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Quantitative Analysis of Enzyme Parameters in Cyprinus carpio due to the Effect of Peanut (Arachis hypogea) Extracts as a Feed Additive
Authors: Mythily .K, Amritha .N

Relationship between Night Shift Schedule and Physical, Psychological and Social Wellbeing of Nurses
Authors: Fayza Ahmed Abdou, Shimaa Mohammed Abdou

Was it Just an Orbital Imflammation or Tip of the Iceberg - A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Gurudutt Kamath, Dr. Vala Mounika, Dr. Susan D'souza

A Comparision Study: XenMotion vs Vmotion
Authors: Divya Kapil

Need to Understand Adoption-Its ways and Hurdles
Authors: Dr. Deepak Sharma

An Application of the Utaut Model to Understand the Behavior of Technology Usage (Case Study in Siaku Users at Udayana University)
Authors: Ni Luh Nyoman Sherina Devi, Gerianta Wirawan Yasa, I Gusti Ngurah Agung Suaryana

Assess the Attitude of the Women towards Home Visiting by Nursing Students in Selected Rural Community Area
Authors: Sonia Rani, Paramjit Kaur

Comparative Evaluation of Oxygen Saturation Level and Heart Rate Using Pulse Oximeter during Non - Surgical and Surgical Periodontal Therapy - An Observational Study
Authors: Kajal Mahajan, Asha Prabhu, Karthik Balasubramanian, Vaibhavi Bhatt, Purvi Sampat, Sneha Rohra

Recent Research and Advancement in Civil Engineering
Authors: Sonu Kumar

Association Ankylosing Spondylitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis: Study of an Observation
Authors: Conde K, Makougang C.S, Dragan R.E, Raftakis I, Badot V, Bentin J

Assessment of Treatment Phases of Class II Malocclusion Treatment
Authors: Dr. Greta Yordanova, Dr. Martin Mladenov, Dr. Gergana Gurgurova, Dr. Viktoria Gurgurieva

The Performance of Social Welfare Programs in Morocco: Successive Reforms, Oblivious to Eventual Social Impacts
Authors: Moustapha HAMZAOUI, Safaa EL YAHYAOUI

Comparison of MAC and Digital Signature
Authors: G. Pranitha

Pattern of Diseases in Rural Odisha: A Geographical Analysis
Authors: Ranajit Bera, Ramya Ranjan Behera, Pritirekha Daspattanayak

The Role of External Auditor to Reduce the Effects of Creative Accounting on the Reliability of Financial Statements: Insights from Libya
Authors: Hasen Mohamed. A. Albeksh

The Influence of Policies and Programs on Cause-Specific Mortality in Egypt: The Past and Present
Authors: Sally Sonia Simmons

The Relationship between Sensation Seeking and Self-Efficacy among Nature-Lover Students of Sriwijaya University
Authors: Dina Zhafarina, Yelfi Irzal, Yulizar Zaidar

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge Attitude and Practice regarding use of Helmet among Graduand Students at Selected Colleges
Authors: Nirbhay Mohod

Access to Water and Sanitation is Not Enough, but their Management to End the Crisis
Authors: Satya Narayan Ghosh

Python - Using Database and SQL
Authors: Shweta J. Patil

Maternal Attitude and Satisfaction towards Involvement of Nursing Students in their Care
Authors: Mona Mohamed Megahed, Janula Raju, Chithra .R .A, Nahid Abdallah Ahmed Elabas

Fracture Strength of Two Types of Hybrid Ceramic Posterior Occlusal Veneers with Different Thicknesses
Authors: Ahmed S. Abd El Shakour, Cherif A. Mohsen, Magda I. Ramzy

Reading Comprehension Assessment Used by English Senior High Schools Teachers
Authors: Miftahurrahmi Darmansyah, Mukhaiyar, Yenni Rozimela

Survey & Review of Face Recognition Techniques Using MATLAB
Authors: Shikhar Choudhary, Rahul Moriwal

Risk based Personal Trust Test - Method for Calculating Overall Trust in Personal Relationships
Authors: Shailesh Kumar

