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Recently Published: How Is Human Suffering Causally Related to Ignorance? An Analysis from the Therav?da Buddhist Perspective          ||          The Buddhist Approach to Establish Peace through Five Precepts          ||          Case Study on Various Neural Tube Defects          ||          Gunshot Injury to Chest - A Miraculous Escape          ||          Coincidence Point Theorems in D-Metric Spaces          ||          Teachers and Parents' Needs for Parental Involvement in Elementary Education          ||          Phytoplankton Diversity of Canalwater at Rangampalayam in Erode District, Tamilnadu          ||          Efficient and Green Protocol for the Synthesis of Hippuric Acid          ||          Ciric Quasi-Contraction Fixed Point Mappings in Generalized Metric Spaces          ||          Total Arsenic and Arsenic Species in Environmental Samples          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Genotype, Planting Density and Seasonal Effects on Phenological Stages of Safflower (Carthumustinctorious L) in Sebele, Botswana          ||          Chronic Kidney Disease - Effect of Rhubarb on Lipid Metabolism          ||          High Speed Vedic Multiplier for 16 Bits Numbers          ||          The Role of Guidance and Counselling in Curbing Student Indiscipline in Secondary Schools in Kambaa Division, Kiambu County, Kenya          ||          Cryptographic System in Polynomial Residue Classes for Channels with Noise and Simulating Attacker          ||          Systematic Review on Adoption of Soil and Water Conservation (SWC) Practices among Farmers in Ethiopia: Implication on Factors Affecting Acceptance and Continuous Use of SWC          ||          A Study on Maternal Risks and Perinatal Outcome of Twin Pregnancy in Tertiary Care Hospital          ||          An Assessment of Physical and Physiological Effect of Training Programme on Female Hockey Players          ||          Prevalence of Congenital Anomalies at a Tertiary Care Centre in Tamil Nadu, South India          ||          Dietary Modification: The Best Non Pharmacological Intervention for Hypertensive Clients          ||          A Pilot Study on Effect of Yoga Nidra in the Management of Stress          ||          A Pilot Study on Effect of Yoga Nidra in the Management of Stress          ||          A Pilot Study on Effect of Yoga Nidra in the Management of Stress          ||          A Pilot Study on Effect of Yoga Nidra in the Management of Stress          ||          Study to Assess the Effect of Neem Leaves Preparation in Worm Infestation among the Preschool Children Attending Selected Anganwadies in Area of Karad Taluka          ||          A Randomized Control Trial to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Cartoon Distraction on Behavior Distress during I.V Cannulation among Hospitalized Children (4-7yrs) in Rajindra Hospital of District Patiala, Punjab          ||          Effectiveness of Distraction with Blowing Soap Bubbles on Post-Operative Pain among Children          ||          Effectiveness of Animated Cartoon Video as a Distraction Strategy on Pain Perception during and after Venipuncture among Preschoolers          ||          Effectiveness of Two Distraction Techniques in Altering Behaviour Response to Pain among Children (1-3 years) Receiving Immunisation at Selected Immunisation Clinics in Mangalore          ||          Effect of Breastfeeding on Pain after DPT Immunization among the Infants          ||         

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Innovations in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Chronic Heart Failure
Authors: Eyubova U. A., Bakhshiyev M. M, Country: Azerbaijan
Views: 300, Downloads: 165

Answering to A Mysterious Question - "Is Time Travel Possible?"
Authors: Avik Dubey, Country: India
Views: 245, Downloads: 126

Marketing Investigation of the Behavior of Tourists in Georgia
Authors: Babilua P., Maglakelidze K., Country: Georgia
Views: 119, Downloads: 63

Risk Assessment of Heavy Metals in Soil and Vegetables of Selected Dumpsites in Port-Harcourt Metropolis
Authors: Onwugbuta N, Anaero-Nweke G. N., Ekweozor I. K. E., Ubong I. U, Country: Nigeria
Views: 92, Downloads: 50

Mesentric Cyst: A Rare Intra-Abdominal Tumor
Authors: Dr. Kamlesh Galani, Dr. Aneri Rathod, Dr. Ankur Modi, Dr. Digvijaysinh Sindhav, Country: India
Views: 91, Downloads: 44

