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Recently Published: The Implementation of Maritime Curriculum in Indonesia          ||          The Invention of Dark Matter and Authentic Galactic Star Dynamics          ||          Disaster Recovery - Foundation Pillars          ||          Evaluation of Methodology and Comparative Study between Micro Typing System Gel Card and Conventional Tube Techniques for Cross Matching in a Tertiary Care Centre          ||          De-fluoridation by Mangrove Microbe          ||          Pharmacognostic Estimation of Powder and Microscopic Analysis of Leaves Stem of Vitex Castofolia          ||          Bioremediation of Lead by a Halophilic Bacteria Bacillus pumilus Isolated from the Mangrove Regions of Karnataka          ||          Application of ABC-VED Matrix Analysis to Control the Inventory of a Central Pharmacy in a Public Hospital: A Case Study          ||          Structural Study of Acetylene Thin Films Absorbed on Exfoliated Graphite (0001)          ||          Relationship between the Committee Service and Competency of Learning Management in Education and Effectiveness of Technical Substantive Technical Publication in Scientific Publication in Education and Training Center for Technical Education and Religion          ||         

Recently Downloaded: English Language Test-taking Experiences from Nepal: An Ethical Perspective          ||          The Washback and Impact of Test on Language Teaching and Learning          ||          Performance of M-QAM OFDM Systems in the Presence of EVM Degradation          ||          Indian Economy: Comparative Study of Inflation and Monetary Policy          ||          The Performance Analysis of OFDM-IDMA in Wireless Communication by Using an Iterative Sub-optimal Receiver Structure          ||          Money Supply and its Impact on Generating Growth in National Product: Conceptualizing a New Macroeconomic Indicator - Acceleration of Money          ||          Indian Economy: Comparative Study of Inflation and Monetary Policy          ||          Study on the Influence of Macroeconomic Policy for Financial Market          ||          Evaluation of Spontaneous and Voluntary Abortions in Years in Relation with Abortions          ||          Mannheim?s Peritonitis Index Validation Study in the Indian Set-Up          ||          A New Era in Indian Monetary Policy: Monetary Policy Committee          ||          Using Zigbee Integrated Alerting and Coal Mine Safety Monitoring System          ||          VUCA Model in the Present Context of Indian Economy          ||          Study on Structure Optimization of Public Finance Expenditure in Shaanxi Province-Based on the Background of Supply-Side Reform          ||          Water and Waste Water Management of a Hospital- A Review          ||          Histamine Toxicity Resembles an Allergic Reaction: A Case Report          ||          Histamine Toxicity Resembles an Allergic Reaction: A Case Report          ||          Histamine Toxicity Resembles an Allergic Reaction: A Case Report          ||          Histamine Toxicity Resembles an Allergic Reaction: A Case Report          ||          Testicular Feminising Syndrome          ||         

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Nanoparticles Prepared by the Sol-Gel Method and their Use in the Formation of Nanocomposites with Polyaluminium Chloride
Authors: Vanitha .R, Kavitha Chandramohan

Preparation and Characteristics of Eco-Friendly Essential Oils and its Utilization for Finishing Cotton Fabrics
Authors: M. M. El-Molla, A. H. El-Ghorab, K. F. El-Massry

Sharan's Equations for Velocity and Energy at Variable Fractional Heights
Authors: Sharanbasaweshwar M. Patil

Children and Adolescents' Fitness Skill Level in Physical Activity: A Motivational Concern for Public Health Education
Authors: Henry Joe Tucker, Samuel Joseph Bebeley, Sam Augustine Laggao

Preliminary Study of Spiders (Order: Araneae) from Taranga Hills
Authors: B. M. Parmar, K. B. Patel

A Review on NoSQL Databases
Authors: Miral Borad, Tejash Chauhan, Harsh Mehta

Influence of Physical Fitness against for a Long Period Time in First and Second Stage of Labor in Primigravida at Medan City Indonesia
Authors: Sartini Bangun, Julietta Hutabarat

The Effectiveness of the use of a Pocket book in Sufferers in the Control of Hypertension in Teladan Medan Community Health Center
Authors: Lusiana Gultom, Maida Pardosi

