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Recently Downloaded: Pharmacovigilance in India: Evolution and Change in Scenario in India          ||          Review: Biomimetic Approach for Remineralization of Human Enamel          ||          Problems in Learning Mathematics: Comparison of Coral High School Students in Classes with and without Repeaters          ||          Characteristic Overview of Sociodemographic Patient with Cleft Lip and Palate in the Cleft Centre of Dental Hospital Universitas Padjadjaran, West Java Province Indonesia          ||          Effect of Fiscal Policy on Investment Growth in Rwanda          ||          A Review on Antimicrobial Activity of Silymarin          ||          Comparative Study of the Cambisols of Aboisso-Comoe (Agropastoral Zone B29 Mamlanso) and Zuenoula (Agricultural Unit of the Sugar Complex)          ||          Credit Processing Period and Financial Performance: Empirical Evidence from Agribusiness Small and Micro Enterprises in Nyeri Central Sub County Kenya          ||          Analyze the Effects of Resistance Training with Active Muscle Action on Selected Physiological Variables of Adigrat Town Males          ||          Forecasting Volatility with LSTM Techniques          ||         

Volume 6 Issue 5 May 2017: Page 2

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Management Emphasis on Professional Development and Lecturers
Authors: Eno Etudor-Eyo, Kate Udoh

The Impact of Leader
Authors: Mohammad Rasel, Dr. Burcin Kaplan

Teaching Methods in Pre-Service Secondary Teacher Education and the Development of Critical Thinking Skills in Cameroon
Authors: ENDELEY Margaret Nalova

Software Based Biometric Liveness Detection using Convolutional Neural Network
Authors: Vidya Omanakkuttan, Sangeeta T.R

Experimental Study on Strength Properties of High Strength Fiber Reinforced Light Weight Aggregate Concrete
Authors: M. Devidson, K. Venkateswara Rao

Herbal Nanoparticles Drug Delivery System - An Overview
Authors: Rajni Yadav, Pankaj Kashyap, Deepak Dash, Amit Roy

Role of Product Life Cycle on Product Service System (PSS): Emerging Needs and Challenges
Authors: Dr. Ramesh Chandra Rath, Krushna Chandra Bisoyi, Sangram Keshari Khandai, Tanushri Jena

Protective Effect of Vitamin C on Carbon Tetrachloride Administered Toxicity in Lungs of Mice
Authors: Sushma Sharma, Sonika Chauhan

Correlation between AMH and TSH Serum Levels in PCOs and non-PCOs Sudanese Infertile Females
Authors: Israa A. Alwahab, Mohammed Rida, Adel Nasr Morsi

Study of in-vitro Micro-propagation of Medicinally Important Plant Andrographis paniculata from its Different Parts
Authors: Singh Abhilasha, Awasthi Dr. Arpita

Formulation and Evaluation of Herbal Gel Containing Methanolic Extract of Annonasquamosa Leaves
Authors: Mayur Mokashi, Manjusha Dole

Super-twisting Control for Improved Performance of Dual Input Buck Boost Converter
Authors: Lisy E.R., M. Nandakumar, Anasraj R

Food Market and its Agenda
Authors: Parimala S

Removal of Pb(II)ions by Particulate Nanocomposite Prepared via Oxidation-Precipitation and Modified Co-Precipitation Methods
Authors: Samara J. Mohammad, Dr. Fadhil Abd Rasin

Electro-Optical and Thermodynamic Response of Twisted Grain Boundary Phase
Authors: T.N. Govindaiah, B. N. Ramakrishna, C.M. Shivaprasad, M. T. Shivasagar

A Repair Replacement Policy for a Deteriorating Cold Standby System with a Component has Priority in Use and Repair
Authors: Dr. A. Janaki Ram, Dr. B. Venkata Ramudu, Dr. B. R. Narayana Murthy

A Prospective Study of Intra Abdominal Pressure (IAP) Monitoring to Predict Severity and Prognosis in Patients of Acute Severe Pancreatitis
Authors: Jitendra Khandelwal, Mudunuri Ravi Teja, Ankur Kothari

Motorized Screw Jack
Authors: Mohammed Yousuf, Shaik Ashraf, Yaaseen Shahid Iqbal

