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Recently Published: Neonatal Outcome of Newborns Admitted in a Tertiary Level Hospital, Nepal          ||          A Study Aimed to Assess the Knowledge of Antenatal Mothers regarding Janani Suraksha Yojana          ||          Personalized Drug Delivery System to Treat Arrhythmia          ||          Effects of Green Tea on Activity of A-Glucosidase in Vitro and Glycaemic Index of White Bread in Vivo          ||          Security Challenges and Solutions in MongoDB          ||          Serum Prolactin, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and Thyroid Hormones (FT3, FT4) Concentrations in Female Patients with Infertility: An Institutional Study          ||          Mental Health, Dynamic Psychology and Personal Management          ||          Unconscious Biases as a Result of Distinction in Political Psychology          ||          Role of Hysteroscopy to Improve Live Birth Rate among Secondary Infertile Couples          ||          Moderating Effect of Access to Capital on the Relationship between Financial Literacy and Firm Survival          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Structural and Tectonic Subsidence History Study of Southwestern Sirt Basin, Libya          ||          Histopathological Spectrum of Cutaneous Granulomatous Lesions          ||          Histopathological Spectrum of Cutaneous Granulomatous Lesions          ||          IMPACT OF BUDDHISM THROUGH THIEN TRADITION IN BRILLIANT DYNASTIES IN THE VIETNAMESE HISTORY          ||          IMPACT OF BUDDHISM THROUGH THIEN TRADITION IN BRILLIANT DYNASTIES IN THE VIETNAMESE HISTORY          ||          Abundance and Diversity of Mosquito (Anopheles sp) in Malaria Endemic Areas of Ternate Island North Maluku          ||          Abundance and Diversity of Mosquito (Anopheles sp) in Malaria Endemic Areas of Ternate Island North Maluku          ||          Legal Protection of Medical Records as Evidence Tool in Law Enforcement Process          ||          Effects of Green Tea on Activity of A-Glucosidase in Vitro and Glycaemic Index of White Bread in Vivo          ||          Available of Physical and Environmental Conditions Effect on Rice Crop: A Case Study of Akole Tahsil (M.S, India)          ||          The Impact of Climate Change on Rice Production Center at Area of the City near the Beach in Indonesia          ||          History of the Aesthetic Dimensions of American Animated Cinema          ||          Decrease in Rice Production Due to Climate Change in West Java Indonesia          ||          Effect of Addition Strontium Carbonate on Some Mechanical Properties of Heat Cured Acrylic Denture Base Material          ||          The Effect of Visual Media (Video) Based Process Evaluation of Result of Volley Ball Smash for Student of Sport Education and Recreation Fik State University of Medan (Unimed) North Sumatera Indonesia          ||          A Mathematical Model of a Criminal-Prone Society          ||          The Description of Parental Stress Coping Strategy in Facing Autical Children Growth          ||          The Description of Parental Stress Coping Strategy in Facing Autical Children Growth          ||          The Description of Parental Stress Coping Strategy in Facing Autical Children Growth          ||          The Description of Parental Stress Coping Strategy in Facing Autical Children Growth          ||         

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Impact of Clay Particles in Concrete
Authors: S. Selvamamundi, Dr. N. Mahendran, Dr. S. Anuradha

Viscosity Study of Polymer Solutions through Shiio Model
Authors: A. Inigomary Rita, K. Maria Eugenie Pia

Functional Outcome of Tibial Plateau Fractures Treated with Internal Fixation
Authors: Mathew P. Thomas, Prakadan

The Influence of a Pneumoperitoneum on a Cardio-Vascular System and Central Hemodynamics in the Medical Cases of Robotic and Laparoscopic Gynecological Surgeries
Authors: Kameliya Tsvetanova

Nutritional Status of Pre School Children
Authors: Mehnaz Sheikh, Tehmeem Taseen

Effectiveness of Sleep Management Strategies in Reducing Insomnia among Elderly in Selected Hospital at Chennai
Authors: V. Hemavathy, Lincy .S

Image Restoration Using Two Statistical Modeling Methods
Authors: Madhuri Kathale, A. S. Deshpande

Effect of rs2241766T>G polymorphism in Adiponectin Gene on Circulating Adiponectin Levels among Iraqi Women with PCOS
Authors: Rasha Shaker Nima

Evaluation of Clinical and Chemical Profile of Patients with Urolithiasis in Pune, India
Authors: Dr. Suhas V. Taralekar, Dr. Nidhi Sharma

The Impact of the Type of Anesthesia to the Occurrence of Postoperative Delirium in Elderly Patients
Authors: Trajkova R., Sholjakova M.