Modified Long Short-Term Memory Recurrent Neural Network Architectures
Authors: Manish Rana, Shubham Mishra

Cirrhotic Cardiomyopathy in Maternal Death - A Case Report and Review of Literature
Authors: Dr. P. A. Gadgil, Dr. S. S. Shete, Dr. G. A. Pandit, Dr. N. M. Mahamuni

Retention of Beta Carotene from Leafy Vegetables Using Table Salt
Authors: Shimple Laxman, Narayan Pandhure

Study of Metopic Suture in Dry Human Skulls
Authors: Sunara Shrestha, Laju M Basnet, Samit K Ghosh

Novel HPLC Method for Determination of Process Related Impurities of Dasatinib Drug Substance
Authors: Sunil V. Lanke, Dhramveer Singh Shekhawat, Nishikumar Niture, Radhiah Che Rusli, Sajid Syed Shahnawaz

Psychiatric Morbidity in Survivors of a Blast
Authors: Ariana Reli, Ariel Como

Role of Stakeholder Management on Project Sustainability; A Case of Compassion International Supported Projects in Huye District of Rwanda
Authors: Richard Muliisa, Dr. Paul Kariuki

Calibration and Validation of Aqua Crop for Full and Deficit Irrigation of French Bean in Njoro- Nakuru - Kenya
Authors: Sabri Joshua Lado, Japhet Onyando, Dr. Anthony Karanja

Pyogenic Granuloma-A Case Report
Authors: Sudhir Varma, Salim Abufanas, Amani Osman, Maher Shayeb, Syed Kudarathulah

Impact of Zimbabwe's Current Maize Marketing Systems under a Command Economy on Grain Productivity by the Smallholder Sector; A Case of Some Selected Farms in Bindura District; Mashona Land Central Province
Authors: Chisango Future Fortune T

Apparatus for Cleaning Ferrous Chips using Magnetic Brush
Authors: Udit Sharma, Vrushab M Nerale, Sujith S Kumar, Shreyas Venkateshan

Double Gastric Trichobezoar - A Case Report
Authors: Sakshi Singhal, Harshit Agarwal, Siddharth Singh, SC Dutt

Assessment the Self-Esteem among Normal and Differently Abled Adolescents
Authors: Lavi Yadav, Dr. U. V. Kiran

Production of Biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil using Cao-Egg Shell Waste Derived Heterogeneous Catalyst
Authors: Israa M. Rashid, Mohammed A. Atiya, B. H. Hameed

A Reformed Security Scheme for False Node Detection in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Authors: J. Nithyapriya, Dr. V. Pazhanisamy

Features of Streamer Discharge in Geiger-Muller Counters
Authors: V. I. Razin

Why Farmers Do Not Harvest their Coffee Plantation: Case in Indonesia
Authors: Alwansri Kustono

"Parametric Optimization of Rotary Electro-Discharge Machining of Oil Hardened Non Shrinkage Steel" Material with Sensitivity Analysis
Authors: Rahul Shivajirao Desai, M. V. Kavade

Acoustic and Thermodynamic Properties of Binary Mixtures of Ionic Liquid [Bmim][PF6] and 2-Pyrrolidone from T = (298.15to 323.15)K
Authors: N. Bhanu Murthy, M. Rangacharyulu, J. Siva Rama Krishna

Etiological Analysis and Management of Proptosis in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Burdwan, West Bengal
Authors: Dr. Bellona Debbarma, Dr. Indrajit Sarkar, Dr. Mousami Banerjee

IFRS Adoption and Cost of Capital
Authors: Rochman Effendi, Aisa Tri Agustini

Research on Enterprise Innovation Strategy Based on Technology Evolution
Authors: Yang Qinghong

To Study the Incidence of Bradycardia and ECG Manifestations in Dengue Infection
Authors: Dr. Rajiv Girdhar, Dr. Yogesh Kothari, Dr. Ram Anil Raj, Dr. Sagar P Kabadi, Dr. Pandu Rahul, Dr. Kumar Kenchappa, Dr. Narayan Raju, Dr. Prashanth Rai, Dr. Bryan Jacob Koithara

