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Quantitative Analysis of Enzyme Parameters in Cyprinus carpio due to the Effect of Peanut (Arachis hypogea) Extracts as a Feed Additive
Authors: Mythily .K, Amritha .N, Country: India
Views: 599, Downloads: 332

Relationship between Night Shift Schedule and Physical, Psychological and Social Wellbeing of Nurses
Authors: Fayza Ahmed Abdou, Shimaa Mohammed Abdou, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 311, Downloads: 154

An Application of the Utaut Model to Understand the Behavior of Technology Usage (Case Study in Siaku Users at Udayana University)
Authors: Ni Luh Nyoman Sherina Devi, Gerianta Wirawan Yasa, I Gusti Ngurah Agung Suaryana, Country: Indonesia
Views: 201, Downloads: 99

Assess the Attitude of the Women towards Home Visiting by Nursing Students in Selected Rural Community Area
Authors: Sonia Rani, Paramjit Kaur, Country: India
Views: 166, Downloads: 92

Was it Just an Orbital Imflammation or Tip of the Iceberg - A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Gurudutt Kamath, Dr. Vala Mounika, Dr. Susan D'souza, Country: India
Views: 174, Downloads: 86

A Comparision Study: XenMotion vs Vmotion
Authors: Divya Kapil, Country: India
Views: 202, Downloads: 81

Recent Research and Advancement in Civil Engineering
Authors: Sonu Kumar, Country: India
Views: 184, Downloads: 81

Python - Using Database and SQL
Authors: Shweta J. Patil, Country: India
Views: 145, Downloads: 81

Need to Understand Adoption-Its ways and Hurdles
Authors: Dr. Deepak Sharma, Country: India
Views: 203, Downloads: 78

Comparative Evaluation of Oxygen Saturation Level and Heart Rate Using Pulse Oximeter during Non - Surgical and Surgical Periodontal Therapy - An Observational Study
Authors: Kajal Mahajan, Asha Prabhu, Karthik Balasubramanian, Vaibhavi Bhatt, Purvi Sampat, Sneha Rohra, Country: India
Views: 152, Downloads: 76

Pattern of Diseases in Rural Odisha: A Geographical Analysis
Authors: Ranajit Bera, Ramya Ranjan Behera, Pritirekha Daspattanayak, Country: India
Views: 130, Downloads: 70

The Study of the Model to Predict Incidence of Epidural Anaesthesia Conversion to General Anaesthesia using Pulse Oximetry Technology during Lower Segment Caesarean Section Surgery
Authors: Zafri Yusoff, Country: Malaysia
Views: 186, Downloads: 70

The Role of External Auditor to Reduce the Effects of Creative Accounting on the Reliability of Financial Statements: Insights from Libya
Authors: Hasen Mohamed. A. Albeksh, Country: Turkey
Views: 151, Downloads: 69

Natural Diabetes Treatment: An Overview
Authors: Darakhshan Afreen Shaikh, Rashmi Patil, Country: India
Views: 133, Downloads: 69

The Effect of Education, Work Experience and Working Hours on Non-Permanent Migrant Workers and Revenue in Denpasar City
Authors: Ni Luh Putu Sri Sumarthini, Ida Bagus Putu Purbadharmaja, Country: Indonesia
Views: 111, Downloads: 66

Association Ankylosing Spondylitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis: Study of an Observation
Authors: Conde K, Makougang C.S, Dragan R.E, Raftakis I, Badot V, Bentin J, Country: Guinea
Views: 129, Downloads: 65

The Relationship between Sensation Seeking and Self-Efficacy among Nature-Lover Students of Sriwijaya University
Authors: Dina Zhafarina, Yelfi Irzal, Yulizar Zaidar, Country: Indonesia
Views: 149, Downloads: 64

To Identify the Level of Psychological Well-Being among Secondary School Students
Authors: Nutan Potdar, Dr. Chandrasekhar Dnyandeo Aundhakar, Vaishali R. Mohite, Country: India
Views: 152, Downloads: 63

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge Attitude and Practice regarding use of Helmet among Graduand Students at Selected Colleges
Authors: Nirbhay Mohod, Country: India
Views: 154, Downloads: 62

