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Evaluating Difference between Mesh Fixation and without Mesh Fixation for Post Operative Pain and Early Recurrence in Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair
Authors: Mitesh Modi, Jenish Modi, Country: India

Gingival Conditions Associated with Orthodontic Treatment in Adolescents and Young Adults: An Observational Study
Authors: Bhavya B, Safiya Fatima Khan, Country: India

Effect of Mutagens on Germination Percentage, Seeding Height and Seedling Injury in M1 Generation of Vicia fabaL
Authors: Kamble Sonali R, More A. D, Country: India

Teaching Entrepreneurship to Students from Scientific Fields: Training Evaluation and Impact on Professional Project Future Graduates
Authors: Abdelhak CHAKLI, Country: Morocco

Frequency and Temperature Dependence on Dielectric and Impedance Properties of Titanium Substituted Manganese-Zinc Ferrite System Mn0.8+xZn0.2TixFe2-2xO4 with x=0.15
Authors: Satheesh D. J., Jayakumari Isac, Country: India

An Insight into New Dimensions for Indian IT Outsourcing Industry
Authors: Adil Khan, Country: India

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of VAT on Knowledge regarding Janani Suraksha Yojana among Mothers of Selected Rural Area at Bangalore" Karnataka, India
Authors: S. Vijaya Malar, Country: India

Clinico - Epidemiological Study on Anogenital Warts in Males Attending STD Clinic in a Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Dr. S. Kalaivani M.D.DV, Dr. E. Balasubramanian M. D. DVL, Country: India

Truncal Radiculoneuropathy in a Patient with Diabetes
Authors: Dr. S. Prasanth, Dr. R. Anbalagan, Country: India

Postural Analysis of Female Workers while Performing Load Carrying Activity by Conventional Method and Using Head Load Manager
Authors: Swati S.Gaikwad, Jayshree P. Zend, Country: India

A Sandwiched Identity: Towards a Socio-Cultural History of the Kunama People of Ethiopia
Authors: Andalem Tariku Woldegiorgis, Country: India

Effects of Mobile Use on Selected Hematological Parameters in Female Medical Students
Authors: Dr. Mrs. Anuya Joshi, Dr. Mrs. Kanchan Wingkar, Dr. Anand Joshi, Country: India

Sustainable Urban Stormwater Management: A Case for Tumakuru Local Planning Area, Karnataka, India
Authors: Mahalakshmi Karnad, Dr. Meenakshi Dhote, Country: India

To study the Knowledge, Attitude and the Practice of Pharmacovigilance and ADR Reporting among the Healthcare Professionals in a Teaching Hospital In North India
Authors: A. Rana, Country: India

Design and Development of Spy Robot
Authors: Mya Hnin Su, Country: Burma

Similarity-Type Solutions for a Power-Law Fluid
Authors: Sanjay Kumar Shrivastava, Country: India

A Comparative Study to Assess the Level of Marital Adjustment among Working Men and Working Women in Selected Urban Area of Delhi, NCR
Authors: Swati Tripathy, Lavanya Nandan, Country: India

A Study of Teachers' Motivation and Academic Coordinators' Leadership Practice: The Relationship to Vision, Inspirational Motivation, Intellectual Stimulation, Supportive Leadership and Personal Recognition
Authors: Genevieve M. Gepitulan, Country: Philippines

Attitude of B.Ed. Student Teachers towards using Cyber Resources
Authors: Kaushal Kumar Jha, Dr Yodida Bhutia, Country: India

Study of 100 Cases of Malignant Melanoma
Authors: Dr Jaydeep Bariya, Dr Dhaval Jetly, Country: India

The Effect of Aging on Mechanical Properties of 8011Al /10% SiCp Composites
Authors: V. Vembu, Country: India

Process of Development of Local Government Capacities North Konawe District, Southeast Sulawesi Indonesia: A Perspective Governance
Authors: Abdul Nashar, Wempy Banga, Arifin Utha, Syamsul Alam, Country: Indonesia

Management Behaviour
Authors: G. Rajesh, Country: India

Evaluation of the Bidikmisi Program: Aid for Education Costs from the Indonesian Government for disadvantaged Undergraduate Students
Authors: Risna Resnawaty, Rudi Saprudin Darwis, Country: Indonesia

Pre-surgical Patient Safety Application Simulation at Binangkang Hospital, Kotamobagu, North Sulawesi
Authors: Henny Kasseger, Abdul Hakim, Eddy Widjajanto, Jack Roebijoso, Country: Indonesia

