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Recently Published: Bioremediation of Lead by a Halophilic Bacteria Bacillus pumilus Isolated from the Mangrove Regions of Karnataka          ||          Application of ABC-VED Matrix Analysis to Control the Inventory of a Central Pharmacy in a Public Hospital: A Case Study          ||          Structural Study of Acetylene Thin Films Absorbed on Exfoliated Graphite (0001)          ||          Relationship between the Committee Service and Competency of Learning Management in Education and Effectiveness of Technical Substantive Technical Publication in Scientific Publication in Education and Training Center for Technical Education and Religion          ||          The Translatability of Arabic Objects into English in Yahya Hakki's Novel "The Lamp of Umm Hashim"          ||          Biology Teachers' Context Based Approach Knowledge in the Design of 'O' Level Biology Lessons in Selected Secondary Schools of Kafue District          ||          Comparing the Efficacy of Epidural Buprenorphine versus Epidural Butorphanol in Postoperative Pain Relief in Laparoscopic Surgeries: A Randomized Double Blinded Controlled Study          ||          A Business Development Plan to Improve the Market Performance of Dana Airline (Dana Air) in the Nigerian Local Airlines Sector          ||          Analysis of Stray Current, its Aetiology, Propagation, Relevant Measurement Protocols and Mitigative Efforts at a Pig Farm in Northern Denmark          ||          Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia (VAP) with Multidrug-Resistant (MDR) Pathogens in Geriatric Patients: Risk Factors and their Antibiotic Susceptibility Pattern with Detection of MRSA, ESBLs and MBLs in Intensive Care Unit          ||         

Recently Downloaded: The Relationship between Ownership Concentration and Earnings Management - Evidence from Mongolian listed firms          ||          Northeast Asia Interconnection and Energy Security          ||          The Rail Reform Issue: Case of Railway, Mongolia          ||          Online Self-Assessment System Based on Structure-Oriented Evaluation Model          ||          Radiation Level in Western Part of Mongolia          ||          The Numerical Range for z1V+a2V*          ||          Effect of Social Media on Academic Performance and Self-Esteem in Female College Students          ||          Blind Assist Stick Using Microcontroller          ||          Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Competitive Advantage: A Survey of Earlier Researches          ||          Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Competitive Advantage: A Survey of Earlier Researches          ||          Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Competitive Advantage: A Survey of Earlier Researches          ||          Human Resource Management Practices and Organizational Competitive Advantage: A Survey of Earlier Researches          ||          The Relationship between Ownership Concentration and Earnings Management - Evidence from Mongolian listed firms          ||          AR Mobile Games Adoption: A Study among University Students in Malaysia          ||          Application of Augmented Reality to Interactive Learning Systems          ||          A Review on Home Automation using Augmented Reality          ||          AR Mobile Games Adoption: A Study among University Students in Malaysia          ||          Android Mobile Based Tour Guide System using Augmented Reality          ||          Design and Control of Defense Robot Based On Virtual Reality          ||          Augmented Reality-Based Learning Medium for Autistic Children          ||         

Volume 8 Issue 5, May 2019: Page 3

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Assessment of Nutritional Status and its Impact on the Academic Performance and Psychological Behaviour in School Going Children (10-12 Years)
Authors: Syeda Sobia Shakeel, Dr. A V Vasundhara, Country: India
Views: 61, Downloads: 34

Beneficial Effects of Om Chanting on Spatial and Verbal Memory, Motor Skills and Pupil to Limbus Diameter (PLD) Ratio in Young Adults with Type D Personality
Authors: Paulson Jose, Mary Shalu Jose, Country: India
Views: 96, Downloads: 28

Extended Producer Responsibility on E-waste Management in India: Challenges and Prospects
Authors: Priyanka Porwal, Sandip Chatterjee, Country: India
Views: 49, Downloads: 26