Comparison of MAC and Digital Signature
Authors: G. Pranitha, Country: India
Views: 127, Downloads: 61

Reading Comprehension Assessment Used by English Senior High Schools Teachers
Authors: Miftahurrahmi Darmansyah, Mukhaiyar, Yenni Rozimela, Country: Indonesia
Views: 116, Downloads: 61

Management of Training and Development in Public Sector
Authors: Vijeta Kumari, Rakesh Kumar, Country: India
Views: 134, Downloads: 61

The Performance of Social Welfare Programs in Morocco: Successive Reforms, Oblivious to Eventual Social Impacts
Authors: Moustapha HAMZAOUI, Safaa EL YAHYAOUI, Country: Morocco
Views: 120, Downloads: 58

Maternal Attitude and Satisfaction towards Involvement of Nursing Students in their Care
Authors: Mona Mohamed Megahed, Janula Raju, Chithra .R .A, Nahid Abdallah Ahmed Elabas, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 127, Downloads: 58

Critical Thinking Skill Improvement Using Problem Based Learning (PBL) Model of 4th Grade Students of Elementary School
Authors: Cici Monalisa, Yuni Ahda, Yanti Fitria, Country: Indonesia
Views: 110, Downloads: 58

The Influence of Policies and Programs on Cause-Specific Mortality in Egypt: The Past and Present
Authors: Sally Sonia Simmons, Country: Russia
Views: 107, Downloads: 56

The Effect of Organizational Climate and Compensation on Job Satisfaction and Employee Turnover Intention
Authors: I Putu Agus Suwastawa, I GDE Adnyana Sudibya, Country: Indonesia
Views: 115, Downloads: 55

Assessment of Heritability, Genetic Advancement and Yield of Bitter Gourd under Garhwal Region
Authors: Indra Jeet Chaudhary, Vivek Singh, Deepak Kumar Rana, Khulakpam Naseeruddin Shah, Country: India
Views: 133, Downloads: 52

Survey & Review of Face Recognition Techniques Using MATLAB
Authors: Shikhar Choudhary, Rahul Moriwal, Country: India
Views: 113, Downloads: 51

Role of ICT in 21st Century's Teacher Education
Authors: Sunilkumar B. Dodmani, Country: India
Views: 132, Downloads: 51

Employee Engagement in University in Indonesia
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia
Views: 108, Downloads: 51

The Effect of Jigsaw Type Cooperative Learning Model and Learning Motivation on Understanding Concept of Changes in the Objectives of SD Students
Authors: Desma Elvita, Yanti Fitria, Alwen Bentri, Country: Indonesia
Views: 111, Downloads: 50

Access to Water and Sanitation is Not Enough, but their Management to End the Crisis
Authors: Satya Narayan Ghosh, Country: India
Views: 127, Downloads: 47

A State of Art on Energy Efficient Multipath Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Swedika Sharma, Country: India
Views: 95, Downloads: 47

Assessment of Treatment Phases of Class II Malocclusion Treatment
Authors: Dr. Greta Yordanova, Dr. Martin Mladenov, Dr. Gergana Gurgurova, Dr. Viktoria Gurgurieva, Country: Bulgaria
Views: 111, Downloads: 45

The Thermodynamic Method of Vitrification of Copa?ba Oil-Resin (Copaifera Langsdorffii)
Authors: Judes Goncalves dos Santos, Country: Brazil
Views: 100, Downloads: 45

A Study of Stress among Hostellers
Authors: Pooja Chandra, Country: India
Views: 109, Downloads: 45

Effect Working Capitalmanagementpractices On Financial Performance in Manufucure Companies in Mogadishu Somalia
Authors: Ali Abdulkadir Osman Jama, Country: Somalia
Views: 117, Downloads: 44

Autonomous Inspection Robot for Power Transmission Lines
Authors: Ayush Kumar Pandey, Country: India
Views: 91, Downloads: 41

Implementation of Hungarian Algorithms to Optimize the Assignments of Chefs at Roy Catering
Authors: Firdhan Febiansyah, Country: Indonesia
Views: 108, Downloads: 40

Prevalence of Intestinal Pathogenic Parasites in Basrah City, Iraq
Authors: Haydar Abdul-Jaleel Rhadi, Antah Abdul - Zahra, Shaki Abdul- Jabar, Country: Iraq
Views: 92, Downloads: 39

