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Mullerian Duct Anomaly - A Case Report

Dr. Komal Itkari, Dr. Asha Hosur

Abstract: Congenital abnormalities are usually the rare cases seen in day to day practice, Mullerian Duct Anomaly is one among them, Prevalence shows 0.001 in 10 % population are diagnosed under this disorder as it is asymptomatic and is diagnosed accidently.Beeja and Beejabhagaavyava can be considered in Ayurveda as the are involved in the formation of organ during Garbhdana and any vitiation of doshas during this process leads to garbhavikruti and yonivyapad.Though these anomalies are asymptomatic, they have major impact on female reproductive system and cause some major issues like abortion, infertility, primary amenorrhoea and menstrual irregularities.HSG, USG and MRI are the investigations used to diagnose such cases and for accurate results. Hence a case has been report and made an effort to understand the concept.

Keywords: Mullerian Duct Anomaly, Beeja and Beejabhaga, varta, vandhya