Cervical Cancer Screening: Does Awareness & Attitudes Vary Among Doctors and Nurses? A KAP study Analysis in a Tertiary Hospital in Northern India
Authors: Jasmine Chawla Sharma, Sangeeta Popli, Tanu Anand, Country: India
Views: 63, Downloads: 26

Digital Payments - An Innovation in Financial Services
Authors: Jelsy Joseph, Country: India
Views: 60, Downloads: 26

Catchment Area Analysis of Tarafeni River based on Morphometric Characteristics, West Bengal, India
Authors: Dr. Lila Mahato, Sri Sanjit Mahanta, Country: India
Views: 63, Downloads: 26

Conceptualizing Academic Marginalization Based on Level of Accessibility among Reputed Research Journals and Publication Houses
Authors: Dr. Arvind Hans, Country: India
Views: 58, Downloads: 25

Decision-Making Style of Purchasing Fashion Apparels among Rural Youth
Authors: I. James, Dr. T. Thirupathi, Country: India
Views: 39, Downloads: 25

Formulation, Nutrient and Microbial Analysis of Papaya Leaves and Guava Incorporated RTS Beverage
Authors: Govind G Nikam, Country: India
Views: 35, Downloads: 25

Voice Enabled Smart Home Assistant for Elderly People
Authors: M. Madhu Rani, S. Sreesubha, K. Tamilarasi, S. Valli Sneha, Country: India
Views: 39, Downloads: 24

Model for the Management of Software Projects Between Universities and Companies Based on CMMI-DEV Ver. 1.3
Authors: Lic. Daniela Munoz Coyotzi, PhD. Jose Juan Hernandez Mora, Ing. Erika Gonzalez Botello, Country: Mexico
Views: 35, Downloads: 23

Second Law Analysis of Diesel Engine by Using Different Ignition Delay Models
Authors: A. P. Thakare, Country: India
Views: 51, Downloads: 23

Problematic of the Evaluation in Kalemie's City Public Schools
Authors: Moma Kabondo Stephane, Country: Congo
Views: 38, Downloads: 23

Correlation of BODE Index with Diffusing Capacity of Lung for Carbon Monoxide in Assessing Disease Severity in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
Authors: Dr. Muneeb Mohammed, Dr. A Sundaramurthy, Dr. Ajeesh K.P, Country: India
Views: 49, Downloads: 22

Azolla Application for Improvements in Soil Fertility
Authors: Kartikey Sootrakar, Country: India
Views: 42, Downloads: 22

Effect of Plant Chewing Stick Extracts on Certain Cariogenic Activities of S.mutans
Authors: Dimple Goyal, Prabhjit Kaur, Abid Majeed, Country: India
Views: 34, Downloads: 22

Flood and Its Impact on the Economy of Assam: A Critical Review
Authors: Durlov Lahon, Country: India
Views: 37, Downloads: 21

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding Prevention of Pressure Sore among the Family Members of Immobilized Patient in Selected Hospital at Selected City
Authors: Rajat Vaidya, Shanthi .T, Country: India
Views: 39, Downloads: 21

An EOQ Model with Backorder for Two Defective Quality Products
Authors: Raina Pandya, Dr. Chirag Trivedi, Country: India
Views: 33, Downloads: 21

Women Development through Education: A Comparative Study of Two Himalayan States based on Survey
Authors: Dr. Meera, Dr. Sharda Devi, Country: India
Views: 37, Downloads: 21

Lipid Profile and Atherogenic Indices in Obese Hypertensive and Diabetic Patients
Authors: Idonije O.B, Agbebaku S.O, Inegbedion Augusta, Festus O.Okojie, Country: Nigeria
Views: 29, Downloads: 21

Maxillary Canine Impaction - Orthodontic Challenges
Authors: Dr Munaif V, Dr Jyothikiran H, Dr Sanjeed Kabeer, Dr Naveen Chandran, Country: India
Views: 36, Downloads: 21

