Downloading: The People of Villupuram District - An Overview
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The People of Villupuram District - An Overview

V. Vijayarangam

Abstract: This paper focuses its attention on the people of Villupram district. It is concentrates mainly on the study of various races of mankind. No district can be understood fully without knowing the people who inhabit it. In spite of what has been done after independence, caste plays an important role in the village life. Occupation is to a large extent decided on the basis of caste. The more important communities in Villupuram district are agricultural communities such as the Vanniars, Karkatha Vellalas, Idayars, Malaimans and Nathamans (Udayars), Kapus (Reddis) and Malayalees. Likewise the Paraiyars are the only Agricultural Labouring Community in the district. Similarly Balijas and Arya Vysyas formed the trading communities. Likewise the Kaikolas and Devangar are grouped under the weaving communities. Besides, there are Artisan and village servicing communities such as Ambattan, Asaris, Kusavan, Oddars, Sembadavan, Vaniyars and Vannans and others include Brahmins, Muslims and Christians who settled in almost all parts of Villupuram district. Villupuram district is naturally a well-flourished and fertile agricultural tract offering settlement to different communities. The various communities and religious sects residing in this area, lead a peaceful life without any commercial rift, and follow cultural unity among themselves.

Keywords: Christians, Community, Hindus, Muslims and People