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Himalayan Herbal Plant: Bhramkamal
Authors: Arti Sharma, Ranjeet Singh

Giant Ameloblastoma Flexiform ( A Case Report)
Authors: Evan Yulius Saputro, Seto A., Winarno P., Dr. Endang Syamsudin

Research on the Development of Inclusive Finance in Rural Areas of Shaanxi Province and Its Poverty Reduction Effect
Authors: Deng Junrong, Ma Xuefeng

Fostering Excellence in Management Education through Ingenious Learning
Authors: Dr. S. Suganya

Involvement of Microorganism in Bioethanol Production: A Review
Authors: Md. Ghulam Rabbani

On The Cohabitation of Orient and Oxident in the Balkans
Authors: Dr. Adnan Ismaili

Management of Temporomandibular Joint Dislocation with Manual Reduction in Different Cases Classification: Serial Case
Authors: Deka Dharma Putra, Endang Syamsudin

Spatial Distribution of Plant Species Richness: Context Satchari National Park, Sylhet, Bangladesh
Authors: Nabila Hasan

Methods used in Biodegradation of Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) by Fungi: A Review
Authors: Suhani Girish Parekh, Archana U Mankad

Hartman Procedure
Authors: Bartu BADAK, Enver IHTIYAR

A Study on Brand Evaluation of Patanjali Ayurvedic and Herbal Products
Authors: Aleena Johnson

The Impact of Strategic Planning Success on Firm Performance at Some Selected Telecommunication Companies in Mogadishu Somalia
Authors: Liban Ali Mohamed (Xabeeb)

Degradation of Pesticide from Aqueous Solution Using Photocatalytic Composite
Authors: Fabian Ramthansanga, Lalroliana Tochhawng, B. Saritha, Lalsangzela Sailo

Prevalence of Dental Developmental Anomalies: A Radiographic Study
Authors: Ajmal Mir, Rizwan Hamid, Mushtaq Bhat

A Review on Self Curing Concrete
Authors: K. Sumangala, M. Banu Sulochana

Attitude of Prospective Teachers towards Instructional Media
Authors: S. Thanalakshmi

Value Engineering in Drainage & Non Asphalt Pavement Construction of Penderian Jalan Cabe 2, Cabe 2 Terusan & K.H. Salem, Pamulang District - South Tangerang City (Case Study: In Non-Asphalt Drainage & Pavement Work)
Authors: Venus F Firdaus, Dwi Dinar Riana, Suyanto

Diagnostic Dilemma-Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Authors: Neha Singh, Ritika Sharma, Deepak Bhargava, Mithilesh Mishra, Vidya Devichandavarkar, Syed Mustansir Ul Hassnain

Speed Breaker Energy Harvester Using Roller Mechanism
Authors: Khaled Fadl, S. F. Rezeka, M. El Habrouk

Blockchain Technology has the Ability to Change the Face of New Business
Authors: Dr. Ravikumar, Omprathap Velu

Sikh Theology and Dalit Identity in Punjab
Authors: Ranjit Kaur

A Study on Effectiveness of Social Media and Digital Marketing among Customers in Pathanamthitta District
Authors: Anjali Jacob

Role of Women in Panchayat Raj System
Authors: Somalatha B

The Ability of Avicennia Marina in Decreasing Salinity and COD Levels in the Bio-Desalination Process
Authors: Rachmi Layina Chimayati, Harmin Sulistiyaning Titah

A Study to Evaluate Candida albicans at Pre and Post Insertion Stages of Removable Dentures in Diabetics and Non Diabetics - An in Vivo Study
Authors: Dr. Keerthi R, Dr. Anil Kumar Gujjari, Dr. Sushant A Pai, Dr. Sowmya S, Dr. Smitha V Shetty, Dr. Sukanya Abigail

The Effect of Active Engagement Models on Students- Performance Scores in Biology
Authors: Via V. Desabille1, Maria Teresa M. Fajardo

