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Recently Published: The Implementation of Maritime Curriculum in Indonesia          ||          The Invention of Dark Matter and Authentic Galactic Star Dynamics          ||          Disaster Recovery - Foundation Pillars          ||          Evaluation of Methodology and Comparative Study between Micro Typing System Gel Card and Conventional Tube Techniques for Cross Matching in a Tertiary Care Centre          ||          De-fluoridation by Mangrove Microbe          ||          Pharmacognostic Estimation of Powder and Microscopic Analysis of Leaves Stem of Vitex Castofolia          ||          Bioremediation of Lead by a Halophilic Bacteria Bacillus pumilus Isolated from the Mangrove Regions of Karnataka          ||          Application of ABC-VED Matrix Analysis to Control the Inventory of a Central Pharmacy in a Public Hospital: A Case Study          ||          Structural Study of Acetylene Thin Films Absorbed on Exfoliated Graphite (0001)          ||          Relationship between the Committee Service and Competency of Learning Management in Education and Effectiveness of Technical Substantive Technical Publication in Scientific Publication in Education and Training Center for Technical Education and Religion          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Water Quality Assessment of Polachira Wetland Ecosystem in Kerala          ||          Groundwater Modelling using Visual MODFLOW in the Last Two Decades in India: A Review          ||          Pelvic Exenteration Surgery: Experience of a Tertiary Cancer Institution in South India          ||          Automatic Water Level Controller          ||          Management of Oral and Maxillofacial Soft Tissue Injuries: Serial Case          ||          Surgical Correction of Cleft Lip Accompanied with Macrostomia: Case Report          ||          A Study of Clinical Profile of Deviated Nasal Septum and to Determine the Efficacy of Surgery          ||          A Study of Clinical Profile of Deviated Nasal Septum and to Determine the Efficacy of Surgery          ||          Teaching Metric Relations in a Triangle through WhatsApp, A Case Study of Students in Grade 12, Section General Sciences, in a Public School in Beirut          ||          Improving Reading Skill of Freshman Students at the English Department of Kabul University          ||          Development of Edugame Mathematics Learning Media with Innovative Expository Methods in Ar Raudah Bandar Lampung Elementary School          ||          The Implementation of Maritime Curriculum in Indonesia          ||          Improvement of Conversion Efficiency and Enhancement in Output Power of Solar Panel          ||          Design and Analysis of Solar Panel with Tilting Arrangement          ||          Study of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) in Solar Panels          ||          Legal Protection of Medical Records as Evidence Tool in Law Enforcement Process          ||          Legal Aspects of Aoutonomousindonesia Medical Discipline Honorary Council in the Completion of Medical Disputes          ||          Juridical Analysis of Telemedic Legality in Medical Services Using Technology          ||          Air Quality Prediction Modelling and its Validation in the Near Field of Urban Roadway of Delhi, India          ||          Education and Comparative Literature: The Renewal of the Feminine Paradigm in Literature and in Cinema: The Case of the Film Brave          ||         

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Impact of Buddhism through Thien Tradition in Brilliant Dynasties in the Vietnamese History
Authors: Bui Phuong Loan, Country: India
Views: 1151, Downloads: 625

Ultrastructural Analysis of Vitrified Rat Ovarian Tissue Follicles after Heterotopic Autotransplantation
Authors: Rumana Jafarey, Gul-e-Rana Jaffri, Khusro Sultana, Syed Ali Rehan Shah Jaffri, Country: China
Views: 473, Downloads: 259

Groundwater Modelling using Visual MODFLOW in the Last Two Decades in India: A Review
Authors: N. C. Mondal, Country: India
Views: 369, Downloads: 192

Journey to Enlightenment in Hermann Hesse's Siddhartha
Authors: Le Hong Linh, Country: India
Views: 372, Downloads: 188

The Impact of Financial Planning and Financial Performance Case Study Commercial Banks Mogadishu Somalia
Authors: Ahmed Hussein Ali (Diiwaani), Country: Somalia
Views: 294, Downloads: 164