Consumers Perspective towards Consumption of Street & Restaurant Food and its Perceived Hygienic Consciousness among the Residents of Aligarh City
Authors: S M Safdar Ashraf, Mohd Usman, Country: India

Experimental Study on Load Carrying Capacity of RCC Beam by Using Pultruded Frp I- Section & C-Section
Authors: Shahaji Prakash Pawar, Country: India

Antioxidant and Anticancer Potential Test of Alikokop (Dischidia nythesiana) Leaf Methanol Extract
Authors: Ira Risye Manggribeth, Dingse Pandiangan, Parluhutan Siahaan, Country: Indonesia

Short Communication on Psychobiotics Therapy for Depression: Noval Therapy
Authors: J. Anisha Ebens, P. Shanmugasundaram, Country: India

Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) based Diagnosis of Extra-Pulmonary TB in Clinical Samples by Targeting IS6110 Sequence
Authors: Suthar Jigar, Suthar Kanagee, Country: India

Estimation Concentration of Lead, Cadmium and Cobalt in Al Guarshah Agricultural Project Soil
Authors: Hawaa S. Elferjani, Kheria Ali, Country: Libya

Impact of Training and Development on Innovation Capability
Authors: Fernando N.Y.P, Country: Sri Lanka

Grenfell Tower Fire
Authors: Jagath Kumari Dungi, Country: India

Sarcopenia among Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis: An Observational Descriptive Study
Authors: Faiq I. Gorial, Raghad Duraid Yahya, Country: Iraq

Review on Solar PV based Drives for Water Pumping Application
Authors: V. Uma Sabareesh, K. Karthick, Country: India

Commissioning of 6 MV UNIQUE Performance Medical Accelerator: Dosimetric Evaluation and TPS Validation using AAPM TG -119 and IAEA CIRS Test Cases
Authors: Venugopal Sundaram, Sothing Vashum, Country: India

Crash Analysis of Car Body Structure Using Explicit Dynamics
Authors: Ritu Sahu, Dr Suman Sharma, Country: India

Crash Analysis of Car Body Structure under Quasi-Static Condition
Authors: Ritu Sahu, Dr Suman Sharma, Country: India

A Study to Assess the Relationship between Family Environment, Home Adjustment and Academic Achievement among Middle Adolescents in Higher Secondary School, Chennai
Authors: M. Prathap Mohan, Country: India

Evaluation of Anticancer Activity of Delonix regia Extract against Chemical Induced Skin Carcinogenesis in Mammals
Authors: Dr Rashmi Sharma, Garima Lohiya, Garima Kumari Chaumal, Country: India

Approaches for Offline Cursive Handwritten Character Recognition
Authors: Varsha Vishwakarma, Hylish James, Country: India

Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism: Can have Multiple Pregnancy and or Ovarian Hyper Stimulation Syndrome
Authors: Nisreen Khalid Albezrah, Country: Saudi Arabia

A Systematic Review on Prevention of Beta Cell Apoptosis in Type 2 Diabetes Miletus Using Verapamil: A Calcium Channel Blocker
Authors: Akili Karuna, P. Shanmugasundaram, Country: India

Impact of Ogbor Hill Waste Dumpsite on Socio-Economic Activities of Urban Dwellers in Aba Metropolis, Abia State, Nigeria
Authors: Collins H. Wizor (Ph.D), Country: Nigeria

Forest Conservation & Environmental Awareness in Kayan Mentarang National Park in Malinau District, North Kalimantan Province
Authors: Dolvina Damus, Zaenal Kusuma, Bagyo Yanuwiadi, Imam Santoso, Country: Indonesia

(? ) ?_((m,n))-Open and Closed Sets in Bigeneralized Topological Spaces
Authors: Decie Marie M. Castellano, Josephine B. Nalzaro, Country: Philippines

IQAC: The Backbone for the Development of HEIs
Authors: Anita K. Sanap, Jigna Machhi, Kailas K. Sanap, Country: India

Impact of Social Networking Websites on Consumer Decision
Authors: Anurag Gupta, Country: India

Accountability of Course Graduation Records using Permissioned Blockchain in Hyperledger Fabric
Authors: Linda Handayani, Avinanta Tarigan, Country: Indonesia

Challenges for Female Entrepreneurship in Sri Lanka
Authors: Rajapaksha Pathirannehelage Erandi Kumari Rajapaksha, Country: Sri Lanka