Narayanmiti - A Formula for Triangle and Quadrilateral Area
Authors: Narayanlal Suthar

Accuracy and Reliabilty of Digital Models in Measuring Little's Irregularity Index
Authors: Nivethigaa .B, Saravana Pandian

Management of Training and Development in Public Sector
Authors: Vijeta Kumari, Rakesh Kumar

Assessment of Outcome after LLETZ in Cervical Cancer Prevention
Authors: Sumedha Gargy, Mukunda Kumar, Nishant Sinha

Implementation of Hungarian Algorithms to Optimize the Assignments of Chefs at Roy Catering
Authors: Firdhan Febiansyah

Role of ICT in 21st Century's Teacher Education
Authors: Sunilkumar B. Dodmani

The Thermodynamic Method of Vitrification of Copa?ba Oil-Resin (Copaifera Langsdorffii)
Authors: Judes Goncalves dos Santos

Domestic Use of Glass Tables: The Need for Caution
Authors: Otei O.O., Ozinko Mba, Ekpo R.G, Isiwere E.

Fetus in Fetu: Case Report of a 17 Years Old Male and Literature Review
Authors: Sumedha Gargy, Nishant Sinha, Danish Nadeem

To Identify the Level of Psychological Well-Being among Secondary School Students
Authors: Nutan Potdar, Dr. Chandrasekhar Dnyandeo Aundhakar, Vaishali R. Mohite

Alertness's of Maxillofacial Staff towards Occupational Impairment at Selected Maxillofacial Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Dr. Raghad Fahad Jayar, Dr. Raghad Adnan Murshed, Dr. Hanin Salah Steir Altufayhi

A True Experimental Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Mindfulness Meditation Technique on Stress Reduction among ANC Mothers in Selected Hospitals
Authors: Sanket Shankpal

Prevalence of Intestinal Pathogenic Parasites in Basrah City, Iraq
Authors: Haydar Abdul-Jaleel Rhadi, Antah Abdul - Zahra, Shaki Abdul- Jabar

Assess the Effectiveness of Sociodrama on Knowledge and Attitude Regarding open air Defecation in Swach Bharat Abhiyaan among People Residing in Selected Rural Area
Authors: Nikhil P. Ganage

Ethno - Medicinal Study of Kulgam District (Jammu and Kashmir)
Authors: Rahmatullah Hakeem

A State of Art on Energy Efficient Multipath Routing in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Swedika Sharma

The Effect of Using Folk Music Genres on Fatigue Levels and Work Concentration of PT. XYZ
Authors: Muhammad Ali Akbar

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude of Married Women in Reproductive Age Group Regarding Emergency Contraception in Selected Urban Area, Bathinda
Authors: Sunil M B, Dr Nagarajappa D

Assessment of Heritability, Genetic Advancement and Yield of Bitter Gourd under Garhwal Region
Authors: Indra Jeet Chaudhary, Vivek Singh, Deepak Kumar Rana, Khulakpam Naseeruddin Shah

The Effect of Education, Work Experience and Working Hours on Non-Permanent Migrant Workers and Revenue in Denpasar City
Authors: Ni Luh Putu Sri Sumarthini, Ida Bagus Putu Purbadharmaja

Autonomous Inspection Robot for Power Transmission Lines
Authors: Ayush Kumar Pandey

Role of Ultrasonography in Measuring the Scar Thickness in Cases of Previous Lower Segment Caesarean Section
Authors: Sumedha Gargy, Mukunda Kumar, Nishant Sinha, Amrita Prasad

MPLS BSED VPN Implementation in Corporate Environment
Authors: Shradha Khandare, S.J.Nandedkar

The People of Villupuram District - An Overview
Authors: V. Vijayarangam

Striping of Great Saphenous Vein Results in Early Healing of Ulcer: A Retrospective Observational Study
Authors: Dr Lakshmi Sinha, Dr Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Dr Sanjeev Kumar, Dr Nishit Ranjan

The Effect of Organizational Climate and Compensation on Job Satisfaction and Employee Turnover Intention
Authors: I Putu Agus Suwastawa, I GDE Adnyana Sudibya