A Study to Assess the Knowledge and Attitude regarding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder among Primary School Teachers Working in Selected Primary Schools of Kolkata
Authors: Manju SK, Country: India
Views: 271, Downloads: 158

An Analysis of LULC Change Detection using GIS; A Case Study of Peri Urban Bengaluru
Authors: Amrutha Mary Varkey, Country: India
Views: 302, Downloads: 157

Assessment of Denture Hygiene Knowledge, Attitude and Practice among under Graduate Students on Denture Wearers - A Cross Sectional Survey
Authors: Dr. Geetha. K. R., Dr. Prabhu, Elakiya .V, Pavithra. K, Country: India
Views: 294, Downloads: 144

Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Palate: A Case Report
Authors: Ariyaka Niastya Prihandana, Harmas Yazid Yusuf, Melita Sylvyana, Country: Indonesia
Views: 255, Downloads: 126

Develop an Improved Strategy for Achieving the Health Change
Authors: Osama Ben Rajab, Country: Turkey
Views: 225, Downloads: 112

Application of Rational Emotional Behavior Therapy to Overcome Anxiety in Disaster Victims
Authors: Irfiani Melinda, Country: Indonesia
Views: 218, Downloads: 103

Economic Growth and Human Capital in South Asian Countries: A Static Panel Evidence
Authors: Bhim Prasad Bhusal, Country: Nepal
Views: 236, Downloads: 98

Analysis of an Electromagnetic Clutch
Authors: Shivendra Kumar Dubey, Country: India
Views: 200, Downloads: 97

The Effect of Seed Size and Harvest Stage on Growth and Yield of Forage Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor cv. Abu Sabin)
Authors: Rawia A. Mohammed, Elnasri M. Mutwali, Elsir A. Salih, Country: Sudan
Views: 179, Downloads: 85

Improvement of Horticultural Crops against Abiotic Stresses: A Strategic Approach
Authors: R. Gunasekar, Country: India
Views: 179, Downloads: 80

University of the Future (UotF): Redesign Business Model for Local University in Malaysia through Humanising Education and 4IR
Authors: Nor Zaiasron Bin Yahaya, Abdul Rahman Bin Ahmad Dahlan, Country: Malaysia
Views: 158, Downloads: 79

Business Ethics and Environmental Accounting with Special Reference to Indian Corporate Sector
Authors: Jaspreet Kaur, Country: India
Views: 168, Downloads: 78

Analysis of Blockchain and its Working Principle
Authors: S. Banupriya, G. Renuka Devi, Country: India
Views: 165, Downloads: 78

Assessment of Heavy Metal Accumulation in Hundri River Bank in Kurnool, Andhra Pradesh
Authors: Somashekar S, Madhusudhan KV, Ranganayakulu GS, Country: India
Views: 143, Downloads: 76

The Effect of Self Concept, Self Efficacy and Self Esteem on the Ability to Understanding Mathematics
Authors: Syaipul Amri, Wahyu Widada, Country: Indonesia
Views: 155, Downloads: 72

Communication, Education and Cyber Culture: Baudrillard?s Consumerism in the YouTube Generation
Authors: Luis Miguel Cardoso, Maria Joao Nogueira, Country: Portugal
Views: 169, Downloads: 70

Study of Serum Endothelin - 1 Variation in Sickle Cell Disease
Authors: Chandrakant G. Kamble, Dr. Neeraja Mallik, Dr. P.J.Hisalkar, Dr. Jagdish. D. Powar, Dr. Santosh E.Bidwe, Dr. Bhausaheb V. Jagdale, Dr. Shekhar B. Padhyegurjar, Country: India
Views: 150, Downloads: 69

Life-Threatening Complications of Odontogenic Infection (Literature Review)
Authors: Jenadi Binarto, Agus Nurwiadh, Country: Indonesia
Views: 145, Downloads: 68

The Contribution of Mathematical Connection and Mathematical Communication to Problem Solving Ability
Authors: Suharto, Wahyu Widada, Country: Indonesia
Views: 165, Downloads: 66

Analysis of Student Capacity Ability about Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) in Elementary School
Authors: Novi Eka Putri, Yoserizal, Fadlul Fajri, Yanti Fitria, Country: Indonesia
Views: 139, Downloads: 66