Cryptography Techniques based on Security of AODV in MANETs - A Survey
Authors: Ankita Singh, Mahima Sharma

Effect of Non Pharmacological Intervention on Sleep Quality Improvement of Institutionalized Elders
Authors: Rudresh BR, Chanu Bhattacharya

The Role of Birds in English Literature and Poetry
Authors: Dr. Roweena B Dcouto

Effector: Energy Efficient Mobility Classification and State Based Route Creation
Authors: Sherine Santosh

Correlation of Yolk Sac Diameter on TVS with Fetal Outcome
Authors: Dr. Manchanda Prabhjot (DNB), Dr. Birla Nandini (MS), Dr. Dharamdasani Megha (DNB), Dr. Shetty Nidhi (DGO)

A Study of Serum Ferritin Activity in Metabolic Syndrome
Authors: Gaurav Sharma, Shivani Bansal

Process FMEA Analysis for Reducing Breakdowns of Mixed Model Assembly Line in Automobile Industry
Authors: Sharad S. Pawar, Dr. W. S. Rathod

Li-Fi: A Full-Fledged Wireless Communication Technology
Authors: S. D. Fabiyi

Benefits from Fruit/Vegetable Consumption on Erectile Dysfunction among Diabetic Albanian Men
Authors: Kim M. DRASA Jr., Bruka L.

Comparison of Co-Peptin, Heart Fatty Acid Binding Protein, Troponin-I and CK-MB Assays as Diagnostic Biomarkers in Patients with Myocardial Infarction
Authors: Dr Anisha Sharma, Dr Binita Goswami, Dr Archana Moni, Dr Medha Rajappa

To Study Outcome of Concurrent Chemo-Radiation with Cisplatin in Advanced Case of Oral Malignancy
Authors: Aman Agarwal

A Survey on K-means Clustering and Web-Text Mining
Authors: Aayushi Bindal, Analp Pathak

Emotional Intelligence and Occupational Self-Efficacy in Doctors working in Government & Private Hospitals
Authors: Ramakant V. Gadiwan, Dr. Rubeena J. Ansari, Amit Dharmpal Wagde

Screening of Congenital Heart Disease in Newborns by Physical Examination and Pulse Oximetry in a Tertiary Care Center in Western Maharashtra
Authors: Dr. Snehal Satish Surana, Dr. Chandrashekhar Aundhakar

Assessment of Antioxidant Defense System in Transplanted Rice Varieties (in Catalase and Nitrate Reductase)
Authors: Rita Tiwari, S. P. Singh

Impact of Individual Habits on the Implementation of a Sustainable Transport System
Authors: Abbas Mohammed Kadum Algburi, Hazim Jwad Rasoul

An Original Article - A Clinico Pathological Study of Upper Gastro Intestinal Endoscopy in Patients with Dyspepsia
Authors: Dr. S. R. Kulkarni, Dr. Ujwal Kumar, Dr. Karan Singhla

Properties and Function of Green Lightweight Aggregate Concrete
Authors: Hazim Jwad Rasoul, Abbas Mohammed Kadum alGburi

Hematological Parameters and Its Utility in Dengue Fever: A Prospective Study
Authors: Kinjal Patel, Dipanki Patel, V. K. Das

Data Analytics and Recommendation Engine for E-Book Portal using Python and LAMP
Authors: Sandeep H, Chidanand H

Distribution & Preference of Entamopathogenic Bacteria across Different Soils of Karnataka
Authors: Sonia Bohra, M. K. Shivaprakash

Assessment of Heavy Metal (Ni, Cr) Contamination and Spatial Distribution in Surface Sediment and Soil in the Area of Lake Sawa
Authors: Ayad Kadhim Ali, Ali Khalil Alkhafajy

Integrity Auditing for Dynamic Cloud Using Homomorphic Encryption with Group User Revocation
Authors: Madhuri. P, Jayavarthini. C

Research Determinant Factors of Overweight and Obesity in Children 11-15 Years Old in Tirana Schools
Authors: Elida PEKA, Dr Enver ROSHI, Jolanda ZOGA, Englantina ZOGA, Fatime ZOGA

Co-effect of Leached Metals and pH of Simulated Gastric Fluid on the Survival of Microorganisms in Geophagic Clays
Authors: Netshitanini T.L, Fosso-Kankeu E, Waanders F.B, Ubomba-Jaswa E, Abia A.L.K

Development of Software for Designing of Heat Exchanger
Authors: Harijan Anil Kumar, Bagwe Nilesh, Goud Vijay Kumar, Karlag Vishal