Combining Studies on Preparation of Metal Nanoparticles from Plant Extracts as Nano-Antibiotic
Authors: Shivani Kushwaha, Dr. Jaya Singh Bisen, Pragya Srivastava, Country: India
Views: 67, Downloads: 42

Isolation and Characterization of Post-Harvest Fungal Species and Pathogenicity Assessment of Spoilt Fruits Sold in Saudi Arabia Market
Authors: Ahmed R. Al-Najada, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 90, Downloads: 34

Credit Risk Management Policies and Debt Collection Performance by Registered Security Companies in Kenya
Authors: Ernest Opiyo, Lucy Wamugo Mwangi (PhD), Fredrick W.S. Ndede (PhD), Country: Kenya
Views: 46, Downloads: 30

Prospective Cross-Sectional Clinical Study of Autoimmune Connective Tissue Diseases in Pediatric Age Group in Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Dr Sneha Patel, Dr Priya Kariya, Dr Krina Patel, Country: India
Views: 52, Downloads: 28

A Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding CDC Guidelines on Prevention of Infection in Intensive Care Units among Staff Nurses Working in Selected Hospitals Bangalore
Authors: Lintamol Thomas, Country: India
Views: 48, Downloads: 27

Characteristic of Aquatic Biocenosis of the Talimardjan Reservoir in Uzbekistan
Authors: Ismailov Kh., Yuldashov M.A., Kamilov B.G., Country: Uzbekistan
Views: 44, Downloads: 26

A Prospective Observational Study of Temporalis Fascia with Tragal Perichondrium as Graft Material in Type I Tympanoplasty
Authors: Dr Sai Kiran Gova, Dr. V. Krishna Chaitanya, Country: India
Views: 83, Downloads: 26

A Study of Clinical Profile of Patients with Snake Bite
Authors: Dr. Manoj R. Patel, Dr. Ila N. Hadiyel, Dr. Tejas N. Modi, Country: India
Views: 45, Downloads: 25

Comparative Study on Knowledge and Attitude regarding Female Foeticide among Women in Selected Urban and Rural Areas at Fatehabad District
Authors: Suman Moun Khatkar, Country: India
Views: 38, Downloads: 24

Hitkara Aahara in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus: A Critical Review
Authors: Dr. Richa Bhardwaj, Country: India
Views: 46, Downloads: 23

Impact of Communication on Learning and Teaching Process
Authors: Wahida Yaqouby Popalzai, Country: Afghanistan
Views: 48, Downloads: 23

Study on Water Quality Parameters of Ujani Dam Back Water in Pune District (M.S.) India
Authors: R. R. Pawar, Dr. A. N. Jagdale, Country: India
Views: 41, Downloads: 22

Distributed Species of Family Liliaceae and Iridaceae in Tarkapchigai Botanical-Geographical Region (Uzbekistan)
Authors: Azizbek S. Abduraimov, Sultankul A. Daniyarov, Country: Uzbekistan
Views: 37, Downloads: 20

Light Pollution
Authors: Newton Kushwaha, Neha Kushwaha, Country: India
Views: 32, Downloads: 20

Student's Stress: A Case at Padang Terap Community College
Authors: Nur Hidayah Binti Abdus Salam, Syarafina Binti Shahril, Nur Shafini Binti Ahmad Shabuddin, Reezlin Abd Rahman, Country: Malaysia
Views: 42, Downloads: 19

The Effect of Polypropylene Wastes on Engineering Properties of Local Soil of Pantnagar, India (29.0222? N, 79.4908? E)
Authors: Amit Kumar Sarkar, Sushant Bhadri, Country: India
Views: 34, Downloads: 18

An Explorative Study to Assess Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Infertility among Married Women with a View of Developing Information Booklet on Infertility at Infertility Clinics, Raipur Chhattisgarh
Authors: Poonam Ekka, Country: India
Views: 30, Downloads: 17

A Financial Management Equilibrium: Profit and Wealth
Authors: Ritu Rana, Country: India
Views: 34, Downloads: 17

Mixed Type of Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of Breast - A Rare Case Report
Authors: Dr. G. Sagar Reddy, Dr. Bharath .B, Country: India
Views: 30, Downloads: 17

Strengthening Public Participation in Deradicalization in Indonesia
Authors: Aris Sarjito, Sudibyo, Suhirwan, Jonni Mahroza, Country: Indonesia
Views: 35, Downloads: 17

