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The New Regulation on Asset Management in China and Its Influence on the Financial Industry
Authors: Yang Pengbo, Liu Han

Vertebral Haemangioma Causing Acute Compressive Myelopathy Case Study
Authors: Rohita Chitithoti, T V S Siva Kumar, M. Sri Hari Babu

How to Evaluate the Helpfulness of Product Review
Authors: Alhassane Traore, Dr. Zhang Qiang

A Study on the Organizational Climate with Respect to Software Companies, Bangalore
Authors: Suhasini R, Dr. T Suganthalakshmi

The Effects of Major Organic Compound Found in Roots and Biological Exudates Influencing Liquid Transport in Soil
Authors: Danladi Samaila

Assessment of Dental Anxiety towards Dental Care among Patients Attending Dental Institution in Bengaluru City
Authors: Padma K Bhat, Mamatha Murthy, Jayachandra M.Y, Rajkumari Surbala Devi, Sushma S.G

Influence of Sex on Academic Achievements in the Department of Sciences and Techniques of Physical and Sport Activities (STAPS / INJEPS / UAC)
Authors: EDOH Koffi Pierrot, BIGA Boukari Alassane

Study of Comparison between Skin Sutures and Skin Staplers: 200 Studies
Authors: Dr. Sathish Rajkumar, Dr. Arul Raj, Dr. Saravanan .P .S

An Assessment of the Impact of Kainji Lake National Park in Ecotourism Development in Niger State
Authors: Maryam Abdullahi, Ahmad Balarabe Sa'id, Lantana Abiodun Nnaji

Economic Development in Jammu and Kashmir: New Initiatives and Technological Innovations with Special Reference to Agriculture (1947-2000)
Authors: Mohd Ashraf Wani

Comparative Waste Analysis and Characterization Study (WACS) among the Selected Rural Areas in the Northern Part of Mindanao, Philippines
Authors: Enteria Odinah, Orig Aaron

Occupational Health and Safety (OSH) Implementation Study at Inpatient Room at Tidore Islands City?s Regional Public Hospital (RPH)
Authors: Kartini M Ali

Impact of Pradhan Mantri Jan-Dhan Yojan (PMJDY) on Financial Inclusion in India: An Overview
Authors: Dr. Surappa Naik

Formulation of Organically Enriched Soil Media and Analysis of Organic Matter (Carbon): A Biomaterial for Sustainable Agricultural Practices
Authors: Dr. Urmila Sarkar, Sensei Surendra Sawardekar

Physico-Chemical Analysis of Water from Different Sources in the Greater Port Harcourt City Development Area (GPHCDA) of Rivers State, Nigeria
Authors: Anyalebechi Onyebuchi, Ogobiri Godwin, Igbudu Onukwurumege

The Influence of Social Support and Learning Motivation on Self Confidence at Vocational High School (SMK) Multicomp Students in Depok
Authors: Asmy Elviana, Risroni Ida Sagala, Christina Wandini

Enhancing Security and Speed of Sha-192 with Higher Avalanche

Continuous Development and Green Construction
Authors: Nitish Kumar Sharma, Sumit Kalra

Study and Designing of Single Basin Solar Still for Soldiers in Remote Area
Authors: Singh Sandeep

Rich Environments for Language Competence and Narrative ability in Early Childhood Development Settings
Authors: Rose Mugweni

HLH Syndrome: A Case Report
Authors: Sahithi Kilaru, Sadhna Sharma

Comparative Analysis Study of Efficacy of Papanicolaousmear & Leishman-Giemsa Cytological Technique in the Diagnosis of Oral Neoplastic Lesions
Authors: Agrawal Apurva, Kumar Kaushal, Singh Hari Chandra, Agrawal Kailash Chandra

Study on Preparation of Coconut burfi Fortified with Beetroot (Beetroot Burfi)
Authors: Firdos A. Shaikh, Rohini H. Patil, Somnath D. Savalkar

Adaptation Assessment of Introduced Soybean Varieties in Kabul Climatic Conditions
Authors: Wakil Ahmad Sarhadi, Wahida Yosofzai, Mohammad Hakim Osmani, Mawya Masomi, Kim Tungate, Mohammad Naseer Ahadi, Steven Kwon

Parking Demand and Supply Analysis: A Case Study of Arat-kilo to Piassa Road
Authors: Biruk Mulu

Survey of Tree Species Used in Erosion Control and their Characteristics in Kaduna Metropolis
Authors: Ogunkalu O. A, Adedapo J.O, Osunsina O
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