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Recently Downloaded: Production of Biopigment ?Prodigiosin? from Serratia Marcescens under Optimized Conditions          ||          Production of Biopigment ?Prodigiosin? from Serratia Marcescens under Optimized Conditions          ||          Imaging Using Digital Radiography on Fat Network Phantom for Obesity Condition Correction          ||          Circuit Training Method for Tarung Derajat Unimed Athletes          ||          Post Mining Area Development; Eco Development Concept Approach          ||          Pharmacovigilance in India: Evolution and Change in Scenario in India          ||          Review: Biomimetic Approach for Remineralization of Human Enamel          ||          Problems in Learning Mathematics: Comparison of Coral High School Students in Classes with and without Repeaters          ||          Characteristic Overview of Sociodemographic Patient with Cleft Lip and Palate in the Cleft Centre of Dental Hospital Universitas Padjadjaran, West Java Province Indonesia          ||          Effect of Fiscal Policy on Investment Growth in Rwanda          ||         

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Dynamic Routing for Data Integrity and Delay Differentiated Services in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Dr. Mohammed Abdul Waheed, Heena Khanum

Detection of Mitochondrial DNA T16189C Polymorphism
Authors: Nihad A.M. Al-Rashedi, Emad Uldeen Hateem

Firuze: A Perfect Victim of Suppressed Female Talent in Elif Shafak
Authors: Alaa Walid Malak

Umbilical Coiling Index as a Marker of Perinatal Outcome
Authors: Dr. T. Shobha, Dr. V. Sai Sharanya

Ocean-Climate Interaction of South Eastern Indian Oceanfor Tuna Fisheries & Its Socio-Economy Impacts
Authors: Widodo S. Pranowo, Anastasia R.T.D. Kuswardani, Budi Nugraha, Dian Novianto, Umi Muawanah, Hari Prihatno, Weidong Yu

Testing and Analysis of Pond Water in Raipur City, Chhattisgarh, India
Authors: Arvind Kumar Swarnakar, Dr. Shweta Choubey

The Effect of Replacement of Sorghum with Millet on Broilers Performance
Authors: Aladeen Ali Mohamed Adam, Omer Massaad Elbashier

Effects of Dietary Inclusion with 3% Camel Fat and 3% Sheep Fat on Broilers Blood Parameters and Serum Cholesterol
Authors: Badea Ali Gaffer, Mohamed Tag Eldin Ibrahim, Omer Massaad Elbashier

Effect of Chlorpyrifos on Some Biochemical Constituents in Liver and Kidney of Fresh Water Fish,Channa Gachua (F.Hamilton)
Authors: Padmini Kadam, Rajaram Patil

Cycle Index Formulas for Dn Acting on Ordered Pairs
Authors: Geoffrey Muthoka, Ireri Kamuti, Patrick Kimani, LaoHussein

On Fuzzy Weakly ?-continuous Multifunction
Authors: Saurabh Saxena

Setting New Agenda: Critical Study of Perspectives of CSR Practices in Indian Private Corporate Hospitals
Authors: Dr. Arundhati Ninawe

Excretion Pattern of Nickel and Vanadium in Guinea-Pigs Treated With Bonny Light Crude Oil
Authors: Gogo Appolus Obediah, Ibiba Felix Oruambo, Tetam Jack

A Review on Various Routing Attacks on Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Aruna Rantore, Kapil Vyas

Iron Deficiency Anemia (IDA): A Review
Authors: Sukhdeep Kaur

Phytochemicals Screening and Antioxidant Activities of Aqueos Leaves Extract of Euodia ridleyi and Colubrina asiatica
Authors: Nik Hairiah Nik Mohamad Ravi, Nor Azila Maskam, Husna Hawa Mohd Hassan, Maryana Mohamad Nor

Gastro Intestinal Bleeding Identification in Endoscopy Videos using Canny Edge Detection and Removal Algorithm
Authors: Bipin Dev S S, Sarath M, Kiran W S, Jayaram J

Comprehensive Research on Privacy Preserving Emphasizing on Distributed Clustering
Authors: Prajna M.S., Sumana M.

