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Analysis on Impacts of High Temperature on Porosity and Compressive Quality of FC
Authors: C. Giri Prasad, Dr. Ajay Swarup

India's Vital Health Statistics and Relationship between Health Expenditure and GDP from 1996-2018
Authors: Bhoomika Doshi

The Effect of Implementation of the Internal Control System and the Implementation of Good Corporate Governance Principles on the Quality of Financial Reports (Case Study at Amanah Insani Islamic Community Financing Bank)
Authors: Ayu Ogi Fazny, Hari Setiyawati

A Review on Ethical Consideration in Surgical Procedures in Ayurveda
Authors: Dr. Leena Dhanendra, Dr Anil Kumar

The Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) as a Function of Improving Quality in Educational Institutions
Authors: Rallabandi Srinivasu, G.V.S.R. Anjaneyulu

Students' Evaluation in Learning Management System (LMS) as Educational Delivery Tool
Authors: Jenny May T. Cinco

Competency based Education: Towards Self- Direction
Authors: Pramilaa R

Prevalence and Factors Associated with Depression among Nursing Students
Authors: Sumitra Koirala, Alina Poudel

Varied Clinical Manifestation of Congenital Afibrinogenemia: From Thrombosis to Intramedullary Hemorrhage - A Case Series of 7 Patients
Authors: Dr. Shailesh H Bamborde, Dr. Farah Jijina, Dr. Chandrakala .S, Dr. Shrimati Shetty, Dr. Rajesh Patil, Dr. Nilesh Wasekar, Dr. Vinod Patil, Dr. Shruti Mantri

Solar Light Induced Photocatalytic Degradation of Textile Disperse Dye Coralene Dark Red 2B in Effluents
Authors: Parul Trivedi, Sangita Sharma

Survival Analysis of Cancer Patients Using Weibull Parametric Model
Authors: Wilson Kiprotich Chepkech, Joel Cheruiyot Chelule, Ayubu Anapapa, Herbert Imboga

Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Edible Mushroom Calocybe indica using Solvent Extracts
Authors: Shyni A.R, Irene Wilsy J, Reginald Appavoo M

A Study on Management of Non-Performing Assets in Context of Indian Banking System
Authors: Chirag Rana

ATmega328P & NodeMCU-ESP8266 Based Real-Time Power Monitoring Device
Authors: Arnab Jyoti Mandal, Subhojit Paul, Bhaskar Saha, Saif Ali Molla, Koushik Mondal

Inter-County Comparative Analysis of ID3 Decision Tree Algorithms for Disease Symptom Burden Classification and Diagnosis
Authors: Nicodemus Nzoka Maingi, Ismail Ateya Lukandu, Matilu Mwau

Rainfall Runoff Modeling Using SWAT Model for Chaliyr Basin Kerala, India
Authors: Rohtash, Dr. L. N. Thakural, Dr. M. K. Choudhary, Dipti Tiwari

A Research Paper on Traffic Regulating System to Avoid Road Accidents and Traffic Jam at Signal Cross Road
Authors: Dr. Pritesh Prajapati, Pragnesh H Prajapati

Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Antidandruff Gel
Authors: Biradev S Karande

Concepts and Applications of Blockchain Technology
Authors: S. Rajeswari

Political Implications Depicted in the Tigrigna Satirical Speeches of Wedi Fante
Authors: Tesfamichael Hailemaryam Yohannes

Understanding Political Marketing in the Light of Dream for Sale in Democracy
Authors: Dr. Umakanta Hazarika, Susmita Borah

Development of QA Cell for PDK Validation and Automation using Cadence Skill
Authors: Payel Das, Santanu Nandy

The Effect of Internal Controlling System, Government Accounting Standard and the Accomplishment of Audit Findings on the Quality of Financial Statement
Authors: Meiliana Kurniawati, Hari Setiyawati

An Observation of Acute Myocardial Infarction in the Elderly
Authors: Routray S.N., Rout S.