Movement Simulation of Automatic Transmission Gearbox based on EON Studio
Authors: Kelbesa Edosa Ketema, Guo Qin Li, Xi Ping Song

A Colorization Algorithm with Artifacts Suppression on Real Time Video
Authors: Sneha P. Mete, Mayur S. Dhait

Bearing Capacity Effect of Soft Clay with Sand Compaction Piles
Authors: Teena George, Hari .G

Evaluation of Carotid Vessels and Vertebral Artery in Stroke Patients with Color Doppler Ultrasound and MR Angiography
Authors: Dr. Pramod Shaha, Dr. Vinay Raj R, Dr. (Brig) K. Sahoo

Optimization of Train Speed in Heavy Density of Indian Railway Traffic using Genetic Algorithm
Authors: Soumya Sengupta, Dr. Amartya Neogi

Cardiac CT of a Criss-Cross Heart: A Case Report
Authors: Amr M. Ajlan MD

Homology Modeling, Docking Studies and Functional Site Analysis of Various Accessory Interacting Proteins of MnSOD of Nostoc PCC7120 and FeSOD of Thermosynechococcus elongatus
Authors: Bikash Thakuria, Phiralang Diengdoh, Samrat Adhikari

Identification of Ocean Currents Potential Energy in Lombok Strait Based on Electric Turbine Scenarios
Authors: Rizal F. Abida, Widodo S. Pranowo, Engki A. Kisnarti

An Analysis on Organizational Commitment and Job Satisfaction of Teachers in Private Schools Under International and Central Syllabi in Kanyakumari District of Tamilnadu
Authors: David Gladson Eliazer .E, Dr. P. R. Shini

Integration of Radio Frequency Identification with Programmable Logic Controller for Design of Industrial Control System
Authors: Richard Kapolyo

Tax Fairness Perceptions and Compliance Behavior: Evidence from the Metropolitan Cities of the Amhara Regional State of Ethiopia
Authors: Samuel Alemnew Belay, P. Viswanadham

Ecological Diversity of Medicinal Plants and Conservation by the Tribes of Shahdol District with Special References of Barleriaacanthoides Vahl.
Authors: Nidhi Upadhayay

Phytosociological Documentation of Traditional Knowledge of Barleria acanthoides Vahl.
Authors: Nidhi Upadhayay

Limnological Study of Mohan Ram Pond District Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh, India
Authors: Bramhanand Shukla

Fish Productivity and Physico-Chemical Analysis in Mohan Ram Pond of District Shahdol, Madhya Pradesh
Authors: Bramhanand Shukla

Comparison of Effects of Different Enzymic Levels Immnowall and Premalac Indices of Growth, Survival Rate and Body Composition in Cyprinus carpio
Authors: Abbas Barari, Mazdak Pakzad Sorki, Rajab Mohammad Nazari

Kinetic Study of the Hydrolysis of p-Propoxy Aniline Phosphate Triester
Authors: Dr. Amit Chaudhary

A Study on the Prevalence of Chlamydia Trachomatis and Neisseria Gonorrhoeae Infections Using Polymerase Chain Reaction
Authors: Dr. S. Kalaivani. M.D. D.V

The Experience and the Overcoming of Female Anxiety of Authorship in Elif Shafak
Authors: Alaa Walid Malak

A Clinical Study of Lichtenstein Tension-Free Prolene Mesh Hernioplasty in Cases of Inguinal Hernia
Authors: Trishant Jaykar Chotai, Vijay Kanase

Determination of Trace Mineral Elements in some Tropical Fruits
Authors: Gogo Appolus Obediah, Kemzi Nosike Elechi-Amadi

Concept of Value Engineering in Construction Industry
Authors: Khaled Ali Alabd Ahmed, R. K. Pandey

An Exploratory Study to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude of Staff Nurses Regarding Care of Unconscious Patients in Selected Hospitals of Pune City
Authors: Archala Khemnar

Supply Chain Management for Sustainable RMG Growth in Bangladesh
Authors: Md. Uzzal Hossain, Ishita Roy

Mealy-Ant Association, Distribution and Extent of Damage Caused by Maconellicoccus hirsutus (Hemiptera: Pseudococcidae) on its Various Host Plants in Vadodara, Gujarat
Authors: Mamata Deb, Dolly Kumar

A Comparative Study of Intracervical Instillation of PGE2 Gel (O.5mg) Versus Vaginal Tab PGE1 (600
Authors: Dr. Shipra Agarwal, Dr. Saral Bhatia