Convergence Theorems for Maximal Monotone Operators by Family of Non-Spreading Mappings
Authors: Salwa Salman Abed, Zena Hussein Maibed

Modal Analysis of Intake Manifold of a Carburetor
Authors: Dr. A. John Presin Kumar, P. M. Selvaganapathy

An Energy Efficient Device to Device Routing for Internet of Things
Authors: G Sai Kumar, Shamshekhar S Patil

Channel Equalization of a Signal with Tilted Phase
Authors: Nisha Mary Joseph, Amrutha V Nair

Structural Analysis of the Mainframe of the Hydraulic Side Arm Charger for Heavy Load
Authors: Aniket A Nale, Dr. Kishor K Dhande

Poverty Alleviation Programmes in India
Authors: Dr. M. Sreedhar

Design and Implementation of High Speed and Low Power Consumption FinFET
Authors: Ragini Soni, Jyotsna Sagar

The Impact of Exercise on Health Care Student Academic Performance in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Hussein Saad Amin, Yasser A. Alrumih, Ali S. Alrawdhan, Fahad Y. Alturkey, Abdulrahman M. Alakeel, Muath I. Alsabih, Ahmed S. Allohidan, Ammar A. Naji

Spray Drying of Enzymatic Clarification Red Purple Pitaya (Hylocereus Polyrhizus) Pigment Extract
Authors: Ruri A.S, Norziah M. H, Iswandi I, Uthumporn U, Najla Lubis

Response of Laced Reinforced Concrete Beams to Fatigue Loading
Authors: Hayfaa Dhumad Hasan Al-Abboodi, Abass Abdulmajeed Allawi, Chai Hwa Kian

Improving Quality of MR Images Caused by Ghosting and Noise
Authors: S. Jayaprakash, C. Madhubala

Network Coding Based Cloud Storage Security for Enhancing Reliability
Authors: Pooja P. Patel, Brona A. Shah

Conventional Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation versus Cryotherapy for Pain Relief in Patients with Total Knee Replacement Surgery: A Comparative Study
Authors: Dr Roopa Desai, Dr Tushar Palekar, Rhucha Jadhav

Formulation and Evaluation of Sustained Release Bilayer Tablets of Verapamil Hydrochloride and Enalapril Maleate
Authors: Vivek .V, Deattu .N, Elango .K, Dhanalakshmi .K

A Study on Strength of Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Palm Oil Fuel Ash as Partial Replacement of Cement
Authors: Samhitha D., Bhanu Pravallika S.

Amino Acid Substitution in Hepatitis C Virus Core and Genetic Variation in Interleukin 28? Gene and their Correlation to Interferon Treatment Failure in Chronic HCV Egyptian Patients
Authors: Nashwa El-Khazragy, Maiada A. Hussien, Mohamed A. El-Mordy, Amany M. Maher

Isolation and Characterization of Azospirillum sp. from Paddy Field Soil, Thanjavur District, Tamil Nadu
Authors: K. Kanimozhi, A. Panneerselvam

A Clinical Study on Prevalence of Presbyopia with Refractive Error among the Patients Attending O.P.D. in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Assam
Authors: Dr. Moushumi Majumder, Dr. Sikha Deori, Dr. Y. Jennifer Nane

Management of Hospital Information System through GIS: A Review
Authors: Pragati Suresh Ardhapurkar

Some Properties of Mortar and Concrete Using Brick, Glass and Tile Waste as Partial Replacement of Cement
Authors: Dr. Zena K. Abbas, Ahlam A. Abbood, Hadeel K. Awad

Performance Analysis of AODV and AOMDV Routing Protocols for Reducing the Energy Consumption in MANET
Authors: Durgashankar Saini, G. L. Saini

Predication of Students Performance Using Data Mining
Authors: A. V. Kadu, Dr. G. R. Bamnote

An Approach for Situation Aware IOT Service based on SOA
Authors: Trupti P. Mokal, Poonam Gupta

Application of Mamdani Fuzzy Inference System for Runoff Prediction
Authors: Dr. Falguni Parekh

Correlation between Renal Function Tests and Thyroid Hormones in Sudanese Patients with Hypo- and Hyperthyroidism
Authors: Aalya Ibrahim Mohammed Osman, Adel Nasr Morsi

