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Removable Denture Patient Awareness toward Dental Implants

Ahmed M. Nazar, Moamin I. Issa, Mina A. Abdulkareem, Maryam A. AbdulKareem, Jwan A. Mohammed

Abstract: Background: Todays modern implant dentistry appeals to a wide population. Willingness to have implant treatment and its success depends on patient knowledge and expectations as well as the care, skill, and judgment of clinicians. Since the introduction of dental implants, the efficacy of treatment has been confirmed by long-term clinical studies. Aim of the study: To assess removable denture patient awareness toward dental implants depending on the educational level of the patient. Materials and methods: a survey was conducted to determine the awareness of patients wearing removable prosthesis toward dental implant. A total of 100 patients were examined in the prosthodontics department after they were informed and gave their consent. A questionnaire with 7 questions was recorded including the basic information (age and gender), educational level of the patient, and did he/she has knowledge about dental implant and the source of this knowledge. The results were gathered and statistically analyzed using SPSS computer software. Results: A total of 100 subjects asked about the knowledge about implants, 61 % had heard of implants as a treatment modality and dentists were the main source of information. The level of awareness increased with education. Conclusion: More than half of the questioned participants were aware of DIs as an option in replacing missing teeth (61 %).Dentists were the main sources of information regarding dental implants among all participants.

Keywords: dental implant, education, awareness, partial denture