Multilevel Cryptosystem for Authorized Deduplication in Hybrid Cloud
Authors: P. Narasimhulu, Jayavarthini .C

A Comparative Study between Ondansetron and Dexamethasone as Antiemetic during Elective Caesarean Section done Under Spinal Anaesthesia
Authors: Dr. Swagata Mondal, Dr. Usha Shukla, Dr. Surekha Saxena, Dr. Dheer Singh

A Clinical Study and Management of Varicocele
Authors: Dr S Abijith Sudhakar Shetty, Dr Balaji Prabakaran, Dr Bharath

Analyze Road Traffic Condition by Visualization of Data from Transportation Simulation Systems
Authors: Edilson Dias Alves, Xuan Zhaocheng

On Nano (1,2)* Generalized - Closed Sets in Nano Bitopological Space
Authors: K. Bhuvaneswari, H. Rasya Banu

Dynamic Cluster Head Rotation for Data Aggregation in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Kiran Kumar, Suma .M

Idiopathic Versus Pulmonary Hypertension Functional Tricuspid Regurgitation: A Retrospective Echocardiography Based Single Center Study
Authors: Vaishali Bhalavi, Gayatri Ghanekar

Tuberous Sclerosis Complex Syndrome Cardiovascular and Renal Manifestation of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex and Summary of the Revised Diagnostic Criteria
Authors: Dr. Jainesh Dodia, Dr. (Brig) K. Sahoo

Design of Five Floors Elevator with SCADA System Based on S7200 PLC
Authors: Abdelkarim Ahmed Eltahir Ali, Zhang Jiang Min

Measurement of Total Alkaline Phosphatase Activity in Human Serum using Charcoal Activated Para-Nitro Phenyl Phosphate
Authors: Sridhar K, Narayanan M, Goswami K

Survey on Item Based and User Based Recommendation System in Cloud
Authors: Pinal Patel, Pooja Jardosh

AFM and Optical Study of Graphene Oxide and In2S3/GRO: Effect of Thickness
Authors: A. Timoumi, M. K. AL Turkestani, J. Ouerfelli

Concept Search Tool for Multilingual Hadith Corpus
Authors: Samah Mohamed Osman Hassan, Eric Atwell

Study of Some Agricultural Crop Production Planning Condition through Fuzzy Multi-Objective Linear Programming Mathematical Model
Authors: Neela Patel, Manish Thaker, Chandrika Chaudhary

Assessment of Tendering Methods on the Successful Implementation of Constituency Development Fund Projects in Njoro Sub-County, Nakuru Kenya
Authors: Rotich Moses Amdany, Dr. Josephat Kwasira

Statistical Study of Coronal Mass Ejections during Rising Phase of Solar Cycle 24
Authors: Nisha Patel, Ajaysinh K. Jadeja

Fibromatosis colli in a Neonate - A Rare Case Report
Authors: Narendar Reddy .P, Sravan Kumar .K, Anil U. Madurwar

Exhaust Heat Recovery of Jaggery Making Furnace
Authors: Appasaheb Manjare, Jitendra Hole

An Advanced Method for Finding Optimal Solution of Assignment Problem
Authors: N. Sujatha, A. V. S. N. Murthy

Assessment of Innovative Strategies on Service Delivery at the National Hospital Insurance Fund Nakuru, Kenya
Authors: Earnest Seme Nyaberi, Dr. Josphat Kwasira

Evaluation and Anti-bacterial Activity of phenyl-2-acetyl- pentafluorobenzoate as Chromones Derivatives
Authors: Rohit Bhor

Analysis of Kharkai River Pollution around Adityapur: Causes and Impacts
Authors: Meenu Verma, Manoj Ranjan Sinha

Effect of Aerobic Training and Resistance Training on Blood Pressure in Indian: Systematic Review
Authors: Sonu Punia, S. Kulandaivelan, Vandana Punia

CAF vs. CMF Combination Chemotherapy in Advanced Breast Cancer Patients
Authors: Dr. R. Navajothi, Dr. R. Sudha

Basic of Laser and its Progress in Different Fields
Authors: Jyoti Kattimani

Foreign Influences Designing Albanian Schools Architecture
Authors: Ledita Mezini

Chronic Tonsillitis: A Comparative Study of the Causative Organism Cultured Through Throat Swab vs. Core Culture and Biopsy of the Tonsillectomy Specimen
Authors: Anvita Panga, G. Uma Rani, M. Vijaya Kumar

Biological Influence on the Mobility of Metals from Mine Tailing Dump Located in Krugersdorp Area
Authors: Ashley H. Munyai, Elvis Fosso-Kankeu, Frans Waanders