Synthesis and Reactions of 3- Cyano 4, 6- Diphenyl (2-Substituted)-Pyridine Likely to Possess Antimicrobial Activity
Authors: Amal F. Seliem

Venus Transition: (A Complete Solution with an Otherwise Explanation)
Authors: Alok Prasad Srivastava

The Impact of Human Capital on the Competitive Advantage "An Empirical Study on the Syrian Service Sector Workers"
Authors: Dania Ibrahim

Vibroseis Hardwire Similarity Tests Results Trend and Signal Strengths from Upper Benue Trough to the Chad Basin Areas, Lithologic Significance
Authors: Madu Anthony Joseph Chinenyeze, Ikwuagwu Samuel Chibuisi, Clifford Mbachu

Health Survey among Adolescents
Authors: Shalini Sathiyamoorthy, V. Vishnupriya, R. Gayathri

Coalesce of Automation and SMED to Enhance SUR
Authors: Dr. R. Saravanan, K. Mothilal

Case Report: Supratentorial Atypical Teratoid / Rhabdoid Tumor (ATRT) in a Six-Year-Old Child
Authors: Raghavendra H, Varsha K S, L N Gupta, Meenakshi

Estimation of Open Channel Roughness by using Gradual Varied Flow Profiles
Authors: Ebissa G. K.

A Survey on Medical Image Segmentation
Authors: Gagandeep Kaur, Jyotirmoy Chhaterji

The Study of the Morphology and Biology of Germination Seeds of Silybum marianum in Condition Syrdarya Region (UZBEKISTAN)
Authors: Alimova Rano, Adilov Bekhzod

Authors: Petrus Jacob Pattiasina, Djoko Saryono, Maryaeni, Mudjianto

Design and Construction of Drain Covers to Mitigate Flood in the Cities
Authors: Emmanuel Kabu Oman, Richard Okwabi

A Study of Serum Testosterone Levels in Young Patients with Coronary Artery Disease in Western Rajasthan
Authors: Pradeep Singh, SL Mathur, Sohanlal Sharma

Effect of Dance Aerobics on Stress in Physiotherapy Students
Authors: Shilpa Khandare, Khayathi Padia, Tushar J. Palekar, Manisha Rathi

Miospore Biostratigraphy of Oligocene
Authors: Asadu, A.N., Omigie J.I.

Palynostratigraphy of Upper Miocene - Pliocene Sediments in Well Z, offshore Niger Delta
Authors: Asadu A.N, Ugwu J.U.

Recommendations for Designing Child Oriented Play Grounds in Open Spaces of the Residential Complexes (Children 5 to 12 Years Old)
Authors: Fatemeh Sadat Hasanian Mehr, Amir Ahmad Aminian

A Study on Strength of Fibre Reinforced Concrete with Partial Replacement of Cement with Quarry Dust and Metakaolin
Authors: Amulya S., S. P. S. Ramya

Word Detection and Global SNR Estimation of Speech Signals
Authors: Sreelakshmi M.S., Ann Nita Netto

Design and Fabrication of Unmanned Amphibious Aeromobile
Authors: Shrinivasa D, Sathvik S Rao, Nandan Y.B, Harshith T.N, Shreyas Koushik

Effect of Recycled Aggregate along with Glass Fiber and Fly Ash on Concrete Properties
Authors: J. Suneel, P. S. S. Anjaneya Babu

Molecular Prevalence of E. coli and Enterobacter cloacae Caused Urinary Tract Infections in Iraqi Patients
Authors: Basima Q. Al-Saadi, Saife D. Al-Ahmer, Noor I. Al-Baiyati, Zainab H. Al-Husseiny

Influence of Community Groups / Funding Agencies on Governance Outcomes in Nairobi County, Kenya
Authors: Ngairah James Liguyani

An Unusual Presentation of Crohn
Authors: Jain A, Bhat M, Khan S, Dangayach KK

Image of Accounting Profession among Vocational School Students
Authors: Mustafa AY

Normal Saline Rehydration Technique or Carnoy
Authors: Mudit Sharma, Rateesh Sareen, Ranu Sharma, Anjali Sharma

A Chosen-Plaintext Attack on Permutation-Only Image Encryption Schemes and Steganography on Images
Authors: Soja Prasannan, Devi Murali