Data Analysis in Business Intelligence for Mathematical Prediction of Online Sale
Authors: Varsha B. Saknure, D. V. Jadhav

Kernel Density Estimation for Claim Size Distributions Using Shifted Power Transformation
Authors: K. M. Sakthivel, C. S. Rajitha

Second Hankel Determinant for Multivalent Spirallike and Convex Functions of Order Alpha
Authors: M. Elumalai, C. Selvaraj

Effects of Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Transcendental Meditation Treatment on Rifle Shooting Performance
Authors: Dr. Baljit Singh Sekhon

Fragmentation and Duplication of Data for the Best Cloud Performance and Security (FDBPS)
Authors: Prof. Jaya Kumar B L, Saranya C

Comparative Study of Conductivity based Silver Modified ZSM5 & Beta Zeolites as a LPG and CO2 Gas Sensor
Authors: A. A. Joshi, R. R. Attarde

Glass Fibre Reinforcements in Concrete
Authors: Tanveer Singh Ahuja, Abhinav Panwar

Therapeutic Efficiency of Centella Asiatica Flour Incorporated Fryums
Authors: Saranya Kulasekaran, Dr. Yamuna Devi Puraikalan

A New Satellite Image Enhancement Method using Wavelet Transformation and Morphological Filtering
Authors: Gauri Rode, V. K. Shandilya, Dr. S. A. Ladhake

Study of Nutrient Utilization from Wastewater by Algae
Authors: Tanmayee Jahagirdar, Sudevi Basu

Horse Gram Seed Germination Inhibition Profiles in Response to Antimitotic Compounds
Authors: Akshatha G. Athreya, Mrinalini Menon

Ameliorating Effect of Bee Pollen against Anti-Tuberculosis drugs (Rifampicin and Isoniazid) Induced Toxicity on Haematology of Sprague Dawley Rats
Authors: Umesh Bharti, Neelima R. Kumar, Jaspreet Kaur

E-learning Concepts, Definitions and the New Role of the Traditional Education Trilogy
Authors: Dr. Mohammed Awad Mohammed Ata Elfadiel

Design of Switched Resistor ?? ADC Using VHDL-AMS Tool
Authors: Ahmed Osman Hamaad, Mohyldin A. Abo-Elsoud, A. M. Abo-Talib

A Survey on Decision Tree Algorithms of Classification in Data Mining
Authors: Himani Sharma, Sunil Kumar

Micropropagation through Nodal Culture of an Economically Important Forest Tree Species Gmelina Arborea Roxb
Authors: M. Rambabu, D. Ujjwala, M. Rajinikanth, N. Rama Swamy

Pain and Functional Limitations in Patients with Fibromyalgia
Authors: Shahid Ishaq, Umer Maqsood, Hafiz Shehraz Arshad

Prevalence of Anemia Risk Factors in Pregnant Women
Authors: Dr. Seema Kumari, Dr. Jyoti Priya

A Comparative Study of Mental Health of Sportspersons and Non-Sportspersons of Punjab
Authors: Dr. Gurvir Singh, Lalit Mohan Tiwari

Sustainable Urban Transport System: A Case Study of Manpada Road
Authors: Naikwadi Sumaiyya R., Khare Pranay R.

QoS Support for Cross-Layer Scheduling Algorithm in Wireless Networks
Authors: K. Raghavendra Rao, Vadipina Amarnadh

Construction of Orthogonal Complex Wavelets
Authors: Qingming Zhang

Calcium Carbonate and Derived Products
Authors: N. K. Mathur, S. R. Jakhar, Rajendra Mathur

Enantioselective Extraction of Borate Complexed- Diol Racemates
Authors: R. Mathur

The Impact of Climate Change on Rice Production Center at Area of the City near the Beach in Indonesia
Authors: Joko Wiratmo, Yuyun Yuwariyah, Ruminta, Yayat Rochayat Suradinata

Studies on Length-Length Relationship of Cat Fish Mystus armatus from Aurangabad Region
Authors: Chhaya Khillare, Smita R. Sonawane

Design of Data Retrieval System for providing Live Feed of Enrollments in Universities using Data Visualization
Authors: Anish H. Narkhede

Study of Vapour Absorption System Using Various Working Fluids
Authors: Nisha Sen, Dr. O. K. Singh

A Review on Design, Simulation and Implementation of Single Phase Hybrid Active Power Filter
Authors: Chetana Praful Sangani, Yatin N Mistry, Mayur M Bhesaniya, Sharavan B Gaund, Utsav V Patel

A Virtual Instructor System for Supervising the Physical Exercises of Patients with Arthritis
Authors: Pranav Badhe, Sachin Gawate

Wireless Sensor Network Using Energy Efficient Ring Routing Protocol with Mobile Sink
Authors: Sudharson .S, Jennie Bharathi .R M E

Spotting and Segregation of Sinkhole Node in MANET
Authors: Jeeja Borkar, Vaishali Malekar

Level of Female Literacy and Its Differentials in Haryana: A Lowest Sex Ratio State of India
Authors: Ravinder Jangra, S. P. Kaushik

Blocking Misbehaving User & Activities in Social Network
Authors: Rashmi Gourkar, Garima Singh

Effect of Heavy Metals Contamination on Performance, Blood Profile of Broiler Chicks Fed Corn-Soya Meal Diet
Authors: J. O. Alagbe

Concentration of I2, Na, K, Mg and Fe2+ in Soils, Plants, Ash and Salt Samples of Selected Areas of Western Kenya
Authors: Wangila Tsikhungu Phanice, Kinyanjui Thomas, Nakhone Lenah N.

