Downloading: Analysis and Optimization of Spaced Sequential Tube-Sheets
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Analysis and Optimization of Spaced Sequential Tube-Sheets

Kedar.S Shelar

Abstract: Tube-sheet in any filter is a very important component as it provides a firm support to tubes in filter. Tube sheets serve multiple purposes, either they act as support for filter elements or for connecting tubes for Heat exchangers, however tube sheet design is very complex, because of its interaction with the pressure vessel and the stresses it generates. The location where the tube sheet is attached, radial expansion of the vessel is halted; this creates bending stresses in the vicinity of the tube sheet. In the existing system one or two tube-sheets are used in small size. Here in this paper new design is proposed, where 3 tube sheets spaced at equal intervals with combine vessels. The resulting stress profile will be increasingly complex. The analysis of sequential tube sheet falls under ASME sec-VIII Div-II, which recommends usage of FEA to validate the design. Objectives are to create analysis SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) in WORKBENCH, study the effect of tube sheet spacing on stress profile, To optimize the structure with Spacing distance between three space sequential tube sheets, and Thickness of the tube sheet

Keywords: Tube-sheet, Pressure vessel, static structural analysis, ANSYS 15, ASME Code