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Financing Sustainable Development
Authors: Abdul Ahad Qayomi, Country: India

Language Variations in Afghanistan
Authors: Somaiya Meer, Country: Afghanistan

Qualitative Analysis of Various Levels of Software Testing
Authors: Amit Kumar, Country: India

Surrogacy: Assisted Reproductive Technology: A Socio-Biological and Legal Aspects in India
Authors: Mishra D. B., Vatsa Manoj .K, Country: India

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of IEC Intervention on Knowledge Regarding Utilization of Partograph among Selected GNM - 3rd Year Student of Mni. Muzaffarnagar UP
Authors: Pooja Soni, Country: India

Problem Faced by Women Entrepreneur: An Overview
Authors: Dr. V. Ramajayam, Dr. S. Kavitha, Country: India

Work Life Balance Factors and Its Impact on Women Position in the Workplace
Authors: Dr. Shilpi Sarna, Prof. Shenki Tyagi, Prof. Aniruddha Ghosh, Country: India

Radiation Hazards from Base Station Emission: A Case Study of the Obio/Akpor Rivers state Nigeria
Authors: Obi Chidozie Anthonius, Muoneke Adaobi, Country: Nigeria

Quality Circle: A Study on Impact of Employee Participation, Team Spirit, Working Environment in Technical Educational Institutional Performance
Authors: B. Vijayalakshmi, G. Yamuna, Country: India

A Review on Thyroid and its Management
Authors: Varsha A. Mali, Suchita V. Ghumre, Country: India

A Study on Adulteration of Milk, Wheatflour, Red Chilli Powder and Salt from Different Zones of GHMC, Hyderabad
Authors: Avanti Rao, Tahura Sadaf, Soujanya, Iffath, Country: India

Socio-Demographic Profile and Handling Practices of Flying Fish Fishers: Policy Implication
Authors: Lenimfa P. Molina, Eunice S. Daluddung, Loryn G. Amog, Country: Philippines

Factor Analysis of the Secondary School Students' Knowledge, Skills on and Attitude towards the Traditional Customs
Authors: Lkhagvamaa Baatar, Narantuya Mend, Myagmarsuren Boldbaatar, Country: Mangolia

Education and Comparative Literature: The Renewal of the Feminine Paradigm in Literature and in Cinema: The Case of the Film Brave
Authors: Lu?s Miguel Cardoso, Ana Bengala, Country: Portugal

Automatic Attendance System Using BLE Beacon
Authors: Vaidika Sanjay Narkar, Mohammed Saad Shaikh, Country: India

Clinical and Microbiological Study of Different Corneal Ulcers
Authors: Dr Alekhya Gurram, Dr Kotcharlakota Divya, Dr Madhan Mohan Reddy, Country: India

Environmental Amelioration through Pongamia pinnata based Phytoremediation
Authors: M. V. R. Prasad, Country: India

Changes in the Pulmonary Functions in Different Phases of Ovarian Cycle in Premenstrual Syndrome
Authors: Janice Baby, Dr. J. K. Mukkadan, Country: India

Dispute Settlement in Therapeutic Agreement Protecting Patients
Authors: Yatini, Priya Djatmika, Yuliati, Dhiana Puspitawati, Country: Indonesia

Solid Waste Management and Vulnerability to Floods in Gombe Metropolis, Nigeria
Authors: Saidu Idris, Danlami Dantata, Country: Nigeria

Body Physique and Motor Ability Status in School Going Adolescent Children
Authors: Sayani Ghosh, Country: India

Awareness of the Health Effects of Electronic Cigarettes among Students of King Saud University in Al Ahsa, 2019
Authors: Abdullah Al Hamam Abdullatif Al Jaafari, Mohammed AlJamaan, Yasser Elmedany, Country: Saudi Arabia

Toxicity of Industrial Palm Oil Waste Water and Sub-Lethal Test to Oreochromis sp.
Authors: Syafriadiman, Country: Indonesia

Behavioural Resistance of Libyan Honeybee against Varroa mite: Preliminary Study
Authors: Marwan Keshlaf, Hasan Alfallah, Country: Libya

Diagnosis of Acute Bacterial Meningitis by Conventional Culture Method
Authors: Gokhale Vaishali, Pol Sae, Country: India

The Influence of Government Spending on Increasing Regional Competitiveness through Infrastructure, Economic Growth, and the Quality of Human Resources after the Implementation Regional Autonomy in Indonesia
Authors: Syarifuddin, I Made Benyamin, Hamid Paddu, M. Yusri Zamhuri, Country: Indonesia