"Digital Dementia" - The Dark Side of using Technology
Authors: Sri Gaurab Pratim Hazarika, Country: India
Views: 139, Downloads: 66

An Observational Study on Dinacharya Modalities w.s.r to Brahmimuhurte Utthishteth (Waking Up in Early Morning) in Improving Longevity
Authors: Dr. P. Sudhakar Reddy, Dr. Beena, Country: India
Views: 145, Downloads: 60

Determination of Lead from Tailings of Gold Matrix using Proton Induced X-ray Emission
Authors: Buhari Samaila, Country: Nigeria
Views: 162, Downloads: 59

A Review on Astronauts Life in Space
Authors: Deep Dey, Country: India
Views: 164, Downloads: 59

Quality of Worklife: A Study of Employees in Thrifty Technologies Pvt Ltd, Tamilnadu, India
Authors: Toopalli Sirisha, Y. P Sai Lakshmi, Country: India
Views: 120, Downloads: 59

Effect of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Cervical Cancer of Female in-Patients in a Selected Hospital
Authors: Ritanjali Sahoo, Country: India
Views: 142, Downloads: 58

Government Sponsored Agricultural Development Schemes: An Assessment Focused on Jammu Province of J&K State
Authors: Dr. Shashi Prabha, Country: India
Views: 166, Downloads: 57

Experimental Investigation of Discharge Capacity of Labyrinth Weirs
Authors: Basappa Meti, Nagaraj Sitaram, Vahini .M, Country: India
Views: 117, Downloads: 56

Media and Body Image Perception of Women
Authors: Parimala S, Country: India
Views: 127, Downloads: 55

Simultaneous Process Using Soft Computing
Authors: Sudha Tiwari, Country: India
Views: 139, Downloads: 54

Perspective Level of Dental Restorative Staff towards Occupational Hazards at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Dr. Abdulmajeed Mushabbab Alqahtani, Dr. Areej Hussain Alzahrani, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 125, Downloads: 54

IOT & Wireless Sensor Networks in Precision Agriculture
Authors: Roopa G K, Radhika Shetty, Country: India
Views: 122, Downloads: 54

Some Physiological Characteristics and Bioactive Compounds of Sweet Potato Leaves
Authors: Siti Nurdjanah, Neti Yuliana, Otik Nawansih, Ratna Dewi, Nanti Musita, Country: Indonesia
Views: 109, Downloads: 54

Artificial Intelligence and Human Contemplative
Authors: Aditya Amin, Country: India
Views: 137, Downloads: 54

The Effect of Principal Academic Supervision and Work Environment on the Performance of Madrasah Teachers in Kota Bengkulu
Authors: Bustasar, Sumarsih, Country: Indonesia
Views: 135, Downloads: 53

Response of Kharif Onion Varieties to Time of Set Planting
Authors: S. M. More, V. S. Kale, Anjali Wanare, S. D. Deshmukh, Country: India
Views: 117, Downloads: 53

Study Livelihoods Development of Forest Management Units: Review KPH Model in Indonesia
Authors: Rahmanta Setiahadi, Rostanto S, SRK Sari, Country: Indonesia
Views: 122, Downloads: 52

Assessment of Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms and Health Hygiene among Adult Women
Authors: Jasbir Singh, Dr. Archana Bhat, Country: India
Views: 111, Downloads: 52

Age and its Influence on the Preference of Various Fixed Prosthetic Treatment Modalities in Partially Edentulous Patients
Authors: Dr. Geetha K.R., Dr. Prabhu, Dr. Tazyeen Sarwath, Dr. Kesavan, Country: India
Views: 130, Downloads: 50

Nexus between Rural-Urban Female Migration and Readymade Garment Industry (RGM): A Study in Bangladesh
Authors: Md. Reazul Islam, Country: Bangladesh
Views: 126, Downloads: 50

A Survey on Blockchain Based Smart Applications
Authors: Saranya A, Mythili R, Country: India
Views: 118, Downloads: 50