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Practice of Biomedical Waste Management among Staff Nurses at Base Hospital Kalmunai (North), Sri Lanka
Authors: Dr. R. Muraleeswaran

The Study of Maternal and Neonatal Outcome of Primary Cesarean Section at Term
Authors: Dr. T. Shobha, Dr. Jyothi

Integrated Use of Treetop Solar As an Essential Part of Outdoor Landscaping
Authors: Shubham A. Surana

Unsteady MHD Flow of a Dusty Couple Stress Fluid through a Circular Pipe
Authors: V. P. Rathod, Syeda Rasheeda Parveen

Effects of Substitution Barley By 10%, 30% of Sprouted Barley on Rumen Characters, Digestibility and Feed Efficiency in Diet of Awassi Male Lambs
Authors: M.J.AL-Saadi, Ibrahim A. H. Al-Zubiadi

In vitro Shoot Regeneration and Antioxidant Enzymes Activities of Thevetianeriifolia Juss
Authors: Siham A.A. Salim, Basheer A. Al-Alwani, Rihab E. Kadhim

Clinicoetiological Analysis of Neonatal Hyperbilirubinemia in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Tanvi Prabhu, Dr. Esha Mati, Dr. Mamata Hegde

Level of Stress and Caregiver Burden among Caregivers of Cerebral Palsy Children in Lahore City
Authors: Saba Rani, Sarah Ehsan, Hafiz Sheraz Arshad

The Pharmacy Only Visit Care Model (POV) and its Effects on the Quality of Care of HIV Patients in Uganda. A Case Study of Mulago National Referral Hospital HIV Clinic. Clients
Authors: J.C. Okiria, H. Wasswa

The Role of the Psychological Contract on Health Care Workers
Authors: S. S. Najjuma, J. C. Okiria, R. C. Nanyonga

Oil Cooler Selection for Hydraulic System of Plastic Injection Moulding Machine: A Review
Authors: Sandip Kumar Das, Kedar Bhojak

A Study on Clinical Presentation of Dengue Fever in Children
Authors: Dr. Anjali S Raj, Dr. Sucheta Munshi, Dr. Bela H Shah

Modern Conceptions about Antibiotic Levorin A and its Derivatives Action in Cell and Bilayer Lipid Membranes
Authors: Dr. Samedova Arifa Ali Hasan, Dr. Sultanova Gulnar Hadjibek

Duration and Quality of Sleep in the Severity of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Rural India
Authors: Srikanth Evuru

Common Fixed Point Theorems in Fuzzy Metric Spaces
Authors: Raghu Nandan Patel, Manoj Kumar Tiwari

The Effect of Back Massage on Breast Feeding among Neonates who
Authors: Bhagyashree Anil Jogdeo, Dr. Nilima Bhore

A Survey on Fragile Digital Watermarking
Authors: Dr. Dayanand .G Savakar, Shivanand Pujar

Formulation of Longitudinal Flexion Creases: Validation of Inheritance, Twin Diagnosis and Ethnic Variation
Authors: Anjali Pandey, A. N. Sharma

Retrofitting of Reinforced Beam-Column Joints Using Hybrid Laminates
Authors: Rajeshwaran .M, Manikandan .T

Flexural Retrofitting of RC Beams Using Extra Rebars and U-Wraps
Authors: Abilash George Varughese, T. Manikandan

Review of Fully Reused VLSI Architecture of Channel Encoding Using SOLS Technique for DSRC Applications
Authors: Supriya S. Garade, P. R. Badadapure

Designing and Performance Evaluation of IsOWC System Using Mach-Zehnder Modulator
Authors: Pooja Sharma, Sharad Mohan Shrivastava

Analysis of Effect of Addition of Lathe Scrap on the Mechanical Properties of Concrete
Authors: Poorva Haldkar, Ashwini Salunke

A Clinical Study to Evaluate Ocular Manifestations of Trauma
Authors: Dr. Hendge Ramchandra Dattatray, Dr. Jawahar J. Kuli, Dr. Rajendra N. Gogoi

Flexural Retrofitting of R.C Beam Using Hybrid Laminates
Authors: Mohamed Asick Umar .H, Manikandan .T

A Novel Way for Mining Frequent and Interesting Patterns using Genetic Algorithm
Authors: Reshu Tyagi, Muskaan Batra

Finite Element Approach to Stress Analysis for Failure Prediction of a Six DOF Hybrid Kinematic Machine for On-Site Machining
Authors: Maxwell Zvikomborero Sakutukwa, Anshul Jain