Effect of Beetroot Juice (Beta Vulgaris L) During Training on Malondialdehyde Level in Athletes
Authors: Rosmaini Hasibuan, Fajar Apollo Sinaga, Rika Nailuvar Sinaga, Country: Indonesia
Views: 33, Downloads: 17

Evolution of Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, with Historical Events and Projects that Have Shaped the Development of Project Management as a Profession
Authors: Moses Jeremiah Barasa Kabeyi, Country: Kenya
Views: 36, Downloads: 16

Evaluation of Titanium Ions Levels in Blood in Patients with Endosseous Titanium Dental Implants using Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry - A Retrospective Study
Authors: Dr. Vinayak R, Dr.Rosh .R .M, Dr. Praveen J, Dr. Anirban Chatterjee, Country: India
Views: 29, Downloads: 16

Assessment of Risk Factors and Likelihood of Kidney Disease among General Patients
Authors: Mahalakshmi A.L Prabhu, Country: India
Views: 32, Downloads: 16

Health Schemes Awareness of Rural Households of Schedule Caste and Schedule Tribes in Kodagu
Authors: Dr. E. Thippeswamy, Country: India
Views: 28, Downloads: 16

Doctor Competencies in Supporting Medical Tourism in Bali
Authors: Made Januarbawa, Ketut Arnaya, Country: Indonesia
Views: 24, Downloads: 15

A Study of Perinatal Outcome of Non Reactive Non Stress Test
Authors: Rekha Jakhar, Ankita Sharma, Country: India
Views: 25, Downloads: 14

Socioeconomic Profile of Intellectually Disabled Children
Authors: P. Magdalene Virjini, Dr. R. Jagan Mohan, Country: India
Views: 35, Downloads: 14

Lexicon Based Approach for Sentiment Analysis on News Articles Using Deep Learning Techniques
Authors: Gaikwad Supriya Vilasrao, Country: India
Views: 31, Downloads: 14

Effectiveness of Grammarly Application for Writing English Abstract
Authors: Umu Fadhilah, Lizawati, Hotmaria Julia Dolok Saribu, Country: Indonesia
Views: 37, Downloads: 14

Perceptions of Ethical Practices as against Entrepreneur's Socio Demographic Factors: Perspectives of Sri Lankan Entrepreneurs
Authors: Dr. G D V Rupika Senadheera, Country: Sri Lanka
Views: 23, Downloads: 14

Fishes in Vellayani Freshwater Lake, Kerala, Southwest Coast of India
Authors: Reenamole G. R., Country: India
Views: 20, Downloads: 14

Physico - Chemical Assessment and Impact Determination of Chemical Fertilizers on the Quality of Water at Sapana Reservoir in District - Betul (M.P.)
Authors: Dr. D. S. Saluja, Country: India
Views: 24, Downloads: 13

Two Way Communication Using IR Sensors with Arduino by Using Li-Fi Principle
Authors: Sapna Mamidkar, Rahul Verma, Country: India
Views: 20, Downloads: 13

Relationship between Subjective Disease Severity and Vitamin D De?ciency in Iraqi Chronic RhinosInusitis Patients with Nasal Polyps
Authors: Dr. Falah Hussein Flaih AL- Abboodi, Country: Iraq
Views: 24, Downloads: 13

Assessing the Effectiveness of the Internal Control System in the Commercial Banks of Ethiopia: A Case of Hawassa City
Authors: Tekalign Negash, Country: Ethiopia
Views: 24, Downloads: 13

A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Guided Imagery Technique on Stress among Hypertensive Patients in Selected Rural Areas of Kodaikanal Taluk, Tamilnadu
Authors: Dr. Senthil Kavitha R, Country: India
Views: 25, Downloads: 12

A Study to Develop and Evaluate the Effectiveness of an Awareness Programme on 'Prevention of Child Abuse' in Terms of Knowledge and Attitude of Parents Regarding Child Abuse in Rural Area of Selected District of Haryana, India
Authors: Manju, Country: India
Views: 32, Downloads: 12

Determination Rydberg Constant using X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy
Authors: Siham M. Hassen, Manahil B. Mohammed, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 29, Downloads: 12

Techniques for Interpreting Abstruse English Idioms into Arabic
Authors: Tareq Ali Edaroos Assaqaf, Country: Yemen
Views: 22, Downloads: 12