Circuit Training with Interval Ratio at a Different Altitude Enhanced the Maxymum Oxygen Volume Basket Ball Athletes
Authors: Made Budiawan, N. Adiputra, Dewa Putu Sutjana, I Ketut Tirtayasa

The Role of Organizational Power in Enhancing Ethical Values
Authors: Haneen R. Rasheed, Suhair Adil AL- Jader

The Effect of BAP and NAA Treatment on Micropropagation of Cucumis sativus.L
Authors: Dr Muhammad Nur Azimi Bin Azizan (MD), RISDA

Relation of ABO Blood Group and Hypertension in Medical Students of Kathmandu Medical College, Duwakot Bhaktapur
Authors: Dr. Chandra Kala Rai, Dr. Jyotsna Sapkota

Comparative Result on Bangla, Arabic and Gurumukhi Numerals Recognition
Authors: Gita Sinha, Ashif Habibi, Dr. Pankaj Kumar Chaudhary

Prevalance of Hyperprolactinemia in PCOS
Authors: Dr. Swathi .T, Dr Sujaya V Rao

Anesthetic Management of a Patient with Sickle Cell Disease with Kochs Spine Posted for D5-D10 Instrumentation
Authors: Dr. Suman Sahu, Dr. Rajan Pandya, Dr. Olvyna D'Souza, Dr. Samrajni Ganguly

Utilizing Public Space as a Recreational Sports Area
Authors: Wahyudin, Saharullah, Andi Atsam Mappanyukki

Correlation between Body Mass Index and Student Achievement
Authors: Yasriuddin

The Quality of Analog Electronics Instructional Model Component
Authors: Darlan Sidik

The Effectiveness of Learning Model on Anti-Corruption Based Media Card
Authors: Lu'mu, Ruslan

Factors Affecting Teacher Performance at Junior High Schools in DKI Jakarta, Indonesia
Authors: Ahmad Hidayat, Zaman Zaini

Managerial Capability, Funds Allocation Strategy and Financial Performance of Deposit Taking SACCOs in South Rift Region in Kenya
Authors: John C. Ngeno, George K. Kingoriah

Origins of Italian-English Interpreting Services in the United States: Issues of Power Related to Language
Authors: Claudia Monacelli

Medical Services Management GIS Web Based Generation of Khartoum State
Authors: Alaa Abdalaziz Ibrahim Khalil, Dr. Mohamed Elamin Ahmed Babiker

Non-linear Differential equations and Analysis of a Disturb System Using Numerical Technique (Weighted Residual Method)
Authors: Mahdi F. Mosa Alobaidi

Laminin Expression Pattern in the Histogenesis of the Dorsal Metencephalic Anlage
Authors: Ahmed Hamza Abood, May Fadhil AL-Habib, Anam Rasheed AL-Salihi

Correlation between Coordination, Kinesthetic and Achievement Motivation with Volley Ball Smash
Authors: Amansyah

Comparison between Inverse Distance Weighted (IDW) and Kriging
Authors: Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Ibrahim, Rawa Hassan Abdelkarim Nasser

Anaesthetic Management in a Patient with Syringomyelia and Arnold Chiari Malformation Type 1 with Unilateral Vocal Cord Palsy
Authors: Dr. Bhumika Kathiriya, Dr. Krishna Patel, Dr. Olvyna D'Souza

Anaesthetic Management of Neonate with Giant Occipital Meningoencephalocele: Case Report
Authors: Dr. Rajan Pandya, Dr. Suman Sahu, Dr. Olvyna D'Souza, Dr. Samrajni Ganguly

A Study of Correlation of Serum Lipids and Glycosylated Haemoglobin in Diabetic Retinopathy and Relation of Hyperhomocysteinemia in Diabetic Retinopathy
Authors: Dr. Himanshu Yadav, Dr. Snigdha Sen, Dr. Meemansha Maheshwari

Design of a Solar Pond as an Energy Storage System for the Pasteurization process in Dairy Industry
Authors: Rohan Vijay Vichare