Classification Data of Binary Data Respond to the Diagnosis of Lymphocytic Leukemia using Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA)
Authors: Fatma A. Abdelati Hanaa T. Elgohari Ali Y .AL-Zubaidi, Country: Egypt
Views: 84, Downloads: 39

Development and Quality Evaluation of Ready-to-Use Bharwa Spice-Mix Paste
Authors: Anisha Francis, Dr. S. K. Singh, Dr. R. N. Shukla, Er. Atul. A. Mishra, Country: India
Views: 86, Downloads: 39

Knowledge regarding Physiological Jaundice among Postnatal Mothers Admitted in Postnatal Wards of Selected Hospitals
Authors: Ashwini Mankar, Country: India
Views: 84, Downloads: 39

Noval Oral Anticoagulants - Review of Articles
Authors: Mukunda Kumar, Nishant Sinha, Sumedha Gargy, Danish Nadeem, Country: India
Views: 93, Downloads: 39

Ethno - Medicinal Study of Kulgam District (Jammu and Kashmir)
Authors: Rahmatullah Hakeem, Country: India
Views: 91, Downloads: 38

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude of Married Women in Reproductive Age Group Regarding Emergency Contraception in Selected Urban Area, Bathinda
Authors: Sunil M B, Dr Nagarajappa D, Country: India
Views: 87, Downloads: 38

MPLS BSED VPN Implementation in Corporate Environment
Authors: Shradha Khandare, S.J.Nandedkar, Country: India
Views: 95, Downloads: 38

A Comparative Study of Placentas in Normal and Hypertensive Pregnancies
Authors: Dr. Geetanjali U .Yadgire, Dr. Shobha S. Rawlani, Country: India
Views: 93, Downloads: 38

Preparation and Nutritional Composition of Noodles and Papads using Ragi Flour
Authors: Shweta Verma, Sunita Mishra, Country: India
Views: 92, Downloads: 38

The Effect of Organization of Climate and Job Characteristics on Job Satisfaction in Garut
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia
Views: 90, Downloads: 38

Assessing Quality of Life in HIV-Infected Patients Attending a Public Primary Health Care Setting in South Africa
Authors: Norah L. Katende-Kyenda, Bulelwa Mabindla, Country: South Africa
Views: 82, Downloads: 38

Accuracy and Reliabilty of Digital Models in Measuring Little's Irregularity Index
Authors: Nivethigaa .B, Saravana Pandian, Country: India
Views: 85, Downloads: 37

Role of Ultrasonography in Measuring the Scar Thickness in Cases of Previous Lower Segment Caesarean Section
Authors: Sumedha Gargy, Mukunda Kumar, Nishant Sinha, Amrita Prasad, Country: India
Views: 89, Downloads: 37

Rainwater Quality Assessment of Different Locations of Dhaka City
Authors: Md. Sazzadul Haque, Fatema Naznin Rinkey, Country: Bangladesh
Views: 94, Downloads: 37

Green HRM: An Emerging Approach towards Sustainable Development
Authors: Rupali Sharma, Country: India
Views: 101, Downloads: 37

Fracture Strength of Two Types of Hybrid Ceramic Posterior Occlusal Veneers with Different Thicknesses
Authors: Ahmed S. Abd El Shakour, Cherif A. Mohsen, Magda I. Ramzy, Country: Egypt
Views: 91, Downloads: 36

Alertness's of Maxillofacial Staff towards Occupational Impairment at Selected Maxillofacial Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Dr. Raghad Fahad Jayar, Dr. Raghad Adnan Murshed, Dr. Hanin Salah Steir Altufayhi, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 103, Downloads: 36

Assess the Effectiveness of Sociodrama on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding open air Defecation in Swach Bharat Abhiyaan among People Residing in Selected Rural Area
Authors: Nikhil P. Ganage, Country: India
Views: 94, Downloads: 36

A Study to Assess the Knowledge regarding Prevention of Urinary Tract Infection in Clients with Indwelling Catheter with a View to Prepare a Health Education Module in KH & MRC, Karad
Authors: Akshay S. Dudhe, Dr.Tukaram Zagade, Dr. Vaishali Mohite, Country: India
Views: 85, Downloads: 36