Portuguese Language and Literature: Humanities and Epistolography
Authors: Luis Cardoso, Country: Portugal
Views: 20, Downloads: 12

Neonatal Outcome in Cases of Cesarean Section after Diagnosis of Fetal Distress
Authors: Dr. Suresh M Joshi, Dr H B Saini, Country: India
Views: 19, Downloads: 12

The Effect of Therapeutic Formulae on the Weight Gain of Malnourished Children under Two in River Nile State, Sudan
Authors: Hassan Elmahi Alwli Taha, Ali Elsayed Ali, Waheeba Elfaki Ahmed, Country: Sudan
Views: 21, Downloads: 12

Tattoo in Modern Era - Tattooing Audit in Indian Context
Authors: Dr Anu Patel, Dr Meet Barbhaya, Dr Krina Patel, Country: India
Views: 29, Downloads: 11

Perioperative Changes in Hemodynamics and its Connection with Serum Levels of Cholesterol and Triglycerides in Patients who Endured Laparoscopic and Conventional Surgery
Authors: Kameliya Tsvetanova, Country: Bulgaria
Views: 15, Downloads: 11

Review of the Nile Delta Conditions Since 1984 under Persistent Urbanization
Authors: Abdulmoneim Alfiky, Mohamed Salheen, Country: Egypt
Views: 24, Downloads: 11

Language and Literature in Portuguese Rennaissance and Humanism
Authors: Luis Cardoso, Country: Portugal
Views: 21, Downloads: 11

Effect of Probiotic Yogurt Supplementation on Intestinal Inflammation and Oxidative Stress in HIV-Positive Patients on Antiretroviral Therapy: Randomized Controlled Trials in 24 and 48 Weeks
Authors: Kasamba Ilunga Eric, Balaka Ekwalanga Michel, Mulumba Kadiebwe David, Kalumba Kambote Athy, Ilunga Nikulu Julian, Lungu Anzwal, Kalenga Mwenze Kayamba Prosper, Malangu Mposhy Emmanuel Prosper, Country: Congo
Views: 77, Downloads: 11

Implementation of DES Algorithm in Python
Authors: Sakshi Agarwal, P K Bharti, Rajesh Kumar Pathak, Country: India
Views: 18, Downloads: 11

Review of the Work-Life Balance Challenges of Women Professionals in Information Technology Industry
Authors: Chhavi Gupta, Rajeswara Rao KVS, Country: India
Views: 16, Downloads: 11

Rational of Newer Teaching Techniques to Enhance Teaching - Learning in Kriya Shareer
Authors: Dr. Pradnya Dandekar, Country: India
Views: 22, Downloads: 10

Lipofibromatous Hamartoma of the Median Nerve in Patients with Macrodactyly: Diagnosis and Treatment of a Rare Disease Causing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Authors: Dr. Milandeep, Dr. Gajendra Pandit, Prof. Dr. Darshan Singh Sidhu, Country: India
Views: 16, Downloads: 10

On Topological Transitivity
Authors: Dr. Bharathi K, Shabbir Ahmed, Country: India
Views: 18, Downloads: 10

Economic Potentials of the Informal Sector in Promoting Local Economic Development in Cities of Developing Countries: A Study of Dodoma City in Tanzania
Authors: Daniel Wandera Clief Naku, Country: Tanzania
Views: 28, Downloads: 10

Gender and Science-Technology-Society Literacy Level of Secondary School Science Students
Authors: Agbi Anthony I, Country: Nigeria
Views: 18, Downloads: 10

Response of Foliar Nutrition on Growth and Yield of Urdbean under Rainfed Condition
Authors: Indianraj N, Country: India
Views: 18, Downloads: 10

Mathematics Learning Through the Conceptualization of Materials from Game and Activities of Students in the Border of the Republic of Indonesia
Authors: Sam M. Salajang, Patricia Vivi J Runtu, Jeane Tumangkeng, Country: Indonesia
Views: 17, Downloads: 10

Deep Collaborative Learning Approach Over Object Recognition
Authors: Yash Munot, Country: India
Views: 22, Downloads: 10

Design and Fabrication of Stool Leg Bush Die for Injection Moulding Machine
Authors: V. Venkatrami Reddy, K. Bhaskar Mutyalu, Country: India
Views: 21, Downloads: 10

