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Corrosive Effect Eucalyptus and Chir Wood on Mild Steel Panels and its Prevention by VCIs Soaked Paper
Authors: Shailendra Kumar Dwivedi

A Non-Experimental Descriptive Pre-Test Study to Develop SIM Module regarding Home Care of Epileptic Children among Mothers in Selected Hospitals of Pune City
Authors: Meena Prakash Zore

Determination of In-situ Field Density on Rock Fill Strata: Experimental Methodology
Authors: Mohd Arham Siddiqui

Association of Cardio-Respiratory Endurance and BMI among Postmenopausal Indian Population
Authors: Dr. Mamta Chainani, Dr. Shyam Ganvir

Rural Infrastructure Development Level and its Constraints in Chambal-Yamuna Plain of Western Uttar Pradesh
Authors: Hemant Kumar

Effect of Job Relevant Information on Managerial Performance with Job Satisfaction as a Moderating Variable
Authors: Swandani, Harryanto, Andi Kusumawati

Ranking Higher Education in Current Situation in Vietnam
Authors: Dr. Nguyen Quang Giao

Diode Lasers in Non Surgical Periodontal Treatment
Authors: Mariya Miteva

Correction of the Crooked Nose by Septorhinoplasty
Authors: Dr. Anandita Das, Dr Hiranya Borah, Prof. S. Khanna

Victimology in the Penal Justice System with Special Reference to Women and Children
Authors: Apurav Chander Sharma

Important Plant Biodiversity of the Southern Part of India
Authors: S. Radhakrishnan

Laboratory Comparative Study on the Performance of Plain Bitumen and Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen on DBM Grade 2
Authors: Shankargiri K S, Anisha V, L B S Nagaraj Naik, Nitesh Pujari, Rakshan R Shetty

Effects of Cooperative Learning Approach on the Students' Achievement and Attitude toward Oral Literature Genres in Selected Secondary Schools in Kisii, Kenya
Authors: Makini Sonoi Vitalice

Customer Awareness and Preference of Life Insurance
Authors: Namiya C V

Penetrating Foreign Bodies in Head and Neck Trauma
Authors: Dr. Anandita Das, Dr. Anisha Ganguly

Effectiveness of Self -Instructional Module on Utilization of Contraceptive Devices in Terms of Knowledge and Attitude among Married Women at Selected Community Area Meerut
Authors: Nisha Yadav, Ex. Capt Geeta Parwanda

I-Search Paper towards Writing Ability of Students with High Self-Engagement
Authors: Mella Nurwinta, Kurnia Ningsih, Hamzah Hamzah

The Comparison of Podcast media and Real Object Media in Listening Comprehension Instruction
Authors: Rezqa Gusrizal, Hermawati Syarif, Jufri Jufri

Formulation and Evaluation of in Situ Gel Model Naproxen
Authors: Priyanka V Dhalkar

Evaluation of the Correlation between Serum Vitamin C and Iron Levels in Individuals with Oral Submucous Fibrosis (OSMF)
Authors: Nishu Vakil, Surinder Sachdeva, Jyotsna Goyal, Balbir Kaur

Effectiveness of Planned Teaching on Knowledge Regarding Menstrual Irregularities among Adolescent Girls in Selected Schools of Wardha District
Authors: Ashwini Tonpe

Correlation of Thyroid Profile with Blood Pressure and Blood Glucose in Hypothyroid Pregnant Women and its Relation with Neonataloutcome
Authors: Sreekutty M, Dr. J. K. Mukkadan

Effectiveness of Betadine Ointment versus Lavender Oil Application on Episiotomy Wound Healing Among Post Natal Mothers Admitted in PNC Ward of Selected Hospitals
Authors: Christina Michael Martin

Sentiment Analysis Using Twitter Dataset
Authors: Kanimozhi P

Evaluation of Efficacy of Intravenous Dexmedetomidinein Post-Operative Care of Cardiac Surgery Patients
Authors: Dr Sachin Shouche, Dr Satish Kumar Mishra, Dr Rangraj Setlur, Dr Shishir Kumar

