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Seroprevalence of Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C Virus, and Risk Perception among Healthy Adults in Western Region, Nepal
Authors: Tiwari Bishnu Raj, Gurung Krishna, Rai Mamita Khaling, Shah Gyanendra Bikram

The Effect of Budget Participation on Budgetary Slack with Organizational Commitments and Love of Money as Moderation
Authors: I Gede Putu Pundarika, A.A.N.B Dwirandra

Ferritin: A Complementary Tool to PSA in Diagnosis and Differentiation of Ca Prostrate with BPH
Authors: Vibha Sushilendu, Uday Kumar

Development of Designs from Sculptures of Amaravathi for Application on Kameez Material
Authors: Beeram. Suvarna, Dr. D. Anitha

Ergonomic Tools Used for the Enhancement in MSMEs
Authors: Soyal Mohammed, Parveen Sharma

Peripheral Arterial Disease More Prevalent in Chronic Kidney Disease Patients (STAGE III-V)
Authors: Vinod Kumar, Kulbhushan Badyal, Ritu Bhagat

Conceptualizing the Plan of Action Advancement Build - The Examination of Development Related Capacities and Process Structure of Plan of Action Change Dependent on an Administration Predominant Rationale Worldview
Authors: Aniqua Shaqran

Knowledge Management in Fashion and Clothing Context: the Purchasing Process of an Industry as an Object of Verification
Authors: Marcio Jose Silva, Claudia Herrero Martins Menegassi

Hospital Air Handling Unit Selection with AHP Method in Turkey
Authors: M. Benan Yazicioglu, Oguz Borat, Osman Yazicioglu

Advanced Modeling and Analysis of Plate and Inverted Umbrella Roof Shell Using Ansys
Authors: S. S. Kadam, G. R. Gandhe, D. H. Tupe

A Rarest Presentation of Chondromyxoid Fibroma in Proximal Ulna
Authors: Dr. Mazharuddin Ali Khan, Dr. Patlolla Karthik Reddy, Dr. Shaik Feroz Ahmed

Mining Top-k High Utility Itemset using Efficient Algorithms
Authors: Pramod Pardeshi, Ujwala Patil

Authentic Assessment; the Implementation and the Teachers' Problems in Teaching Speaking
Authors: Humairatul Khairiyah, Jufrizal, Yenni Rozimela

Tridosha Siddhanta
Authors: Dr. V. Vineetha

Development of Student Worksheets Based on Integrated Models in Students Class I Elementary School
Authors: Sri Wahyuni Siregar, Risda Amini

Analysis and Design of Drug Sales Systems Based on E-Commerce at Pt. Kreanova Pharmaret (Apotek Roxy)
Authors: Munawir

Effectiveness of Kinesio Taping on Pain and Functional Disability in Grade I and Grade II Knee Osteoarthritis: A Randomized Controlled Trial
Authors: Apurva Tankhiwale, Shilpa Chourasia, Arti Kumkumwar, Ishita Kulkarni

Histopathological Evaluation of Endometrial Tissue in Abnormal Uterine Bleeding
Authors: Dr Ritu Bhagat, Dr Chiterlekha Kundal, Dr Subhash Bhardwaj

Law Enforcement in Indonesia: History, Progress and Public's Trust
Authors: Dr. Boy Nurdin

Designing Permission Leave Application at PT Omega Group
Authors: Muhammad Yadi

The Impact of Micro-Credit on the Development of Female Entrepreneurship in DR Congo
Authors: Nzuzi Bangika Maguy

Effectiveness of School Based Physical Activity on Overweight Children - Prospective Cross Sectional Study Design
Authors: Dr. Ritu R. Lomte, Dr. Keerthi Rao, Nilashri Naik

Phenomenon of Women Artists in Entertainment of Music Night Single Orgent in Adolescents 2x11 Kayutanam Kabupaten Padang Pariaman
Authors: Dian Alamanda, Fitri Eriyanti, Erianjoni

Accentuating Beauty of Rural Tourism in Odisha - A Case Study of an Artesian Village Raghurajpur, Puri
Authors: Anjali V. Narad, Priya Raut

