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Analysis of an Electromagnetic Clutch

Shivendra Kumar Dubey

Abstract: The clutch is an important part in the transmission system of automobiles. It transmits power from the engine to gear box at various speeds. The function of the clutch is to temporarily disconnect the engine from the gear box unit. When the gear has to be changed from the first to the second, it should be done after disconnecting the engine from the gear box. If this is not done, the gear teeth might break. The clutch is thus helpful when starting, shifting gears and idling. The electromagnetic clutch is very important in vehicles and machinery to transmit the power from driving member to driven member by using clutch linkage. Already the electromagnetic clutch exists, but that clutch has number of problems like wear problem, slipping problem and complicated linkages. The difference Between the electromagnetic clutch and regular clutch is the way they control the movement of pressure plate. In normal clutch spring used to engage the clutch whereas in EM clutch an electromagnetic field is used for engagement. The electromagnetic clutch comes in various form including magnetic particle clutch and multi disc clutch. But the most widely used form is a single face friction clutch.

Keywords: clutch, idling, Magnetostatic module, kinematic results