Behavioural Problems among Adolescents
Authors: Vidya Raju Saliyan, Dr. Raj Rani, Country: India
Views: 18, Downloads: 10

Informal Assessment of Fine Art Creation for Elderly
Authors: Yufiarti, Edwita, Ataswarin Oetopo, Country: Indonesia
Views: 19, Downloads: 10

Evaluation of Heavy Metal (Zn, Cu, Pb, Cr, Cd and Ni) Concentrations in the Leaves, Stems and Roots of Telfairia occidentalis (Fluted Pumpkin) Harvested from the Egi Community, Rivers State
Authors: Ahiakwo C., Ekweozor I. K. E., Onwuteaka J. N., Anaero-Nweke G. N., Ugbomeh A.P., Bobmanuel K.N.O., Country: Nigeria
Views: 17, Downloads: 10

Assess the Knowledge and Attitude Regarding Eye Donation among Students of Selected B.Ed. Colleges of Kotputli, Jaipur with a View to Develop an Information Booklet
Authors: Mohan Kumar Arya, Country: India
Views: 17, Downloads: 10

The Effect between Education and Training System, Certification, Placement, Satisfaction with Graduates in Aviation Polytechnic Surabaya
Authors: Hary Soegiri, Moeljadi, Trinignsih Sri Supriyati, Country: Indonesia
Views: 24, Downloads: 10

The Fate of the Agreement of 30 July 2007 in the Dispute Over the Delimitation of Maritime Boundaries between R.D.Congo and Angola: A Consideration based on the 1982 UNCLOS Forecast and the Principles of Maritime Delimitation Law
Authors: Malangu Mposhy Daddy, Country: Congo
Views: 31, Downloads: 9

Conventional Radiography and CT Scan Correlation for Evaluation of Paranasal Sinus Pathologies
Authors: Dr. Darshan Shah, Dr. Tushar Vaishnav, Country: India
Views: 17, Downloads: 9

Bibliometric Profile of Dr. NSK Harsh Research Contribution
Authors: Rama Bohra, Country: India
Views: 32, Downloads: 9

Banking on 'Liquid Gold': How Breast Milk Banks are Saving Infant Lives
Authors: Manimegalai M, Country: India
Views: 19, Downloads: 9

Optimization of Parallel Production Systems Scheduling Using Multi-Objective Genetic Algorithm Analysis
Authors: Sayed Hazrat Sadat, Country: Afghanistan
Views: 18, Downloads: 9

Mullerian Duct Anomaly - A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Komal Itkari, Dr. Asha Hosur, Country: India
Views: 16, Downloads: 9

Assessment of Heavy Metals (Zn, Cu, Pb, Cr, Cd and Ni) Concentration in the Leaves, Stems and Tubers of Manihot esculenta (Cassava) Harvested from the Egi Community, Rivers State
Authors: Ahiakwo C., Ekweozor I. K. E., Onwuteaka J.N., Anaero-Nweke G. N., Country: Nigeria
Views: 20, Downloads: 9

Age Related Histological Changes of Flexor Tendons of Forelimb in the Buffalo Bull (Bubalus bubalis)
Authors: Ravali. K. S. S., Pramod Kumar .D, Purushotham .G, Raghavender .K .B .P, Country: India
Views: 18, Downloads: 8

Role of USG and MDCT in Blunt Abdominal Trauma
Authors: Dr Shilpa Chudasama, Dr Niraj Darji, Country: India
Views: 21, Downloads: 8

Removable Denture Patient Awareness toward Dental Implants
Authors: Ahmed M. Nazar, Moamin I. Issa, Mina A. Abdulkareem, Maryam A. AbdulKareem, Jwan A. Mohammed, Country: Iraq
Views: 16, Downloads: 8

Lean Manufacturing: Improvement Actions to Increase Performance in a Textile Manufacturing Company Based in Guaymas, Sonora
Authors: Luis Fernando Olachea Parra, Ernesto Ramirez Cardenas, Arnulfo Aurelio Naranjo Flores, Mauricio Lopez Acosta, Mar?a Luisa Garcia Muela, Roberto Valenzuela Franco, Country: Mexico
Views: 22, Downloads: 8

A Case of Multiple Urolithiasis Treated with Hydrangea Arborescens
Authors: Dr. Abha Agrawal, Country: India
Views: 13, Downloads: 8