70 Years of Undiagnosed Acromegaly & Treatment with Cabergoline
Authors: Dr Isha Singh, Dr Shylaja Someshwar, Dr Hemangi Jerajani

Melia dubia Valorization at 4, 5- and 6-year Age for Pulp and Paper Production
Authors: Deepika, Kumar Anupam, Priti Shivhare Lal

Assessment of Social Health in Elderly
Authors: Dr Abu Hasan Sarkar, Dr Anoop Dev, Dr Mahidul Islam

Human Factors and Ergonomics, their Effects on the Effectiveness of E-learning at Rongo University, Kenya
Authors: Amuomo Nixon

Water: Resources Utilization and Conservations (Outer Himalayan in Dehradun Valley UK
Authors: Pooja Sharma

The Corpus Callosum Agenesis, Antenatal Diagnosis: A Case Report, 2018, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Eastern region, Alahsa
Authors: Latifa Buhmail, Malak Alali

Dimensional Metrology by Digital image Processing using Labview
Authors: Shashi K. Singh, Vibhash S. Sisodia

Risks of Workplace Violence against Healthcare Providers in Jordan
Authors: Lara Younes Aldeabes, Baraa Mahmoud Alautyat, Dr. Hesham Al-Momani

A Study of Fetal Outcome in Oligohydramnios
Authors: Dr Viral Modi, Dr Annvi Shah, Dr Bakul L. Leuva, Dr Prakirti Verma

The Effect of Peer Conformity to Cheating Behavior with Self-Efficacy as a Mediator in Class Xi Students in SMK Diponegoro 1 Rawamangun East Jakarta
Authors: Erni Dayanti S.S, Fitri Widyawati S.Kom, Dr. Lies Setiawati, SU Psikolog

Initiation and Recent Status of Mobile Banking in Bangladesh
Authors: Shahjady Sultana

Development of Show Arts Industry in Indonesia
Authors: Mohammad Benny Alexandri

Change in Higher Education; How to Fail? How to Succeed?
Authors: Dr Mossab Saud Alholiby

Consumption Pattern and Poverty in Central Java
Authors: John Jaya Abdillah, Vinc. Hadi Wiyono, Bhimo Rizky Samudro

An Informative Study of Project Management Constraints
Authors: Usman Ali Khan

Load Exercise Implementation Method of Circuit Training on Phase Conversion Power for Unimed Tarung Derajat Athletes Preparation of National Student Sport Weeks
Authors: Bangun Setia Hasibuan, Muhammad Chairad

Achievements, Ability and Conditions of Psychological PPLP Coach of North Sumatera Province in 2018
Authors: Agung Sunarno

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of a Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding Home Based Care of Mentally Retarded Children among Caregivers in Selected Special Schools
Authors: Hrushikesh Patil

Influence of Work-Family Conflict Onorganizational Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior (Study at the Manpower and Transmigration Department of West Nusa Tenggara Province)
Authors: Catur Zuliyanto, Hermanto, Siti Nurmayanti

Second order Polynomial Curve Fitting for Length- weight Relationship of Catlacatla from Munj Sagar Talab Dhar, Madhya Pradesh (India)
Authors: Amita Dagaonkar, Man Mohan Prakash, Nagesh Dagaonkar

Focusing on Chain Actor Practices to Improve Post-Harvest Product Handling: The Case of the Pineapple Value Chain in South Western Uganda
Authors: Collins Inno Sebuuwufu, Grace Rugunda Kagoro, Brigetta Kauffman

Sustainable Solid Waste Management
Authors: Nilofar Saifi

A Study of Relationship between Serum Calcium Levels and the Occurrence and Severity of Post-Partum Hemorrhage
Authors: Sheema, Suhail Rafiq

A Study on Endometrial Carcinoma Cases in a Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Saravanan B, Gomathi S, Rajavelu Indira

Management of Right Parasymphysis and Condylus Mandible Fracture with Combination Open and Closed Reduction: A Case Report
Authors: Fajar Rezandaru, Endang Syamsudin,Winarno Priyanto, Fathurachman

Assessment of Adoption of Conservation Agriculture in Roma Valley, Lesotho
Authors: P.D. Sesoai, M.A.O Akintunde, K.J.B. Keregero

