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Recently Published: Neonatal Outcome of Newborns Admitted in a Tertiary Level Hospital, Nepal          ||          A Study Aimed to Assess the Knowledge of Antenatal Mothers regarding Janani Suraksha Yojana          ||          Personalized Drug Delivery System to Treat Arrhythmia          ||          Effects of Green Tea on Activity of A-Glucosidase in Vitro and Glycaemic Index of White Bread in Vivo          ||          Security Challenges and Solutions in MongoDB          ||          Serum Prolactin, Thyroid Stimulating Hormone and Thyroid Hormones (FT3, FT4) Concentrations in Female Patients with Infertility: An Institutional Study          ||          Mental Health, Dynamic Psychology and Personal Management          ||          Unconscious Biases as a Result of Distinction in Political Psychology          ||          Role of Hysteroscopy to Improve Live Birth Rate among Secondary Infertile Couples          ||          Moderating Effect of Access to Capital on the Relationship between Financial Literacy and Firm Survival          ||         

Recently Downloaded: Critical Thinking Skill Improvement Using Problem Based Learning (PBL) Model of 4th Grade Students of Elementary School          ||          A Descriptive Study to Assess the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice Regarding the Use of Self Medication among People Visiting in Selected Pharmacies at Urban Area          ||          Neonatal Outcome of Newborns Admitted in a Tertiary Level Hospital, Nepal          ||          Water Quality Analysis of Narmada River with Reference to Physico-Chemical Parameters at Hoshangabad City, M.P; India          ||          Antibacterial Test between Aloe vera and Chlorhexidine Based on the Number of Colony of Streptococcus mutans Atcc 25 175 In Vitro          ||          Effect of Project Planning Tools on Project Performance: A Case of Early Childhood Development Project in Rwanda          ||          Unmet Needs of the Cancer Patients at Tertiary Care Hospital          ||          Effect of Project Planning Tools on Project Performance: A Case of Early Childhood Development Project in Rwanda          ||          Effect of Project Planning Tools on Project Performance: A Case of Early Childhood Development Project in Rwanda          ||          Effect of Dentin Deproteinization using Bromelain Enzyme and Sodium Salt of Vitamin C on Microleakage in Class V Composite Restorations: An in Vitro Study          ||          Prospects of Social Networking Services in Implementation of E-Governance          ||          The Effect of Visual Media (Video) Based Process Evaluation of Result of Volley Ball Smash for Student of Sport Education and Recreation Fik State University of Medan (Unimed) North Sumatera Indonesia          ||          Effect of Dentin Deproteinization using Bromelain Enzyme and Sodium Salt of Vitamin C on Microleakage in Class V Composite Restorations: An in Vitro Study          ||          Effect of Project Planning Tools on Project Performance: A Case of Early Childhood Development Project in Rwanda          ||          Clinico - Epidemiological Study on Anogenital Warts in Males Attending STD Clinic in a Tertiary Care Centre          ||          Berries in Dermatology          ||          Study of Efficacy and Success Rate of Single Dose Oral Mifepristone and Vaginal Misoprostol vs Vaginal Misoprostol alone for Second Trimester Termination of Pregnancy          ||          Comparison of DFDBA with L-PRF Vs FDBA with L-PRF for Degree II Furcation Defects          ||          Potential Environmental Impacts of Solar Energy Technologies          ||          Effect of Project Planning Tools on Project Performance: A Case of Early Childhood Development Project in Rwanda          ||         

Volume 8 Issue 1, January 2019: Page 3

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The Influence of Triarchic Intelligence Model in Mathematics Intervention on the Students? Mathematics Performance
Authors: Aniceto B. Naval, Laila S. Lomibao, Charita A. Luna

Determination of Radioactivity Levels in Borehole Water at Adenta Municipality in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana
Authors: B. K. Agyeman, H. K. Agyeman, J. Owusu-Banahene, O. Adupko, E. O.Darko, James Adetiand, G. Ofosu

Scenario Analysis of Tea Export from Bangladesh in World Market: Some Policy Suggestion
Authors: Abdullah Un Noman

Report on Gaucher Disease
Authors: K. Narendran, M. P. Nandheeswaran

Isolation of Acetobacter xylinum from Kombucha and Application of Cellulose Material Produced by Bacteria from Some Culture Media for Drug Carrier
Authors: Nguyen Xuan Thanh

