indonesia          ||          Improvement of Conversion Efficiency and Enhancement in Output Power of Solar Panel          ||          Design and Analysis of Solar Panel with Tilting Arrangement          ||          Study of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) in Solar Panels          ||          Legal Protection of Medical Records as Evidence Tool in Law Enforcement Process          ||          Legal Aspects of Aoutonomousindonesia Medical Discipline Honorary Council in the Completion of Medical Disputes          ||          Juridical Analysis of Telemedic Legality in Medical Services Using Technology          ||          Air Quality Prediction Modelling and its Validation in the Near Field of Urban Roadway of Delhi, India          ||          Education and Comparative Literature: The Renewal of the Feminine Paradigm in Literature and in Cinema: The Case of the Film Brave          ||         

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A Qualitative Study to Assess Nurses' Concern Regarding Impacting Factors on Clean & Healthy Practice in a Tertiary Level Hospital UP, India
Authors: Maj Sivapriya, Lt Col Rekha Bhattacharya

Psychosocial Problems in Women with Gynaecological Cancer - A Cross Sectional Survey
Authors: Ajitha Kumari T Y

Analytical Model of Olfactory Sensory Information in Robot Odor Source Localization
Authors: Zhou Jie-Yong, Xie Jia-Jia

Estimating the Optimal Design of a Hybrid Renewable Energy System in Basrah City
Authors: Abbas Hafiz Abbas, Abdul Baqi Khalaf Ali, Mustafa Jawad Kadhim

A Comparative Study of Nutritional Status of Economically Independent and Economically Dependent Urban Women in Lucknow City
Authors: Monika Agarwal, Chhavi Pant, J. V. Singh

Isolation of Vibrio Species on TSA Media and Comparision of Growth Percentage of Vibrio Species in Sea Water, Pond Water, Tap Water, Ground Water and River Water Samples
Authors: Pushpinder Paul, Dr. Pawan Kumar, Dr. Uma Shankar

An Algorithm for Full Coverage and Real Time Traffic Density Calculation on Roads
Authors: Juma Joram Mashenene, Xuewen Ding, Said Kassim Katungunya

A Comprehensive Survey on OCR Techniques for Kannada Script
Authors: Chandrakala H T, Dr. Thippeswamy G

Prevalence of Anemia & Hypertension their Impact in Elderly People
Authors: Maranaj Marku, Kiri Zallari

Estimation of Placental Thickness in Pregnant Sudanese Women
Authors: Muna Ali, A. H. A. Bakry, Asma Elamin, Shazaly N. Khojaly, Mohamed Yousef, Doha Abdo M. Abdo, Auis Bashir

Larvicidal and Synergistic Activities of Crude Leaf Extracts of Pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum), Eucalyptus camaldulensis Sm. (Myrtaceae) and Nicotiana tabaccum (Tobacco) against the Larvae of the Malaria Vector Anopheles gambiae s.s. Giles (Diptera: Culicidae)
Authors: Glenn O. Araka, Prof. John Ochora, Prof. Johnstone Wakhisi, Dr. Festus Tolo, Prof. B.O. Khwa-Otsyula

Solving Higher Order Linear System of Time-Varying Fuzzy Differential Equations Using Generalized STWS Technique
Authors: A. Emimal Kanaga Pushpam, P. Anandhan

Face Detection System Based on Viola - Jones Algorithm
Authors: Mehul K Dabhi, Bhavna K Pancholi

Performance of Reclaimed Asphalt Pavement (RAP) as a Replacement of Fine Aggregate in Concrete
Authors: Sani Mohammed Bida, MuktarNuhu Danraka, Jiya Mohammed Ma

Variation of Elements in Shirala Tahsil of Black Soil by Using Spent Wash
Authors: Dr. A. B. Patil

Segmentation of Text from Degraded Document Images by Local Threshold Method
Authors: D. Dharani, D. Saraswathi

Fairness and Incentive Contracting Based on the Performance Budget: Testing Experiment on Referent Cognition Theory
Authors: Suharli Manoma

Synchronization of Quadratically Damped Mathieu - Duffing Based Chaotic Circuits with Applications to Secure Communications
Authors: Udayprakash Raghunath Singh, Ghanshyam Purohit

GIS and Remote Sensing in Urban Development Planning: Issues and Challenges of Developing World
Authors: Dr. Akhilendra Nath Tiwary