Histopathological Spectrum of Cervical Malignancies
Authors: Dr. Chiterlekha Kundal, Dr. Ritu Bhagat

Impact of Surrogacy (Regulation) Bill, 2016 on Surrogacy in India
Authors: Sheeja .J

Vehicle to Vehicle Communication-Pothole Detection Application using CAN Protocols and IOT for Safer and Secure City
Authors: Snehal Patil

Implementation of QKD-VTCPABE Security Model for Treasury Information System-E-Governance
Authors: Dr. Ramineni Sivarama Prasad, Gurram Veera Raghavaiah

Music Recommendation System Based on Artist Relatedness and Audio Similarity
Authors: G. A. Vida Mastrika Giri, A.A.I. Ngurah Eka Karyawati

Factors Influencing Resource Allocation on Strategy Implementation in Deposits taking Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies in Meru County
Authors: Catherine Mwamba, Dr. Kubaison Simon, Dr. Anne Kariuki

Treatment of Anteriorcrossbite and Tongue-Thrusting Habitin Early Mixed Dentition with a Series of Removable Orthodontic Appliances
Authors: Endah Mardiati, Eky Setiawan Soeria Soemantri, Himawan Halim

Pulmonary Hypertension
Authors: Ravneet

Development of Teaching Materials for Thematic Companions Based on Problem Based Learning Models in Theme 3 Figure and Discovery in Grade 6th Elementary School
Authors: Andi Ardiman, Mega Iswari, Farida F

Construction Cost Overrun Related Risks and Completion of Public Private Partnership Projects in Kenya: A Case of Sondu-Miriu Hydropower Project
Authors: Pamela Akinyi Oyieyo, Charles M. Rambo, Dr. Anne Ndiritu

Impact of MGNREGA on Rural Labour Migration-A Study
Authors: Nagesha B

Awareness, Attitude and Practice of Blood Donation among Primary Health Care Attendees in National Guard King Abdulaziz Hospital - Al Ahsa Saudi Arabia, 2017
Authors: Dr. Ali Hamad Al Marri, Dr. Abdulrahman Abdulatif Al Arafj, Dr. Mohammed Al Jamaan, Dr. Yasser El-Medany

Legal Politics for the Establishment of Regional Regulations in Realizing the Development of the National Legal System
Authors: Salle, La Ode Husen, Said Sampara

Examination of the Level of Responsiveness's Towards Occupational Hazards among Pedo Staff at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Dr. Mohammed Saeed M Alqahtani

Design, Modification and Analysis of Sheet Metal Bending on Bending Machine
Authors: Rutvik Patel, Tirth Vaghasia, Kishan Kotadiya, Raj Vaghani

Prospective Study of Effect of Prophylactic Retention Sutures in Midline Laparotomy in High Risk Patient for Prevention of Wound Dehiscence
Authors: Ashoka Chakravarthi .D, Ram Praveen .P

Generic Lossless Visible Watermarking
Authors: Kushmeen P. Gurudatte, Manju D. Pawar

Survey of MIMO Application for Compact and Planer UWB Antenna
Authors: Dr. Anita Keshav Patil

Network Security: A Brief Overview of Evolving Strategies and Challenges
Authors: Francis Aidan Ruambo

Interconnected Power Transmission Network of Chattogram Circle: A Survey
Authors: Rubana Hoque Chowdhury, Mohammad Ismail Hossain, Sazzad Hossain, Muhammad Liakat Ali

Review on Assessment of Risk and Complications of Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Sitaram Swain, Susant Kumar Biswal, Prafulla Kumar Mohanty

Role of Motivational Enhancement Therapy & Progressive Muscle Relaxation in Opioid Dependent Patients
Authors: Shefeena Jacob, Dr. Shikha Sharma

Resistin: A New Link in the Old Tale
Authors: Dr. Devata Kiranmai, Dr. Nisha K.J

Modeling and Analysis of a Disc Brake
Authors: K. N. V. Sreedevi, P. Radha Krisha Prasad, M. V. S. Murali Krishna, Jaswant Nag Gangireddy

An Overview of Weight-Based Clustering in MANETs
Authors: Bassim A. Jumaa, Mustafa M. Hadi