Use of Facebook among Perak Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) Business: Implication on Customer Networking and Marketing Medium
Authors: Mariani Mohd Dahlan

Detection of ADHD using Machine Learning Algorithms
Authors: Rohit Kale

Peer Pressure in Adolescents - A Qualitative Study Exploring Perspectives of the Community about Peer Pressure in Adolescents
Authors: Arjun Anand , Swapna Bhaskar

Point-of-Care Testing in the Overcrowded Emergency Department-Comparison of the Values of Four Essential-STAT- Blood Parameters with Core Laboratory Values
Authors: Keerthana C U, Dr Gireesh Kumar K P, Dr Dhanasekaran B S, Dr Sreekrishnan T P, Dr Sabarish B, Dr Naveen M, Dr Bharat P S, Dr Arun Kumar, Dr Abhiram K, Dr Indresh K, Dr Prannoy G, Dr Sona K, Dr Riaz A,

Influence of Teacher-Related Factors on Students' Performance in Mathematics in Secondary School
Authors: Dr. Bathsheba Kerubo Menge

Analysis of Health Demand Model for Kenya
Authors: Thomas Mutinda Muthama, Dr. Stephen Kyalo Mutiso

Research and Analysis of Modern Methods of Estimation of Influence of Social and Economic System on Transformation Processes
Authors: A Zh. Yeskalieva, S. A. Rakhimova

Comparison of the Effect of the Application of Jatropha Curcas Linn Sap Gel with Gelatinsponge on Fibrin Density after Tooth Extraction in Sparague Dawley Mice
Authors: Hadira, Hardianto Andri, Kasim Awin, Harlina Eva, Syamsudin Endang

Application of ICT in Raising Standards of Learning in Higher Education Institutions: A Case Study of Udaipur City
Authors: Joshua Gisemba Okemwa

Comorbidityschizophrenia and Psychoactive Substances Use
Authors: M. Bouskoul, K. Akebour, M. Gourti, I. Adalia, F. Manoudia, F. Asria

Prevalence of Low Back Pain in Car Drivers
Authors: Sonal Mestry, Dr. Riddhi Shroff

Performance Evaluation of a Push Type Cassava Harvester
Authors: Egbe-Okpenge I. S, Gbabo A.

Study and Effect of Different Tissue Culture Media on the Propagation of Rice by Anther Culture
Authors: Lakshmaiah Pallepati, G. Sudhakar Rao, Nitya Satya Meka, P. Ratnakumari, S. Kasireddy, S K. Moumeen, Sd. Reshma

Additive Effect of Oropharyngeal Exercises with Aerobic Training on Sleep Quality in Individuals with High Risk of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
Authors: Dr. Ketki Ponde, Dr. Ronika Agrawal

The Influence of Growth Regulators on the Fertility of Seedless Tarnau Sort
Authors: Fayziev Jamoliddin Nosirovich

The Impact of Aminoacids on the Silk Productivity of Mulberry Silkworms in the Re-Feeding
Authors: Jumaniyazov Mansurbek Shomurotovich

Fake News Detection using Text Similarity Approach
Authors: S D Samantaray, Geetika Jodhani

Computerised Tomography based Morphometry of Sub-Axial Cervical Vertebrae and Its Clinical Implications
Authors: S. Balamurugan, Waseem Ahamed TP

Social Software Learnability Index
Authors: Nelson Bogomba Masese

Identification of Growth and Increasing Factors the Competitiveness of Purun Agroindustry in Ogan Komering ILIR District
Authors: Muhammad Andri Zuliansyah, Dessy Adriani, Elisa Wildayana

The Relationship Between the Credit Risk Management and Profitability in Salam Somali Bank
Authors: Liban Abdi Sheikh Mohamed

Neck Circumference and Mallampati Test a Predictor for Management Difficult Airway in Obese Patients: A Retrospective Observational Study
Authors: Nurcan Kizilcik, Ferda Kartufan

Investigation of Natural Fiber Composite Material for Building Cooling System
Authors: Gowtham, Rajakumar

To Evaluate the Effectiveness of Percutaneous Transhepatic Biliary Drainage in Relief of Symptomology in Malignant Obstruction
Authors: Suhail Rafiq, Sheema, Fahad Shafi

Vesicovaginal Fistula Repair: A Single-Centre Experience
Authors: Arif Hamid, Sajad Malik, Natasha Thakur, Rouf Khawaja, M Saleem Wani