An Introductory Note on Disaster and Tourism
Authors: Pinaki Dey Mullick, Priti Bhowmick, Paramita Sen, Kundan Gosh, Country: India

Posterior Segment Involvement as a Marker of Poor Visual Outcome in Cases of Anterior Uveitis
Authors: Mayank Kumar Srivastava, Dr. S. P. Singh, Dr. Rupali Verma, Dr. Arti Singh, Dr. Jagriti Rana, Dr. Anand Shukla, Country: India

Parametric Study of Multi-Storey R/C Building with Plan Irregularity
Authors: Akash Aneja, Dr. Harpal Singh, Country: India

An Effective Approach for Improving a Program Curriculum at an Undergraduate Level Utilizing the Importance-Performance Analysis Paradigm
Authors: Abdulmuhsen DAKHIL, Altan OZKIL, Country: Turkey

Effect of Ni-Doping on the Optical and Electrical Properties of Tin Oxide Thin Films Deposit by Spray Pyrolysis Method
Authors: Md. Rubel Sarkar, Mst. Halima Khatun, M. K. R. Khan, Md. Shahjahan, Country: Bangladesh

A Case Report On Gas Gangrene with Diabetic Foot Ulcer of Left Limb Toe Amputation: Using Antibiotics and Insulin Therapy
Authors: S. Sunil Kumar, M. Keerthana, S. Irfan, Country: India

Determinants of the Digital Purchase Process and Their Impact on the Sales of Business Organizations
Authors: Eman Wadie Abdel Halim, Country: Egypt

Arithmetic Gates as Part of Mathematical Gates Theory and Physics Gates Theory
Authors: Engr. Dr. Inv. Ismael Tabu?ar Fortunado, Country: Philippines

Anemia and Co-Infection of P. falciparum and Hookworm among School Children in Kinondoni District Dar es Salaam Tanzania
Authors: Rehesina H. Senkoro, Titus K. Kabalimu, Country: Tanzania

Cow's Urine-Dung Extract Foliar Spraying as a Complementary Pest Control Method against Boll-Worm Complex on the Cotton Plant
Authors: Mostafa A. M. Shalaby, Ayman M. Adly, Ashraf F. Ahmed, Country: Egypt

Chronic Liver Disease with Alcohol Induced Atrial Fibrillation with Hemorrhagic Stroke: A Case Report
Authors: Dr Srikant Sharma, Dr Diksha Khanna, Country: India

Quality Education for All
Authors: Dr. Asim Kumar Sarkar, Moumita Sarkar, Country: India

The Effect of Public Expenditure on Education and Economic Growth in Malaysia
Authors: Nazma Akhter, Country: Malaysia

Study on Impact Assessment of Mega Watershed Project in Prakasam District, Andhra Pradesh, India
Authors: P. Ranjit Basha, M. Siva Prasad, B. Venkatesulu Naik, R. Inigo Arul Selvan, L. Sudhakar Reddy, Country: India

Influence of Seed Priming on Germination and Field Performance of Cotton (Gosypium Spp.) in Guinea Savanah Region of Nigeria
Authors: Pam Z. Chuwang, Idowu Godwin Abayomi, Country: India

Influence of Seed Priming Agents on the Germination and Field Performance of Pepper (Capsicum spp) in Guinea Savanah Region of Nigeria
Authors: Chuwang P.Z., Idowu G.A., Oku E., Country: India

Influence of Different Priming Agents on Germination and Field Performance of Soybean (Glycine max (L) Merrill) in Guinea Savanna of Nigeria
Authors: Chuwang P.Z., Idowu G.A., Oku E., Country: India

A Survey of Software Requirements Engineering Practices in Turkey
Authors: Kadir Camoglu, Rembiye Kandemir, Country: Turkey

A Study on Brand Preference towards Sports Apparels with Reference to Coimbatore District
Authors: R. Gunguma Rokidha, Dr. Geetha M, M. Manoj, Country: India

Identity Crisis in "Leaving Tangier" by Tahar Ben Jelloun
Authors: Dr. Calaivanane .R, Country: India

Relevance of Pecking Order and Trade-Off Theories in Financial Decision Making: Empirical Evidence in the Sri Lankan Companies
Authors: D. M. S. B. Dissanayake, Country: Sri Lanka

Application of Open Source Technologies to the Integrated Water Management Resources
Authors: Cristiano Reschke Lajus, Marcos Antonio Moretto, Rodrigo Antonio Bagnara, Country: Brazil