Evaluation of Adiponectinin Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Erbil City
Authors: Ashraf N. Kakoo, Nabeel E. Waheda

A Curious Case of Total Anomalous Pulmonary Venous Connection
Authors: Dr. Tanay Padgaonkar, Dr. Kunal Bhuta

The Report on Endemism of Liver Cancer in Indian Subcontinent-A Reterospective Study
Authors: Gunasekaran Vetrichelvi, Kannan Elangovan, S. Niranjali Devaraj

2- Dominator Coloring for Various Graphs in Graph Theory
Authors: A. Sangeetha Devi, M. M. Shanmugapriya

Estimating Rock Mass Parameters in Block and Matrix Rocks in Devoll Valley
Authors: Megi Rusi

Review of Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer through Microchannels
Authors: Mohd Islam, Misba Jan

Small Scale Enterprise Finance Sources and Constraints in Ethiopia, Case Study of Addis Ababa
Authors: Yirgalem Tadele Gerba, P. Viswanadham

Saving and Lifestyle of Young Indians
Authors: Anju Varghese, Anit Ban A

Bauxite Mining in Eastern Ghats of Andhra Pradesh, Possible Environmental Implications and Measures for Environmentally Friendly Mining
Authors: M. Jagannadha Rao, Ch. Hanuman Prasad, Mustefa Mohammad, Asif Iqbal Kakkassery

Information Flow Management and the Effectiveness of the Supply Chain of Essential Medicines in the Public Sector. Evidence from Selected Public Hospitals in Uganda: A Downward Perspective
Authors: John Charles Okiria, R. Mwirumubi, K.A Mpaata

Inventory Management Practices and the Effectiveness of the Supply Chain of Essential Medicines in the Public Sector. Evidence from Six Selected Public Hospitals in Uganda
Authors: John Charles Okiria, Richard Mwirumubi, K. A. Mpaata

A Review on Possible Increment of Heat Transfer Rate for Hydraulic Oil Used in Plastic Injection Moulding Machine
Authors: Sandip Kumar Das, Kedar Bhojak

FPGA Implementation of Low Power and High Speed 64-Bit Multiply Accumulate Unit for Wireless Applications
Authors: R. Malleshwari, E. Srinivas

Role of Marketing Strategy in the Relationship between Market Orientation and Hospital Performance (A Study of the Regional Public Hospital (RSUD) in Southeast Sulawesi Province)
Authors: La Ode Kamalia, Alida Palilati, Endro Sukotjo, La Hatani

Diuretic and Salidiuretics Activity of an Aqueous Extract of Leafy Branches of Mimosa invisa Mart. ex. Colla (Fabaceae) in Rats
Authors: Irie Bi Jean Severin, Abo Kouakou Jean Claude, Kahou Bi Gohi Parfait

Phytotherapeutic Drugs used by the Tribes of Amarkantak District Anuppur, Central India
Authors: Ishwar Chandra Prana

Comparison between Limberg
Authors: Dr. Tolia Dhvanit (DNB), Dr. Gawde Nikhil (DNB)

An Outlook on India's Healthcare System with a Medical Case Study and Review on Big Data and its Importance in Healthcare
Authors: Saikrishna Depuru, Dr. R. Raj Kumar

Success Stories: IVLP beneficiaries in Bivoltine Double Hybrid Silkworm Rearing
Authors: Dr. P. M. M Reddy, M. Ramesh

Energy Production from Thermal Gasification of Selected Solid Wastes from Kiambu County, Kenya
Authors: Mugo Ephantus, Kinyua Robert, Yasuyuki Nemoto, Njogu Paul

Energy Content Estimation in Waste Saw Dust, Maize Cobs and Rice Husks Using Multiple Regression Analysis
Authors: Mugo Ephantus, Kinyua Robert, Yusuyuki Nemoto, Njogu Paul

Extract Entities with Iknoweb Framework
Authors: Utkarsha Daradmare, Bhushan Ugale

Weathering Layer and Topographic Irregularities at the Early Stages of Seismic Data Processing Resolved with Statics Correction Method in Southern Niger Delta, Nigeria
Authors: Dr. Madu, Anthony Joseph Chinenyeze

Antibacterial Activity of Propolis Extracted in Three Different Solvents and in Three Different pH Values on Some Pathogenic Bacteria
Authors: Halah Dawood Salman

Self-Efficacy Career and the Career Maturity of Teenagers at the Exploration Stage
Authors: Mohd Jahidi bin Rosdi, Jasmi bin Abu Talib, Norwaliza binti Abd. Wahab

