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The Linguistic Norms of the Grapheme Editing Module
Authors: Abzhalova Manzura Abdurashetovna

Credit Risk Management and Bank Performance Case Study Commercial Banks in Mogadishu Somalia
Authors: Anab Ali Farah

Productivity Improvement in Clutch Friction Disc (CFD) Manufacturing by Doing Automation
Authors: Shakti Malik

Biodiversity-Global, National and Karnataka State Status
Authors: Dr. G. M. Sajjanar

Are Fetuses Being with any Moral Rights? A Perspective from Abortion
Authors: Dr. Koyel Koley

A Comparative Study of Tailored Lateral Sphincterotomy versus Lateral Sphincterotomy for Chronic Fissure in Ano
Authors: Ashoka Chakravartrhi .D, Mahendran .R

Relevance of Dvaita Vedanta in the Present Days
Authors: Dr. Koyel Koley

Disaster Management and Housing Geography of Srinagar Metropolis - The Case of 'A City of Environmental Vulnerabilities'
Authors: Dr Tawseef Yousuf

Status of Subsurface Water Quality of Different Sampling Stations with Respect to Some Physico-Chemical Parameters at Betul City, (M.P.)
Authors: Dr. D. S. Saluja

Interrelationships between Ki67, p53 with ER, PR & HER2/neu, Status and their Associations with Tumor Grade in Infiltrating Duct Carcinoma Breast
Authors: Dr. Shikha Ghanghoria, Dr. Sachin Sharma, Dr. Ishrat Jahan, Amit Jain

Awareness and Practice of Breast Self Examination among Women in Urban Puducherry
Authors: Archana S K, Srikanth S, Arthi M

Data Analyser GUI
Authors: Hardik Goel, Tushar Ahuja

Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on Knowledge Related to Otitis Media among the Mothers of Admitted Infants in Pediatric Wards
Authors: Rokesh Thorat

Analysis of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness in Phacomorphic Glaucoma
Authors: Dr. Sanjay Sharma, Dr. Preeti Sharma, Dr. Shrey Khanna, Dr. Rohan Bowry

Determination of the Level of Ochratoxin A and The Merchantability Criteria of Ivoirian Green Coffee Intended for Exportation
Authors: Adama Coulibaly, Mamadou Dosso, Komissiri Dagnogo, Ysidor N'guessan Konan, Ardjouma Dembele, Henri Marius Godi Biego

Management of Clavicular Fractures
Authors: Onuoha K. M., Omotola .O .E, Osadolor .O, Onuoha C.E.O, Adegbehingbe O. O.

Comparison of Structural Behaviour of Building Before and After Application of Damper
Authors: Riya Kasliwal, Dr. Mohan Gupta

A Two Proteins ?
Authors: Dr. Shruti Jani

The Effect of Group Investigation (GI) Model Toward Activities and Results of Learning Social Studies in Class V MIN 3 Padang
Authors: Witra El Yusra, M Fachri Adnan, Alwen Bentri

Multidemensional Ecology Index a Tool to Assess Ecological Factors Influencing Nutritional Status
Authors: Anjali Devi C

The Structural, Morphological and Superconducting Properties of Co Doped Polycrystalline YBCO123 Superconductor Produced by Solidstate Reaction Method
Authors: Abdul Rhman Rajab Ali NEFROW

Grammatical Difficulties of Translation in English and Tajik Languages
Authors: Nazarzoda Mahmud, Saidov Halimjon

Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al-20 wt% Si-9 wt% Fe-1.2 wt% Nb Alloy by the Addition of 6 wt%Ni
Authors: M. Fatih Kilicaslan, Salaheddin Altaib

Evaluation of Cases of Genital Malignancies in Female at Rajendra Institute of Medical Sciences, Ranchi, Jharkhand
Authors: Dr. Chandmuni Kumari, Dr. Chandra Jyoti, Dr. Manoj Kumar, Dr. Kiran Trivedi

Skills Utilization and Developed Perception on Performance in Farming by Secondary School Agriculture Graduates in Kangundo District, Kenya
Authors: Dr. Stephen Kyalo Mutiso