Analysis of Different Power Efficient Flip-Flops
Authors: Savita Pandey, Padmini Sahu

Assessment of Agriculture Drought in Uthangarai Taluk, Krishnagiri District Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques
Authors: Senthil Kumar .C, Purushothaman .B .M

Radon Exhalation Rates and Radium Estimation Studies in Soil Samples Collected from Various Locations in the Environment of Shahjahanpur District of Uttar Pradesh, India
Authors: M. S. A. Khan

Micro Climate Monitoring-Web Application using Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Ramesh G, Nivedha R

Hibernation of Private Processes
Authors: Rakhi Bhardwaj, Delwin John, Nikhil Shinde, Mehak Daftari, Vrushali Deshpande

Effects of Pruning and Plant Spacing on the Growth and Yield of Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus L.) in Unwana-Afikpo
Authors: Oga I. O., Umekwe P. N.

Privacy Conservation and Public Inspection for Secure Cloud Storage
Authors: Sahar Jasim Hussein, Hemant Mahajan

Filter Intolerable Posts from OSN User Walls
Authors: Zahraa Modher Nabat, Hemant Mahajan

Male Circumcision in Our Society - A Paradigm Shift
Authors: Duncan D Mugala, Stephen Mhango, Chomba Sikasote

Article Summarizer
Authors: Aditya Gaikwad, Akshay Bhange, Atul Dalvi, Amit Nerurkar

Load Balanced Algorithm for Location Based Routing Around Dead Nodes in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Battula Santhi Pavani

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Training Programme on Knowledge Regarding Quality Concepts among Nursing Officers at Base Hospital, Kalmunai(North),Sri lanka
Authors: Dr. R. Muraleeeswaran, Dr. M. Thenuka

Optimization of Fuzzy Portfolio Considering Stock Returns and Downside Risk
Authors: Indah Simamora, Rahayu Sashanti

Effect of Stocking Density and Light Intensity on Feed Efficiency of Caged Broilers
Authors: Sujeet Kumar Yadav, Ramesh Pandey, Neeraj

Secure Healthcare for Patients Using Cloud Computing
Authors: Rujuta Kambli, Ravi Yadav, Tejas Shetye, Suraj Nikam

Tectono-Geomorphic Features around Jaisalmer (Rajasthan)
Authors: Pankaj Sharma, Kishan Vaishnav, Harsh Bhu

Green Mediated Synthesis and Characterization of ZnO Using Euphorbia Milli Latex as Fuel
Authors: Geetha .M .S, Nagabhushana .H, Shivananjaiah .H .N

Freshwater Fungal Richness, Their Assessment and Impact on Human Welfare: A Review
Authors: Haninder Maini, Arjun Shukla

A Study on Optimizing the Efficiency of Location Aided Protocol
Authors: Priyanka Kehar, Nidhi Verma

Performance Improvement of Context Identification for Human Computer Interaction
Authors: Priti Saktel, Minal Domke, Lekhraj Vilhekar

Visual Tracking of Traffic Signals to Aid the Color-Blind Using Image Processing
Authors: Ravi Shankar, Krishna Peri

Formulation and In-Vitro Evaluation of Raft Forming Chewable Tablets of Ranitidine Hydrochloride
Authors: Hemali Soni, Dr. V. A. Patel

A Survey and Comparison of Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Image Classification and Their Applications
Authors: Vishal .T .V, Srinidhi .S, Srividhya .S, Sri Vishnu Kumar .K, Swathika R

A Study of Work Stress and Health-Promoting Lifestyles among Health Care Workers at Base Hospital Kalmunai (North) in Sri Lanka
Authors: Dr. R. Muraleeeswaran, Dr. M. Thenuka

Prediction of Tele-Tsunami from Canary Island on the West African Coastal Region
Authors: Eze C. L.

The Impact of Weblog on ESl Student
Authors: Mansoureh Saeidpoor Sarcheshmeh, Radhakrishnan Nair

A Noble Technique for Digital Image Watermarking Authentication Using Fuzzy Mean Clustering
Authors: Rohit Singh, Pancholi Bhavna K.