Emerging Scarcity and Sustainable Water Management in Ahmednagar District
Authors: Anand Niranjan Gholap, Ganesh Dinkar Gawali

Management of Submandibular Abscess in Pregnant Woman: A Case Report
Authors: Fachrul Razi, Abel Tasman Y, Seto Adiantoro S

The Effect of Innovative Learning Based on Project Based Learning (PjBL) on Learning Outcomes in English
Authors: A. Syakur, Z. Fanani, E. Junining, Wike

Customer Payment Prediction in Account Receivable
Authors: Hetul S. Shah

Impacts of Competency Mapping at it Sectors in Chennai
Authors: Sakthi S.

Implementation of Load Balancing Algorithms for Performance Improvement in Cloud Computing
Authors: Hemlata Joshi, Farha Naaz, Anurag Shrivastav

Universal Adhesive Bond Performance in Randomized Clinical Trials: A Literature Review
Authors: Dr. Ali R?za CETIN, Dr. Yasser Ismail Al Rawi

Influence of Corporate Governance Practises on Service Delivery in County Governments: A Case of County Government of Nakuru Kenya
Authors: Charles Lwanga

Cardio-Vascular and Pulmonary Complications in Marfan Disease at the Angioscan: A Report of 3 Cases
Authors: L G Akpo, N Badji, H D?me, A D Diop, N M Sy, M Ly, M H Toure, F G Niang, I Niang, M Diouf, K. Diouf, et E H Niang

A Facile & Cost-Effective DNA Isolation Method for Abelmoschus Esculentus L.
Authors: Hossain Sohrawardy

Purse String Suturing for Post Radial Keratotomy Hyperopia
Authors: Jagadeesh Kumar Reddy, Shadab Khan

A Critical Evaluation of the Theories and Practices in Existential Psychotherapy
Authors: Prakat Karki

A Study on Information Resources Collection, Usages and Services in the Gujarat University affiliated Medical College Libraries, Gujarat
Authors: Nuri Kalita, Dr. Prayatkar K. Kanadiya

Evaluation of Effectiveness of Prophylactic Tranexemic acid for reducing Blood loss in Cesarean Section
Authors: Vijayshree S G, Sundari P

The Effect of Work Motivation and Organization Culture to Employee Performance and Work Satisfaction (Case Study on 'X' Corporation)
Authors: Rizky Prawinto

Economic Valuation of Mangrove Forests in Tumbu Village, Topoyo District, Central Mamuju Regency
Authors: Nurfitrayana, Sanusi Fattah dan, Anas Iswanto Anwar

Designing for Belt and Drive Rolls for Belt Conveyor System for Raw Material in Briquetting Plant in Ferrochrome Industry
Authors: Gupta Saurabh

Forgiveness among Adolescents in Goa: An Intervention Based Study
Authors: Fr. Ramiro Jesus Do Carmo Luis, Dr. Shanmukh V. Kamble

The Effect of the Auditor?s Personal Characteristic on Audit Dysfunctionnal Behavior
Authors: Mariana, Yohanis Rura, Tawakkal

The Frequency of Intestinal Parasites among Patients in Zliten and Al-KhumsTraining Hospitals
Authors: Basem Rajab, Musbah Almabsuot, Bayram K?ran

Analysis of Labor Supply in the City of Jayapura Papua (Case: Risen Migrant Workers in the Informal Sector)
Authors: Astri Julianti Ramlan Anjas, Madris, dan Fatmawati

Investigation of Underwater Sensor Networks Localization and Analysis the Performance
Authors: Ebtisam Mohamed Omar Elgdiri, Umit Tokeser, Javad Rahebi

Comparative Study - Ideal Cataract Surgical Technique for Camp Patients - SICS or Phacoemulsification
Authors: Dr Shruti Signh, Dr Sumedha Sharma

Ethnobotany: Plants use in Fishing and Trapping by Bheel Tribes of Dhar District, Madhya Pradesh, India
Authors: Kamal Singh Alawa