Psychological Security among the lecturers in Faculty of Pure Sciences- Ibn al-Haytham University of Baghdad
Authors: Dr Annan Gazi, Dr Shaimaa Abbas Shemal

Perception of Pymes in the Development and Quality of Software in Baja California, Mexico
Authors: Roberto Carlos Valdes Hernandez, Jose Luis Arcos Vega, Felix Fernando Gonzalez Navarro

Prenatal Cerebellar Ontogenesis
Authors: Ahmed Hamza Abood, May Fadhil AL-Habib, Anam Rasheed AL-Salihi

Dual Fuel System Used In Bike
Authors: Aman Sharma

Intravenous Ferric Carboxymaltose Compared to Oral Iron in the Treatment of Iron Deficiency Anaemia in Pregnancy
Authors: Dr. R. K. Talukdar, Dr. D. J. Gharphalia, Dr. Vidhi Vanya

Spectroscopic Studies on Dy3+ Ions Doped NaCaAlPO4F3 Phosphor for Luminescent Applications
Authors: R. Nagaraja, V. Pushpa Manjari, G. Thirumala Rao, B. Sailaja, R.V.S.S.N. Ravikumar

Correlation between Prevalence of Anemia and Body Mass Index among Adolescent Girls
Authors: Pauline Sharmila, R. Sree Raja Kumar

The Development of Sound Wave Audacity Base Learning Media Using Ethnoscience Approach of Amanuban Tribe to Improve Physics Teacher Candidates? Science Process Skill
Authors: Dens E. S. I. Asbanu, Urny Babys

Rule-Based Method for Entity Resolution Using Optimized Root Discovery (ORD)
Authors: Liji S, Nithya M

Biosensor: A Hope for Our Future
Authors: Mukesh Kumar

Managing Uncertainty in Supply Chain Operating Cost Using Genetic Algorithm
Authors: Dr. Niju P. Joseph, Dr. Priyanka Surendran

The Role of Strategic Thinking in Human Resources Empowerment in Baghdad Province Council
Authors: Ahmed Kamil Nasif, Tala Asim Faiq

Some Molecular Studies on Salmonella on Chickens
Authors: Mohamed E. M. Zowail, Mona S. Azab, Nassif S. A., Ghada M. Elsadek, Safwa Z. Mohamed

Use of Electronic Document Management Systems in Turkish Construction Industry - Analysis of Contractors and Software Developers Perspectives
Authors: Serkan Ayd?nli, Emel Oral

Synthesis and Structural Properties of Polystyrene Complexed with Cadmium Sulfide
Authors: Roshani N. Bhagat, Vijaya S. Sangawar

Health Care Practice among People with Malaria in Sub-District Topoyo, West Sulawesi Province
Authors: Yahya, Hamka Naping, M. Yamin Sani, Ridwan M. Thaha

The Study of Impacts of CFA U23-Players New Deal on the Development of Chinese Football
Authors: Congqi Su

Developing Patterns in Security Challenges for Coordination of IOT, Bigdata, Network Security: A Survey
Authors: M. Aruna, Vadduri V S N S A D Bhavani, Sanapathi Anusha

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices on Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse among Mothers in a Teritiary Setting
Authors: Simi Mohan, Dr. Kochuthresiamma T, Dr. Suba Joice

Study on the Chances of Revive of Dropout Students of Dooars Region of West Bengal
Authors: Gour Sundar Ghosh, Prasenjit Deb

Study of OFDM System for Application of Wireless Communication
Authors: Mayanka Saket

Mechanical Behaviour of Al-6063 with SIC Composite Experimental Analysis
Authors: Abba Green

Characterization of a Physicochemical Water Quality Reference Status for the Centre-South Forest Region of Cameroon
Authors: Nyamsi Tchatcho N. L., Zebaze Togouet S. H, Foto Menbohan S., Onana Fils M., Tchakonte S., Yemele Tsago C., Gah-Muti S.Y., Njine T.