Effect of Job Satisfaction, Organizational Commitment and Promotion of Position on Turnover Intentions on Civil Servants in Mutiara Sukma Hospital West Nusa Tenggara Province
Authors: Dian Gusmiyanti S, Siti Nurmayanti, Surati, Country: Indonesia
Views: 39, Downloads: 21

Topological Venn Diagrams and Graphs
Authors: T. Jean Brice, G. Easwara Prasad, G. Selvam, Country: India
Views: 38, Downloads: 21

Biodiversity of Coastal Areas of Valsad, South Gujarat
Authors: Ayantika Das, Jigna Desai, Country: India
Views: 37, Downloads: 20

A Comparative Study on Autonomic Function Tests in Pre Menstrual Syndrome and Healthy Control Females
Authors: Diya P. D., Dr. J. K. Mukkadan, Country: India
Views: 46, Downloads: 20

A Study on Emotional Intelligence among Employees at Dalmia Cement
Authors: Dr. V. M. Anitha Rajathi, M. Vedharaman, Country: India
Views: 37, Downloads: 20

Anti Microbial Susceptibility Patterns of Patients with Urinary Tract Infection in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Mangalore
Authors: Sandeep Nareddy, Akshatha Rao Aroor, Manjunath J, Country: India
Views: 32, Downloads: 20

Prevalence of Thyroid Dysfunction and Thyroid Autoimmunity in Patients with Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus attending Tertiary Care Hospital in Madurai, South India
Authors: Sridhar Subbiah, Vasanthiy Natarajan, Sangumani Jeyaraman, Country: India
Views: 32, Downloads: 20

The Impact of GST on Corporate Taxation
Authors: Surinder Singh Narta, Kuldeep Singh, Country: India
Views: 38, Downloads: 20

Characterization of Sediment Dynamics in the South- Eastern Shelf Zone of Bangladesh
Authors: Md. Mahfjur Rahman, Country: Bangladesh
Views: 37, Downloads: 20

Factors Affecting Vernalization and Role of Vernalization in Agriculture
Authors: Rinzim, Country: India
Views: 33, Downloads: 19

The Development of Play Therapy Model "Remang" for Children Survival of Sinabung Mountain Eruption
Authors: Sudirman, Elizon Nainggolan, Silvia Mariah Handayani, Sani Susanti, Country: Indonesia
Views: 39, Downloads: 19

Assess the Workplace Bullying among Nurses in Selected Hospital of Gurugram
Authors: Krishan Kumar Gaur, Manjari Nandwani, Kamini Chauhan, Country: India
Views: 36, Downloads: 19

A Study on Parts of the Body Exposed for the Running Injury and Various Over Demographic Characteristics of Athletes in Ethiopian First Division Athletics Clubs
Authors: Abdeta Bayissa Mekessa, Vijay Mohan, Country: India
Views: 50, Downloads: 19

History of England
Authors: Anitha .G, Country: India
Views: 37, Downloads: 19

Segmentation of Masses in Mammographic Images
Authors: Himani Deone, P. B. Bhalerao, Country: India
Views: 40, Downloads: 19

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme Regarding Improvement of Knowledge about Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation among RANM and RGNM Nursing Students Studying in Various Nursing Colleges of Budana
Authors: Virendrakumar S Girhe, Dr. Anuradha N. Mhaske, Country: India
Views: 26, Downloads: 19

Periodontium and Effect of Smoking - A Clinical Study
Authors: Dr. Munaza Shafi, Dr. Nawal Khan, Country: India
Views: 44, Downloads: 18

Construction of the Non-Thermal Helium Plasma Jet using Two Electrodes and studying its Characteristics
Authors: Riam A. Hammoodi, Mohammed K. Khalaf, Ahmed K. Abbas, Country: Iraq
Views: 39, Downloads: 18

Resistivity Structure of the North West Olkaria Field Using ID Inversion of Magnetotelluric Data
Authors: Sirma Chebet Ruth, Msk. Kirui, Nicholas Mariita, Wafula Chembeni Peter, Country: Kenya
Views: 29, Downloads: 18