Nutritional Status of Selected Adult Women
Authors: Dr. Varsha S Zanvar, Pradnya Dhutmal

Effect of Contaminated Irrigation Water with Pesticide on Faba Bean (ViciafabaL.) Growth
Authors: Balqees S. Al Ali, Karima F. Abbas, Dhafar Dh. Al-Khion

ICT & E-Waste
Authors: Kanika Chourasia

Effect of Nd:YAG Laser Posterior Capsulotomy on Corneal Endothelial Cell Count in Relation to the Power of Laser Used
Authors: Gargi Agarwal, Sanjiv Kumar, V. K. Malik

Comparison of Addition of Nalbuphine or Fentanyl to Propofol for Laryngeal Mask Insertion Conditions and Hemodynamics in Patients Undergoing Short Surgical Procedures
Authors: Dr. Sweety Bhola, Dr. Surendra Raikwar

Multiply Fibred Manifolds
Authors: Safa Ahmed Babikir Alsid

A Critical Study on Duration of Excretion of Entroviruses in Children of Acute Encephalitic Syndrome: A Longitudinal Prospective Study
Authors: Bhoopendra Sharma, Priyanka Singh, Vijay Kumar Singh

Association between Parent?s Social Status on Longitudinal Weight Gain of Santal Early Preschool Children of Jhargram District, West Bengal, India
Authors: Anirban Samanta, Samiran Bisai

A Study of Serum Magnesium Level in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus in Relation to Its Micro Vascular and Macro Vascular Complications
Authors: Dr Atulkumar Thakur

Analysis, Resolution Differentiation of Principal Component Analysis and Correspondent Analysis
Authors: Edmund Baffoe-Twum

Protocols for the Treatment of Stretch Marks of the Skin: A Systematic Review of Intervention
Authors: Veronica Mendes Soares, Amanda Mendes da Fonseca Welcome, Deborah Cavalcante Braz, Otavio da Fonseca Welcome Son, Italo Tobler Silva, Victory Pimentel Martins Felix, Maria das Gracas Freire Medeiros de Carvalho

Comparison of Job Satisfaction in Occupational Therapy Settings
Authors: Jaya Dixit

Chronic Subdural Haematoma: Aeromedical Disposition
Authors: Dr Ajay Kumar, Dr Rahul Pipraiya

Predictor Envelopes and Standard Regression Models: An Empirical Juxtaposition
Authors: Joseph Bamidele Odeyemi

The Genus Lysinibacillus: Versatile Phenotype and Promising Future
Authors: Kayath Aime Christian, Vouidibio Mbozo Alain Brice, Mokemiabeka Saturnin Nicaise, Kaya-Ongoto Moise Doria, Nguimbi Etienne

Different Age, Ethnic Groups, Serum Vitamin D, Calcium and Phosphorus in Nepalese Patient with Chronic Kidney Diseases
Authors: Sanjaya Kumar Shah, M. Lamsal, A. M. Dutta

Investigation of the Correlation between Diabetes Mellitus and Blood Pressure in Tripoli Central Hospital
Authors: Basem Rajab, Ayad Abud, Bayram K?ran

Ensuring LNG Liquefaction Facility's System Integrity: Pipe Pneumatic Testing as a "Build it Tight" Attribute
Authors: Nirmal Surendran Menon

Ensuring LNG Liquefaction Facility's 'System Cleanliness': Pipe Air Blowing as a "Build It Clean" Attribute
Authors: Nirmal Surendran Menon

The Effect of Competence of Human Resources, The Utilization of Information Technology and the Optimization of Asset Management on Quality of Financial Reporting by Moderated the Effectiveness of Internal Control
Authors: Atrina Ariyani Gafar, Arifuddin, Madris

Thanatophoric Dysplasia - A Case Report Diagnosis and Management
Authors: Ni Luh Lany Christina Prajawati, Johanes Nyoman Deo Widiswara Mawan, I Wayan Artana Putra

Smart Traveller System
Authors: Akhil Chaudhary, Prajwal Mogaveera

Effect of Foreign Direct Investments on the Performance of the Renewable Energy Sector in Rwanda - A Case of Mobisol
Authors: Salvator Mbarushimana, Dr. Patrick Mulyungi

Clinicopathological Prognostic Parameters in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Authors: Aarti Bansal, Narayanan Subramanian Mani

