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Asrayon: A Resilient Rehabilitation Program in Southern Parts of Bangladesh


Abstract: In Bangladesh, among the other causes of poverty landlessness is considered one of the major of them. After the independence of Bangladesh, different government at different times introduced a variety of a rural rehabilitation program in order to improve the quality of life of the rural poor by giving access to khas2 land and housing facilities. Asrayon project is one of them which is aiming to provide housing facilities as well as self-employment to rural poor. Since 1997 to 2018 about 2, 84, 597 families were rehabilitated under the asrayon project in three phases. The asrayon-2 project has been taken about 2.5 million landless, homeless, fragile families for the purpose rehabilitation program for the year of 2010-2019 (amended). Under this project, about 1.2 million families supposed to be rehabilitated in the southern part of Bangladesh. Wheres the southern part (coastal zone) of Bangladesh has been facing wind-related natural disaster like tornado, cyclone, sidr with storm surges in the last few decades. These disasters cause a large scale of damage to socio-economic condition, destruction of infrastructures-residents and death, injuries to humans and animals. Even the asrayon project faced huge infrastructure damage and loss of human life due to Sidr (2007) and Aila (2009). But a very few studies have been carried out yet to find the cause. Observing this gap and realizing the importance of government rehabilitation program this study attempts to evaluate the Asrayon project as a resilient rehabilitation for rural poor in the southern parts in Bangladesh.

Keywords: Rehabilitation Program, Asrayon Project, Resilient Housing, Coastal Zone