Giant Cutaneous Horn: A Rare Case Report and Review of Literature
Authors: Sajjad Hussain

Waste Management in IoT-Enabled Smart Cities
Authors: Ragula U

Electronic Learning of Higher Education for Deaf and Dumb Using Sign Language
Authors: Saba Dhey Abed, Dr. Nazhat S. Abdulrazak

Massive Gastric Dilatation Secondary to Duodenal Tuberculosis: A Case Report
Authors: Sajjad Hussain

A Revolutionary Impact of Sugarcane Bagasse Ash in Concrete
Authors: Harshit Mishra, Piyush Das, Akshit Lamba

Solar Power Assisted Smart Battery Charging and Balancing Using Arduino
Authors: Shweta S. Deshmukh, Prajakta R. Waghmare, Sonali A. Dilwale, Shubhangi S. Jawale

Design of Pavement by SuperCivilCD Software (Road)
Authors: Priyanka Dixit, N.K.Dhapekar, Akshit Lamba

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Accidents of Under Five Children among Mothers Residing in Satara Village, Aurangabad
Authors: Shital Sukhadev Thoke, Ashwini Kishor Vaidya

Variations of Human Lung Fissures and its Clinical Significance - A Cadaveric Study
Authors: Sangeetha A, Nayeemuddin. SM, Chakradhar V, Nandha Kumar S

Study on Strength of Concrete by Using Municipal Sewage as Cement
Authors: Shivakumar DS, Venkatesh S, Punith YM

Assessment of the Effectiveness of Hospital Waste Management Practices by Public Health Facilities in Garissa County - Kenya
Authors: Abdullahi A. Matan, Mbaruk A. Suleiman, Esther Ndonga

Climate Change Awareness and Adaptation Practices of Student Teachers in the University of Eastern Philippines
Authors: Antonieto L. Adora, Nelia M. Adora

Competitiveness of Micro-Food Enterprises in Catarman, Northern Samar
Authors: Nelia M. Adora

Student's Performance of BSIE and BSHE in Drawing Subjects in the University of Eastern Philippines: Basis for the Curricular Enhancement
Authors: Antonieto L. Adora, Nelia M. Adora

Molecular Subtypes of Breast Carcinoma in South Indian Women and their Correlation with Histomorphological and Clinical Features
Authors: Dr. Jessy.K. Jose, Dr. Priya Mariam Kuruvilla, Dr. Jophy Varghese

Early Diagnostic Markers for Neonatal Sepsis - Haematological Scoring System, C-Reactive Protein and Procalcitonin
Authors: Dr Malvika Gaur, Dr Arathi C.A.

Phenytoin Induced Dress (Drug Reaction with Eosinophilia and Systematic Symptoms Syndrome): A Case Report
Authors: Vageeshwari Devuni

MGNREGS: It's Impact on Women Empowerment in Meghalaya
Authors: Elizabeth Kharkongor

A Study of Post Extubation Endotracheal Tube Microbial Colonisation in Patients Undergoing Elective Postoperative Mechanical Ventilation
Authors: Singla S, Kohli P, Pandey M

Patent Infringement in India
Authors: Abhijeet Kumar Srivastava

Rain Water Harvesting - A Case Study
Authors: Dr. S. G. N. Kalia, Dr. Y. L. Bhirud, M. S. Dhomse

Altered Thoracostomy Tube Insertion Sitein Primary Spontaneous Pneumothorax Management
Authors: Zainab Alibrahim, Farouk Alreshaid, Zainab Alhashim, Eman Alabbad, Yasser Aljahni

A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude regarding Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse among the mother?s of under 12 Years of Children in Selected Rural Area
Authors: Monali Barsagade

Feeding Management of Backyard Goats in Northern Mindanao, Philippines
Authors: Reynaldo L. Intong

Mechanical Properties of High Entropy Alloy (AlCuFeMnZn) Prepared by Casting
Authors: Umang Singh, Dr. Satpal Sharma