Village Fund Allocation and Village Fund to Reduce Poverty Rate Using Good Village Governance as Moderation in East Lombok Regency
Authors: Baiq Ekayuliana, Budi Santoso, Siti Aisyah Hidayati, Country: Indonesia

Investment Decision Behavior Reviewed in Characteristics of Investors in Mataram City
Authors: Ni Nyoman Dewi Putri Utami, Hermanto, Ni Ketut Surasni, Country: Indonesia

Thematic Approach for Enhancing Pedagogic Competency of Student Teachers at Secondary Level
Authors: Dr. Bindu Joseph, Dr. Alice Joseph, Country: India

Twitter Bot Detection using Machine Learning Algorithms
Authors: Ranjana Battur, Nagaratna Yaligar, Country: India

Radiation Level in Western Part of Mongolia
Authors: Ts. Erkhembayar, N. Chimedtsogzol, Ts. Tsogzolmaa, Ch.Tsolmonchimeg, Country: Mongolia

Social Entrepreneurship within Creative Industry: A Case Study in Music Committee
Authors: I Gusti Agung Ayu Made Diastika Inkasari, Country: Indonesia

Study and Analysis of Concrete Strength Parameters Using Red Mud as Partial Replacement of Binder Content with and without Hydrated Lime
Authors: Tejaswini. C, Anupama Natesh, Country: India

A Survey on Anomaly Detection Methods for System Log Data
Authors: Devika Ajith, Country: India

Evolution in Ecotechnology
Authors: Arundhati Kar, Country: India

Functional Outcome of Bicolumnar Plating in Fracture of the Distal Humerus in Elderly Adult: A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Kushwanth, Dr. Mohd Ismail Irfan, Country: India

Local Knowledge and Climate Change: A Case Study of Bangladesh
Authors: Jyotsna Srivastava, Country: India

Impact of Economic, Environmental and Social Factors on Health Status in Tunisia: Bounds Test to Cointegration Approach
Authors: Rihab Meddeb, Country: Tunisia

Finite Element Analysis of a 2-D Linear Static Structure (Flat Plate) Using Matlab
Authors: Ranbir Mukhya, Areeb Siraj, Gaurav Arya, Country: India

Thermal Emmitance of Solar Energy Assisted Chemical Bath Deposited Cadmium Sulphide (CDS) Thin Films on Aluminium
Authors: Arekumo ThankGod, Marere Omamode, Country: Nigeria

Malaria Burden and its Possible Risk Factors Among Pregnant Women Attending Antenatal Care at Iten County Referral Hospital, Elgeiyo-Marakwet County, Kenya
Authors: Jerotich S. Tecla, Country: Kenya

Fibrosis Index and FIB4 in Prediction of HCC in Chronic Hepatitis C Patients
Authors: Shabana HR, Deiab AG, Askar MS, Elrakhawy M, Country: Egypt

A Study on Financial Analysis of UltraTech Cement Industry
Authors: Dr. C. Vadivel, K. Satya Bhama, Country: India

Exploiting the Nutritional Profile and Consumer Behavior on Choice and Utilization of Selected Sorghum Varieties in Western Kenya
Authors: Mugalavai V.K., Onkware A. O., Country: Kenya

Latent Motivation as a Factor of Performance in Employees of the Ruashi Mining Company in Lubumbashi, DRC
Authors: MUYUMBA FEZA Josephine, Country: Congo

The Effect of Competence on Employee Performance in Harbormaster's Office and Port Authority (KSOP) of Bima
Authors: Anwar, Hermanto, Akhmad Saufi, Country: Indonesia

Hemoperitoneum: Conservative vs. Operative Approach
Authors: Dr. Foram Modh, Dr. Dinesh Prasad, Country: India

New Results for Impulsive Nonlocal Fractional Integro-Differential Equations
Authors: S. Suresha, G. Thamizhendhi, Country: India

Review Paper on "Planning of Eco-City for Environs of Kanpur"
Authors: Anoop Maurya, Country: India

Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma of Shoulder Masquerading as Adhesive Capsulities
Authors: Dr. Kushwanth, Dr. Venkatachalam, Country: India

A Prospective Study on Functional Outcome of Adult Type C Distal Humeral Fractures with Bicolumnar Fixation
Authors: Dr. Kushwanth, Dr. Venkatachalam, Country: India

A Prospective Study of Open Reduction and Temporary Internal Fixation of Radial Neck Fractures in Children with Failed Closed Reduction
Authors: Dr. Kushwanth, Dr. Venkatachalam, Country: India