Study on Wood Cutter Safety System
Authors: Omprakash Sonkar, Tilak Ram Sahu, Harsh Jain

Impact of Anthropogenic Air Pollutants on Soil Nutrients in Bengaluru
Authors: Kiran Kumar S J, Sharu Raj K. M, Deepalakshmi A. P.

Quantitative Analysis of Bismuth (III) Ion by Coupling Turbidy Method with Cloud Point Extraction Mode
Authors: Dr. Ahmed Fadhil Khudhair, Shaymaa Ibrahim Saeed

Comparison of Knee Proprioception during the Three Trimesters of Pregnancy
Authors: Dr Deepa Abichandani, Dr Vanshika Gupta

A Review on Thinning in Digital Image Processing
Authors: Preeti Bansal, Balwinder Kaur

Survey on Resource Allocation Technique in Cloud
Authors: Ishita Patel, Brona Shah

Tobacco Consumption patterns in Labourers of Ahmedabad
Authors: Mamta Arvindbhai Patel, Dr. C. D. Bhavsar

Present Position of Agriculture in India
Authors: B P Sharma

Painleve Analysis, Backlund and Cole-Hopf Transformations of the (2+1) and (3+1)-dimensional Burgers Equations
Authors: T. Shanmuga Priya, B. Mayil Vaganan

Prevalence of Postpartum Depression and Risk Factors in Woman who did Delivery in University Clinical Center of Kosovo Clinic of Gynecology and Obstetric
Authors: Bujar Obertinca, Afrim Dangellia, Myrvete Pacarada, Albiona Beselica Beha, Florim Gallopeni, Nazmie Ibishi

Activated Sludge: Decolorization and Degradation of Textile Dye Reactive Orange HE2R
Authors: Pratibha S. Patil

Identification of Contact Lens Types for Refractive Errors Using Iterative Dicotomiser3 (ID3) Algorithm
Authors: S. Sumitra, Dr. Ananthi Sheshasaayee

Application of Data Mining in Health Care
Authors: S. L. Nalawade, Dr. R.V. Kulkarni

Reservations are Restrictions of Present India
Authors: Naveed Naseem

The Effect of Levels of Gondila Date Fruit on Quality of Carbonated Gassy Beverages
Authors: Zeinab Osman Onsa, Kamal Awad Abdel Razig

Antimicrobial Activity of Petroleum Ether, Ethylacetatate and Methanolic Fraction of Five Sudanese Medicinal Plant
Authors: Bader Omer Burham

Performance and Emission Characteristics of Four Stroke Diesel Engine with Neem and Cotton Seed Biodiesel blended with Diesel
Authors: R. Ramachandra, V. Pandurangadu, K. Ashok Kumar Raju

Perioperative Cardiac Outcome and its Predictors in Patients Undergoing Non-Cardiac Surgery in a Tertiary Care Hospital in South India - A Prospective Study
Authors: S Carbin Joseph, C Danny Darlington, G Fatima Shirly Anitha

ICT - An Enrichment Tool for Cognitively Disabled
Authors: Richa Dubey, Subhash Misra

The HIFU Technology during the Therapy of Uterine Myoma - First Attempts in Bulgaria
Authors: ?ameliya Tsvetanova, Ivan Malkodanski, Grigor Gorchev

Experimental Study of Diesel Engine Using Exhaust Gas Recirculation
Authors: Savan D. Patel, Bhavesh D. Patel, Kevin B. Patel, Sagar A. Patel, Mayank Sompura

The Ethics of Sustainability - A Debatable Outline for the Security of Man and Nature
Authors: Rabin Das, Ramu Guchhait

Meta-Comprehension according to Academic Achievement of Fifth Secondary School Talented Students
Authors: Dr. Fadhil Muhsin Al-Mayali, Zaman Shuail Al-Sultany

Computer Modelling and Analysis of Polymer Composite Concrete Septic Tank
Authors: Raji .S .A, Ako T., Ogbonna C. A., Popoola .O .H

Characterization of Bacteria Found in Soft-Drink through Biochemical Analysis and 16s rDNA PCR
Authors: Ashutosh Kumar Mishra, Pushpasingh, Himani Chugh, Brijesh Lohchania, Monica Srivastava

Spatio-Temporal Dynamics of Urban Expansion of Cochin City Region in GIS based on Buffer Gradient Analysis
Authors: Jayalakshmy S. S., Mereena C. S.