Edition and Circulation of British and Foreign Bible Society Booklets
Authors: Ester Fraga Vilas-Boas Carvalho do Nascimento, Jorge Carvalho do Nascimento, Country: Brazil
Views: 35, Downloads: 17

Various Factors Affecting Community Defecation Behavior in Kenyaran Sub District of Gayo Lues District in 2017
Authors: Burhanuddin Syam, Ismail, Country: Indonesia
Views: 42, Downloads: 17

An Analysis of Animal Idioms in English for Translation in the Light of Cognitive Linguistics
Authors: Nguyen Thi Nh? Ngoc, Vu Thi Huyen Hong, Country: Vietnam
Views: 39, Downloads: 17

Pilot Study Indicating Possible Effects on Water Impedance Characteristics from Stray Current
Authors: Kim Horsevad, Country: Denmark
Views: 33, Downloads: 17

Rape Analysis
Authors: Vijay Kumar, Country: India
Views: 36, Downloads: 17

A Community based Cross - Sectional Survey to Assess the Conditions of Refractive Error & Cataract by Eye-Screening Program in Remote Areas of Northern India
Authors: Gaurav Dubey, Country: India
Views: 40, Downloads: 17

Research on the Long-Term Correlation between Financial, Economic Growth and Macroeconomic Stability in Developing Countries
Authors: Matyakubov Azizbek, Zhang Diping, H U Junjuan, Country: China
Views: 38, Downloads: 16

Isolated Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma of the Pancreas: Case Report and Review of Literature
Authors: Chigurupalli K, Patel D, Purohit R, Country: India
Views: 34, Downloads: 16

Adequacy between Academic Training and Employment Opportunities in Lubumbashi, DRC
Authors: Josephine Muyumba Feza, Country: Congo
Views: 35, Downloads: 16

A New Scoring System-Intra-Operative Predictors of Difficult Cholecystectomy and Conversion to Open Cholecystectomy
Authors: Nitesh Soni, Shyam Bhutra, Shivaji Vidyarthi, Country: India
Views: 33, Downloads: 16

Determinants of Social Media Communication Usage in the Tertiary Institutions
Authors: Azakurishaka Jean Damascene, Hellen Mberia, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi, Country: Rwanda
Views: 40, Downloads: 16

Main Concepts in Pragma Linguistic Analysis of Literary Text (In the Examples of Gafur Gulyam?s Works)
Authors: Nozima Kozakova, Country: Uzbekistan
Views: 34, Downloads: 16

Implementation of Lean Construction Tools in Indian Construction Industry
Authors: Nifla K, Reshma P, Country: India
Views: 36, Downloads: 16

Present day Challenges to India's Foreign Policy
Authors: Tosanbha Marwein, Country: India
Views: 58, Downloads: 16

Post Operator Delirium Increasing the Hospital Financial Burden
Authors: Haxhire Gani, Majlinda Naco, Greta Gani, Franceska Beqiri, Herion Dredha, Country: Albania
Views: 42, Downloads: 16

Flaming Retinal Hemorrhage Revealing Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (About a Case)
Authors: Shamil Louaya, Said Chatoui, Mohammed Badaoui, Ahmed Alayoud, Country: Morocco
Views: 42, Downloads: 16

Capsense Based Bluetooth Home Automation
Authors: Kamya Dhingra, Mohd. Akram, Rohit Kumar, Pulkit Vashisth, Country: India
Views: 32, Downloads: 16

Planning and Optimization Approach using Genetic Algorithms of a New Generation Cellular Network Capitalizing on the Existing Sites
Authors: Raphael Nlend, Emmanuel Tonye, Country: Cameroon
Views: 37, Downloads: 16

