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Study on Wood Cutter Safety System

Omprakash Sonkar, Tilak Ram Sahu, Harsh Jain

Abstract: The safety devices are very essential devices that should be used in industries or workshops, the danger meets with such type of accident while using wood cutter. In India commonly 15 % people yearly meet with these kind of accidents due to their common human behaviors like tiredness, laziness, sleepiness etc. So to avoid these accidents there is need of device which could be helpful to overcome these accidents. This system consists of a sensor operated disc break which is connected to the shaft of the wood cutter. It is very essential to wear the hand gloves for the sawyer. As sawyers hand comes in contact with blade cutter. sensor senses the gloves on the hand of sawyer and sends signal to the disc brake to be applied to stop the running cutter blade. So that accident can be prevented and operator can do this job safely.

Keywords: saw blade, accident, injury, sensor, disc brake