Species Diversity of Stingless Bees (Hymenoptera: Meliponini) in Chili PEPPER (Capsicum annum L.) Plantation in West Sumatera
Authors: Dewirman Prima Putra, Dahelmi, Siti Salmah .M, Etti Swasti

Total Intravenous Anaesthesia (TIVA) in Veterinary Practice
Authors: Rukmani Dewangan, S. K. Tiwari

Optimized Transmission of Images with OFDM over AWGN Channel Using Trigonometric Transforms
Authors: DewalA. Patne, P. N. Pusdekar

Computer Attitude of Prospective Teachers in Relation to Emotional Intelligence
Authors: Pooja Grover

A Framework to Support Collaborative Learning Using Social Media
Authors: Josphat Karani, Florence K. Maweu

Analysing the Route of PCI Girder-Type Prestressed Concrete Tendons
Authors: Cut Rahmawati, Zainuddin, Nosa Safwanda, Syafridal Is

Parasitic Capacitance Extraction of 3-D DG-Finfet with Low K Symmetric Spacer Material
Authors: Tushar N. Band, Dr. Dinesh V. Padole

A Study on the Preparation of a Safety Audit
Authors: Sophiya Sunny Pulickal, Dhanabal Dhurai

Clinical Features and Outcome of Strabismus Surgery in Children
Authors: Alketa Tandili, Eli Foto

Fetal ECG Extraction for Fetal Monitoring Using SWRLS Adaptive Filter
Authors: P. Sunita, G. Prathibha

A Comparative Study of Positive Mental Health among Kho-Kho Players with Varying Level of Sports Achievements
Authors: Dr. Pramod Kumar Tiwari, C. D. Agashe

Adiabatic Logic Circuits for Low Power VLSI Applications
Authors: Durgesh Patel, Dr. S. R. P. Sinha, Meenakshi Shree

Recycle of E-Waste in Concrete
Authors: Panneer Selvam. N, Gopala Krishna GVT

Conceptual Design of a Six DOF Hybrid Kinematic Machine for On-Site Machining
Authors: Maxwell Zvikomborero Sakutukwa, Anshul Jain

The Extended Sech Function Method and The Cole-Hopf Transformation for Solving the Nonlinear Korteweg-de Vries Equation
Authors: M. M. El-Horbaty, F. M. Ahmed

FPGA Implementation of Cryptographic Algorithm Using ASCII Conversions for Secure Communications
Authors: J. Saritha, E. Srinivas

Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity of Some Organotin (IV) Complexes with a Potassium Hydrogen Ethanedioate Ligand
Authors: Iornumbe E. N., Yiase S. G., Tor-Anyiin T. A.

Body Mass Index (BMI) of the Adolescent Girls in Tribal Region of Kodaikanal District
Authors: Geethanjali Santhanam, Kavitha Maheswari

Application of Queuing Theory to Patient Satisfaction at Combined Hospital, Srinagar Garhwal Uttarakhand
Authors: Nidhi Malik, O. K. Belwal

A Hybrid Non Blind Video Watermarking Scheme Based on DWPT and PCA
Authors: Shital Khaparde, Shanta Sondor

Pounding Effect of Adjacent Buildings during Earthquake in Iraq
Authors: Ammar A. Abdul Rahman, Manaf Raied Salman

A Note on Fuzzy Upper and Lower Weakly Semi - Precontinuous Multifunction
Authors: Saurabh Saxena

Barriers in Compliance to IYCF (Infant and Young Children Feeding) Guidelines about Exclusive Breast Feeding (At KIMS, Karad, Maharashtra)
Authors: Dr. Amit D. Galgali, Dr. R. A. Langade, Dr. Prashant Shah, Dr. Shreya Menon

Determination of Surface Tension and Surface Segregation of Sn-Mg Liquid Alloy
Authors: Adiba Rais, Ahmed Jouaiti, Rachid Lbibb

Use of Short Sensory Profile to Study the Sensory Pattern of Performance across Various Disability Groups
Authors: Anita Gupta

Prevalence of Yersinia enterocolitica in Locally Produced and Imported Veal Mincemeat in Baghdad
Authors: Ali H. A. Al-Shammary, Ibrahim A. H. Al-Zubaidy, Methaq G. Abd Al-Rubaey

Risk Factors: Pathogenesis, Diagnosis and Management of Delirium
Authors: Haxhire Gani

Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Vitamin A Deficiency among the Mothers of Under Five Children in Selected Rural Areas of Vidharbha Region
Authors: Vishakha Ganvir