A Study of Vocational Students' Ability in Writing Report Text in Painan, Indonesia
Authors: Rahmi Azizah, Hermawati Syarif, Yenni Rozimela, Country: Indonesia

Smart Security & Home Automation Using Internet of Things (IoT)
Authors: Pranay Pratim Das, Indranil Bhattacharjee, Country: India

Synthesis and Spectral Characterization of Metal Complexes of Quinaxaline Schiff Base
Authors: K. Satyanarayana, B. Srinivas, M. Ravinder, Country: India

Comparative Study on the Growth, Feed Consumption and Egg Laying Fed with Different Qualities of Feed in Japanese Quail, Coturnix coturnix japonica
Authors: Ng. Sandhyarani Devi, W. Vidyarani Devi, Country: India

Drug Utilisation Study of Medicines Used in Pediatric Patients of Bronchial Asthma in a Tertiary Care Centre at Southern Rajasthan
Authors: Monika Gaur, Country: India

Condition Monitoring of Distribution Transformer Using Internet of Things (IoT)
Authors: Aditya R Parihar, Khule S S., Country: India

Social Construction of Landslide; Case of Aranayake - Political Ecological Glances in Sri Lanka
Authors: Jayathilaka D. M. S. C. D. M., Nalani Hennayake, Country: Sri Lanka

The Needs ofMothers of Preterm Neonate(s) Admitted at the New-Born Intensive Care Unit of Mother Baby, Riley of MoI Teaching and Referral Hospital
Authors: Sum Jerotich Tecla, Country: Kenya

Gouty Tophi in Spine Causing Complete Lower Limb Paralysis: A Rare Presentation of Gout
Authors: Marazuki Perwira, Dzulkarnain Amir, Nur Azlin Zainal Abidin, Fazir Mohamad, Country: Malaysia

Case Report - Anesthetic Challenges of Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia Repair in an Adult
Authors: Smriti Sinha, Varghese Zachariah K, Country: India

Subacute Inflammatory Demyelinating Polyradiculoneuropathy in Postpartum Period - A Case Report
Authors: Dr. P. N. Luckshana, Dr B. Renuka, Country: India

A Case of Uterine Scar Rupture in a 20 Weeks 4 Days Pregnancy
Authors: Dr. Aditi Vashistha, Dr. Ritu Bawa, Dr. K. Saraswathi, Country: India

Cerebral Venous Thrombosis in Pregnancy
Authors: Dr. V. Nandhini Mariswari, Dr. K. Lavanya, Country: India

Prominent Security of the Quantum Key Distribution Protocol
Authors: Mohit Shukla, Sarvesh Patel, Country: India

The Effect of The Quality of Service, Products & Promotions on the Purchase Decision of Simpati Card & It's Impact on the Satisfaction of Telkomsel Customers in Kupang City
Authors: Merllyn Martina, Arifin Sitio, Country: Indonesia

Bacterial Contamination of Endodontic Materials Before and After Clinical Storage
Authors: Kadambari Padmanabhan, Country: India

Automatic Control and System Theory 1
Authors: Ninad Kiran Magdum, Country: India

Cholestasis of Pregnancy
Authors: D.R .T.G.Revathy, Dr. B. Sindhuja, Country: India

Psychosocial Experience of the Termination of the Employment Contract by the Dismissed Workers of the Mining Companies of Lubumbashi
Authors: Viviane Tshilemba Ntumba, Country: Congo

Pancreatitis in Pregnancy - A Case Report
Authors: Dr. M. Sree Supriya JR, Dr. B. Preethi, Country: India

Late Onset Pre Eclampsia Presenting with Abruptio Placentae; Case Report
Authors: Dr. V. Revathi, Dr. Niloufur, Country: India

Oleoylethanolamide-based Treatment in Obesity: A Retrospective Analysis of 100 Cases from a Single Center in the Northern Territory of India
Authors: Abhyudaya Verma, Deepika Verma, Pooja Bansal, Akhil Bansal, Country: India

Vanishing Large Ovarian Cyst with Thyroxine Therapy - A Rare Case Report
Authors: Dr. Meghna Treesa Antony, Dr. R. Yuvarani, Country: India

A Case of SLE Complicating Pregnancy, it?s Outcome and Management
Authors: Dr. Vinithra .R, Dr. Saraswathi .K, Country: India

Assessment of Periodontal Status in Nephrotic Syndrome
Authors: Dr. Mithlesh Bhagat, Country: India

Variant Anatomy of Renal Vein - A Rare Scenario in the Cadaveric Study
Authors: Dr. Daripelli Sushma, Dr T. Bhavani, Dr. Vinodini, Country: India
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