The Harmful Impact Effect of Wild Climbing Plants in Jazan Region, KSA
Authors: El-Shabasy A, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 110, Downloads: 48

Effectiveness of Giving a Mixture of Garlic (Allium sativum) and Winged Bean (Psophocarpus tetragonolobus) against Changes in LDL Cholesterol Levels
Authors: Ocky Dwi Suprobowati, Sri Sulami Endah Astuti, Ika Rasya, Country: Indonesia
Views: 117, Downloads: 48

Analysis of Eccentrycally Braced Frame (EBF) Structure with Self Centering System Modification
Authors: Masruri Anwar, Budi Suswanto, Country: Indonesia
Views: 130, Downloads: 47

Intrusion Detection System using Ensemble Learning W-AODE and REPTree Algorithm Accuracy Graphs on WEKA
Authors: Apoorvi Nagar, Kapil Sharma, Country: India
Views: 112, Downloads: 47

Analysis of Growth Trends in Oil Palm in Tamil Nadu
Authors: K. Murugan, Country: India
Views: 122, Downloads: 47

A Study on the Effect of Lower Extremity Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation Patterns on Stair Ambulation in Stroke Patients
Authors: Dr. Shristi Shakya, Dr. Prem Kumar B.N., Country: Nepal
Views: 143, Downloads: 46

Influence Analysis of Managerial Ownership and Institutional Ownership on Firm Performance in Indonesia Stock Exchange
Authors: Novianti Lestari Saepudin, Irni Yunita S.T. M.M, Country: Indonesia
Views: 120, Downloads: 46

Biochemical and Toxicological Effects of Cadmium on Phaseolus vulgaris L.
Authors: Anuja Samal, Srinivas Acharya, Chinmay Pradhan, Country: India
Views: 123, Downloads: 46

Comparison Supervised Learning Algorithms for Spinal-Column Disease
Authors: Nuredeen A. A. Matoug, Hajer AL-Jebury, Kemal Akyol, Mohammed Ridha Alsarrar, Country: Turkey
Views: 146, Downloads: 46

Prevalance of Hepatitis-B in Pregnant Kashmiri Women Attending Tertiary Care
Authors: Dr. Shazia Nisar, Dr. Shahzada Shahid Banday, Country: India
Views: 112, Downloads: 46

Design, Development and Performance Analysis of Reconfigurable Vivaldi Antenna for RF Front-End Multistandard Transceiver
Authors: Dhiraj Tulaskar, Dr. K. B. Khanchandani, Country: India
Views: 128, Downloads: 45

A Study of New Parameters Effect on the Springback of Aluminum Sheets in Plane Strain Bending
Authors: Fathi Al-shamma, Hajer M. Issmael, Country: Iraq
Views: 105, Downloads: 45

Limitations of Corporate Social Responsibility in comparison to Social Business Concept
Authors: Farhana Yasmin, Country: Bangladesh
Views: 108, Downloads: 45

Upper Gastrointestinal Endoscopic Findings and Helicobacter Pylori Status in Patients Presenting with Dyspepsia - A Cross Sectional Study in IRT, Prundurai Medical College, Perundurai
Authors: Dr. Sendhil Sengodan, Dr. Senthil Kumar, Dr. Umashankar, Dr. Vignesh, Country: India
Views: 106, Downloads: 44

Treatment of Canted Mandibular: A Case Report
Authors: Manik Swayoga, Abel Tasman, Country: Indonesia
Views: 105, Downloads: 44

Radix Entomolaris: Management of Distinctive Anatomy
Authors: Dr. Ashwini Kelode, Dr. Priyanka Madale, Dr. Sushilkumar Cirigiri, Country: India
Views: 116, Downloads: 43

Study of Creating Awareness for Adoption of Cloud Computing in Business Organizations: A Saudi Arabia Case
Authors: Arif Malik, Dr. Mohammed Nazeh, Dr. Waqar Ahmad, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 114, Downloads: 42

Understanding the Influence of Substance use on Academic Performance
Authors: Godwill Chenyuei Akwene, Country: Cameroon
Views: 118, Downloads: 42