DBore Oxidation
Authors: Dronadula Borraiah

Time: Multidimensional Time
Authors: Ankit Thapliyal

Marital Rape
Authors: Kartik Sharma

Valve Repair and Wrap Round: Role of Femoral Vein Valve Repair in Recurrent Chronic Venous Stasis Ulcers
Authors: Dinakaran Karthikezhiyam Gopinathan, Geetha Vasu, Aparna Suresh, Anagha Sathyan

IoT Based Weather Station
Authors: Dr. Neha Agrawal, Devesh Khurana, Sushant Ahuja

Effect of Metal Ions on Oil Degradation Activity of Bacillus and Acinetobacter Isolated from Oil Contaminated Sites of Mechanical Workshops
Authors: Dr. Praveen Reddy .P

Congenital Duodenal Web in 1 Month Old Girl
Authors: Ni Putu Wirantari, Putu Gde Karyana, IGN Sanjaya Putra, Ni Nyoman Metriani Nesa, I Made Darmajaya, Kadek Deddy Ariyanta

The Influence of Stress upon Mood, Our Sense of Well-Being, Behavior, and Health
Authors: Sakshi Gupta

A Review on Introduction to Electroanalytical Chemistry and its Advancements in Pharmaceutical Industries
Authors: P. Sree Mahalakshmi

Analysis of Visual Impairment for Designing a Revival Center
Authors: Vishnu R, Fazil P

Analysis on Tax Compliance in Indonesia (Case Study in The Tax Service Office Jakarta)
Authors: Nurarifin Jaya, Apollo

Potential Environmental Impacts of Solar Energy Technologies
Authors: M. Srinivasan, A.Velu, B. Madhubabu

Genetic Analysis in Some Varieties of Pepper (Capsicum annum L.)
Authors: Kamal Benyamin Esho

Facts and Figures of Camel Milk in Terms of Therapeutic Usage, Camel Milk Business and Nutritional Value
Authors: Chef Devashish Pandey

Non Surgical Treatment of Severe Class III Skeletal Discrepancy with RME and Reverse Pull Headgear - A Case Report
Authors: Taruna Puri, Nimesh Patel

Analysis of Determinants Affecting Financial Inclusion in Indonesia
Authors: Irma Yuningsih, Dadan Rahadian

Cloud Based Secured and Energy Efficient IoT System
Authors: Shukla Ashish Shivbahadur, Dr. Ravi K. Sheth

Assessment of Groundwater Quality for Drinking Purposes Using GIS Approach in Fatehabad District of Haryana
Authors: Sushma Bisht, Basant Rai, Ravindra Prawasi

Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding Ill Effects of Smog and its Prevention among Residents of Delhi NCR
Authors: Naveena J H, Amandeep Kaur

Prevalence of Class A - Carbapenemases Producing Enterobacteriaceae in Clinical Isolates in MBS Hospital, Kota, Rajasthan
Authors: Dr. Pooja Jain, Dr. Naveen Saxena

Speed Control of Induction Motor by V/F Method Using Fuzzy Technique
Authors: Pallavi Shrikant Alagur, J. A. Shaikh

Empowering Saudi EFL Learners with Life Skills - The Need of the Hour
Authors: Dr. Sobhana Nandyal Panduranga, Amna Madkhali, Seham Wasli, Aisha Daghriry, Reefan Abdullah

State-of-the-Art Review on Masonry Structure: Identification Behaviour and Seismic Retrofitting Techniques for Structures
Authors: Abhishek Ghimire

Effect of Treadmill Training and Physical Training on Selected Physical Physiological and Bio Chemical Variables among College Students
Authors: Dr. C. Senthil Kumar

Cultivated Strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa) and Wild Strawberry (Duchesneaindica) Rhizosphere associated Microbes as Inoculants to Promote Early Vegetative Growth of Strawberry
Authors: Singhalage ID, Seneviratne G, Madawala HMSP

Connecting Social Media to E-Commerce Product Recommendation using Top-K
Authors: Nisha T

Oral Inflammatory Lesions and Presence of Mast Cells: A Pilot Study
Authors: Dr. Nawal Khan, Dr. Munaza Shafi