Fixed Asset Revaluation: Decision Making
Authors: Jefriyanto, Hadri Mulya, Country: Indonesia
Views: 97, Downloads: 36

Risk based Personal Trust Test - Method for Calculating Overall Trust in Personal Relationships
Authors: Shailesh Kumar, Country: India
Views: 88, Downloads: 35

Narayanmiti - A Formula for Triangle and Quadrilateral Area
Authors: Narayanlal Suthar, Country: India
Views: 150, Downloads: 35

Review Paper on - Evaluation of Cutting Fluid Mixed with Nanoparticles on Surface Roughness and Tool Wear
Authors: Divyesh Padhiyar, Harsh Patel, Chetan K. Gohel, Country: India
Views: 93, Downloads: 35

Effect of Training Need Analysis (TNA) on Effectiveness of Training in Garut Indonesia
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia
Views: 84, Downloads: 35

Analysis of Work Environmental Dominant Factors on Employee Performance in Cianjur District
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia
Views: 90, Downloads: 35

Fetus in Fetu: Case Report of a 17 Years Old Male and Literature Review
Authors: Sumedha Gargy, Nishant Sinha, Danish Nadeem, Country: India
Views: 81, Downloads: 34

The People of Villupuram District - An Overview
Authors: V. Vijayarangam, Country: India
Views: 90, Downloads: 34

Effect of Maintenance on Vehicles Headlamps Lighting Intensity in Tanzania (Case Study of Tanzania)
Authors: Dr. Fredrick Michael Sanga, Joseph M. Kotini, Country: Tanzania
Views: 97, Downloads: 34

The Utilization of Sericulture Waste for the Improvement of Socio-Economic Welfare in India
Authors: D. Bharathi, Country: India
Views: 80, Downloads: 34

Design of PFC Smart Charger for Electric Vehicle Application
Authors: R. Poornima, S. Gowtham, Country: India
Views: 88, Downloads: 34

Domestic Use of Glass Tables: The Need for Caution
Authors: Otei O.O., Ozinko Mba, Ekpo R.G, Isiwere E., Country: Nigeria
Views: 87, Downloads: 33

A Study on the Service of Quality of Maternity Hospital in Garut
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri, Country: Indonesia
Views: 84, Downloads: 33

The Effect of Using Folk Music Genres on Fatigue Levels and Work Concentration of PT. XYZ
Authors: Muhammad Ali Akbar, Country: Indonesia
Views: 87, Downloads: 32

Efficacy and Clinical Assessment of Varmam Therapy in the Management of Headache
Authors: Dr. D. S. Vaniswari, Dr. N. Shunmugom, Country: India
Views: 89, Downloads: 32

Study on Diurnal Variation of Some Physico-Chemical Properties of Sapana Dam Water at Betul City (M.P) during the Winter Session
Authors: Dr. D. S. Saluja, Country: India
Views: 83, Downloads: 32

Reengineering Procurement System at Pt Dana Purna Investama (PT. DPI)
Authors: Ade Maulana Yassin, Country: Indonesia
Views: 95, Downloads: 32

Impact on the Pharyngeal Airway Space of Different Orthognathic Procedures for the Prognathic Mandible: A Literature Review
Authors: Dr. Apoorva Motupalli, Dr. Anubhav Jannu, Country: India
Views: 95, Downloads: 31

The Effect of Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral, Condition of Economic and Constraints on Credit Giving Decisions
Authors: Ida Ayu Gede Udayani Manuaba, Nyoman Djinar Setiawina, Country: Indonesia
Views: 91, Downloads: 30

Visualization Analysis of Systemic Financial Risk Literature based on CiteSpace
Authors: Yuhan Zhao,Chaonan Wang,Yuanyuan Zheng, Country: China
Views: 84, Downloads: 30

Estimating Social Opinion Dynamics Models from Voting System
Authors: Divya, Rashmi Mohan, Cynthiya Priyadharshini, Country: India
Views: 79, Downloads: 30

Determination of Bromate and Iodate from Bread and Flour by Ion Chromatography
Authors: Dr. Chetan Chavan, Chanakya Thaker, Chetan Chaudhari, Country: India
Views: 86, Downloads: 30