Activity Patterns of Cell Free Supernatant of Antagonistic Microbial Strains in Rodents Host-Parasite Systems
Authors: Sushil K. Upadhyay

Clustering Algorithm Based on Local Random Walkwith Distance Measure
Authors: Gang Dai, Baomin Xu

Application of GIS and Remote Sensing Technologies in Solid Waste Management: A Case Study of Nyahururu Municipality
Authors: Duncan Maina Kimwatu, Martin Gitonga Ndiritu

To Determine Stability Constants and Thermodynamic Properties of Complexation of Ibuprofen with Co2+ and Zn2+ PH Metrically
Authors: G. D. Rawate

Compressive Strength of Concrete by Replacing Cement with Silicafume for M20 Grade
Authors: Ratod Vinod Kumar, Koudagani Venkatesh

Traffic Impact Study at the Existing Road Connecting between Botanical Garden of Gachibowli Miyapur Road and Ends at Prof C.R. Road, Hyderabad-Telangana
Authors: Koudagani Venkatesh, Ratod Vinod Kumar

Blood Retention Pattern of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Guinea-Pigs Treated with Crude Oil
Authors: Gogo Appolus Obediah, Ibiba Felix Oruambo

To Study Effectiveness & Impact of Doctor-Patient Communication in Healthcare Service-Delivery at Super-Specialty Hospital in Amritsar
Authors: Prabhjot Kaur Dilawari

Impact of Major Crops on GDP (Pakistan Case)
Authors: Ashiq Hussain, Muhammad Ajmair

Strategic Management is Essential for Organisational Growth: A Case Study of Havells
Authors: Garima Choubey, Dr. Ashish Mishra

Simulation of 4K UHDTV via Satellite Link
Authors: Neel Rohit

A Review on Green ICT Solutions for CO2 Emissions
Authors: Neethu Lukose

Principal Components Analysis the Biochemical Compounds Extracted from Dates Using Three Mixture Design and Identification by GC-MS
Authors: Taffaha. A. Arhouma, M. S. Hassan

Performance Characteristics of African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus) Fed Chicken Intestine
Authors: Olaniyi C. O., Amusan A. O.

Performance Evaluation of Methanol Blend Fuel in SI Engine
Authors: Gohil Bhavdipsinh J, GohilVirpalsinh B, Rana Manan A, Gandhi Pinkesh, Mayank Sompura

Simple and Eco-friendly Method for Synthesis of 3,4-dihydropyrimidin-2(1H) ones / thiones by Sodium Hydrogen Sulfate as Novel and Replicable Heterogeneous Catalyst
Authors: Pervaz Ganie, Arpan Bhardewaj

Review on Multichannel HR-NMF Modeling for Non-Stationary Signals
Authors: Ashwini V.Nandurkar, Shrikant J. Honade

A Study of Chemical Composition of Some Leafy Vegetables of Fatehpur District
Authors: Dr. Mahendra Kishore Bhatnagar, Mohammad Azhar

Fuzzy Logic Controller Design for Switched Reluctance Motor
Authors: Vikramarajan Jambulingam

An Overview on Decision Making Under Risk and Uncertainty
Authors: Manjushree Kurhade, Rahul Wankhade

Effect of Pain and Hip Muscle Strength and Flexibility on Functional Status of Females with Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
Authors: Hira Jabeen, Muhammad Salman Bashir, Sarah Ehsan

High Performance Hardware Realization of Advanced Encryption Standard
Authors: Kamal Prakash Pandey, Rakesh Kumar Singh

A Review on Home Automation using Augmented Reality
Authors: Pranav Bedekar, Snehal Nargundi

Effectiveness of Psychoeducation Programme on Knowledge of Schizophrenia among Caregivers of the Patients with Schizophrenia, Admitted in Selected Hospital Chennai
Authors: V. Hemavathy, Rengila .S

Rapid Identification and Susceptibility Testing of Candida Species, from Urine by MALDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry and VITEK 2
Authors: Soha Abdallah Moursi

On Quasi-Normal and Quasi-Regular Spaces in Hereditary Generalized Topological Spaces
Authors: M. Vigneshwaran, K. Baby

Effectiveness of Validation Therapy on Level of Cognition among Old Age in Selected Old Age Home, Chennai
Authors: V. Hemavathy, K. Muthamizh Selvan

Knowledge Regarding Management of Selected Medical Emergencies among Registered Nurses: A Cross-Sectional Survey
Authors: Sreelakshmy .U .R, Haseena T. A.

