Downloading: A Study on the Service of Quality of Maternity Hospital in Garut
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A Study on the Service of Quality of Maternity Hospital in Garut

Mohammad Benny Alexandri

Abstract: The Maternity Hospital is a place of health treatment which gives care to the health of women, giving birth and baby's health. As a special place for taking care of the birth and pregnant patient, Maternity Hospital tries to gain and increases the patient loyalty by providing a good service in the health care area through a health service quality program. This research is aimed at knowing and analyzing (1) the service quality that is used by the Maternity Hospital in Garut (2). ) the patient loyalty on Maternity Hospital in Garut (4) the effect of service quality (tangibles, empathy, reliability, responsiveness and assurance) on the patient loyalty of Maternity Hospital. In this research exercise applied type or descriptive research and verification form. Descriptive research about research respondent characteristic, quality of service and patient loyalty. While the form of research of verification between research and relationship between variables is variable through testing of hypotheses using statistical calculations. Patient loyalty Copies: Hypothesis test result by using equation statistic of structural shows as follows model, result of inferential statistical analysis of quality of service is tangible, reliability, responsiveness, assurance and empirical provenance. in Garut Regency. Dimension having the biggest influence is the dimension of Reliability while the dimension of having smallest influence is dimension Assurance.

Keywords: Service Quality and Patient Loyalty