A True Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Mindfulness Meditation Technique on Stress Reduction among ANC Mothers in Selected Hospitals
Authors: Sanket Shankpal, Country: India
Views: 88, Downloads: 29

The Meeting of Mind and Heart: Assessing the Competencies of the Newly Hired Teachers
Authors: Esperanza Diaz Cruz, Country: Philippines
Views: 79, Downloads: 29

Assess the Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Practice regarding Postnatal Exercises among Postnatal Mothers at Selected Hospital
Authors: Jayshri Jadhav, Country: India
Views: 106, Downloads: 29

Pipe Support Design Considerations for Hydrocarbon Facilities
Authors: Nirmal Surendran Menon, Country: United States of America
Views: 100, Downloads: 29

Fall Risk Prevention: A Serious Concern for Hospitalized Elderly
Authors: Kodi Malar .S, Deol Rupinder, Belsiyal Xavier C, Country: India
Views: 71, Downloads: 29

Analysis, Simulation and Experimental Implementation of Perturb and Observe Algorithm for PV Systems using Boost Converter
Authors: Kavitha B P, Country: India
Views: 71, Downloads: 28

Insurgent Attitude of Jammu and Kashmir State
Authors: Mudasir Hamid, Country: India
Views: 79, Downloads: 28

Antipsoriatic and Antieczematic Activity of Polyherbal Developed Gel on Swiss Albino Mice
Authors: Farah Khan, V. Nagulwar, S. Deshpande, Country: India
Views: 73, Downloads: 27

The Effect of Poor Surface Drainage Structure on Pavement Performance - A Case Study
Authors: Getu Tamiru, Palani Ponnurangam, Country: Ethiopia
Views: 86, Downloads: 27

Case Report-Rhabdomyosarcoma Masquerading Lymphoma
Authors: Dr. Savitri Kumari, Dr. Bansari Patel, Dr. Shabnamipli, Dr. Yatri Pandya, Country: India
Views: 85, Downloads: 27

Striping of Great Saphenous Vein Results in Early Healing of Ulcer: A Retrospective Observational Study
Authors: Dr Lakshmi Sinha, Dr Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Dr Sanjeev Kumar, Dr Nishit Ranjan, Country: India
Views: 96, Downloads: 26

Archform of Various Popualtions
Authors: Neelakantha Patil, Viswanath A, Venkata Naidu B, Sangamesh B., Country: India
Views: 73, Downloads: 26

Spectrophotometric Determination of Tin (IV) in Solder and Brass Using 6-[(E)-(1,5-Dimethyl-3-Oxo-2-Phenyl-2,3-Dihydro-1h-Pyrazol-4-Yl)Diazenyl]-1h-Indole-2,3-Dione
Authors: Chinyere Evans Eledalachi, Okenwa Jude Chukwudi, Ukoha Pius Oziri, Country: Nigeria
Views: 75, Downloads: 26

Assessment of Outcome after LLETZ in Cervical Cancer Prevention
Authors: Sumedha Gargy, Mukunda Kumar, Nishant Sinha, Country: India
Views: 79, Downloads: 25

How Business Rivalry is Influencing Competitiveness of Hardware Stores in South Imenti Sub-County, Meru County, Kenya
Authors: Geoffrey Kinoti, Dr. Paul Maku Gichohi, Dr. Clement Nkabu, Country: Kenya
Views: 76, Downloads: 25

Monitoring and Assessment of hydrochemistry Properties of Groundwater, Menoufia Governorate, Egypt
Authors: Maie I. El-Gammal, Mahmoud S. Ibrahim, Mohamed A. Okbah, Salah A. M. Abokhder, Country: Egypt
Views: 73, Downloads: 24

Evaluation of Dyspepsia with Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy - Single Centre Study from South India
Authors: Dr. R. R. Kannan, Dr. C. C. Nandhini, Dr. A. Charles Stephen Raja Singh, Country: India
Views: 102, Downloads: 24

Submental Abscess that Extend to Bilateral Submandibular Region after Treatment of Symphysis Mandible Fracture: A Case Report
Authors: Annisya Muharty, Endang Sjamsudin, Winarno Priyanto, Country: Indonesia
Views: 86, Downloads: 23
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