Downloading: Students Evaluation in Learning Management System (LMS) as Educational Delivery Tool
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Students Evaluation in Learning Management System (LMS) as Educational Delivery Tool

Jenny May T. Cinco

Abstract: The progression of technology constitutes the learning acquisition which is one of the pillars of education. Researches showed that it gives profound influence in reshaping learning and teaching mode in the schools like Learning Management System (LMS) tool. This study aimed to evaluate whether school-related personal background, study habit or frequency of studying, computer and online technology experience, problems encountered in the subject, and difficulties faced in the LMS environment are the determinants of students performance exposed to LMS. A descriptive survey method was used that includes a researcher-made questionnaire, which was pilot-tested, and interviews. The questionnaire was designed base on the variables reflected as useful data from the respondents. There were ninety (90) Bachelor of Science in Information Technology student-respondents. Results show that most of the students have less access to technology. It implies that students are inexperienced and are not exposed to computer and new technologies hence they experience problems in using LMS that also affect their study habit. The school-related personal backgrounds, study habit and computer and online technology experience effect differently with the performance of the students exposed to LMS. Teachers may be considerate in introducing LMS to minimize time pressure and adjustment issues.

Keywords: Learning Management System, Teaching and Learning mode, Descriptive Normative Research, Teaching Tool, Teaching Technology