Assessment of Ventilation and Diffusion Studies of Flour Mill Workers in Nagpur Urban
Authors: Pankaj Pande, N V Mishra

Do Phytoestrogens Improve Bone Density in Post-Menopausal Women ? A Case Control Study
Authors: Venkatesh Mootha, Kameswari Kolluru

The Methodology of Representing and Analyzing the Three-Dimensional Tunnel Case
Authors: Mohannad H. Al-Sherrawi, Adnan F. Ali, Mohammed Najm

Optimizing of Biodiesel Production: A Review
Authors: Sharun Mendonca, Thirumaleshwara Bhat

A Survey on Automatic Colour Generation Techniques
Authors: Chetan B. Saindane, Rakesh Mandliya

Synthesis and Characterization of Several New Poly (Allyloxy Phenyl) Bearing pendenttetrachlorophthalimides
Authors: Ahlam Marouf Al-Azzawi, Hiba Kadhim Yaseen

Synthesis of New Poly (Subs- Vinyl Malonate Amine) from Malonyl Chloride
Authors: Entesar O. Al-Tamimi, Noor Ahmed Ali

Influence of Recruitment, Selection, Retention and Motivation on Performance of Manufacturing Companies- A Critical Review of the Literature
Authors: Dr. Janes O Samwel

Role of Employee Motivation on the Production of Mining Companies in Geita Gold Mine, Tanzania
Authors: Dr. Janes O Samwel

Effect of 100keV N+ Ion Irradiation on Semi-Organic Single Crystal of L-Arginine Phosphate Monohydrate Single Crystal for Nonlinear Optical Applications
Authors: Alka Rani, Neelam Rani

A Study on Psychological Problems of Psychiatric Patients? Caregivers
Authors: Binu Shakayam, Dr. A. Thirumagal Rajam

India on the Pathway of Transitional Economy Since 1991: EAFM Department, Rajasthan University, Jaipur
Authors: Dr Rachna Yadav

Secure the Sensor Node Data Using AES-EECA and Shamir in Wireless Sensor Networks
Authors: Anushka Tyagi, Dr. Vishnu Sharma, S.P.S Chauhan

Aircosmo Theory, Dimentutal Mind and the Ex-Paranormal
Authors: Jatin S. Wahane, Rutvik M. Rathod

Effect of Project Team Communication on Performance of Poverty Reduction Projects in Rwanda: A Case Study of Rural Sector Support Project
Authors: Kamikazi Mwajabu, Dr. Jaya Shukla

Efficacy of Three Plant Extracts Against Three Fungi that Cause Papaya (Carica Papaya L.) Fruit Rot
Authors: K. Seka, N.M.A. Kouman, K.P. Assiri, F.K.Yao, H. Atta Diallo

Comparison of Haemodynamic Profile of Thiopentone and Etomidatein to Pressor to Laryngoscopy and Intubation
Authors: Sreemayi Chodagam, Aruna V Chandak, Deepjit Bhuyan

Earthquake Prediction Using Data Mining
Authors: Radhika Kulkarni, Rashmi Kulkarni

Effect of Concentration and Length Time of Soaking Seed in Gibberellic Acid (GA3) on Germination and Growth of Christmas Palm (Veitchia merilli (Beec) H. F. Moors)
Authors: Yayat Rochayat Suradinata, Anne Nuraini, Ruminta

Evaluation of Glomerular Filtration Rate using 99mTc-DTPA Renal Scintigraphy
Authors: Wadah M.Ali, Lana Haider Ahmed, Albin Babu M Wilson, Musab Mergani Abdalalh

Decrease in Rice Production Due to Climate Change in West Java Indonesia
Authors: Ruminta, Agus Wahyudin, Joko Wiratmo, Tati Nurmala, Fiky Yulianto Wicaksono

Conservation, Traditional Architecture Andkano Ancient City Walls and Gates
Authors: Zakari Abdullahi Tijjani, Aisha Abdulkarim Aliyu

Analysis of Total Phenol in Developed Nutraceutical by UV-VIS Spectrophotometry
Authors: Sasikala .S, Radhaisri .S

Public Architecture and Role of Local Contractors in Late Nineteenth Century Case of Poona
Authors: Dr. Vaidehi Lavand

Lung Cancer in One Decade What Happen at Medical City Complex: A Hospital Based Study
Authors: Dr. Muhammed Waheeb Al. Obaidy

