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Analytic Study on Object Localization Systems

Mohanad J. Ahmed, Mohammed Najm Abdullah

Abstract: The concept of localization in wireless sensor networks refers to finding locations of sensors and use this information while reporting events. There are a number of nodes that already aware of their position (known as Beacons) ; they support other blind nodes to know their locations through localization techniques. It is infeasible to supply every node with GPS due to a large number of nodes and high cost and GPS is not functioning indoor, thus the localization techniques must find alternative ways to supply nodes with their locations. The location information is useful in making decisions. Each localization algorithm, hardware, and architecture is suitable for a specific application. Some of these applications work indoor as well as outdoor. This paper presents an analytical study of several algorithms and performance measure that used to locate the sensor nodes and also review some applications and simulators for these algorithms.

Keywords: WSN, localization, survey, analytic, simulator, algorithm