Downloading: Parametric Study of Multi-Storey R/C Building with Plan Irregularity
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Parametric Study of Multi-Storey R/C Building with Plan Irregularity

Akash Aneja, Dr. Harpal Singh

Abstract: The response of the structure during an earthquake depends essentially on its size, shape and geometry. Regular and symmetric buildings with simple geometry in plan and properly designed have performed well during past earthquakes than assymetric buildings whereas the response of asymmetric buildings are unpredictable and to take in artistic and functional requirements, designers have to compromise with structural regularity. As a result, asymmetric buildings with u, v, h, I etc. shaped in plan have sustained widespread damage repeatedly in past major earthquakes. Therefore, the parametric study in the proposed thesis attempts to evaluate irregular plan structures like L - shape, H shape and U- shape. Lateral length ratio is varied for each shape plan configuration and the assessment of each plan is done on the basis lateral length ratio. Buildings are analysed for Dead loads, Live loads and Wind loads are set as described in IS 875 part 1, 2 and 3 respectively. Modelling and analysis of the structure is done using ETABS software. Based on the results and the graphs plotted for design eccentricity, internal forces, Storey shear, Storey displacement, Overturning moments and storey drift versus lateral length ratios for different shapes, conclusion for the most stable structure is drawn.

Keywords: lateral length ratio, ETABS, design eccentricity, storey shear