Modeling and Performance Analysis of Partial Feedback Linear Controlling Technique in Single Phase Grid Connected PV System
Authors: Tayade .S .V, Harpreet Singh, Rajeev Kr Chaturvedi, Abhishek V Gedam

A Statistical Analysis and Empirical Study of Investors Behaviour in Mutual Fund Market
Authors: Maitreya N. Acharya

A Comparative Study to Assess the Level of Leadership Behaviour and Empowerment, its Effect on Burnout among Staff Nurses from Selected Government and Private Hospitals of Pune City
Authors: Sundari Apte, Dr. T. Bhattacharjee

Ambient Energy Sources, Applications and Ambient Energy Harvesting in Cognitive Radio
Authors: Aparna Singh, Anu Shrivastava

A Case of Polypoidal Cystitis Without History of Catheterization
Authors: Dr. Ayeesha Sithika .T, Dr. Hemalatha Ganapathy

Estimation of Carbon Storage in the Tree Growth of Solapur University Campus, Maharashtra, India
Authors: Gavali R. S., Shaikh H. M. Y

Evaluating the Agricultural Science Student
Authors: Golin Rakhshanipour, Hasan Aghel

Explaining the Attitude of Graduates of Agricultural Sector (Apprentices) from South Khorasan Province than Apprenticeship Plan
Authors: Golin Rakhshanipour, Kourosh Rousta

Cost Effective Production of Penicillin and Biogas from Rotten Oranges by Microbial Fermentation Technique
Authors: Aradhana Priyadarsini, A. T. Vivek, C. Gopinathan

Integrated use of Treetop Solar as an Essential Part of Outdoor Landscaping
Authors: Shubham A. Surana

Removed on Request
Authors: Removed on Request

Nondestructive and Rapid Estimation of Leaf Chlorophyll Content of Sugarcane using a SPAD Meter
Authors: Radhamani, R., R. Kannan

Ultrasonic Analysis of Aqueous Ascorbic Acid at Temperature 303K
Authors: V. G. Dudhe, V. A. Tabhane, O. P. Chimankar

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Presenting as Splenic Infarcts
Authors: Dr. Vijaykumar Gulwe, Dr. Mahendra Wawhal, Dr. Namita Soni, Dr. Pratik Patil, Dr. Preetam Ahire, Dr. Nidhi Dahiya, Dr. Indira Kanjani

Surgical Management and Outcome of Infected Pancreatic Necrosis
Authors: Nitin Nangare, Ritvij Patankar, Basavraj Nagur

Evaluation of an Antimicrobial Potentials of Indigenous Plant Extracts Against Pathogenic Organisms
Authors: Bhusare D. U.

Kinetic and Isotherm Studies on Adsorption of Nickel (II) Ions by Brassera Oleracea as a Bioadsorbent
Authors: R. Muthuselvi, R. Vashantha

Age Estimation Using Pulp Chamber Volume of First Molars from Cone Beam Computed Tomography Images in Indian Population
Authors: Dr. Shiva Kumar .B, Dr. Deepthi. B. C., Dr. Jyothsna V. Setty

Designing an In-Silico Mimetic for Thrombopoietin Using Combinatorial Library
Authors: Vimal Kishor Singh, Ishita Goyal, Abhishek Saini, Neeraj Kumar, Manisha Kalsan, Ramesh Chandra

A Novel Design of Low Power 4:2 Compressor using Adiabatic Logic
Authors: Shaswat Singh Bhardwaj, Vishal Moyal

Biochemical Analysis of Root, Stem and Leaf of the Soyabean Seedling of 15 Days Grown in Plain and Amended Soil
Authors: Kumar Vimal, Anand Kishor

Command Transfer Protocol (CTP) For Distributed or Parallel Computation
Authors: John, Rajiv Sharma

Literature Review of Facial Skin Embellishment Using Flexible Region Aware Mask
Authors: Priyanka Mehra, A. S. Deshpande

Regenerating Code Based on Public Auditing Scheme with Security Preserving for Cloud Storage
Authors: Dr. K. Sundeep Kumar, Anupama P. V

Computer Aided Design and Analysis of Flywheel
Authors: Ashish R. Sonekar, S. G. Bahaley

A Review of Modelling of Photovolaic Solar Cell for Maximum Power Point Tracking
Authors: Ankita Pandey, Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Singh

Early-Career Women Scientists
Authors: Osuafor Abigail M., Okafor-Agbala, Chimuanya A.

Role of Recombinant Human Erythropoietin and Parenteral Iron on Autologous Blood Donation in Neurosurgical Patients
Authors: Ajayveer Singh, Vinod Kumar Srivastava, Vikash Mandhar, Ashish Kannaujia

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