Emerging Needs and Importance of Green Supply Chain Management - A Case Study
Authors: Raj Kumar Malik, Dr. Gyanesh Kumar Sinha

Physico-Chemical Study of Kolar Reservoir on its Potable Quality
Authors: Shrikant Gangwar, Kalpana Dave, Ashwani Wanganeo

Investigate of Analgesic Activity of Ethanolic Extract of Leaves of Epiphyllum Oxypetalum
Authors: P Hemasoundarya, A Narendra Babu

Assessment of Dietary Intake and Physical Activity of School Going Children in District Kangra Himachal Pradesh
Authors: Uttara Singh, Anamika Kashyap

The Error Correction Learning with Delta Rule
Authors: Jogimol Joseph

American Strategy in the Middle East between the Fixed and Variable in the Era of Trump
Authors: Dr. Khalid Hashim Mohammed

Analysis and Performance of Active Islanding Method for Grid-Tied High Penetrated Photovoltaic Systems
Authors: M. Vinay Kumar, U. Salma

An Implementation of Resourceful Smart Application with Geo Location
Authors: Sandhiraj D, Suresh Babu A, Vinod D

Mandibulo - Maxillary Fixation Screws - For Maxillofacial Fractures
Authors: Sristi Jha

Modelled Approach of Avionics LRUs for System Health Management
Authors: Bhargavi G S, Joshua Daniel Raj

Study of Work Ability Durability and Strength of Concrete Using Silica Fume
Authors: Kuldeep Bhatt, Shubham Singh

Analysis of Factors Affecting Food Price Fluctuations in Rwanda
Authors: Ntegereze Peter, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi

Particle Swarm Intelligence Based Reduction Method Applied to Power System Descriptor Models
Authors: Seema Das, Deepika Bhalla

Practicality of Learning Sets Based on Flipped Classroom to Increase Students Mathematical Critical Thinking Ability in Class XI High School
Authors: Triwani, Edwin Musdi, Yerizon

Servo Controlled EyeBall
Authors: Abhishek Mukesh Prasad, Rochelle D'lima

Detection of Chitinase on Chitin Agar Plates
Authors: Kumkum Verma, Neelam Garg

Laparoscopic Resection of Ancient Schwannoma of the Small Bowel
Authors: Luigi Masoni, Leandro Landi, Riccardo Maglio

Bacterial Pneumonia: Comparison between Diabetics and Non-Diabetics
Authors: Dr. M. Vamsi Krishna, Dr. G. Swarna Latha Devi, Dr. J. Dattu Raj

Effectiveness of Peer Tutor in Improving Knowledge about Teenagers Reproductive Health in Religion-Based
Authors: Titik Sumiatin, Wahyu Tri Ningsih

Adverse Donor Reaction During and After Blood Donation at Tertiary Care Center-An Observational Study
Authors: Dr. Vijay Kapse, Dr. Vanita Bhaskar, Dr. Renuka Gahine, Dr. Apurva Agarwal

TiO2: Au (Titanium Dioxide Conjugated Gold) Crystals as the Biomimetic Oxidase for Rapid and Sensitive Oxalate Detection Combining with Bionic E-Eye
Authors: K. Gayathiridevi, G. Pasupathi

Bipolar Disorder - An Overview
Authors: Dr. Burra Vijitha, D. Bharathi, K. Nagalakshmamma

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Activities on Quality of Life among Elderly Residing at Selected Old Age Home
Authors: Hemangi HM

Optimizing Relative Height of Transformer Windings for Least Electromagnetic Forces
Authors: Deepika Bhalla, Raj Kumar Bansal, Hari Om Gupta

Impact of Use Print and E-Resources by Undergraduate Students in Engineering colleges of Mysore District: A Study
Authors: Naveen Kumar H. D., Dr. M Doraswamy

Women Empowerment in India Vis-'A-Vis Sex Ratio
Authors: P. Jyothi

Characterization of 0/20 Silexite Material for Use in Bedding or Bonding Layer
Authors: Souleymane Mbengue, Djibril Sow, Makhali Ba, Ibrahima Khalil Cisse