An Empirical Study of Consumer Attitude towards Mobile Marketing: Take WeChat as an Example
Authors: Du Yueping, Xia Xiaomeng

Effectiveness of Health Care Package on Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome
Authors: Manita Dalal

Comparison between Betamethasone Gel, Lidocaine Jelly and Lubricating Jelly Applied Over Endotracheal Tube to Reduce Post Operative Sore Throat, Cough and Hoarseness of Voice
Authors: Dr Mohammed Naveed, Dr Harshavardhan, Dr Radhesh Hegde

Pedagogy for Information Ethics in Library and Information Science Curricula in Public Universities in Kenya
Authors: Jane C. Maina

Study of Refrigeration System for Achieving Cryogenic Temperatures
Authors: Piyush Dnyaneshwer Raut

Comparison of Two Different Lateral Incisions for Postoperative Surgical Wound Condition of Calacaneum Fractures-A Randomised Study of Closed Intra Articular Joint Depression Type of Calcaneal Fractures Treated with Locking Plate in 58 Non Smokers Patients - Original Article
Authors: Dr. Shah Himanshu D, Dr Chavali V.H, Dr Daveshwar R.N

Effect of Substrate Temperature on Optical Band Gap and Thickness of Spray Pyrolitically Deposited CdZnTe2 Thin Films
Authors: S. A. Gaikwad, Y. D. Tembhurkar, C. M. Dudhe

Clinical Study of Mass in Right ILIAC Fossa
Authors: Manek Rajiv Prakash, S.C. Dutt

Role of Database Management Systems (DBMS) in Supporting Information Technology in Sector of Education
Authors: Adham Mohsin Saeed

Improve an Enhanced-Ratio Rank Algorithm based on Reading Time
Authors: Jinal V. Patel, Rimi Gupta

Effects of Natural Honey and Refined Sugar on the Lipid Profile and Some Atherogenic Indices of Wister Rats
Authors: Nwachuku E. O, Okwesum O, Elekima I, Ben-Chioma A

Diagnostic Electron Microscopy (EM) for Avian Diseases - An Overview
Authors: Dr. M. Lakshman

The Effect of Hypnosa toward Students
Authors: Nahliah, Nasmilah Yunus, Sukmawaty

A Review on Antimicrobial Potential of Indian Ocimum sanctum (Tulsi)
Authors: Aashish Vishwakarma

Effectiveness of VAT on Agriculture Safety and Health Hazards among the Farmers at Meerut
Authors: Nikhil, Naveena J H, Geeta Parwanda

Physical and Mechanical Properties of Particle Board from Lops and Tops of Melia dubia
Authors: Prakash .V, Uday .D .N, Sujatha .D, Kiran .M .C

Prevalence of Urinary Incontinence in Women Living in Delhi
Authors: Dr. Prerna Mohan Saxena (PT), Dr. Raju K Parasher2, Dr. Kshitija Bansal (PT)

Hypothesis on Approach which Distinguishes Soul from Automaton
Authors: Vinay J Uttekar, Ranjit P Lawale

Transverse Drift Velocity of Argon Plasma in a Curved Magnetic Field
Authors: Biswambhar Mohanty, Rita Paikaray

Neurotransmitters and their Impact on Mental Illness
Authors: Seethalakshmi

Research into the Nesting Biology of the Greater Flamingo (Phoenicopterus roseus Pallas, 1811) in Uzbekistan
Authors: M. A. Jumanov

Further Research Opportunities in Medical Decision Support Systems (MDSS) Research
Authors: Raghu Babu Korrapati

Evaluation of Technical University of Mombasa Competitiveness on Staff Competence and Infrastructure: Soft System Methodology
Authors: Anwar Hood Ahmed, William Kingi

A Framework to Assess the Impact of Information and Communication Technologies on Patient Records Management in Healthcare: A Case of Windhoek Central Hospital
Authors: Ronald Karon, Nomusa Dlodlo

Management of Squamous Cell Carcinoma of the Floor of the Mouth
Authors: S. Rohini, Dr. Dhanraj

Application of Net Working Capital to Total Asset in Signalling Financial Distress of Non-Financial Firms Listed on Nairobi Security Exchange
Authors: Barwaqo Malicha Dabassa, Agnes Njeru