The Effect of Carousel Brainstorming Strategy and High Conscientiousness toward Students' Reading Comprehension
Authors: Desy Andriani, Jufrizal, Refnaldi, Country: Indonesia
Views: 39, Downloads: 16

Chemical and Nutritional Value of Melon Shell as Possible Fish Feed Ingredient
Authors: Omovwohwovie E. E, Omoruwou P. E., Country: Nigeria
Views: 35, Downloads: 15

Hybrid Beaming Forming at 60GHz Radio Millimeter Wave for WPAN
Authors: Duncan K. Kilungu, Country: Kenya
Views: 34, Downloads: 15

Clinical Spectrum of Adnexal Mass Lesions in a Tertiary Care Hospital
Authors: Dr. Mukta Singh, Dr. K K Kaul, Country: India
Views: 31, Downloads: 15

Clinical and Echocardiographic Profile of Renal Transplant Recipients
Authors: Subash Chandrabose G, Swaminathan N, Ravishankar G, Country: India
Views: 38, Downloads: 15

A Study to Assess the Knowledge Attitude and Practice regarding Postnatal Care among Primi Mothers
Authors: L. Kalaivani, Country: India
Views: 34, Downloads: 15

External Financial Sources and Its Influence on Sustainability of Fish Farming in Matungulu Sub-County, Machakos County
Authors: Mutunga, Thomas Masila, Country: Kenya
Views: 32, Downloads: 15

The Influence of Courtship Culture on Learning Achievement
Authors: Lia Nur Asriah Maulia, Ishak Abdulhak, Country: Indonesia
Views: 36, Downloads: 15

Seasonal Influence on the Diversity of Snails from Nakane Lake in Dhule District of Maharasahtra (India)
Authors: Petare R. K, Khodake S. P., Country: India
Views: 33, Downloads: 15

Demographic, Clinical and Histopathological Study of Colorectal Cancer in Baghdad City
Authors: Mohammed Neamah Kadhim, Country: Iraq
Views: 34, Downloads: 15

Effects of Cigarette Smoking on Serum Cholesterol and Triglyceride Levels; Implication for Cardiovascular Morbidity
Authors: Agbebaku S.O, Festus O.O, Idonije O.B, Inegbedion A, Country: Nigeria
Views: 32, Downloads: 15

Brain Tumor & Skull Fracture Detection Using MATLAB
Authors: Shrawan Kumar, Nitesh Kumar, Country: India
Views: 31, Downloads: 15

A Descriptive Study to Assess the Level of Knowledge Regarding the First Aid Management among School Teachers in Selected Schools of District Jalgaon
Authors: Shradha Gachache, Rebecca Philip Londhe, Country: India
Views: 29, Downloads: 14

Investigate the Impact of Workplace Stress on Job Productivity among Nurses
Authors: Krishnavellie Chetty, Country: South Africa
Views: 44, Downloads: 14

Weight Loss and Sarcopenia in Patients of Head and Neck Cancers Treated with Chemoradiation - Review & Study
Authors: Md. Awais Ahmed, Kandra Prashanth, Country: India
Views: 32, Downloads: 14

Role of the Broadcast Media on Solid Waste Management in the City of Kigali Rwanda
Authors: Rugamba Amani David, Hellen K. Mberia PhD, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi, Country: Rwanda
Views: 34, Downloads: 14

Prospective Study in Predicting Pregnancy Outcome Using Yolk Sac Parameters in First Trimester
Authors: Priyadarshini .K, Selvi .R, Country: India
Views: 33, Downloads: 14

A Health Care Monitoring System with Wireless Body Area Network using IOT
Authors: M. Rathika, Country: India
Views: 35, Downloads: 14

Effectiveness of Clinical Examination on Care of Unconscious Patient among Under Graduate Nursing Students in a Selected Educational Institute
Authors: Sumaiya Shaikh, Country: India
Views: 32, Downloads: 14

Vibration-Based Methods for Detecting a Crack in a Fixed Free Beam
Authors: Dr. Challa Jayaramulu, Country: India
Views: 28, Downloads: 14