Status of the Ulhas River with Reference to Water Pollution at Badlapur City, Dist. Thane
Authors: Yogesh Patil, Dr. Sopan Ingle

Implementation of E- Learning Using Digital Video Broadcasting-Return Channel Via Satellite (DVB-RCS) in Ghana
Authors: Bernard Adjei-Frimpong, Kinsley Akom, Kwadwo Ntiamoah-Sarpong

The Impact of Mobile Telecommunication Companies Price War on Consumer Purchasing Behaviour in Ghana
Authors: Benjamin Tawia Ansu, Emmanuel Kwarteng

In-vitro Seeding of Bladder Smooth Muscle Cells onto Bladder Acellular Matrix as Cell Delivery Vehicle in Tissue Engineering
Authors: Rukmani Dewangan, A. K. Sharma2, Naveen Kumar

Mapping of Crop Growing Soils in Kannur Micro Watershed Kollegal Taluk, Chamarajnagar District, Karnataka
Authors: Ravindra Naik M., Anilkumar K. S.

State-wise Malnutrition Analysis in India: Findings from NFHS III
Authors: Ashima Gupta

Rowing Injuries and Related Factors in Competitive Rowing
Authors: Dilani Perera, Anoja Ariyasinghe

Histopathological Effects of Enterotoxigenic Klebsiella variicola and Enterobacter Species Isolated from Iko River- Nigeria
Authors: Mmuoegbulam O. A., Prof. S. P. Antai, Dr. E. B. E. Asikong

Merrf Syndrome and Refractory Status Epilepticus
Authors: Ilirjana Bakalli, Vahe Mokini

Design Requirements for Multilingual Hadith Corpus
Authors: Samah Mohamed Osman Hassan, Dr. Eric Atwell

Occurrence of Blue Green Algae from Maize Fieldsof Mohol Tahasil in Solapur
Authors: Seema Khadatare, D. S. Suryawanshi

Effectiveness of Audio-Visual Learning Package on Knowledge Regarding Gastro Intestinal Tract Assessment Among Under Graduate Student Nurses
Authors: Nissy Grace John, Tukaram B. Zagade

Simulation of Knowledge Transfer Based on Complex Network
Authors: Hailian Liu, Shizhong Ai

The Effectiveness of Phototherapy with Low Cost White Curtains versus Routine Phototherapy among Newborns Admitted with Neonatal Jaundice
Authors: Simi Elsa Philip, Rajashri B. Karale

Effectiveness of Magnesium Sulphate Crystal Fomentation versus Glycerine Magnesium Sulphate Paste Application for Phlebitis among Children Receiving Peripheral Infusion in Krishna Hospital, Karad
Authors: Shalumol C George, Dr. Sunita H Tata

The Epistemology of Maqbul Hadith by Al-Ghazaly
Authors: Dr. Jamaludin MA

A Study on Safety Audit Management System in Kuwait
Authors: Sophiya Sunny Pulickal, Blessy B., Pratab Reddy

A New Parallel VLSI Architecture in Real Time by using Microcontroller
Authors: K. V. Vinetha, S. Thirumala Devi

Synthesis and Characterization of New 1, 3, 4-Thiadiazoles Substituted with Imidazolidine Moiety
Authors: Qasim Mehdi Ismael, Faez Abdul-Hussien Alrammahi, Zeid Hassan Abood

Asymptotic Behavior of Solution of a Periodic Mutualistic System
Authors: Mohamed Ahmed Abdallah

An Assessment of Students
Authors: Ashenafi Yimam

Survey on
Authors: Nichal Vikas R., Mane Vikram A

A Study of Ocular Changes Occurring in Blood Dyscrasias
Authors: Sudhanshu Abhay Banka, Kaberee Bhuyan Medhi

Human Amniotic Membrane: Hope in Periodontal Regeneration
Authors: Dr. Megha Phogat Rana, Dr. Nidhi Mehrotra

The Theory of Planned Behavior and Parental Involvement: A Theoretical Framework for Narrowing the Achievement Gaps
Authors: Yazan Alghazo, Ph.D