Efficacy of Inhalational Devices Utilization and Quality of Life in Mild to Severe Asthma
Authors: Aiswarya G, Keerthi Rameshan, Nafeesa Fathin Abdul Salam S.V, Rineesha Razak P.P, Dr. N. Premkumar, Dr. Manoj D.K

Our Experience of Voice Therapy in Patients of Benign Vocal Lesions Post Micro-Laryngeal Surgery
Authors: Dr. Babaaijaz Khaliq, Dr. Nadhia Bhagat, Dr. Bilalshafiq Dar, Dr. Nissar Ahmad Dar, Kounsar Mir

Incorporating K-Means Clustering, DWT and Neural Network for Image Segmentation
Authors: Neelesh Singh Rajput, Shalini Sahay

Assessment of Mental Well-Being and Self-Care Abilities of Patients Suffering from Chronic Respiratory Illness
Authors: S. Nitika, T. K. Ajesh, P Rashmi

An Overview of the Objectives and their Characteristics in Groups of 16-19 Years in the Middle Schools of Tirana
Authors: Rajmonda Bara

Research of the Most Suitable Conditions for the Replication of Lawsonia inermis L. in Togo
Authors: Benziwa Nathalie Johnson, Marie-Luce Akossiwoa Quashie, Raoufou Radji, Kokou Kouami

Kashmir Issue and Media Representation
Authors: Aadil Altaf Lone

One Size Fits All: Models of Education, Historical and Contextual Issues within South Africa
Authors: Michael Workman

The Effect of Summarizing Strategy on the Students? Reading Comprehension at Tenth Grade Students at SMAN 9 Padang
Authors: Veby Febriani, Mukhaiyar, Kurnia Ningsih

Fighting Stress with Root Canal
Authors: Anu Vashisht

ESP to Achieve Engineers Desired Skills: A Bangladeshi Classroom Perspective
Authors: Fahmeda Zarin

Skewness and Kurtosis of Exponential-Uniform Generating Families of Continuous Distributions
Authors: P. Jyothi, N. Rajendra Prasad

Girl Child Dropout in Primary Education in Tral Tehsil of District Pulwama, J & K
Authors: Nilofer Jan, Neerja Sharma

Secure: Self-Protection Approach in Cloud Resource Management
Authors: Sangeetha G M, Lavanya S, Prashanth

An Analysis of Women Empowerment in Various Fields in India
Authors: Nagappa L H

Molecular Sieves as Green Heterogeneous Acidic Catalyst for Esterification Reaction
Authors: Anita Tilve, Dominic S. Dias, Chandan Amonkar

Surgically induced Astigmatism in SICS and Phacoemulsification
Authors: Dr. Tejaswi .G

Anthelmentic Activity of Crude Ethanolic Extract of Euphorbia Hirta in Indian Earthworm Pheretima Posthuma
Authors: Urmila. P. Jangale

Consumer Preference of Choosing E-Payment System for Online Shopping Using Conjoint Analysis
Authors: Belva Damario Harsono, Refi Rifaldi Windya Giri ST.

Implementation of Total Productive Maintenance in Automotive Chain Manufacturing Industry: A Case Study
Authors: G. D. Shelke, M. Javed, S.D. Walde

Prospective Study on Efficacy of Mastectomy Flap Quilting Sutures in Reducing Post Modified Radical Mastectomy Seroma Formation
Authors: Dr. Ashoka Chakravarthy.D, Dr. Balaji. M. K

A Survey of Sorghum Covered Kernel Smut Disease Infection in Western Kenya
Authors: C. Okongo, E. Oumaand S. Gudu

A Comparative Analysis of Farmers Rights under Ethiopian and Indian Law
Authors: Mohammed Nure Gobena, D. Surya Prakasa Rao

A Novel Method for Load Balancing In Cloud Computing: Round Robin with Floyd-Warshall Algorithm
Authors: Nikhat Azhar, Mohd. Haroon