Concept and Theories of Criminal Justice Administration
Authors: Nidhi Arya, Country: India
Views: 33, Downloads: 14

The Influence of Project Risk Management on Project Sustainability: A Case Study of Price Project, Kicukiro District
Authors: Dusabe Nicole, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi, Country: Rwanda
Views: 29, Downloads: 14

A Rare Case of Late Displacement of ASD Device in a 11 Year Old Child
Authors: Dr. Sumanth .A, Dr. John Satish .R, Dr. Biju Govind, Country: India
Views: 46, Downloads: 13

Random Use of Recombinant Activated Factor VII in Pediatric Age Groups
Authors: Aisha. M. Al-Doroobi, Hayat. H. Obayid, Khalid. B-Kago, Country: Iraq
Views: 33, Downloads: 13

An Essay on AfonsoPao: An Example of the Practice of Conventional Medicine and Ayurveda, in Portuguese India (XVIII Century)
Authors: Paulo Nuno Martins, Country: Portugal
Views: 30, Downloads: 13

Control of Frond Number and Root Pruningto Improve Growth and Development of Palm Oil (Elaeis Guineensis Jacq) for 6 Months
Authors: M. Amrul Khoiri, Jajang Sauman Hamdani, Cucu Suherman, Ruminta, Country: Indonesia
Views: 29, Downloads: 13

Effectiveness of Constraint Induced Movement Therapy on Sensory and Motor Functions of Upper Extremity among Patients with Cerebrovascular Accident
Authors: Archa Vijayan, Country: India
Views: 24, Downloads: 13

Review on Awareness of Breast Cancer: Prevention and Early Detection
Authors: Navaneetha A.S, Shabaraya AR, Country: India
Views: 38, Downloads: 13

Effect of Metaconceptual Teaching Intervention on Students? Conceptual Understanding in Physics
Authors: NWANKWO Madeleine Chinyere, Country: Nigeria
Views: 34, Downloads: 13

Understanding the Nutritional Status of Farm Women in Village Maddirala, Bhadradri District
Authors: Gangavath Swarupa, P. Ashlesha, Country: India
Views: 31, Downloads: 12

Effect of Intermittent Cervical Traction Combined with Burst Tens on Pain and Disabilities in Patient with Cervical Radiculopathy-A Case Study
Authors: Neha Dubey, Country: India
Views: 45, Downloads: 12

Bio-ethanol Fuel Production from Rotten Banana Waste
Authors: Shrinivas T. Kakade, Prashant L. Chaudhari, Country: India
Views: 31, Downloads: 12

Physical Theory of Premonition in Medicine
Authors: Jesus M. Gonzalez-Gonzalez, Country: Spain
Views: 31, Downloads: 12

Urban Growth and Urbanization in Rayalaseema
Authors: C. Sujathamma, Country: India
Views: 25, Downloads: 12

A Review on Use of Antidotes
Authors: P. Sree Mahalakshmi, Country: India
Views: 29, Downloads: 12

Are We Physiotherapists Really Fit?
Authors: Payal Shetkar, Seemi Retharekar, Country: India
Views: 27, Downloads: 12

Studies on Green POD Yield and Yield Contributing Characters of Dolichos Bean (Dolichos Lablab) Genotypes (Pawata Type) Under Western Maharashtra Conditions
Authors: Shete1 B. J., M. R. Deshmukh, Country: India
Views: 30, Downloads: 12

Fabrication and Characterization of Silicon Carbide Reinforced Aluminium Matrix Composites
Authors: Tanuj Kumar Gupta, Rajat Upadhyaya, Country: India
Views: 27, Downloads: 11

Transport Infrastructure Development and Economic Growth: Evidence from Tunisia
Authors: Hadrich Emna, Hachicha Ahmed, Hachicha Fatma, Country: Tunisia
Views: 4, Downloads: 2
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