Spectroscopic Investigation on the Interaction between 4-Amino Salicylic Acid (PAS) with Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA)
Authors: Mamali Priyadarshinee, Bairagi C. Mallick

Optimization of Inspection Process for Quality Assurance
Authors: Parth Khandekar, Aspi Dadina

Textile Capacitive Sensor Arrays with Hidden Markove Model and Dynamic Time Warping
Authors: Shubhangi S. Marudkar, Dr. Prashant R. Deshmukh

Comparative Analysis of Enzymatic and Antioxidant Properties in Two Varieties of Clitoria ternatea
Authors: Moni Nishad, Yashodhara Verma

Evaluation of Hyperbilirubinemia as a New Diagnostic Marker for Acute Appendicitis and its Role in the Prediction of Appendicular Perforation
Authors: Dr. A. Y. Kshirsagar, Dr. Madhavendra Varadraj Kabra

Updates on Glucose 6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD): From Prokaryotes to Human
Authors: Arolasafe Gbemisola J., Ibraheem Omodele, Otohinoyi David A., Jeje Temitope O.

A Survey of Ontologies on Disease Classification
Authors: Sowkarthikaa .K, Sumathi V. P.

Free Vibration Analysis of Cantilever Beam of Different Materials
Authors: Nirmall .T, Dr. Vimala .S

Solid Pseudo-Papillary Neoplasm of the Pancreas (SPN): A Single Institution Annual Report
Authors: Dr. Arjun Athmaram, Dr. Basila Ameer Ali, Dr. Harishchandra B

Hot Copper Plate Assisted Synthesis of ZnO Nanoflakes by Cost Effective Modified Spray Pyrolysis Method and its Structural, Morphological & Optical Studies
Authors: D. Saravanakkumar, S. Sivaranjani, T. Velammal, S. Pandiarajan, A. Ayeshamariam

Psychosocial Determinants of Family Planning in Tigrai National Regional State, Ethiopia
Authors: Teklebrhan Berhe

Caudal Regression Syndrome: A Journey from Sweet to Sour: A Unique Complication of Maternal Diabetes Mellitus: A Case Report of a Still Born Fetus
Authors: Dodampahala S. H., Dodampahala S. K., Rahubaddha A. N.

Assessment of Antioxidant Enzymes and Cortisol Levels among HIV Patients on HAART
Authors: Brown Holy, Elechi-Amadi, Kemzi Nosike

Investigation the Performance of Cross Flow Heat Exchanger
Authors: Dr. Sadiq Elias Abdullah

Vision Threatening in Diabetes Mellitus: A Clinico - Social Study
Authors: Dr. Sthita P Mohanty, Dr. S K Sahu

Multilevel Channel Conflicts with Robust Addressing Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Authors: Shweta A Mane, Sanjay S Pawar

Waste Coconut Shell as a Partial Replacement of Coarse Aggregate in Concrete Mix - An Experimental Study
Authors: Yogesh Narayan Sonawane, Chetan Jaiprakash Chitte

A Comparative Study of Retinal Image Processing Technique for Blood Vessel Segmentation
Authors: Shreyasi Hazra, Atashi Patra, Tuhin Utsab Paul

Application of Remote Sensing Tools for Land Resource Inventory of Kannur Micro Watershed Kollegal Taluk, Chamarajnagar District, Karnataka, India
Authors: Ravindra Naik M., Anilkumar K. S.

Drugs as Corrosion Inhibitors: A Review
Authors: R. K. Pathak, Pratiksha Mishra

Urban Planning Analyses of Refugee Camps, Jabalia as Case Study-Gaza Strip, Palestine
Authors: Dr. Usama Ibrahim Badawy, Dr. Raed A.Salha, Dr. Muain Qasem Jawabrah, Amjad Jarada, Mohammed A.EL Hawajri

A Typical Presentation of Tuberculous Pericarditis: Case Report
Authors: Faris Alhejaili MD FRCPC

Non-Surgical Periodontal Therapy: An Aspect Frequently Overlooked
Authors: Amit Mani, P. P. Marawar, Raju Anarthe, Rosiline James

The Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding ICDS Programme among Mothers of under Five Children
Authors: Kavita Betageri, Sunita Tata

A Study of Short Term Outcome of Management of Locally Advanced Breast Cancer
Authors: Dr. S. J. Bhosale, Dr. Shruti C. Panicker