The Views of Parents Regarding the Impact of the Greek Economic Crisis (Memoranda) on the Field of Special Education
Authors: Dimitris Stefanidis, Country: Greece
Views: 97, Downloads: 42

Effect of Seedling Age and Variety on Yield and Yield Parameters of Rice
Authors: Dev Kumar Saphi, Dil Raj Yadav, Country: Nepal
Views: 123, Downloads: 42

Prognostic Indicators in Moderate to Severe Traumatic Brain Injury
Authors: Indunesh K, Pradeep TT, Waseem Ahamed TP, Country: India
Views: 115, Downloads: 41

Secondary Chronic Osteomyelitis of Maxilla Region: A Case Report
Authors: Trinolaurig S DRG, Sjamsudin E Dr. DRG, S P. BM (K) Rizki KA, Dr. S P. B (K) Onk, Country: Indonesia
Views: 117, Downloads: 41

Flood Hazard Zonation in Jiadhol River Basin of Assam
Authors: Dr. Luna Moni Das, Country: India
Views: 123, Downloads: 40

Yield and Yield Parameter of Rice as Influenced by Age of Seedling and Spacing
Authors: Dev Kumar Saphi, Dil Raj Yadav, Rajendra Yadav, Country: Nepal
Views: 103, Downloads: 40

Development of Interactive Learning Media Based on Teaching Multimedia Scouting Faculty of Sports Science
Authors: M. Irfan, Zen Fadli, Country: Indonesia
Views: 125, Downloads: 39

Outcome of Surgical Fixation of Intertrochanteric Femoral Fractures with Dynamic Hip Screw
Authors: Arojuraye SA, Alabi IA, Salihu MN, Mustapha IU, Country: Nigeria
Views: 119, Downloads: 39

Swot Analysis on Fermented Cassava Industry in Jember Regency
Authors: Alwan Sri Kustono, Novi Wulandari Widiyanti, Country: Indonesia
Views: 109, Downloads: 38

Study of Vehicular AD-HOC Network in Cognitive Radio
Authors: Punitha A, Raghupathi S, Country: India
Views: 100, Downloads: 38

Relation between Morphological Features of Retinal Layers on SD-OCT and Best Corrected Visual Acuity in Diabetic Macular Oedema
Authors: Ankita Shastri, Hemendra Parashar, Siddharth Bharadwaj, Country: India
Views: 92, Downloads: 38

Design and Implementation of Attack Detection Technique using Forensic Investigators in Cloud Environment
Authors: Sonali Ogra, Prof. Praneet Khare, Prof. Anurag Shrivastava, Country: India
Views: 97, Downloads: 37

Effect of Timing of Surgery in Patients Undergoing Correction for Post-Traumatic Diplopia
Authors: Dr Ansari MD Fakhruddin, Dr Suresh Babu P, Dr. Naina Jabeen Hyder, Dr Naveen Kumar Jain, Country: India
Views: 86, Downloads: 37

On-farm Evaluation of Zero Tillage Wheat in Dhanusha, Nepal
Authors: Dev Kumar Saphi, Dil Raj Yadav, Country: Nepal
Views: 93, Downloads: 37

Endodontic Dental Staff Perception about the Variables Affecting the Exposure Percutaneous Injuries at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Dr. Fatmah Khaled A. Basalama, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 126, Downloads: 36

Growth and Characterization of L-Valine Doped Zinc Sulphate Single Crystals
Authors: S. Ajitha, A. Ancy, Country: India
Views: 109, Downloads: 36

Judgment of the Awareness' Towards Work-related Injury among Endodontic Staff at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Dr. Areej Hussain Alzahrani, Dr. Abdulmajeed Mushabbab Alqahtani, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 119, Downloads: 35

Endodontic Staff Feedback towards Safety Procedures at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Dr Osamah Ahmad A. Katib, Dr. Fatmah Khaled A. Basalama, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 111, Downloads: 35

Effect of Friction Reynolds Number on Turbulence Modulations in Liquid Flow with Presence of Dust Particles
Authors: Asaduzzaman, Dr. Md. Lutfor Rahman, Country: Bangladesh
Views: 101, Downloads: 35