Folding of Tangle Hypergraph
Authors: H. El-Zohny, S. Radwan, Z. M. Hagrass

Synthesis, Characterization of Some New Mononuclear and Dinuclear Complexes and Study of Complexation-ability of diacetylmonoxime-2-hydroxy-2,2-diphenylacetohydrazone to Some Metal Cations
Authors: Mohammed M. Sulaiman, Salim J. Mohammed

Retrospective Study of Emergency Obstetric Hysterectomy and Maternal and Perinatal Outcome
Authors: Vinkal Ladani, Prerak Modi

Line Tracking Robotic Vehicle
Authors: Deepak Sharma, Rishabh Singh, Harjeet Singh Matharu

Perceived Factors Influencing Drug Abuse among University Students in Western Uganda
Authors: Ronald Bahati, Novatus Nyemara, George Muganga

Gandhian Philosophy of Sarvodaya: A Critical Study
Authors: Dr. Thomas Joseph Parathara

A Review on Uterine-Fibroid-Women Struggle
Authors: Anusha .V, Spandana .U, lakshmaiah .P, Havilah Esther .S

The Effect of Domestic and International Macroeconomic Variables on Sectoral Non Performing Loan (NPL) in Indonesia
Authors: R Ramdan Achmad Djauhari, Noer Azam Achsani, Imam Teguh Sapton

Catalytic alkylation of 1-naphthol with Methanol Over Ni1-XMnXFe2O4 Type Ferrites
Authors: Alka Rani, Vinod Sharma, R. K. Gupta

Study on Quark Confinement Lattice QCD Calculations Using Simulation Techniques
Authors: Chitra Kandpal, Sukhwinder Singh, Dr Devraj Mishra

Applying Genetic Algorithms for Profit Manufacturing Model with Capacity Constraints of Each Production Process
Authors: R. L. Das

Impact of Integrated Watershed Management Practices on Sustainable Rural Livelihoods of the People of Rwanda: A Case Study of Mwange Watershed in Gicumbi District
Authors: Lutagira Jackson, Dr. Patrick Mulyunyi

Appraisal of Staff Perception toward Restored Endodontic Treated Teeth at Selected Dental Clinics, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Dr. Reem Abdullah Bunayyan Alkhmsan, Dr. Malak Farraj Alshammari

Application of Alternative Method for the Detection of Failures in Rotodynamic Systems
Authors: Bernardino X. A., J. Eden A. M., Daniel L. N., Jonny C. R.

The use of Aeromagnetic Data Interpretation to Characterize the Features in the Mamfe Sedimentary Basin Cameroon and a Part of the East of Nigeria
Authors: Alain Rodrigue Nzeuga, Robert Nouayou, Francoise Enyegue a Nyam, James Derek Fairhead

Assessment of Knowledge of Adolescents with Thalassemia Major Regarding Iron Chelating Therapy
Authors: Sarah Kadhim Shareef, Khamees B. Obaid

Poultry Incubation Chamber
Authors: M.I.C.A. Ernesto Mendoza Vazquez, T.S.U Alfonso Pastrana Petriccioli, T.S.U Luis Andres Lugo De Fermin, T.S.U Jose Placido Gomez Juarez, T.S.U Carlos Romero Fernandez, T.S.U Jose Eduvi Lobaton Sanchez, T.S.U Luis Antonio Aguilar Hernandez

Heat Diffusion Based Search for Experts on World Wide Web
Authors: Shoban Babu Sriramoju

Effect of Record Management Policies in the Universities on Service Delivery
Authors: Rosemary MIRITI, Dr. Mbenge. T. Ndiku, Dr. Jotham M. Wasike

Formulation and Analysis of Papaya and Carrot based Squash
Authors: Monisha Gowri. R, Dr. S. Radhai Sri

Consumer Perceived Risk of Internet Banking in Kenya: A Survey of Three Selected Banks in Nairobi County
Authors: Orucho Daniel Okari

Categorizing the Social Media Content used on Facebook by Tourism Organizations
Authors: Anwesha Mukherjee, Dr. Manasa Nagabhushanam