A Prospective Observational Study to Describe the Clinical Profile, Diagnosis and Prognosis of Cerebral Sinus Venous Thrombosis
Authors: Dr. Marla Ashok Kumar

Based on Water Quality Index, An Assessment of the Water Quality at Some Areas of Anbar City, West Iraq
Authors: Maher Ahmed Abed, Jalal N. Jeber, Ausama Abbas Faisal, Abdulhakem D. Hussien

A Survey on Access Control Scheme for Data in Cloud with Anonymous Authentication
Authors: Manju Lakshmi, Anju Rachel Oommen, Smita C Thomas

Bilateral Persistent Fetal vasculature in Identical Twin Girls
Authors: Eka Sutyawan, I Wayan, M Cynthia Dewi

Histological and Ultrastructural Studies on the Kidney of Male Albino Mice after Treatment with Single Dose of LD50 Naja Naja Snake Venom
Authors: Taha Shawi Morad

Preparation Some New Heterocyclic Compounds Derived from Schiff Bases and Evaluation its Biological Activity
Authors: Khitam T. A. Al-Sultani

Computerized Medical Diagnosis Application using Protein-Protein Interaction Analysis for Alzheimer
Authors: Raghu B. Korrapati, Geetha Manchikalapudi

The Effectiveness of Problem Based Learning Model to Improve Conceptual Understanding and Intrapersonal Skill
Authors: Sri Wardani, Sri Nurhayati, Prahasti Cynthia Hardiyanti

Abnormal Umbilical Cord Coiling Index and Its Relation to Adverse Perinatal Outcome
Authors: Dr. Richa Jha, Dr. Renu Rohatgi

Well Log Application for Determined CBM Resources of Sajau Formation, Berau Basin, Indonesia
Authors: A. Helman Hamdani, J. Hutabarat

Seed Discoloration of Some Important Rice Varieties and their Effect on Seed Germination
Authors: Mohammad Waris, Pagoti Hemalatha

Automatic Brain Tumor Segmentation from MRI Images Using Region Growing Algorithm
Authors: Loay K. Abood, Raghda A. Ali, Makki Maliki

Sorption Studies of Rhodamine-B by Glossocardia linearifolia Stem
Authors: C. Jayajothi, Dr. M. M. Senthamilselvi, S. Arivoli, N. Muruganantham

A Brief Review on Detection of Anxiety in Humans and Its Importance
Authors: Anupama Soni, Rahul Verma

Fire Detection Using Support Vector Machines (SVM)
Authors: Vigneshwaran SR, S. S. Shanthakumari, Vinodhini Ranganathan

Highly Secured Net Banking System Using Fingerprinting Recognition Technology
Authors: Pooja Diggavi, Pooja Patil, Krupa R, Padma S.K, Sridevi Malipatil

Automatic Comparing of Different Web-Applications for Finding Feasible Solution of the Product
Authors: E. Durga, P. Karthikeyan

A Study on Job Satisfaction of Knitting Employees with Special Reference to Tirupur District
Authors: Dr. A. Latha, S. Dhanalakshmi

Effect of Low and High Fluidic Settings on the Safety of Phacoemulsification Cataract Surgery
Authors: Dr. Dhruv Kamra, Dr. T. B. Soni, Dr. J. K. Chouhan, Dr. Pankaj Sharma

Management of Mandibular Fractures in Completely Edentulous Patients
Authors: Divyadharsini V, Dr. Dhanraj

Relationship between Metacognitive Ability and Academic Achievement of B. Ed Students - A Study
Authors: Alaka Das

Intelligent Prediction of Heart Disease Diagnosis Using ANFIS Classification Model
Authors: Shraddha. R. Warhade, U. W. Hore

Determination of Tetracycline Hydrochloride in Pharmaceutical Preparations by Molecular Absorption and Indirect Flame Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometry Using Platinum (IV) as Complexing Metal
Authors: Fatima Ali, Rana Adel Kamoon

Real Time Point of care Ultrasonography versus Auscultation for the confirmation of Endotracheal versus Bronchial Intubation in Emergency Department
Authors: Dr Ganesha BS, Dr Narendra SS, Dr Udaykumar JK, Dr Bharath K, Dr Vijaykumar

The Optimal Dividend Problem in the Compound Poisson Model with Covering the Deficit at Ruin
Authors: Yanan Wang, Xitong Song