Android Application based Wi-Fi Controlled Robot Car
Authors: Pooja S. Kulkarni, G. T. Chavan

Learning Outcomes of Studentsin Traditionaland Virtual Laboratory Instruction in Science
Authors: Jennifer A. Taguchi

Growth of E-Banking in India
Authors: Supreet Kaur, Dr. Rajiv

Difficulties to the Crops Forage Integration in Agricultural Farms in the Sudanian Area of Benin (West Africa)
Authors: Gbenou B, Adjolohoun S, Houndjo DBM, Sa?dou A, Ahoton L, Houinato M, Dahouda M, Sinsin A.B

Evaluation of Association between Serum HS-CRP and Lipid Profile in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Dr. Premjeet Kaur, Dr. Naresh Malhotra

Characterization of Common Knee Joint Diseases using Magnetic Resonance Imaging among Saudi Population
Authors: Hanady Osman, Gihan Ahmed, Tagalsir Altayeb, Abbas Ibrahim, Razan Bogari, Hajer Al-Mutairi, Aisha Al-Shibani, Asrar Al-Ghamdi

Digital Users Perception on Digital Banking Frauds - A Study with Special Reference to Selected Digital Banking Services
Authors: M. Kannan

Formulation and Evaluation of Ointment and Liniment Using Moringa Oleifera Seed Extract
Authors: Suraj T. Jadhav, Nitin A Gaikwad, Indrjeet V Mane, Manohar D Kengar, Abhishek S. Pujari

Effects of Microclimate on Barley (Hordeum vulgare L.) Cultivars Grown under Different Dates of Sowing under Semi-Arid Regions of Haryana
Authors: Karan Chhabra

Analysis of Trailing Arm for Weight Optimization using FEA
Authors: Shirish Charhate, P. Bajaj

Curbing Air Pollution in India
Authors: Samar Hossain, Suneela Garg

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Information Booklet on Knowledge about Antenatal Care and Identifying Risk Conditions Associated with Pregnancy among Antenatal Mothers in Selected Rural Hospitals at Mysore
Authors: Vijayasuguna .V

Interrelationship between Skeletal and Dental Malocclusion in Unilateral Cleft Lip & Palate Cases based on Goslon Yardstick Scale - A Cross Sectional Observational Study
Authors: Dr. Prashant Rajendra Nerpagar Patil, Dr. Pallavi Daigavane, Dr. Ranjit H. Kamble, Dr. Sunita Shrivastav, Dr. Priyanka Niranjane, Dr. Eshita N. Jaiswal

Internet Banking in Semi - Urban Areas
Authors: Isha Khurana

Emergence of Political Consciousness in Kashmir during the Dogra Period (1846-1947)
Authors: Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Dar, Ishtiyaq Ahmad Mir

Insurance Broker Management System
Authors: Akshit Goel

Success in Daily Life through Bhagwad Gita
Authors: Dr. Pramod Mishra, Viditi Rastogi

The Correlation between Reading Habit and Students' Writing Ability
Authors: Khairat Risman, Jufrizal, Yenni Rozimela

Audit Analysis of Students? Skills and Attitudes towards E-Learning at the Cagayan State University - Carig Campus: Basis for Innovating Teaching and Learning
Authors: Edison D. Bravo

Effect of Good Corporate Governance Dimension Implementation on Market Value of Equity and its Implication on Stock Return of Banking, Mining, and Manufacturing Firms Listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX)
Authors: Witasari, Toto Sugiharto

Regulation of the State Systems: A Conceptual Framework
Authors: Mintu Mondal

An Approach to the Characterization of Dynamic Seal for Torque Sensitive Application
Authors: Sangeetha Singhal, G Sreenivasa Reddy, P Vijaya Kumar, Pramod Kumar

Digenean Trematode Parasites and Cyprinid Fish Catla catla
Authors: Mishra Anurag, Singh Prashant, Mishra D.B, Singh H.S

Microbiological Quality of Packaged Drinking Water Marketed within Sokoto Metropolis
Authors: R. M. Aliyu, Y. U Dabai, Y. B. Abbas

Industrial Pollution Law and Policy in India
Authors: Vibhu Raj

Autonomous Self Driving Car
Authors: Vikrant Thakur, Naveen Meena, Chetan Atrai, Amit Aryan, Mamta Tholia