CFD Analysis of Box Wing Configuration
Authors: Sahana D S, Abdul Aabid

A Review of Coleoptera Diversity of Chhattisgarh: Updated Checklist 2015
Authors: Namita Gajendra, S. K. Prasad

To evaluate the Effect and Comparison of Superoxidised Solution (Oxum) V/S Povidone Iodine (Betadine) in Healing of Wounds
Authors: Dr. H. V.Nerlekar, Dr. Nitin Nangare, Dr. Aditya Phadke, Dr. Tanmay Mehta, Dr. Amit Verma

A Study on the Application of Pro Grip Self-Fixating Mesh in Patients with Inguinal Hernia Operated by the Lichtenstein Method
Authors: Dr Gordana Bozinovska Beaka

A Survey on Anonymous User Authentication using Decentralized Key Distribution Architecture
Authors: Purva Chavan, Prof. B. P. Vasgi

Efficay of Plant Extracts and Vermiwash on Dynamics of Thrips Population and Yield of Chillies
Authors: S. Sendur Kumaran

The Corrosion Inhibition of Mild Steel in Acid Solutions media by Adsorption of Leaves of Morus nigra L. from Libya
Authors: Ali Ramadan Alkais, Salem Mohamed Edrah

Time Variance Constant Gain Dual Extended Kalman Filter Approach to Track Maneuvering Targets
Authors: Shweta Shakya

Perceived Sources and Coping Mechanisms of Stress among Undergraduate Dental Students in Aden University
Authors: Liza Alhamadi, Ahmed Mohamed, Ashraf Wahdan, Ahlam Hibatulla

Radiographic Assessment of the Change in the Maxillarysinus Mucosa in Proximity to Periodontally Involved Teeth
Authors: Tihomir Georgiev, Krasimira Prodanova, Georgi Papanchev

Mobile Programming in Windows Phone and Android Applications and the differences between them
Authors: Dr. Abdualmajed Ahmed GhalebAl-Khulaidi (Ph.D)

Study of Performance Characteristics of Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Using Water Emulsified Diesel as Fuel
Authors: Deepak Dinesh Prasad

Frequencies of the Buddhist Meditative Chant
Authors: Contzen Pereira

Compliance of Anti-Retroviral Therapy among 250 HIV Infected Persons in a Tertiary Level Hospital in India
Authors: K. Raadhika, R. Navajothi, Sabari Raj

Post Mining Area Development; Eco Development Concept Approach
Authors: Rustam Hakim Manan, Quintarina Uniaty

Extractive Spectrophotometric Determination of Ruthenium (III) Using 2-(5- Bromo-2-Oxoindolin-3-Ylidene) Hydrazine Carbothioamide as an Analytical Reagent
Authors: Parinita Madan, Vasant Barhate

Flood Study of Wainganga River in Maharashtra Using GIS & Remote Sensing Techniques
Authors: Ravindra S. Bhagat, Dr. Devendra K. Bisen

Frequency of Bruxism among School Children in Tirana City
Authors: Alketa Qafmolla, Ruzhdie Qafmolla

Larvicidal and Antagonistic Activities of Crude Leaf Extracts of Pyrethrum (Chrisanthemam: Compositae), Eucalyptus camaldulensis Sm. Myrtaceae, and Nicotiana tabaccum (Tobacco L.) (Solanaceae) Against Third Instar Larvae of the Malaria Vector, Anopheles gambiae s.s. Giles (Diptera: Culicidae
Authors: Glenn O. Araka (Msc, Lead Researcher), John Ochora (PhD), Johnstone Wakhisi (PhD), Dr. Festus Tolo (PhD), B.O. Khwa-Otsyula

Comparison of Anthropometric and Body Composition Characteristics in Children and Adolescents of Asian Indian Origin: Santiniketan Maturity Study
Authors: Arnab Ghosh

Sonographic Measurement of Fetal Kidney Length as Parameter for Fetal Weight Estimation for Sudanese Population
Authors: Nagla Khalid, Bushra Ahmed, Moawia Gameraddin, Mohamed Yousef

The Role of Agricultural Extension Media to Increase Knowledge of Corn Farmers in Tidore Islands District of North Maluku, Indonesia
Authors: Rukiaty Usman

A Survey of Protocols Enhancing the Security and Performance of AODV
Authors: Mahima Sharma, Ankita Singh