Evaluation of Contrast Media Parameters for Pulmonary Angiograph in Sudanese Population using Deferent Multidetector CT Scanning
Authors: Musab Mergani Abdallah, Wadah. M. Ali

Analysis and Design of Sprocket Driven Transmission System
Authors: Pushkar Badawane, Riddhesh Bandre, Laukik Kharche

The Influence of Relaxation Music Therapy with Binaural Beat Effect on Salivary Alpha Amylase Enzyme as an Indicator of Dental Anxiety in Patient who Will Undergo Surgical Odontectomy
Authors: Daisy Wulansari, Jenadi Binarto, Indra Hadikrishna, Endang Syamsudin

Principal for Teaching Vietnamese Language as a Second Language in Taiwan, Case Study in Feng Chia University
Authors: Thanh Van Hoang, Cindy Huey-nah Chou

Composition and Association of Vegetation with Medicinal Plant Pikajar (Schizaeadigitata) in Meratus Mountain, South Kalimantan, Indonesia
Authors: Yudi Firmanul Arifin, Wira Amirina, Eva Prihatiningtyas, Siti Hamidah

A Study on Popularity of Various Utilities of E-Payment Mechanism among Students
Authors: Saviour F

Interceptive Ortodontics Using Growth Modification Method with Twin Block Functional Appliance: A Case Report
Authors: Vidyana Pratiwi, Iwan Ahmad

Anterior Crowding Treatment with Interproximal Enamel Reduction (IER) Technique of Orthodontics Treatment: Case Report
Authors: Selvia Yunita, Eriska Riyanti

Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Health Teaching regarding Prevention of Foot Ulcer among type II Diabetes Mellitus Patients
Authors: Priyanka Bhavsar

Psychological Distress and Amputees: Review of Predictors and Impacts on Clinical Practice
Authors: Eyisi I. Meek

Evaluation of Acceptability, Safety, and Expulsion Rate of Post Placental and Intra Caesarean Insertion of Intrauterine Contraceptive Devices (PPIUCD)
Authors: Dr. S. Mallika, Dr. S.Valarmathi

Prevalence of Anemia in Pregnancy: A Retrospective Study at Tertiary Care Hospital in Sivagangai, Tamilnadu, India
Authors: S. Mallika, Valarmathi

The Effect of Peer Corrective Feedback on the Tenth Grade Students ?Writing Ability of Descriptive Text at SMA Pertiwi 1 Padang
Authors: Rahma Kurnia Ilahi, Kurnia Ningsih, Desvalini Anwar

Closure of Pfannenstiel Skin Incisions in Cesarean Sections: Comparison of Wound Outcomes with Interrupted Mattress vs. Subcuticular Suture: A Prospective Study at Tertiary Care Hospital, Sivagangai, Tamilnadu, India
Authors: S. Mallika, S. Valarmathi

Augmented Reality Based Book Visualization Using Marker Based Technique
Authors: Bhaskar Kapoor, Eeshaan Raaj Kalra, Deepak Navaria

Study of Generation of Electrical Energy from Ocean Waves
Authors: Shruti Patil, Jitesh Thakare

Comparison of India's Indirect Tax Regime with Malaysia and Singapore
Authors: Yateen D, Namrata N

Urban Transformations of Totalitarian Space in Tirana Skanderbeg Square
Authors: Eled Fagu, Anisa Qorri

An Unusual Case of Hemoptysis in a Child
Authors: Amit Kumar Baghel, Eti Udenyia, Gunjan Kela

Modified Filtering Scheme for Medical Image
Authors: Shashi Kumar, Vibhash S. Sisodia, Urfa Mustaq

Crisis in Treasury: Himalayan Ecosystem, Life for All
Authors: Aakib Farooq Matta

Anthropometric Study of Knee Joint in Anterior Cruciate Ligament Insufficient Knees using Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Authors: Prathyush Chitithoti, Vella Sandeep, A. Srinivasa Rao

Jamun Wine
Authors: Dipraj Sanjeevan Gaikwad
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