Ectropion Post Ahmed
Authors: Nawaf Almarzouki

The City in these Two Faces of Power: Study of Social Reality Actors in Ternate North Maluku, Indonesia
Authors: Herman Usman

Design of a More Efficient and Effective Flip Flop use of K-Map Based Boolean Function
Authors: M. Valli, Dr. R. Periyasamy

Theorotical Exergy Analysis of Actual Vapour Compression System with HFO-1234yf and HFO-1234ze as an Alternative Replacement of HFC-134a
Authors: Shobhit Mishra, M. Emran Khan

Analytics of Application Resource Utilization within the Virtual Machine
Authors: Priyanka H

Influence of Nutrient on Growth of Some Freshwater Algae of Vena River in Hinganghat Area of Dist. Wardha
Authors: B. M. Rajurkar, L. P. Dalal

Couple-Field Analysis of Steel Chimney
Authors: Linda Ann Mathew

Labyrinth Seals - A Promising and Effective Design
Authors: Galina Ilieva

Factors Influencing the Strategic Implementation of Change Management in the Devolved Public Health Services in Kenya: A Case of Nakuru Provincial General Hospital
Authors: Kamau P. Wainaina, Ole Sopia Isaac, Cherono Vivian

Effect of Different Weight Classes of Processed Clarias gariepinus on Yields of Fish Fillet and Fishmeal Production
Authors: Salisu A. A. A., Faturoti E. O.

Prevalence of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) among Tuberculosis Patients Attending Directly Observed Treatment Short-Course (DOTS) Clinic in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Authors: Smart Enoch Amala, Constancy Prisca Aleru

Wear Analysis on Piston
Authors: Parmar Bhavin R, Patel Jenish C, Mistry Komal J, Sompura Mayank

Globe Rupture
Authors: Dr. AG Kulkarni, Dr. Neha Athale, Dr. Kulin Sheth, Dr. Amit Rathi, Dr. Vikramaditya Shinde, Dr. Shridhar Deshmukh, Dr. Pavan Yadav

Millennium Developmental Goals in the Post-2015 Era: Assessing Sustainability through the Younger Generation
Authors: Dr. Mbanefo Odum

A Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding Bio-Medical Waste Management among B.Sc Nursing Students of Selected Nursing Colleges of Udaipur (Raj)
Authors: Vijayamma Ajmera, Dr. Jayalkshmi L. S.

Distribution of Fluoride Content in the Water System around Haldiati-Doboka Areas, Assam
Authors: U. Tamuly, P. Kotoky, KG. Bhattacharyya

A Survey Paper on Wireless Transport Layer Security
Authors: Parmar Paresh B., Ketan Patel

On Non-Homogeneous Cubic Diophantine Equation 4x2 + 4y2 - 7xy = 19z3
Authors: Dr. P. Jayakumar, V. Pandian, R. Venkatraman

On Non-Homogeneous Bi-Quadratic Diophantine Equation 4(x2+y2)-7xy = 19z4
Authors: Dr. P. Jayakumar, V. Pandian, R. Venkatraman

Equilibrium Studies for Adsorption of Zn2+ on to Acid Treated Kikuyu Grass Pennisetum Clandestinum Biomass
Authors: Genson Murithi, Karanja wa-Thiong

Radar Target Discrimination Based on Co-null Polarization State: A Resonance Mode Context
Authors: Faisal Aldhubaib

Description of Radar Target Using Resonance Based Null Polarization
Authors: Faisal Aldhubaib

Finite Element Analysis of Friction Plate of Diaphragm Spring Clutch for TD-3250 Vehicle
Authors: Suyog Vitnor, Mukund Kavade

The Goat Technopreneurial Learning Project (TLP) of the Nueva Vizcaya State University
Authors: Dr. Angelito L. Lacadin

Perverse Effects of the Didactic Contract on the Disengagement towards Sport and Physical Education among Students of Humanities in Kinshasa: Case of Few Catholic Aided Schools
Authors: Ewamela A., Mandoumou P., Kena Lubika A., Lembe G., Entsiro F., Moboza Ndongo E., Bongbele J.