Solving the Vehicle Routing Problem with Genetic Tabu Search Algorithm
Authors: Iaia So

A Comparative Study of Copyright Laws in India, US, UK
Authors: Mayank Negi

Natural Language-Based Machine Learning Models for Information Extraction from Radiology Reports - Survey
Authors: Jewel Sengupta

Asrayon: A Resilient Rehabilitation Program in Southern Parts of Bangladesh
Authors: Abdullah-Al-Amin

Novel Approach to Fashion Design using Artificial Intelligence
Authors: Ashwin Kherde, Prashant Jawade, Indrajeet Mane-Deshmukh, Pradnyoday Mirajkar

A Case of Thyroid Storm Precipitated By Pneumonia
Authors: Christina Permata Shalim, Dewi Catur Wulandari

A Novel Approach for Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy using the Concept of Computer Vision
Authors: Tripti Singh, Akhilesh Sharma

Analysis and Optimization of Spaced Sequential Tube-Sheets
Authors: Kedar .S Shelar

Characterization of Pb Doped CdS Thin Film Fabricated by Spray Pyrolysis Deposition Technique
Authors: Mousumi Kundu, Mst. Halima Khatun, Sajal Khan, Md. Shahjahan

Multivariate Analysis of Factors Underlying Female under Representation in Learning Mathematics
Authors: D. Otoo, W. A. Iddrisu, B. A. Afful, E. Larbi

Crossing Caste & Religious in the Modern Indian Marriage Market
Authors: Kumari Ranjan Lata, Suryavansh Singh

Women Participation in Managerial Positions in Debreberhan Town, Ethiopia: Challenges and Tactics
Authors: Wubante Ayalew Dessie

Analysis of Land Suitability for Agriculture in Hemavathy Watershed
Authors: K. Balakrishna, Dr. H. B. Balakrishna

Evaluation of Abdomen Computed Tomography Patients' Doses in some Computed Tomography Facilities in South-South and South-East Nigeria
Authors: Ukewuihe Udoka Mathias, Isaiah Eze Igwe, Samuel Okon Inyang

Conceptual Understanding of Students on Electron Configuration
Authors: Dexter C. Necor

Prediction of Stock Values using Sentiment Analysis on Twitter Data
Authors: Aishwarya .V, Dr. Vani Priya

A Brief Study on Shredded Scrap Rubber Tyre Replacement for Cement in Cement Concrete
Authors: Bhaskar Pandey, Akshit Lamba, Piyush Das

Role of Students in the Library: An Empirical Study
Authors: Dr. Chakpram Hemanta Singh

A Study on Reoccurrence of UTI in Indian Women
Authors: Shabnam Thakur

Roadside Friction, its Impact and Remedial Measures on Traffic Characteristics in Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir (India)
Authors: Gulam Mohiud din Rather, Peer Muzzamil Yaseen, Showkat Bashir

Comparative Study of Rainfall at various Rain Gauge Stations of the Pamba River Basin
Authors: Dr. Bloomy Joseph, Koshy P.S.

Cluster Headache in a Woman
Authors: Dr. N. Jeeva, Dr. Nikil Sam Varughese, Dr. G. Saranya, Dr. Sairam JB

The Relationship between Brand Impression, Price and Consumer Choice Preferences - An Empirical Study Based on Cross-Culture
Authors: Eang Youhouy, Zhou Xiaohong

Prospective Study on Initiation of Breast Feeding by Breast Crawl and its Maternal and Foetal Benefits
Authors: Dr. Ashish Prajapat

The field Strain of Anopheles gambiae s.s. Giles Larvae Resistance Ratio (RR) is Twice That of Susceptible (Laboratory Reared) Strain when Tested with Plant Crude Flower and Leaf Extracts
Authors: Glenn O. Araka

Development of Cross-Platform Desktop Apps using Electron Framework
Authors: Aravind Kumar B, Anitha Sandeep

Synergistic Combinations of Flower and Leaf Extract Activities of C. cinerariifolium , E. camaldulensis and N. tabaccum Outweigh the Activities of Antagonistic Combinations
Authors: Glenn O. Araka