Urodynamic Profile in Patients with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH) with or Without Inguinal Hernia
Authors: Tyagi Ankit, Kumar Ajay, Andley Manoj, Saha Sudipta, Talwar Nikhil

Abortion Pills over the Counter: Maternal Life at Risk?
Authors: Ranjana Desai, Asmita Arun

A Technique Used for Strengthening of Existing Columns with Reinforced Concrete Jacketing
Authors: Abhishek Ghimire

Determination of Iron (III) and Iron (II) from Iron Sucrose Injection and Iron Polymaltose by Ion Chromatography
Authors: Dr. Chetan Chavan, Chanakya Thaker, Chetan Chaudhari

Impact of Travel & Tourism Mobile Application on Consumer Behaviour with Reference to Oyo Rooms in Coimbatore District
Authors: Manoj. M, John William .A

Principle of Mutual Advantage as a Legal Basis of the GATT/WOT
Authors: Olga Mikichurova

Comparison of Central Macular Thickness after SICS (Small Incision Cataract Surgery) and Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery using OCT (Optical Coherence Tomography)
Authors: Dr. Sumedha Sharma

Capital Formation and Economic Development
Authors: Dr. Sultan Ahmad Taraki, Dr. Mesut Murat Arslan

Evolutionary Process of Key Economic Sectors in the Turkish Economy during (1970-2012) and Their Impacts on SME Development
Authors: Dr. Sultan Ahmad Taraki, Dr. Mesut Murat Arslan

The Role of SMEs in Capital Formation, Equitable Growth and Income Distribution in Developing Countries
Authors: Dr. Sultan Ahmad Taraki

Relationship between ND5 Genetic Polymorphism and Milk Production and the Growth of Lambs before Weaning of Awassi Sheep
Authors: Asaad Y. Ayied, Bashar F. Zaqeer

Internal Control and Budget Implementation in Kabale District Uganda
Authors: Dr. Marus Eton

Does Corporate Governance could Improve Super Profit? Evidence of Information Listed Company in China
Authors: Shen Zunhuan, Shang Yuan

Coexistence of ZigBee and Wifi Using White Space aware HMM Protocol
Authors: Y. S. Thakur, Surbhi Parmar

On Essential Numerical Range and Davis-Wielandt Shell of Hilbert Space Operators
Authors: D. O. Owego, N. B. Okelo, Omolo Ongati

The Principal Leadership based on Higher Order Thinking Skills for Realizing 21st Century Education
Authors: Hanna, Herianti, Isnada Waris Tasrim, Risky Niguita

Antimicrobial Activity of different Medicinal Soaps and Turmeric Powder against Infectious Microorganisms Isolated from Wound Area of Human
Authors: Mrunali Patel, Mansi Mehta, Gaurav Shah

Coblation Tonsillectomy versus Dissection Tonsillectomy: A Comparative Study and our Experience in Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Baba Aijaz Khaliq, SanamAltaf, Showket Ahmad Mir, Suhail Amin Patigaroo

Comparison of Earthquake Analysis Results of a Structure using ETABS Software and Manual Calculation
Authors: Rajat Danej, Siddharth Verma

Online Based Innovative Education and Learning Model to Build English Learning Attitudes, Interests and Outcomes of Brawijaya University Students Malang
Authors: A Syakur, Zaenal Fanani, Esti Junining, Wike

Human Face Recognition Using PCA with BPNN
Authors: Shikhar Choudhary, Rahul Moriwal

Antioxidant, In-Vitro Anti-Inflammatory and Anti-Alzheimer Activities of Methanolic Fraction of Salvia Miltiorrhiza Flower
Authors: Lokraj Subedee, Binod Kumar Yadav, Rohit Sarawat

Evaluation of Air Pollution Tolerance Index of Selected Tree Species along Roadsides in Vidyanagar, Gujarat (India)
Authors: Leena Abraham

The Study of the Various Factors Current-Voltage Characteristics of the Gas Sensor Sensing Element
Authors: Wasfi Mohammed Kadem, Nawar Thamer Mohammed