Screening on the Amylase Producing Activity of some Bacterial Strains Isolated from Hot Spring
Authors: Thazin Win, Myo Myint, Win Min Than

Efficiency Assessment of Maize Sheller in Context of Drudgery of Farm Women
Authors: Nimisha Awasthi, Anjali Sahu, Poonam Singh

The Major Challenge between Immigration and Viral Hepatitis in Europe: Summary Review
Authors: Alsalih Nawar Jasim

Microbiome and Cancer
Authors: Nivaasini Sivarajah

Therapeutic Potential of Emblica offcinalis-A Review
Authors: Nivaasini Sivarajah

Therapeutic Potential of Zinigiber officinale: A Review
Authors: Nivaasini Sivarajah

Dietary Habits among Students Studying Various Courses at Saveetha University
Authors: Nivaasini Sivarajah

Polymerization Srinkage: Clinical Method Used to Counteract Polymerization Shrinkage
Authors: Nivaasini Sivarajah

Assessing the Relationship between Patient's Anxiety Level and Pain Experienced during Dental Extraction under Local Anaesthesia
Authors: Nivaasini Sivarajah

A Rare Presentation of Human Parvovirus B19 in a Child with Sickle Cell Disease: Case Report and Review of the Literature
Authors: Magbul H. Maghfuri, Magda A. Khazbak, Mariam A. Belail, Alaa A. Hakami, Mohammed Y. Suhaqi, Mohammed A. Tawhari, Muteb B. Zabbani

Optimal Dividend Barrier in the Classical Risk Model Perturbed by Diffusion
Authors: Xitong Song, Yanan Wang

The Critical-Thinking Effectiveness of College Students in Taiwan - Examining Students of Human Resource Development Departments
Authors: Yong-Shun Lin, Chih-Yang Chao, Yu-Lin Cheng

A Study on
Authors: Dr. A. Latha, V. Padmini

Sugarcane Industry Wastewater Containing Various Pollutants Characterization
Authors: Gaikwad Nilesh Nanaso, Gavande Sagar

A Comparative Investigation of Different Image Enhancement Techniques Using Histogram Equalization
Authors: Rajat Butola

Distributed Coordinated Mobile Sensor Control Target Tracking in Multiple Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Praveena. R, Vinothkumar .P

Locational Disadvantage and Deprivation of SC/ST People in Rural Madhya Pradesh
Authors: Ashima Gupta

Erisilkworm (Philosamia ricini) Rearing & Comparative Analysis of its Economic Parameters Based on Different Food Plants in Deosal village, Mayong Block, Morigaon District, Assam, India
Authors: Kumari Pallabi, Suraj Sharma

Experimental Investigation of Copper Slag as Partially Replacement of Fine Aggregate and Fly Ash as Cement in Concrete
Authors: Merugumala Mosheraju, Sambangi Arunchaitanya

Implementation of Protection Against Unauthorized Access using Sub-Space Outliers Ranking
Authors: Rushikesh V. Mahalle, Parnal P. Pawade

Effect of Secondary Induced Radiation: An Observational Study
Authors: Payal Raina, Sudha Singh

Dynamic Ask for Redirection and Asset Provisioning for Cloud-Based Video Administrations under Heterogeneous Condition
Authors: Nandini BK, Veerappa BN

Multi-Objective Smart Cane for Blind People Navigation with Color Sonification Technique
Authors: Naveen Kumar V, Dr. Aravinda C V

Graph Theory use in Transportation Problems and Railway Networks
Authors: Sanjay Kumar Bisen

The Impact of Organizational Culture on the Successful Implementation of Total Quality Management and Its Assessment Through Internal Audit
Authors: Seep Sonali, Prabhjot K. Dilawari

Raisins Grade Detection Using Image Processing Technology
Authors: Vinay Kumar M C, Sri B N Veerappa

A Varied Materials in the Unpublished Economic Texts from the Era of Ur III
Authors: Abdulateef S. M.