Nurses' Knowledge toward SPIKES Strategy at Oncology Wards in Baghdad Pediatrics Teaching Hospitals
Authors: Abbas Sabah Danok, Eqbal Ghanim Ma'ala

Optimal Water Treatment Plant Design
Authors: Pavan Kumar, Hem Buch

Assessment of Nurses Knowledge toward Supporting Families of Children with Cancer at Oncology Wards in Baghdad Teaching Pediatric Hospitals
Authors: Abbas Sabah Danok, Eqbal Ghanim Ma'ala

Technical Coefficients and Trade Coefficients in South Korean and in Japanese Economies: Are they the Same?
Authors: Muchdie

A Double-Masked Comparison of Vitamin A (Retinyl Palmitate) versus Hydroxychloroquine in the Treatment of Dry Eye
Authors: Dr. Seema Yadav, Dr. Ishwar Singh, Dr. Sachin Walia, Dr. Amanjot Kaur

Adoption Social Learning in MOOCs Learning Designs to Increase the Interactivity and Cooperatively
Authors: Dhia A. Jumaa Alzubaydi, Amer Saleem Elameer, Shams Dhyaa Karim

Evaluation of Elderly's Health Promotion at Government and Non-Government Geriatric Homes in Baghdad City: A Comparative Study
Authors: Ahmad Shihab AL-Issawi, Hala S. Abdulwahid

Evaluation of Elderly's Quality of Life at Government and Non-Government Geriatric Homes in Baghdad City: A Comparative Study
Authors: Ahmad Shihab AL-Issawi, Hala S. Abdulwahid

Evaluation of Quality Improvement Program at Primary Health Care Centers in Baghdad City
Authors: Alaa Khalaf Awad, Mohammed Fadil Khalifa

Evaluation of Staff Nurses' Performance at Primary Health Care Centers in Baghdad City
Authors: Alaa Khalaf Awad, Mohammed Fadil Khalifa

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Infection Control among the Radiology Staff in Radiology Departments, Taif, Saudi Arabia
Authors: Rania Mohammed Ahmed, Reem AL-Zahrani, Samerah AL-Thomali, Rasha AL-Gethami, Ahlam AL-Zaydi, Abeer Nasser ALGhalbi, Nada Hassan, Afaf Mohamed Taha Elamin

Impact of Illegal Gold Mining / Panning on Farming Activities in Zimbabwe's New Resettlement Areas; A Case of Selected Farms along the Mazowe River in Bindura District; Mashonaland Central Province
Authors: Chisango Future Fortune T

Traditional vs Conventional Methods for the Management of Dandruff
Authors: Kalaivani Natarajan, Lakshmi .T

Mechanical Vibration Analysis on a Testing Bench using Visualization Software
Authors: Daniel F.R., Hector G.Y., J. Juan L.C., L. Favio D.C., Jonny C.R.

Self-Reference in Honorific of Sasak Speech Community: Sociolinguistics-Pragmatics
Authors: Lalu Santana, Abdul Hakim Yassi, Hamzah A. Machmoed, Mustafa Makkah

Background Analysis of the Golkar Party Conflict News Media (Critical Discourse Analysis)
Authors: Dahlan, Darwis, Nurhayati, Ikhwan

Radiation Dose to Staff during Cardiac Interventional Procedures (Khartoum-Sudan)
Authors: Etidal Hussein. Khalafalla

To Study the Progression of Diabetic Retinopathy after Small Incision Cataract Surgery in Diabetic Patients
Authors: Dr. Krishna Kuldeep, Dr. Himanshu Yadav, Dr. Tirupati Nath, Dr. Anupriya Mehrotra

Biomonitoring as a Strategy for Ecosystem Health ? A Case Study at the Upper Reaches of Vamanapuram River, Kerala
Authors: S. K. Santhosh, R. Ashadevi

A Study on Correlation of Clinical and Ultrasound Diagnosis with Histopathology in Cases of Hysterectomy done for Benign Indications
Authors: Dr. Alakananda, Dr. Karuna Kanta Das, Dr. Muralidhara C N.