Attentiveness towards Decontamination Mechanism among Ophthalmic Physician at Selected Ophthalmic Clinics, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Dr. Abdulrahman Moneer Al Qerafi, Dr. Muhannad Noor Alharbi

Artificial Intelligence: A Breakthrough for Neuroscience
Authors: Siddharth Shahi

Analysis of Water Distribution System in Limbayat Zone of Surat
Authors: Siddiki Abdur Raheman M., Dr. Minakshi Vaghani

Mapping the Unified Field: Artificial Intelligence Foundations for the Financial Instruments of Business Planning: Hybrid Data Mining and the Consciousness Model
Authors: Dr. Laskai Andras

Impact of Joining SHG on the Lives of Rural Women and their Families
Authors: Swati Sucharita, Indira Bishnoi

Efficacy of XP-endo Finisher, XP-endo Finisher R, CanalBrush and EndoActivator in the removal of Intracanal Medicament (An in Vitro Study)
Authors: Teeba Talal Abdul Aziz, Iman M. Al Zaka

RFID Application for Molten Iron Carriers (Ladles) in Steel Plant
Authors: Anumula Mayukha

Motivation: A Panacea for Employees Performance and Retention
Authors: Nezekolizibe Titus, Gogo Rachael Adiza

The University: From State Bureaucracy to Scientific Communities
Authors: Carmita Alvarez, Jose Mar?a Lalama, Erick Bojorque, Gerardo Villacreses

What does a Comparison between Latvia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan Tell about the Cognition and Institutions as Social Capital in the Extended Market Order?
Authors: Joseph Antwi Baafi

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Inflows in Ghana: Sectorial Impact on Economic Growth (GDP)
Authors: David Prah

Effect of Structured Teaching Programme on Knowledge Regarding Crash Cart System among Staff Nurses
Authors: Sajitha V Thampi

Preventive and Rehabilitative Treatments in Midline Facial Cleft and Atrial Septal Defect: Case Report
Authors: Cut Rita Agustina, Inne Suherna Sasmita

Orthognathic Surgery as Treatment Choice for TMJ Disorder: A Case Report
Authors: Adria Permana Putra, Dr. Endang Syamsudin, Abel Tasman Yuza, SetoAdiantoro

Rural Education in India: Issues and Solution
Authors: R. Prabakaran

Intellectual Capital Analysis and Hedging Decisions on Dividend Policies and Firm Value in Manufacturing Companies on the Indonesia Stock Exchange
Authors: Normiyati N, Cepi Pahlevi, Abdul Rakhman Laba, Mursalim Nohong

The Effect of Interest Rate and Financial Leverage on Profitability and Firm Value in Manufacturing Companies in Indonesia Stock Exchange
Authors: Sitti Sakirah, Muhammad Ali, Cepi Pahlevi, Maat Pono

Performance Comparison of Face Detection and Recognition Algorithms
Authors: Mohsin Furkh Dar, Dr. Sarvottam Dixit

Study on the Economical Way to Offload Diabetic Foot Ulcers: A Prospective Study
Authors: Dr Lakshmi Sinha, Dr Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Dr Sanjeev Kumar, Dr U C Isser

Estimation of Power Rating of a Horizontal Axis Propeller Type Turbine
Authors: Gupta Saurabh

Slab Diflection Analysis using Digital Close-Range Photogrammetry
Authors: Mostafa Abdel-Bary EBRAHIM

Total Quality Management as a Tool for Achieving Organisational Performance
Authors: Cross Ogohi Daniel

Organizational Culture Role and its Implementation in Corporate Strategic Management
Authors: Cahyo Pratomo

Strategies for Wetland Conservation: Study of Kanwar Wetland, Begusarai
Authors: Bijay Prakash, Ravi Kumar Pandey

The Impact of Sales Promotion and Customer Satisfaction in Some Selected Mogadishu Shopping Centers
Authors: Mowlid Mohamed Isse
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