A Comparative Study of Placentas in Normal and Hypertensive Pregnancies
Authors: Dr. Geetanjali U .Yadgire, Dr. Shobha S. Rawlani

Preparation and Nutritional Composition of Noodles and Papads using Ragi Flour
Authors: Shweta Verma, Sunita Mishra

The Effect of Jigsaw Type Cooperative Learning Model and Learning Motivation on Understanding Concept of Changes in the Objectives of SD Students
Authors: Desma Elvita, Yanti Fitria, Alwen Bentri

Classification Data of Binary Data Respond to the Diagnosis of Lymphocytic Leukemia using Support Vector Machine (SVM) and Linear Discriminant Analysis (LDA)
Authors: Fatma A. Abdelati Hanaa T. Elgohari Ali Y .AL-Zubaidi

Rainwater Quality Assessment of Different Locations of Dhaka City
Authors: Md. Sazzadul Haque, Fatema Naznin Rinkey

Review Paper on - Evaluation of Cutting Fluid Mixed with Nanoparticles on Surface Roughness and Tool Wear
Authors: Divyesh Padhiyar, Harsh Patel, Chetan K. Gohel

The Effect of Character, Capacity, Capital, Collateral, Condition of Economic and Constraints on Credit Giving Decisions
Authors: Ida Ayu Gede Udayani Manuaba, Nyoman Djinar Setiawina

Effect of Maintenance on Vehicles Headlamps Lighting Intensity in Tanzania (Case Study of Tanzania)
Authors: Dr. Fredrick Michael Sanga, Joseph M. Kotini

A Study on the Service of Quality of Maternity Hospital in Garut
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri

Development and Quality Evaluation of Ready-to-Use Bharwa Spice-Mix Paste
Authors: Anisha Francis, Dr. S. K. Singh, Dr. R. N. Shukla, Er. Atul. A. Mishra

Employee Engagement in University in Indonesia
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri

Effect of Training Need Analysis (TNA) on Effectiveness of Training in Garut Indonesia
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri

The Effect of Organization of Climate and Job Characteristics on Job Satisfaction in Garut
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri

Analysis of Work Environmental Dominant Factors on Employee Performance in Cianjur District
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri

Green HRM: An Emerging Approach towards Sustainable Development
Authors: Rupali Sharma

A Study of Stress among Hostellers
Authors: Pooja Chandra

A Study to Assess the Knowledge regarding Prevention of Urinary Tract Infection in Clients with Indwelling Catheter with a View to Prepare a Health Education Module in KH & MRC, Karad
Authors: Akshay S. Dudhe, Dr.Tukaram Zagade, Dr. Vaishali Mohite

The Meeting of Mind and Heart: Assessing the Competencies of the Newly Hired Teachers
Authors: Esperanza Diaz Cruz

Analysis, Simulation and Experimental Implementation of Perturb and Observe Algorithm for PV Systems using Boost Converter
Authors: Kavitha B P

Impact on the Pharyngeal Airway Space of Different Orthognathic Procedures for the Prognathic Mandible: A Literature Review
Authors: Dr. Apoorva Motupalli, Dr. Anubhav Jannu

Natural Diabetes Treatment: An Overview
Authors: Darakhshan Afreen Shaikh, Rashmi Patil

Antipsoriatic and Antieczematic Activity of Polyherbal Developed Gel on Swiss Albino Mice
Authors: Farah Khan, V. Nagulwar, S. Deshpande

Visualization Analysis of Systemic Financial Risk Literature based on CiteSpace
Authors: Yuhan Zhao,Chaonan Wang,Yuanyuan Zheng

Knowledge regarding Physiological Jaundice among Postnatal Mothers Admitted in Postnatal Wards of Selected Hospitals
Authors: Ashwini Mankar

Assess the Effectiveness of Video Assisted Teaching Programme on Knowledge and Practice regarding Postnatal Exercises among Postnatal Mothers at Selected Hospital
Authors: Jayshri Jadhav

How Business Rivalry is Influencing Competitiveness of Hardware Stores in South Imenti Sub-County, Meru County, Kenya
Authors: Geoffrey Kinoti, Dr. Paul Maku Gichohi, Dr. Clement Nkabu

The Utilization of Sericulture Waste for the Improvement of Socio-Economic Welfare in India
Authors: D. Bharathi

Archform of Various Popualtions
Authors: Neelakantha Patil, Viswanath A, Venkata Naidu B, Sangamesh B.