A Rare Case Report of Siliconoma in Contralateral Axillary Lymph Node After Silicone Implant Rupture
Authors: Ali Samkari, Ali Farsi, Mohammad Abushal

DFT on Rhodamine B Doped BIS Thiourea Cadmium Chloride (BTCC) Crystals for Nonlinear Optical Applications - A New Approach
Authors: M. Kalaiselvan, P. Kumaresan

Surgical Management of Thoracic Outlet Obstruction: Trans-Axillary Route
Authors: Dinakaran Karthikezhiyam, Gopinathan, Geetha Vasu, Aparna Suresh

A Study to Compare the Effects of Rocabodo's Exercises with Combination Therapy and Rocabodo's Exercises in Temporomandibular Joint Disorders
Authors: Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Nawaz Mulla, Dr. Ronika Agrawal

The Effects of Noni (Morinda Citrifolia) Ethanol Extract Cream on Collagen Deposition in Incisional Wound Healing of Male Wistar Rats
Authors: Daniel Setiawan Lay, I Wayan Sugiritama, Ni Made Linawati, I.G.K. Nyoman Arijana

Efficient Vehicle Parking Lot System Using Circular Hough Transform For Enhancement Smart City Program
Authors: Krishnaraj Rao N S, Akash Acharya, Aneesh Rao H S, Prathviraj P Shetty, Shreevasa Tantry

Comparison between pH, EC, CaCO3 and Mechanical Analysis of Qala Wahid and Company Areas Soil, Kabul, Afghanistan
Authors: Shekeb Shamal, Hafizullah Rasouli

Biodegradation of Applied Plant Extracts of C. cinerariifolium, E. camaldulensis and N. tabaccum in the Habitats of Third Instar Larvae of the Malaria Vector Anopheles gambiae s.s. Giles (Diptera: Culicidae) Larvae is a Function of Time
Authors: Glenn O. Araka

Responses of Piled Raft Foundations in Layered Soils Subjected to Eccentric Vertical Loading
Authors: Siddhartha Sengupta

Evolution of Rural Settlements of Nadbai Tehsil (A Geographical Study)
Authors: Dr. Gambhir Singh, Dr. Man Singh Meena

Longevity Swaps: Derivatives for Hedging Longevity Risk Embedded in Variable Annuities (Pension Plans)
Authors: Blessing Tinashe Manzou, Hu Yue, Chen Lanlan

Auto Building Extraction from HD Satellite Image for the Application of Map Development
Authors: Awantika Singh, Akhilesh Sharma

Survival Models on Breast Cancer Patients - A Cross Sectional Data from the Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI)
Authors: Dr. Ramkumar .T Balan, Hassan Swedy Lunku, Ismail Juma

Pancreatic Panniculitis: A Rare Case Report
Authors: Dr Alex R Panicker, Dr Ranjit V Ranade

Inate Immunity: A Review Article
Authors: Jd Yelima, Dr Sa Ufelle2 Ck Chikwendu, Ok Olayemi

Granting of Patent under Patent Law 1970
Authors: Vaibhav Chaudhary

Factors Affecting the Teaching and Learning of Religious Education in Primary Teachers' Colleges. A Case Study of Nyanza Province, Kenya
Authors: Sambu Alice

Watermarking Algorithm for RGB Noisy Images Using SVD and APBT for Copyright Protection
Authors: Shweta Singh Rathore, Vivek Singh Rathore

Assessment of Factors that Affects the Performance of Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations in Ethiopia
Authors: Sintayehu Tsega Alemu, Awel Beker Washi

Performance Analysis of Induction Heating Geyser
Authors: Tushar M. Patil, Umesh S. Bhadade

Evaluation of Association between Microalbuminuria and Serum Lipid Profile in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
Authors: Dr. Premjeet Kaur

A Combinatorial Approach for High Utility Item Set Mining using FRUP and Direct Discovery Approach without Candidate Generation
Authors: Mansi Jaiswal1, Vijay Prakash

The Launch of the Malaria Vaccine
Authors: Samar Hossain, Dr Suneela Garg
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