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A Comparision Study: XenMotion vs Vmotion

Divya Kapil

Abstract: Virtualization technology allows ion and isolation of lower level functionalities and underlying hardware. Virtual machine monitor, also called a hypervisor, which is a logical layer between underlying hardware and computational processes, and runs on the top of a given host. Virtualization provides facility to migrate virtual machine from one host (source) to another physical host (destination). Virtual Machine Migration is a useful tool for administrator of data centers. The reasons for VM migration are: Load Balancing, accomplished by migrating VMs out of overloaded / overheated servers, and Server Consolidation. Two major VM migration technologies are VMotion and XenMotion respectively supported by two major virtualization vendors-VMware and Citrix. In this paper we are comparing these two live virtual machine migration techniques.

Keywords: Virtualization, Live Virtual Machine Migration, XenMotion, VMotion