To Study the Effect of Oligohydramnios on Maternal and Fetal Outcomes in 37 Weeks or More Gestation Period
Authors: Dr. Ashish Prajapat, Dr. Pratibha Kulkarni, Dr. Abhijeet Oka

Formulation and Evaluation of Floating Microspheres of Esomeprazole
Authors: Shivani S Jagtap

Consistency Regulations Implementing Rules and Regulation of Food Derived Specifically Sustainable Agricultural Land in West Java Province
Authors: Rizma Aldillah

Participatory Development and Governance in Rural India: A Case Study of Palli Sabha in Odisha
Authors: Gayadhar Malik, Dr. Smita Nayak

Factors Influencing Consumers' Preferences and Purchasing Behavior of Bulk and Packaged Rice
Authors: Anissa Hutami Dewi, Megawati Simanjuntak, Istiqlaliyah Muflikhati

Awareness and Acceptance of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccine: A Study among Female Undergraduates and Antenatal Mothers in Port Harcourt, Nigeria
Authors: George-Opuda I.M, Ojimah C, Eddeh-Adjugah O, Adegoke O.A

A Comparative Study of Genetic Algorithm and Particle Swarm Optimization in Context of Plant Layout Optimization
Authors: Sharad Kumar Rathore, Dr. P. M. Mishra

Diagnostic accuracy of Trucut Needle Biopsy and Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology as Compared with Final Histopathological Examination to Diagnose Breast Lump as Malignant or Benign
Authors: Dr. Rabia Parveen Siddiqui, Dr. Jayanti Chandrakar, Dr. Renuka Gahine, Dr. Mukesh Kumar Bharti

Ecological and Environmental Issues in the Context of Lakshadweep's Development
Authors: Dr N S Sumamol, Suresh Ayyappan Kunnath

Evaluation of Liver Size in Bangladeshi Adult Male & Female
Authors: Shamima Islam

A Rare Case of Pierre Robin Sequence
Authors: Dr. Sushanth Reddy Vinta, Dr. Deepika Kurra, Dr. C. S. N. Vittal

Dowry Death
Authors: Arshdeep Singh Bali

Formulation and Evaluation of Polyherbal Vanishing Cream
Authors: Pankaj S Mane, Deepak J Kare, Ankita B Hogale, Suraj T Jadhav, Pooja S Yadav

Comparative Evaluation of Fracture Resistance of Teeth with Different Intraorifice Barriers after Bleaching
Authors: Dr L Krishna Prasada, Dr V Krishnan

Sickle Cell E Disease: A Case Report
Authors: Dr. Nishat Ahmad, Dr. M. A. Ansari, Dr. Sunil Kumar Mahto

Improvements in Enhancing Bi-Lingual Machine Translation Approach
Authors: Manish Rana, Mohammad Atique

Local Wisdom Practices in Rice Paddy Farming and Its Impact on Regional Food Security in Pulau Sapi Village, Malinau, North Kalimantan
Authors: Afri ST Padan, Budi Setiawan, Aminudin Afandhi, Bagyo Yanuwiadi

Forest Conservation Intensity and Efforts to Overcome the Impact on the Social Conditions of the Dayak Kenyah Community in Kayan National Park, Mentarang, North Kalimantan
Authors: Njau Anau, Abdul Hakim, Amin Setyo Leksono, Endah Setyowati

A Survey Study of Urinary Tract Infections and their Susceptibility in Ibn- Al- Balady Hospital in Baghdad - Iraq
Authors: Khalid R. Easa, Khalid B. Kago, Hayat Hashem Ebead

Application on Absolutely Summing Operators on a Tree Space and the Bounded Approximation Property
Authors: Shawgy Hussein, Nazar Bakri Musaad

English Teachers' Problems in Managing Speaking Activities at SMA Negeri 1 Tukka Tapanuli Tengah
Authors: Sri Putri Wardani Manalu, Zul Amri, Yenni Rozimela

Lacunas in Our Education System
Authors: Meenakshi Moza, Aastha Moza

Anthelmintic Activity of Aqueous Leaf Extract of Clerodendrum Serratum
Authors: Deepak J Kare
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