Analytic Study on Object Localization Systems
Authors: Mohanad J. Ahmed, Mohammed Najm Abdullah, Country: Iraq
Views: 115, Downloads: 34

Flexural Ductility of High-Strength Concrete Members
Authors: H R Manjunath, R Prabhakara, Country: India
Views: 103, Downloads: 34

Expression of HER2 and BRCA1 in Breast Tumors among Sudanese Women, Immunohistochemical Study
Authors: Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed Osman, Saadalnour Abusail Mustafa, Ihab Hamed Nourein Hamed, Faris Merghani Eltom, Shawgi Abdelrhman Elsiddig, Rabab Ali Alhag, Country: Saudi Arabia
Views: 98, Downloads: 34

Toward Primary Congenital Glaucoma GLC3B Gene Identification: The Case of Kazrin Gene
Authors: Soumaya El Akil, Ahmed Belmouden, Country: Morocco
Views: 96, Downloads: 34

Case Study of Squall Lines Passing Over Dakar Using NOAA Sounders
Authors: Adoum Mahamat MOUSSA, Bouya DIOP, Malick WADE, Abdoulaye SY, Abdoulaye Bouya DIOP, A?chetou DIA DIOP, Djiby SARR, Abdou Karim FAROTA, Country: Senegal
Views: 111, Downloads: 33

Analysis of Flexural Behavior of Doubly Reinforced High-Strength Concrete Beams using ANSYS
Authors: H R Manjunath, R Prabhakara, Country: India
Views: 87, Downloads: 33

A Comparative Evaluation of the Effect of APF Treatment and Tooth Mousse Treatment on the Microleakage of Resin Sealants - An Invitro Study (Original Research)
Authors: Dr Bijumon CB, Dr Kannan V.P, Country: India
Views: 98, Downloads: 33

Performance of Different Herbicides in Dry Direct Seeded Rice
Authors: Dev Kumar Saphi, Dil Raj Yadav, Country: Nepal
Views: 95, Downloads: 33

Human Face Recognition System Using PCA
Authors: Shikhar Choudhary, Rahul Moriwal, Dr. Prof Sanjay Bansal, Country: India
Views: 97, Downloads: 32

Political Culture of Char People: A Study on Char Khanpur
Authors: Mst. Swapna Khatun, Country: Bangladesh
Views: 95, Downloads: 32

Optimal Sizing of Grid Connected PV/Wind Hybrid System Using Homer Software
Authors: Abiy Mekonnen, Country: Ethiopia
Views: 99, Downloads: 32

Strategy for the Preservation and Translation of Religious and Bulgarian Identity in the Village Vladichentsi or the Start of a Scale Interdisciplinary Project
Authors: Ivelina Nikolova, Country: Bulgaria
Views: 116, Downloads: 30

Ossifying Fibroma of the Anteriormaxilla: A Case Report
Authors: Willy Bernadi, Agus Nurwiadh, Asri Arumsari, Kiki Ahmad R, Country: Indonesia
Views: 98, Downloads: 30

Hirshfeld Surface Analysis of anisylresorcinarene and Luminescence Studies of its Benzimidazoly Lappended Ru(II) Polypyridyl Complexes
Authors: Ligimol Louis, D. Suresh Kumar, Country: India
Views: 112, Downloads: 29

Efficacy of Modified Bottom Boards to Control Varroa Mite (Varroa destructor Anderson & Trueman) in Honeybee Colonies
Authors: Marwan Keshlaf, Hasan Alfallah, Country: Libya
Views: 94, Downloads: 29

Management of Carbuncle in a Rural Medical College Hospital-IRT Perundurai Medical College-Perundurai
Authors: Dr. Sendhil Sengodan, Dr. Senthil Kumar, Dr. Henry Prabakaran, Dr. Keerthy Varman Crri, Country: India
Views: 96, Downloads: 27

An Enquiry into the Occurrences of Pronouns of Address (POAs) in Natural Speech of the Elizabethan Society
Authors: Subhanan Mandal, Country: India
Views: 97, Downloads: 25
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