Pesticide Pollution and their Adverse Effects on Aquatic Ecosystems
Authors: Ar?nc Tulgar

The Effect Treasure Hunt Game Method against the Activity and Result of Student Learning Class IV Primary School
Authors: Dhini Mufti, Yalvema Miaz, dan Nurhizrah Gistituati

Branchless Banking Technology Adoption by Agen Brilink through UTAUT2 Model at PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk
Authors: Miftah Alfarid, Arief Daryanto, Setiadi Djohar

Model Analysis of Seed Drill Ground Opener (TYNE)
Authors: Smita Patil, Prof. S. Ram Reddy, Prof. Amar Kumar

Prevalence of Atypical Antipsychotic's ADR among all Psychotic Patients Attending Outpatient Department Service in St. Mary Neuropsychiatry Hospital, Eritrea, Africa
Authors: Stella Gracy .G

Effect of State Anxiety on Numerical Task Performance of Adolescents
Authors: Sharmistha Halder, Shambavi S.

Mosquito Menace
Authors: Maanvi Mudgil, Bharat Kwatra

Group B Streptococcus Colonization: Prevalence and its Effect on Maternal and Neonatal Outcome
Authors: Dr Akriti, Dr Sharda Patra, Dr Sushma Nangia, Dr Sonal Saxena

A Cross-Country Stock Return Analysis: Evidence from Japan and United States of America
Authors: Shiba Prasad Sapkota

Darshanic Influence on Charaka Samhita
Authors: Vineetha .V

Impact of Training on Employee Performance: A Case Study of Salaam Somali Bank of Somalia
Authors: Kamal Mohamed Osman, Abdiaziz Ahmed Ibrahim

Role of Empagliflozin and Linagliptin Combination in Diabetic Kidney Disease
Authors: Sneha Thakur, Bhavesh Lalan, Amit Bhargava

Moving Robot and Image Processing based Analysis for Tomato Growth Measurement
Authors: Aayesha M. Shaikh, V. S. Shingate

Using Visualization Methods in the Investigation Process and Proofing the Course of Traffic Accidents
Authors: JUDr. Stefan Jakabovic

Stability and Consistency Analysis for Implicit Scheme for MHD Stokes Free Convective Fluid flow Model Equations Past an Infinite Vertical Porous Plate in a Variable Transverse Magnetic Field
Authors: Mayaka Augustine Ayanga, Mathew Kinyanjui, Jeconiah Abonyo Okelo, Johana K. Sigey

Spectrophotometric Determination of Palladium (II) & Platinum (IV)
Authors: Gollapudi Venkata Ramana Murthy, Mallavarapu Umamahesh, Seetha Jaswanth, Akepogu Prasad, Amara Venkateswara Rao

The Impact of Perceived Technology Security, Perceived Risk, and Trust on Consumer Intention to Use and Recommend BCA Mobile
Authors: Dea Delia Lestari, Maya Ariyanti

Managing Human Resources to Achieve Sustained Competitive Advantage: Psychosocial Perspective
Authors: Velmurugan .S, Akhilesh K. B.

SOA Implementation of E-Banking Unified Bill Payment in Measuring Customer Satisfaction on XYZ Bank
Authors: Jeannie Artha Rosmauly, Ivan Alexander, Raymond Wijaya

The Effects of Marketing Mix and Service Quality on the Satisfaction and Loyalty of Customers at Mobile Business in Makassar (A Case Study on Telkomsel Customers in Makassar)
Authors: Bahtiar, Abdul Rakhman Laba, Jusni

Satisfaction of Elderly Between Work and Leisure Time
Authors: Joko Triyanto, JJ. Sarungu, Vincent Hadi Wiyono

Calibration of Survey Meters at the Secondary Standards Dosimetry Laboratory at the Radiation Protection Institute of Ghana Tomic Energy Commission
Authors: J. Owusu-Banahene, E.O Darko, P. Appiah, P. Owusu-Manteaw

Application of Tranexamic Acid in Total Knee Replacement Surgeries
Authors: Sandra Everest, Radhesh Hegde

Using Manchester System for the Treatment of Cervix Carcinoma for a Selected Oncology Facility in Ghana
Authors: J. Owusu-Banahene, E.O. Darko, M Abubakar, Baffour Awuah, G. Amoako

Capital Influence on Company Value with Profitability as Intervening Variables (Study on Building and Non Building Construction Companies Listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange Period 2012-2017)
Authors: Sri Sahbany, Ni Ketut Surasni, Hermanto

