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Tattoo in Modern Era - Tattooing Audit in Indian Context

Dr Anu Patel, Dr Meet Barbhaya, Dr Krina Patel

Abstract: INTRODUCTION Professional or amateur tattoos are increasingly used fashion wear for young generation in India. The demand for removal of tattoos once done enthusiastically is also increasingly common. It is important for practitioners to know reasons and means of tattooing and its removal with adverse tattoo reactions. While some tattoo-related complications (TRCs) may be nonspecific and challenging to diagnose, others present overtly and can be identified quickly by a well-informed practitioner. AIM To study type and means of tattooing and its reason for removal To study the adverse tattoo reactions Method An observational study of patient presenting with tattoos and for tattoo removal in the department of dermatology. Data regarding tattoos and its reason for tattoo removal was noted of various patients. Results: Majority of the patients opting for tattoo removal in our study belonged to the age group of 18-25 years with majority of them having a single tattoo. Majority of the patients 71 (47.33 %) opted for tattoo removal due to job requirement. Most common side effects were the transient inflammatory reaction post getting a tattoo which last for few days and were controlled by topical corticosteroids and cold compression. Severe side effects which should be taken care of and physician should be vigilant were the cellulitis, cutaneous tuberculosis (10 %), tattoo granuloma and severe allergic dermatitis. Most complications observed in our study were among the immature tattoos done by amateur tattoo artist. Conclusion This study revealed that common reason for tattooing is for their identification while black ink is commonly used. Infections and tattoo reactions are common in amateur tattoos done by unprofessional. Main reason for tattoo removal is job achievement. Awareness and standardization of tattooing should be incorporated to avoid unnecessary complications.

Keywords: Tattoo reactions, reason behind tattooing, tattoo removal