Antibodies Production Comparison against SRBC between Normal and Probiotic Treated Chicks
Authors: Shaik Haseenabi, Dr. Kondapalli Kasturi, Country: India
Views: 14, Downloads: 8

University in Morocco as an Actor Involved in the Development of Innovation inside the Clusters: Cases of <> and <>
Authors: Kamal Imane, Moflih Youssef, Country: Morocco
Views: 23, Downloads: 8

Indirect Robust Adaptive Nonlinear Controller Design for a New 3D Chaotic System
Authors: Olivier Baraka Mushage, Country: Congo
Views: 19, Downloads: 8

Austral Flamingo Phoenicopterus chilensis Sustaining an Injury Derived from Recreational Fishing Gear
Authors: Maria Paula Beron, Country: Argentina
Views: 17, Downloads: 8

Economic Analysis of Green Mung Bean in Selected Area, Myanmar
Authors: Yu Yu Tun, Aung Phyo, Country: Burma
Views: 22, Downloads: 8

Evaluation and Modelling of Environmental Noise Pollution from a Palm Oil Processing Mill with a Maximum Noise Level of (110.64?0.69) dBA
Authors: Etinamabasiyaka Ekott, Kufre Abasi Essien, Country: Nigeria
Views: 15, Downloads: 8

Verification Practicum 5E A New Conventional Practicum News
Authors: Dwi Yulianti, Country: Indonesia
Views: 15, Downloads: 8

GC/MS as a One-Step Metabolomics Analysis for Symptomatic Screening of Inherited Metabolic Disorders: A Regional Experience in Northern Spain
Authors: Shrimant N Panaskar, Ashwini A. Yadav, Jorge Luis Serna Ferron, Mahesh H Hampe, Country: India
Views: 16, Downloads: 8

Identification and Restoration of IPMSM Nonlinear EM Characteristics for Motion Control Dynamic Simulation
Authors: Kuei-Tsun Chen, Country: Taiwan
Views: 15, Downloads: 8

Challenges and Opportunities of CLT in the Specialty of Executives for Customer Service in a Public Technical Secondary School in Costa Rica
Authors: Carlos Murillo-Miranda, Country: Costa Rica
Views: 22, Downloads: 8

Acetic Acid Iontophoroesis Vs Ultrasound Therapy Combined with High Heel usage in Heel Pain Patients
Authors: Rajani Cartor M, Hareeshu Patnaik K, Country: India
Views: 23, Downloads: 8

Effectiveness of Sterile Versus Clean Catheter Care in Preventing the Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) among Catheterized Male Patient
Authors: Adlin Shinija, Country: India
Views: 13, Downloads: 7

Measurement of Susceptibility of a Liquid or a Solution by Quincke's Method
Authors: Chaudhari Devanand Prakash, Gopal Panda, Country: India
Views: 14, Downloads: 7

Adoption of Performance Contracting Implementation and Target Achievement of Academic Programmes in Public Universities in Kenya
Authors: Leonard Kinyulusi, Dorothy Kyalo, Dr. Angeline Mulwa, Dr. Daisy Matula, Country: Kenya
Views: 17, Downloads: 7

Portuguese Language and Literature in the 18th Century: Margins Between Rennaissance, Baroque and Neo-Classicism
Authors: Luis Cardoso, Country: Portugal
Views: 15, Downloads: 7

Entrepreneurship in Santriperspective
Authors: Hary Soegiri, Moeljadi, Helmi Muhammad, Country: Indonesia
Views: 14, Downloads: 7

Co-Relation of Surgical Outcome and Impact of Er, Pr, Her-2/Neu & Ki-67 Expression in Carcinoma Breast
Authors: Dr. Anuradha Choudhary, Dr. Yashpal Ramole, Dr. Arvind Rai, Dr. Ashish Sharma, Country: India
Views: 13, Downloads: 6

Prevalence of Congenital Anomalies at a Tertiary Care Centre in Tamil Nadu, South India
Authors: Dr. Thennarasi M. S., Dr. Rukshana Zareen, Country: India
Views: 17, Downloads: 6

Scanning Magnetron Sputtered TiN Films Characterisation and Properties
Authors: A. S. Pharswan, Country: India
Views: 13, Downloads: 5
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