Sentiment Classification using Machine Learning Techniques
Authors: Suchita V Wawre, Sachin N Deshmukh

An Extraaxial Cerebello-Pontine Angle Medulloblastoma in a 56 Year Old Male
Authors: Dr. Meghana Chougule, Dr. Santosh Prabhu

Neural Network for Kidney Stone Detection
Authors: Sneha A Mane, S R Chougule

Extent of Formalin and Cane Sugar Adulteration and its Impact on Physicochemical Attributes of Milk Sold at Hyderabad and its Outskirts
Authors: Nida Shaikh, Asadullah Marri, Barkatullah Qureshi, Mubeena Pathan, Velo Suthar, Naeem Ahmed Qureshi, Bhai Khan Solangi

Clinical Study of Secondary Intraocular Lens Implantation
Authors: Dr. Kshitija Panditrao, Dr. R. R. Naik

Tax Harmonization in the EU versus Canons of Taxation
Authors: Jolanta Iwin-Garzynska

Baseline Study of Surface Water Chemistry of Badagry Creek, Lagos Nigeria
Authors: Aderinola O.J, Adu A.A, Kusemiju V

Impact of Work Environment on Performance of Employees in Manufacturing Sector in India: Literature Review
Authors: Christopher Mathews, I. K. Khann

The Analysis of Online Medical Community Knowledge Sharing
Authors: Fan Xiaoniu

Assessment of Selected Trace Elements in Fruits and Vegetables Cultivated Around Mojo, Meki and Zeway Irrigation Farms, Ethiopia
Authors: Aschalew Tadesse Marga

Voltage Boosting and Restitution of Voltage Sag by making use of DVR
Authors: Divya Anwekar, Amit Gupta

Integrated and Intelligent Safety and Security System for Digital Red Light Offenders and Automatic Ambulance Rescue System Using GSM Technology
Authors: Bhawna Rai, Vivek Chawla

Rank-Based Routing under Blind Information for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
Authors: Priya Thomas, Subbaroyan V

Study of Optical Properties of (PMMA-CuO) Nanocomposites
Authors: Bahaa H. Rabee, Bairaq Abd Al-Kareem

Fingerprint Compression using Singular Value Decomposition
Authors: Kiran B. Khedkar, Prof. A. S. Deshpande

LDA Feature Selection for Satellite Image Fusion in HAAR Wavelet
Authors: Anfal Hazim Abdullah, Dr. E. Sreenivasa Reddy

Controlling of Solar Photovoltaic Inverters in Different Modes
Authors: Muna Hameed Khalaf, Ch. Punya Sekhar

Intuitionistic Fuzzy Almost Continuity and Weakly Continuity
Authors: M. Shrivastava, Jyoti Gupta

Influence of Investment Decisions on the Financial Performance of SACCOS: A Survey of Registered SACCOS in Baringo County
Authors: Rotich David Kipkorir, Barbara M. Namiinda, Doreen Njeje

Study of Histopathology of the Tumour like Lesions and Tumours of the Oral Cavity
Authors: Dr. Yasmin Khan, Dr. Shivaji D. Birare

An Analysis and Evaluation of English Writing Skills of Class Five Students at Government Primary Schools in Dhaka City
Authors: Md. Iqbal Hasan, Maruf Rahman, Abdullah Al Masum

Use of Integration Strategy on Competitive Performance of Rabbit Meat Production Firms in Kenya
Authors: Catherine Wanjiku Kimani, Barrack Okello, Juma Wagoki

Growing Epidemic of Obesity, A Challenge that Requires Environmental Modifications Obezogjenik and Lifelong Critical Elements
Authors: Elida PEKA, Dr Enver ROSHI, Jolanda ZOGA, Englantina ZOGA, Fatime ZOGA

Study of a High-risk Group of Stage 2 Colon Cancer
Authors: Dr. S. R. Kulkarni, Dr. Jigneshkumar K. Savsaviya

Power Transformer Control by Neuro Fuzzy Controller and Haar Wavelet Transform
Authors: Mohammed Faisal M. Wafeek, Ch. Punya Sekhar

Optimal Design of Hybrid Renewable Energy System for a Sustainable Energy Development of a Village in Rajasthan
Authors: Nirma Kumari Sharma, Rahul Mishra

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