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Clinical and Microbiological Study of Different Corneal Ulcers

Dr Alekhya Gurram, Dr Kotcharlakota Divya, Dr Madhan Mohan Reddy

Abstract: AIMS AND OBJECTIVES: Primary objective: To correlate between the clinical diagnosis and microbiological results of bacterial and fungal keratitis. Secondary objective: To identify predisposing factors responsible for bacterial and fungal infections of cornea. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Prospective study done in santhiram medical college and general hospital, NANDYAL between OCTOBER 2018 to July 2019. SAMPLE SIZE: 100 Method of collection of data: Patients with infective corneal ulcers attending OPD/cornea-clinic of our hospital. Informed written consent will be taken. A detailed history including demographics, ocular disease, past medical illness, history of trauma, treatment history and personal history will be taken. Ophthalmological examination will include: Best corrected visual acuity Slit lamp bio-microscopic examination Digital IOP Flourescein staining All infectious corneal ulcers were subjected to smears & cultures. CLINICAL DIAGNOSIS: Out of 100 cases 22 were clinically diagnosed as bacterial, while 78 were diagnosed to be of fungal aetiology. SMEAR RESULTS: * 14 out of 22 clinically diagnosed bacterial ulcers were smear positive on gram stain. * Out of the 78 clinically diagnosed fungal corneal ulcers, 71 showed fungal hyphae on 10 % KOH wet mount. CULTURE RESULTS: In 16 cases (19.04 %), bacteria were identified from the corneal scrapings cultures. Cultures were positive for fungi in 72 cases (67.85 %). Both bacterial & fungal growth in 1 case (1.19 %).. while no growth was detected in 11cases (11.90 %) Correlation between clinical diagnosis & microbiological cultures: 16 out of the clinically diagnosed bacterial ulcers yeilded growth on bacterial culture media thus giving % sensitivity to clinical diagnosis. sensitivity of clinically diagnosing fungal corneal ulcer is 82.35 %, as out of 78 clinically diagnosed fungal ulcers, 64 showed growth on SDA.

Keywords: corneal ulcers, sabourauds dextrose agar, gram stain, lactophenol cotton blue mount