Downloading: IOT & Wireless Sensor Networks in Precision Agriculture
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IOT & Wireless Sensor Networks in Precision Agriculture

Roopa G K, Radhika Shetty

Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) enables various applications (crop growth monitoring and selection, irrigation decision support, etc.) in Digital Agriculture domain. Precision agriculture is set to provide higher productivity and a better use of resources when compared to traditional methods and this will result in lower costs with higher yields. As water supplies become scarce because of climatically change, there is an urgent need to irrigate more efficiently in order to optimize water use. In this context, farmers' use of a decision-support system is unavoidable. Indeed, the real-time supervision of microclimatic conditions are the only way to know the water needs of a culture. Wireless sensor networks are playing an important role with the advent of the Internet of things and the generalization of the use of web in the community of the farmers. It will be judicious to make supervision possible via web services. The IOT cloud represents platforms that allow to create web services suitable for the objects integrated on the Internet. In this paper we propose an application prototype for precision farming using a wireless sensor network with an IOT cloud.

Keywords: Precision Agriculture PA, Wireless Sensor Networks WSN, Internet of Things IoT, Application Prototype