A Comparative Study of Moderate versus High Intensity Exercise Training for Short Duration on Strength and Physical Function in Type II Diabetes Patients: A Randomized Clinical Trial
Authors: Shirodkar Sridhar, Deo Medha, Shinde Yogini

Challenges in the Participation of Professional Women in Leadership: A Case Study of the East African Community
Authors: Hellen Twegye Tumanye Shwanda

Synthesis and Anti-Microbial Activities of Some Novel Schiff Bases
Authors: Nazar Mohammed Gabra, Badria M. Samir, Heba A. Zaki, Manal Ali Elhag, Ahmed Hamid Babiker

Increasing the Performance of Organization by Using Management Tool and Strategic
Authors: Jamaludin Bin Ibrahim, Sami Ali, Naby Nouhou Nassou, Muhammad Abdu

Packet Loss Recovery and Control for VoIP
Authors: Dipak K. C., Babu Ram Dawadi

A Comparative Study on Consolidation of Clay for Various Loading Conditions
Authors: Nirmal Joseph, Dr. Usha Thomas

Rural-Urban Gender Disparities in Access to Higher Education in Haryana (India)
Authors: Dr. Rajesh Kumari

Survey On Wireless Sensor Netwrok on Energy Efficient Protocols
Authors: Bhavini Saraswat, Pinaki Ghosh

A Study to Identify the Factors Affecting Employee Retention
Authors: Amandeep Kaur, Prabhjot K. Dilawari

CFIA-Turbidimetric and Photometric Determination of Vitamin B2 using LEDs as a Source of Irradiation and Two Solar Cells as an Energy Transducer
Authors: Proph. Nagam S. Turkey Al-Awadi, Rana A. Kamal Aldeen

Grid-Tie Inverter with Smart Power Monitoring through IOT using Cloud Data Storage
Authors: C. Dinesh Kumar, D. Lohitha

High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Method for Determination of BromhexineHydrochloride in Pharmaceutical Syrups Sample
Authors: Marwan Muwafaq Rijeb, Khalaf. F. AL-Samarraee

Predicting Acceptance and Use Behavior of Consumers toward IndiHome Services by Using Extended UTAUT Model (A Case Study in Bandung)
Authors: Indrawati, Rafa Najiya

Common Phase Error Correction and Equalization of a Signal with Tilted Phase
Authors: Nisha Mary Joseph, Amrutha V Nair

Shaping ability of Wave One, One Shape, Hyflex CM and Trushape 3D Nickel Titanium Rotary Instruments with Different Access Angles
Authors: Mohammed Hameed, Noor Nadhum

Avoid Wastage of Water through Smart System
Authors: Revathi Lavanya Baggam

Challenges of Teaching Economics for Undergraduate Level Students
Authors: Dr. Hatim Ramadan Mohamed Hussein

Theoretical Treatment and Investigation of the Expectation Electronic Current of Metal-Semiconductor System
Authors: Hadi J.M, Al-agealy, Taif Saad Al Maadhede

Forecasting Anthrax in Livestock in Karnataka State using Remote Sensing and Climatic Variables
Authors: Suma A P, Suresh K P, Gajendragad M R, Kavya B A

Prediction of Insulin Resistance using Modified Single Point Insulin Sensitivity Estimator and Determination of Atherogenic Index of Plasmain Asthmatic Patients
Authors: Rogia Ali Adam, Adel Nusr Morsi

Scalable Key Termed Based Search System: Experimental Results and Analysis
Authors: Bhagyashree Deshmukh, Shyam Gupta

A New Pilot Sequence Insertion Method for Channel Estimation Based on STBC MIMO OFDM System
Authors: Neenu Sharma, Sanjay Bhardwaj

Work-life Balance: Evolution and Models
Authors: R.S.V. Rama Swathi, Dr. A.K. Das Mohapatra

Comparative Study of Intracervical Foleys Catheter Instillation vs PGE2 Gel for Induction of Labour
Authors: Dr. Richa Jha, Dr. Renu Rohatgi

Content of Ajmalicine on Cultured Callus Catharanthus roseus (L.) G. Don with Tryptophan Treatment
Authors: Stenly J.M. Mandagi, Dingse Pandiangan, Wenny Tilaar

Correlation of Morphological Variants of Soft Palate and Types of Occlusion in Patients Seeking Orthodontic Assessment
Authors: Nandhini Subramaniam

Clinicosociodemographic Profile of Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancies at a Tertiary Care Centre
Authors: Dr. Richa Jha, Dr. Renu Rohatgi