Plant Diversity in Mural Habitats of Bishnupur Town, Bankura District, West Bengal
Authors: Saurav Paul

Frequency Analysis of Rainfall Data of Dharamshala Region
Authors: Nitish Kumar Sharma, Swedika Sharma

Knowledge, Practices, Nutritional Value and Periodontal Disease Status among Type 2 Diabetes Patients-A Cross Sectional Study
Authors: Dr. Saravanan .A .V, Dr. Sibyl .S, Dr. Veena Vijayakumar, Dr. Lakshmirathan

Clinico-pathological Study of Skin Adnexal Tumours
Authors: Vaidik Shrivastava, V. M. Mulay, R. S. Bindu

Prosthetic Rehabilitation of Severely Attrited Dentition with Removable Overlay Denture - A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Dipankar Pal

Academic Stress, Psychiatric Morbidity and Coping Strategies of Adolescents
Authors: Senthil Nayaki Ramasubbu, Jaya Mohanraj

Azathioprine Induced Septicemia and Pancytopenia
Authors: Ameez S Khan, Vidya V Nair, Dr. Ganesan M.

Decortication is Better Treatment Option in Chronic Pleural Empyema
Authors: Nishit Ranjan, Akanchha Kumari, Sanjeev Kumar, Lakshmi Sinha

A Prospective Observational Study on Clinical Profile of Dengue in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Dr. Vaddi Vidya Deepak, Dr. G. Harish Chowdary, Dr. G. Swarna Latha Devi

Value Chain Analysis of Tomato: A Case Study in Jessore District of Bangladesh
Authors: Dr. Paresh Kumar Sarma, M. H. Ali

Facial Recognition by using Local Binary Patterns Histograms (LBPH) using OpenCV in Java SE for a System of Assistance Control
Authors: Ing. Rodrigo Tlapa Gonzalez, M.C. Jose Juan Hernandez Mora, Ing. Rene Cuamatzi Briones, M.C. Juan Ramos Ramos

Cloud-Based Disaster Management Using Mobile Edge Computing Mechanism
Authors: Arunavo Dey, Nahid Anwar

Patterns of Adverse Transfusion Reactions related to Blood and Blood Components in a Tertiary Care Centre: A Step towards Hemovigilance
Authors: Dr. Prerna Arora

A Study on Green Marketing: Opportunities and Challenges
Authors: Venkatesh .R

Effect of Replacement of Concentrate Mixture with Mulberry (Morus indica) Variety V-1 on Blood Parameters and Economics of Feeding
Authors: A.T. Shinde, S. N. Jadhav, M. A. Bhoyarkar

Adopting Technology and UDL in Enhancing Effectiveness of Teaching Learning Process
Authors: Nitu Ghosh

Enhancement of Inter-Vehicular Communication through a New Bandwidth Optimization Technique to Optimize the Performance of VANETs
Authors: Md. Torikur Rahman

The Miracle of Self Realization: A View from "I" Perspective
Authors: Dr. Koyel Koley

Instability in Onion Production and Marketing in Maharashtra
Authors: Ankush Kamble, Utkarsh Tiwari

Microbial Reduction of Nutrients from Combined Industrial and Muncipal Wastewater
Authors: Gokul Nath U, Sona Thahseen CK

Reshaping Rural Sphere, Village Pachgaon: An Impact of Amity Education Valley
Authors: Pallavi Sharma

EFL Teachers' Difficulties in Implementing Authentic Assessment in Reading at SMAN in Padang Panjang
Authors: Mira Mardiah Hasan, Yenni Rozimela, Ratmanida

Effect of Two Different Cavity Disinfectants on Microleakage in Class II Cavities Restored with Composite Using Eighth Gen Bonding Agent - An Invitro Study
Authors: Dr Uday Kamath, Dr. Trupti Shetty

Evidence based Homoeopathy: Case Report of Vitiligo
Authors: Dr. Ashish P. Shivadikar

Studies on the Effect of Land Configuration & Weed Management Practices on Different Growth & Yield Parameters of Rabi Planted Chickpea (Cicerarietinum)
Authors: Devashish Singh Rawat
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