Monitoring and Assessment of hydrochemistry Properties of Groundwater, Menoufia Governorate, Egypt
Authors: Maie I. El-Gammal, Mahmoud S. Ibrahim, Mohamed A. Okbah, Salah A. M. Abokhder

Assessing Quality of Life in HIV-Infected Patients Attending a Public Primary Health Care Setting in South Africa
Authors: Norah L. Katende-Kyenda, Bulelwa Mabindla

Efficacy and Clinical Assessment of Varmam Therapy in the Management of Headache
Authors: Dr. D. S. Vaniswari, Dr. N. Shunmugom

Study on Diurnal Variation of Some Physico-Chemical Properties of Sapana Dam Water at Betul City (M.P) during the Winter Session
Authors: Dr. D. S. Saluja

Reengineering Procurement System at Pt Dana Purna Investama (PT. DPI)
Authors: Ade Maulana Yassin

Pipe Support Design Considerations for Hydrocarbon Facilities
Authors: Nirmal Surendran Menon

Insurgent Attitude of Jammu and Kashmir State
Authors: Mudasir Hamid

Spectrophotometric Determination of Tin (IV) in Solder and Brass Using 6-[(E)-(1,5-Dimethyl-3-Oxo-2-Phenyl-2,3-Dihydro-1h-Pyrazol-4-Yl)Diazenyl]-1h-Indole-2,3-Dione
Authors: Chinyere Evans Eledalachi, Okenwa Jude Chukwudi, Ukoha Pius Oziri

The Study of the Model to Predict Incidence of Epidural Anaesthesia Conversion to General Anaesthesia using Pulse Oximetry Technology during Lower Segment Caesarean Section Surgery
Authors: Zafri Yusoff

Critical Thinking Skill Improvement Using Problem Based Learning (PBL) Model of 4th Grade Students of Elementary School
Authors: Cici Monalisa, Yuni Ahda, Yanti Fitria

Fixed Asset Revaluation: Decision Making
Authors: Jefriyanto, Hadri Mulya

Estimating Social Opinion Dynamics Models from Voting System
Authors: Divya, Rashmi Mohan, Cynthiya Priyadharshini

The Effect of Poor Surface Drainage Structure on Pavement Performance - A Case Study
Authors: Getu Tamiru, Palani Ponnurangam

Evaluation of Dyspepsia with Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopy - Single Centre Study from South India
Authors: Dr. R. R. Kannan, Dr. C. C. Nandhini, Dr. A. Charles Stephen Raja Singh

Design of PFC Smart Charger for Electric Vehicle Application
Authors: R. Poornima, S. Gowtham

Fall Risk Prevention: A Serious Concern for Hospitalized Elderly
Authors: Kodi Malar .S, Deol Rupinder, Belsiyal Xavier C

Determination of Bromate and Iodate from Bread and Flour by Ion Chromatography
Authors: Dr. Chetan Chavan, Chanakya Thaker, Chetan Chaudhari

Noval Oral Anticoagulants - Review of Articles
Authors: Mukunda Kumar, Nishant Sinha, Sumedha Gargy, Danish Nadeem

Submental Abscess that Extend to Bilateral Submandibular Region after Treatment of Symphysis Mandible Fracture: A Case Report
Authors: Annisya Muharty, Endang Sjamsudin, Winarno Priyanto

Case Report-Rhabdomyosarcoma Masquerading Lymphoma
Authors: Dr. Savitri Kumari, Dr. Bansari Patel, Dr. Shabnamipli, Dr. Yatri Pandya

Effect Working Capitalmanagementpractices On Financial Performance in Manufucure Companies in Mogadishu Somalia
Authors: Ali Abdulkadir Osman Jama
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