Effect of Non-Hormonal Treatment on Uterine Leiomyoma
Authors: Ramona Perhar, Osheen Bonal, Meena Dayal, Amrita Chaurasia, Rita Shukla, Country: India

A Critique on Need of Private Sector Participation to Enhance Solid Waste Management Practices in India
Authors: Arun Nivas R, Aruna C, Country: India

Sixteenth Amendment of the Constitution of Bangladesh: A Governance Perspective
Authors: Fairooz Binte Hafiz, Nahin Rahman, Country: Bangladesh

The Predictive Effects of Instant Messaging/Online Communication on Well-Being among School Going Teenagers of Manipur State in India
Authors: Nongmeikapam Sursen Singh, Country: India

Immunization Services Utilization among Children Under Five Years of Age in Bulambuli District, Uganda
Authors: Natega Vincent, Country: Uganda

Clinical Placement Satisfaction among Bachelor Level Nursing Students
Authors: Grishma Budhathoki, Bhuwan Kumari Dangol, Tanuja Kumari Chaudhary, Country: Nepal

Evaluation of Hormonal and Autoimmunity Serological Markers in Iraqi Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome
Authors: Manal Mohammed AL-Mustafa, Hanaa Moosa Al-Badri, Country: Iraq

Evaluation of Cervico-Vaginal Fluid Prolactin in Premature Ruptured Membranes
Authors: Manal Mohammed AL-Mustafa, Hanaa Moosa Al-Badri, Country: Iraq

Effectiveness of Warm Compress on Sacral Region in Reducing Labour Pain during First Stage of Labour among the Primi-Gravida - A Narrative Review
Authors: R. Liangkiuwiliu, N. Siva, Country: India

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge and Practice Regarding Bronchial Asthma among Mothers of Asthmatic Children in Institute of Child Health and Hospital for Children, Egmore, Chennai - 08
Authors: O.S. Priya, Country: India

Experimental Investigation of MRR and Surface Roughness of Stainless Steel 410s in Wire EDM Using Grey Taguchi Method
Authors: Digaraj Behera, Country: India

Diagnostic Efficacy of Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) in Cervical Cancer Screening in Women Aged 20-60 Years
Authors: Amrita Chaurasia, Aditi Srivastava, Shalini Singh, Nidhi Sachan, Country: India

Oral Mucosal Lesions in Complete Denture Wearers
Authors: Dr. Chandrasinh Rajput, Dr. Shruti Mehta, Dr. Priyanka Sutaria, Dr. Hiren Rana, Country: India

A Review on Antimicrobial Effect of Silver Nanoparticle against Biofilm Producing Bacteria
Authors: Jaya Bharti, Abhishek Mathur, Country: India

Assess the Knowledge on First Aid Measures for Snake Bite among Farmers
Authors: Mary Minolin, Ranjitha .E, Country: India

Nurses' Knowledge and Practice of Cancer Pain Management in Adult Patients at Garissa County Referral Hospital, Kenya
Authors: Fatuma. A. Affey, Catherine Mwenda, Country: Kenya

A Literature Review: Conceptual Conflict Management in an Organization
Authors: Adie Irwan Kusumah, Iwan Setiawan, Haryadi, Adi Indrayanto, Country: Indonesia

Cinacalcet-Induced Insomnia in Two Patients with End-Stage Renal Disease: A Case Report
Authors: Kassem Hamza, Laith Ghadhanfer, Adnan Aljber, Country: Iraq

The Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Diarrhea and Home Management among Mothers of Under Five Children Attending Paediatric Outpatient Department in a Selected Tertiary Care Hospital, Maharashtra
Authors: Reena AS, Anagha T, Kancchan Bhandari, Country: India

The Taj Mahal - Responsible Tourism: A Far Goal to Reach
Authors: Kalpana Bhakuni, Country: India

A Model for Classification of Wisconsin Breast Cancer Datasets using Principal Component Analysis and Back-Propagation Neural Network
Authors: Shweta Saxena, Manasi Gyanchandani, Country: India

A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Quality of Life among Scabies Patients at Skin OPD Saveetha Medical College and Hospital
Authors: Parimala L, Velayudham .K .G, Country: India

Role of Total Quality Management in Higher Education
Authors: Dr. D.C. Agrawal, Ankur Kukreti, Country: India

Application of Total Quality Management on Higher Education
Authors: Dr. D.C. Agrawal, Ankur Kukreti, Country: India

A Rare Case of Unusual Origin of Left Colic Artery
Authors: Dr P. S. Saravanan, Dr Irfan Sagir Ansari, Dr Kapil Nagaraj, Country: India