Modeling and Simulation of the Analogous Mechanical and Electrical Systems
Authors: Munaf F. Badr

The Reasons for Tutoring in Biology among the Sixth
Authors: Dr. Ahmed Obaed Hassan

Evaluation of Rational use of Antibiotics for Surgical Prophylaxis
Authors: Shubham Babu Gupta, S. Sangeetha, G. Sudha Rani, M.Gopi, Mehraj Fatima

Quality Assurance of the Solar Lighting Systems
Authors: Lakshita, Gautam Jha

Drug Utilization Evaluation and Cost Effective Analysis of Oral Anti - Hyperglycemic in DM-II
Authors: Mariyam Unnisa, Sultan Almaaz, Sana Firdous, T. Ajay Kumar, Mehraj Fatima

Caulogenesis and Chlorophyll Content in STEVIA REBAUDIANA (BERT) Bertoni by Using Glutamine in the Culture Medium
Authors: R. Thilakavathy, M. Jagadeesan

Bridging the Dry Season Dairy Feeding Gap using Quality Rice Residue based Total Mixed Rations in Northern Uganda
Authors: G. Nviiri, H. Okello, G. Mutoni, P. Nakyewa, E. Zziwa, S. Mugerwa

Awareness of HIV/AIDS among Rural Adolescent Girls
Authors: Dr. C. Kalapriya

Performance Evaluation and Comparisons for Real Time Applications (VoIP) according to IPv6 and IPv4 Migration Techniques
Authors: Mohammed Taj Alssir A/Rahman, Dr. Hala Aldaw

MPLS as Backbone for Site to Site VPN Networks in VOIP Applications
Authors: Mohamed Taj Alssir A/Rahman, Dr. Hala Aldaw

Perspective Species of Campanula L. Genus for Creation of Ornamental Compositions in Uzbekistan
Authors: Kholova Sh. A, Safarov K. S.

Current Concepts in Obesity Management
Authors: Ruby Naqvi, Shibili Nuhmani

Role of Vitamin C in Attenuation of Carbon Tetrachloride Induced Toxicity in Heart of Mice
Authors: Sushma Sharma, Babita Kumari

Effect of Budgetary Control on Financial Management in Stima Savings and Credit Cooperative Society, Kenya
Authors: Mwangi T. Wairimu, Wekesa M. Wanjala

Perceptions on Falling Standard and Decline Inquality of Federal Universities in Northwest Zone, Nigeria
Authors: Ibrahim Zubairu, Babalola Victor T, Awaisu Umar

Smart City Carpooling Mobile Application Based on Intelligent Route
Authors: Prof. S. U. Kadam, Mahesh W. Nimje, Sheetal Kode, Vaibhav Talegaonkar, Anand Sangle

Effects of Change Management Practice on Organizational Performance in the Media Industry in Kenya: A Case of Standard Media Group
Authors: Francis Munyalo, Susan Were

Review on Optimization Process Parameters of HCHCR, OHNS, EN24 Materials
Authors: Dnyaneshwar. B. Unawane, K. J. Godihal

A Review on Methods of Extraction of Various Kinds of Bio-Fuels
Authors: Ravi S. M., Lokesh K. S.

Attribute-Based Access Control Scheme for Security of Cloud Storage Systems Using RNS Cryptography
Authors: Priya Thomas

Perspectives of Health Personnel on Information and Communication Technologies Towards a Patient Records Management Impact Assessment Framework: A Namibian Case
Authors: Ronald Karon, Nomusa Dlodlo

A Clinical Study on Correlation of Optical Coherent Tomography and Fundus Fluorescein Angiography Finding in Diabetic Macular Edema
Authors: Dr. Prasenjit Kalita, Dr. Shubhra Das, Dr. Jayanta Thakuria, Dr. Abdul Latif

Up-flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket Reactor Effluent and Electrochemical Treatments: An Overview
Authors: Dr. Abhipsa R Makwana

Effectiveness of Ward Tribunals in Dispensing Justice as Land Courts in Tanzania: Case of Arusha City
Authors: Doris Wilson Mangure

Physical Activities, Nutrition Status, Food Intake and Mineral Density of Aerobic Calisthenics Participantsin Lubuk Pakam
Authors: Novriani Tarigan, Tiar Lince Bakara

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