Prevalence of Oral Lesion and Knowledge Regarding Oral Cancer among Auto Rickshaw Drivers
Authors: Suby Iype

Drug Utilization Study on Antimicrobial Agents used in Prophylaxis for Major Surgeries at a Tertiary Care Hospital in Odisha
Authors: Dr Tamasuk Das, Dr Gaurav Jha, Dr Biswaranjan Mohapatra

Effect of VR Box as Distraction Aid on Children?s Behaviour during Dental Treatment: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial
Authors: Dr. Pema Tshering Lepcha, Dr Abhay Agarwal, Dr Neeraj Kant Panwar, Dr Neeraj Solanki, Dr Himanshu Tomar, Dr Shakir Hussain Rather

The Effect of Corporate Governance on Corporate Performance and Corporate Social Responsibility
Authors: Yuli Dwi Yusrani Anugrah, Siti Maria Wardayati, Muhammad Miqdad

A Study to Evaluate the Effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme among Mothers on Care of Low Birth Weight Babies Selected in K. L. E. S. Dr. Prabhakar Kore Hospital MRC, Belagavi
Authors: Umesh Nandgaon, Nirmala D'Souza

Unripe Carica Papaya L. Extract as an Alternative for Midwifery Services in Primipara Postpartum Mothers for Breast Milk Adequacy
Authors: Ryzky Diah Anggraini1, Ariawan Soejoenoes, Supriyana

Study Habit among English and Marathi Medium Student
Authors: Nandu Shivaji Kumawat, Dr. Parmeshwsar Abhiman Puri

Credit Risk as an Intervening Variable in the Effect of Good Corporate Governance (GCG) Implementation on Banking Companies Performance (Study on Banking Companies Listing on BEI 2012-2016 Period)
Authors: I Made Gilang Candra Pradipta Rata, Ni Ketut Surasni, I Nyoman Nugraha AP

A Study of Sorghum Fodder in Perspective of Different Cultivation Method
Authors: Shakuntala Mhaske

Indian National Congress and Eka Movement in Awadh*
Authors: Amit Kumar Tiwari

Study of Compressive Strength of Cement Concrete with Stone and Marble Dust
Authors: Swatantra Rahangdale, Suhail Qureshi

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Video-Assisted Teaching on Knowledge Regarding Preventive Measures of Osteoporosis among Post- Menopausal Women in Selected Tribal Community at Mount Abu, Rajasthan
Authors: Vijeta Sharma

Impact of Switching Costs on Reducing Customer Churn in Commercial Banks
Authors: Ropafadzo Mhizha, Dr Kudakwashe Zvitambo

Design & Implementation of Hybrid Wind-Solar Energy Conversion Systems
Authors: Pooja Joshi, Dr. Rakesh Kantariya

A Study to Assess the Effectiveness of Structured Teaching Program on Knowledge Regarding Fluorosis in Selected Schools of Udaipur City
Authors: Ashok Kumar

Relationship between Friends 'Support with Private Sex Behavior in Taman Siswa High School Students Binjai North Sumatera
Authors: Dr. Hadi Widodo

Study the Effect of Some Photonic Crystal Arrangements on the Dispersion and Effective Refractive Index of Photonic Crystal Fiber
Authors: M. S. Jasim, H.A . Sultan, C. A. Emshary

Comparison for Effects of Multisensory Exercise on Functional Mobility and Balance between Elderly Male and Female Population
Authors: Dr. Deepak Raghav, Dr. Monika Sharma, Dr Parul Rathore, Ritika Tiwari

Oral Health Attitude, Knowledge and Practice among 8-14 Years Old, School Going Children in Shopian, Jammu & Kashmir, India
Authors: Dr Shakir Hussain Rather, Dr Abhaya Agarwal, Dr Neeraj Kant Panwar, Dr Neeraj Solanki, Dr Himanshu Tomar, Dr Pema Tshering Lepcha

Effects of Yarn Count, Loop Length, Course per Inch (CPI), Wales Per Inch (WPI), Fabric Count on Spirality of Plain Weft Knitted Fabric
Authors: Shuvo Kumar Kundu, Jubaer Ahmed, Md. Rezaur Rahman Manik

Tillage Agrotechnologies and Influence of Repeated Crops on Cotton Yield
Authors: ?tajanov ?., Khalikov B.M.
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