Modeling of Heat Transfer from Finned Surface
Authors: Ranjan Singh, Banamali Dalai, Country: India

Refugees Status in India: A Special Reference to Rohingya Refugees
Authors: D.L Marshilong, Country: India

Observations on Intramedullary Nailing in Diaphyseal both Bone Forearm Fractures in Children
Authors: Mansoor Ahmad Tali, Shafeeq Ahmad Sofi, Country: India

Detection of Artemisinin Target Gene (PFATP6) in Plasmodium Falciparum Infections among Asymptomatic Patients Attending NDUTH, FMC and General Hospital in Bayelsa State
Authors: Oluwayemisi A. Olorode, Ken K. Ovienadu, Tolulope Alade, Country: Nigeria

Hereditary Elliptocytosis - Case Report of a Rare Entity
Authors: Sri Sughanya C.S, Sarada V, Country: India

Studies of Birds Fauna of Sambhar Salt Lake
Authors: Dr Rashmi Sharma, Garima Kumari Chaumal, Country: India

Chronic Kidney Disease - Effect of Rhubarb on Lipid Metabolism
Authors: Dr Sundeep Singla, Dr Mamta Singla, Dr Sanjeev Singla, Country: India

Lactate Dehydrogenase as a Prognosticator in Pregnancy Induced Hypertension
Authors: Dr. Srinisha Soundararajan, Dr. K. Saraswathi, Country: India

Effect of Sustained Use of Smartphone on the Craniovertebral Angle and Hand Dexterity in Young Adults
Authors: Priya Chheda, Titiksha Pol, Country: India

The Public Relation Role of Building Multicultural Communications for Multinational Companies
Authors: Citra Ayu Puspita, Country: Indonesia

Case Study of Lateral Elbow Tendinopathy in Dental Surgeon
Authors: Dr Sugnya Sachin Patil, Country: India

Awareness of Teacher Educators towards Assessment of an Institution
Authors: Dr. Sr. Philomina M J, Country: India

Profit Evaluation of an Identical Units System with Arbitrary Distribution
Authors: Gitanjali, Country: India

Effective Labour Analgesia by "Programmed Labour"
Authors: Jasvir Kaur, Sunita Lamba, Simmy Chopra, Manish Chopra, Country: India

Efficacy of Intravenous Lignocaine 2% versus Oropharyngeal Topical 10% Xylocaine Spray before Induction of Anaesthesia in Attenuating the Pressor Response to Direct Laryngoscopy and Endotracheal Intubation
Authors: Dr. Akhil Kumar Gupta, Dr. Arti Mahajan, Dr. Tanvi Gupta, Country: India

Eduction of Micro-Pollutants and Increase in the Length and Weight of Fenugreek Sprouts, Treated within the Set "Pyramid (HAVALA 3) + URVI Amplifier Cylinder"
Authors: Ezio Gagliardi, Country: Italy

Detection of Inducible Clindamycin Resistance and Methicillin Resistance in Staphylococcus species from Various Clinical Samples
Authors: Dr. Retina Paul, Lipika Pal, Risha Saha, Amrita Shaw, Country: India

Estrogen Receptors Expression in Lung Cancer and Breast Cancer
Authors: Ni Luh Gede Yoni Komalasari, Country: Indonesia

Macronutrient Content of Some Edible Insects with Reference to the Baksa District of Assam, India
Authors: Dr. Jayanta Kr. Das, Country: India

Dental Management in Children with Cerebral Palsy Type Spastic Quadriplegia: A Case Report
Authors: Ruth Christiana Juwitaningrum, Arlette Suzy Setiawan, Country: Indonesia

A Study to Assess the Risk of Developing Pressure Sore among Critically Ill Patient Admitted in SMCH
Authors: P. Meena, Country: India

Impaction of Maxillary Central Incisor due to Complex Odontoma
Authors: Prima Andisetyanto, Ratna Indriyanti, Iwan Ahmad, Kirana Lina Gunawan, Risti Saptarini Primarti, Inne Suherna Sasmita, Country: Indonesia

Understanding and Fostering Empathy in Nursing
Authors: Mythily Vandana S. Charles, Emily Susila Daniel, Country: India

Design and Analysis of Maglev Trains
Authors: Prasad Satish Divekar, Dr. Thippeswamy Ekbote, Country: India

A Study on Role of Information Systems in Banking Sector
Authors: Anurag Gupta, Country: India
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