Citrobacter Meningitis with Encapsulated Brain Abscesses in a 6 day Old Neonate
Authors: Dr Roosy Aulakh MD, Dr. Manu Sharma MD, Dr. Jagdish Chander

Material Optimization of Connecting Rod Using Finite Element Analysis
Authors: Anjan Gautam, Er. Gurmeet Singh

Tool for Converting Source Code to UML Diagrams & Measuring Object Oriented Metrics in OO Java Software
Authors: Shubhangi Sakore, Ravina Kudale

Euclidean Feature Set Based on Modified Characteristic Polarization States
Authors: Faisal Aldhubaib

What Is Time? Why Does Nature Love to Hide? How Does Object Influence Time? How Psychology Interacts with the Cycles of Time of Reference Which is Ideal Cycles of Time
Authors: Prasenjit Debnath

Survey Paper for IOT, Capacity Planning and Cloud Technologies
Authors: Bhautik Pipaliya, Devanshi Gariba

Protective Effect of Andrographis paniculata against Thioacetamide Cytotoxicity in Liver and Kidney of Albino Rat
Authors: Patil R. N, Salunkhe A. J

Attrition and Retention Practices in Multi National Companies (MNCs) in India
Authors: Dr. A. Roqsana Taher

Comparative Study of Treatment of Trigger Points Pain With Two Techniques .1 Muscle Energy Technique Alone 2. Combined Approach
Authors: Dr Rabiya Noor, Dr. Muhammad Salman Bashir, Dr. Binash Afzal

The Effect of Local Government Heads
Authors: Nelson Ambarita, Hasbuddin, Andi B. Wawo, Nasrullah Dali

Colorectal Cancer: A Study of 206 Malignant Cases
Authors: Y. Subrahmanyam, K. Suneetha

A Study on Reconstruction Methods and Approaches
Authors: Reshma Raj K S, Raj Kumar T

Corrosion Inhibition of Chlorine Substituted Piperidin
Authors: Rathidevi .K, Jalajaa .D

The Nature and Extent of Psychosocial Problems Facing Orphaned Pupils In Public Pre-Schools in Nakuru Municipality, Kenya
Authors: Maina Jecinta Wanjiru

Rebranding Technical Vocational Education and Training; Youth Education for Vocational Careers, Kenya
Authors: Dr. Kamau Kanyoro, Chege Nancy, Dr. Bironga Sophia

Survey on Cloud Computing Security Algorithms
Authors: Akash Kanthale, S. P. Potdar

A Survey on Privacy Assurance in Personalized Web Search
Authors: Abhilasha V. Biradar, K. B. Sadafale

Effects of Integrated Marketing Communication Channels on Brand Equity at Samsung Phone Kenya
Authors: Jesca Nkatha Kubania

Influence of Physical Exercise on Sexual Activity: the Case of Practitioners of Physical Activities and Sports in the City of Douala
Authors: Emmanuel Noel ESSOMBA, Dieudonne ADIOGO, Herve MOBY, Audrey NGUENG, Madeleine Irma NGWE, Malea NGANDE, Yves COPPIETERS

The Effect of Two Training Methods: the Plyometric and the Strength Training, on the Economy to the Running and Explosiveness in Handball
Authors: Nebhan Hamid Ahmad

Evaluation of Materials Suitable for Use in Eddy Currents Non-Contact Brakes Disc in Automobile Application
Authors: Munyaradzi Innocent Mupona, Ranjeet Singh Tomar

Long and Short Term Relationship between Real Exchange Rate, Travel Revenues and Expenditure in Turkey during the Period of 2003:1-2016:1
Authors: Naz?m CATALBAS

Fungal Diversity of Vermicompost Produced from the Major Municipal Solid Waste - Tendu (Diospyros melanoxylon) Leaf Litter Generated from Solapur City
Authors: Kothur Raghavender Rao, Laxmi Mushan

Pattern of Sexually Transmitted Infections in Pregnant Women
Authors: Dr. S. Kalaivani

Parametric and Non-Parametric Model Performance Differences in Estimation of Critical Stream Flow Discharge Levels
Authors: Kiarie F. K.

A Study on Customer Satisfaction of Old Generation and New Generation Private Sector Banks With Reference to Coimbatore City
Authors: D. Kalpana, R. Chandrasekaran

Thermal Energy Storage System Using Pykrete
Authors: Alisha Vijay Supekar, Divyashree Prasad Deore, Sarthak Sharma

A Cloud based Solution for Online Examination Management in Education-An Architecture
Authors: Jewan Singh, Vibhakar Mansotra

Economic Analysis of Micro Hydel Plant-A Case Study
Authors: Amandeep Kaur, Navdeep Kaur Brar

Development and Effects of Jamun Seed Powder Incorporated Cookies
Authors: Abinaya Kannan, Yamuna Devi Puraikalan

Ensuring Efficient Data Transmission in Wireless Sensor Networks in Secure Way
Authors: D. Hemalatha, R. Arunudaya

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