Downloading: A Study on Financial Analysis of UltraTech Cement Industry
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A Study on Financial Analysis of UltraTech Cement Industry

Dr. C. Vadivel, K. Satya Bhama

Abstract: This optimization modeling took into account mixtures of primary fuel (mineral coal, pet-coke and heavy oil) and its alternative fuel which is agricultural waste (rice husk, sugar waste and ground shell). The optimization simulation models predict the cost benefit to the manufacturer using alternative fuel, environmental impact to world and finally the quality of the cement produced to the end user. The results show that the cost of cement production can be reduced by 30 to 70 % with the use of alternative fuel (Rice husk, Sugar cane waste, ground nut shell) and without greatly affecting the final product. The main goal of the article is the comparison of the possible use of secondary energy products. Used fly ashes, respectively steel dusts in cement mixes derive from production in Moravian-Silesian Region. The research focused on their influence on the chemical and physico-mechanical characteristics of the fresh and solid mixture. The aim was to find suitable formulations for grouting works, highway construction possibly rehabilitation of underground cavities created by mining activities. The introduction is mentioned the history of waste utilization up to current use as a product and the overall state of the problem.

Keywords: Fuel mixture, energy consumption, cement cost, cement quality