GST in Indian Economy: It?s Benefits and Impact
Authors: Dr. Chandu Ravi Kumar

Design and Fabrication of Mechanical Spider
Authors: Shashwat Mishra

Implementation of Public Relations at Indonesian Railway Company in Jember
Authors: Sri Wahjuni, Didik Eko Julianto, Nasrulloh

Non-traumatic Comas at the Emergency Reception Service of Aristide Ledantec Hospital(ALDH): Epidemiological, Clinical, Paraclinical and Evolutive Aspects
Authors: Djiba B., N Diagne, Ndao A.C., Dieng M., Faye A., M A Ndour, B S Kane, M Sow, Pouye A.

Using Two Stage Hybrid Algorithm for Solving Flow-Shop Scheduling Problem
Authors: A. M. Kadhem

Mixed Ligand Complexes of Alkali Metal Salts of Some Organic Acids with O-Hydroxyacetophenone Phenylhydrazone ?2, 4 ? Dinitrophenyl Hydrazone
Authors: Shahnawaz Mahmood

Detection and Determination of Phosphorus in Water Samples Using Optimized and Portable Technology
Authors: Nasruddeen Al-awwal, Majed El-Dweik, Marianne Dolan-Timpe, Mohamed Alalem

Bending Stress Response of Strap Beams
Authors: Mugada B.A, Onchiri R.O, Waweru S.G

Patella Retraction Versus Eversion in Total Knee Replacement
Authors: Dr Satish Kumar, Dr Dhirendra Kumar Dhiraj, Dr Praveen Chaudhary, Dr Ravindra Singh, Dr Gagan Chadha

Complexes with New Schiff base (N, N`Z, N`, NZ)-N,N-(5,5-dimethylcyclo hexane-1,3-diylidene) dibenzothiazol-2-amine Synthesis, Spectral, Thermal and Theoretical Studies
Authors: Abbas Ali Salih Al-Hamdani, Hussaein J. Muhmmah, Waleed M. Sarhan

Hodgkin's Disease in Children-A Clinical Case
Authors: Milena Petkova, Pavel Stanimirov, Liubika Videnova

Wi-Fi Indoor Positioning System to Implement Faculty Tracking
Authors: Abba Karthik Lokendhar Reddy

Impact of WhatsApp on Teenagers: Pune City
Authors: Supriya Suryawanshi, Manoj Suryawanshi

Ecological Revitalization of Contaminated Site: Solid Waste Dumping Ground
Authors: Aastha Sethi

The Relationship Games Educational Tool with Motor Development, Social and Language of Children Ages 3-4 Years
Authors: Santy Siregar, Herbert Wau, Sri Hartini

Impact of Walking F 8 to Live Long with Diabetes Mellitus a Life Long Disease
Authors: Dr. K. Devi Mangayarkarasi, Dr. N. Prabhavathy Devi

Sustainable Intrapreneurial Developments: A Critical Review
Authors: Shweta Satija, Dr. Shiba C Panda

Determination the Position of Greater Palatine Foramen in Relation to Alveolar Ridge by using Cone Beam Computed Tomography
Authors: Weaam H. Abdullah, Lamia H. AL Nakib

Evaluation of Hydronephrosis using 99mTc-DTPA Renal Scintigraphy and CT Urography
Authors: Lana Haider Ahmed, Wadah M. Ali, Musab Mergani Abdallah, Albin Babu M Wilson

Psychology of Brand Creation and Management: Subliminal Advertising
Authors: Malika Singh, Ruchika Nayyar

Theoretical Analysis of the Effects of Band Gaps and the Conduction Band Offset of ZnS-CIGS Layers, as Well as Defect Layer Thickness
Authors: Adama Sylla, Siaka Toure, Jean-Pierre Vilcot

The Impact of External Factors on Values Manufacturing Company Listing in Indonesia Stock Exchange
Authors: Hj. Andi Tenri Uleng Akal

Malocclusions in Iraqi Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) Patients
Authors: Wajnaa F. Qassim

Assessing the Structural Arrangement of Small Ruminant Markets in Kumasi and Tamale, Ghana
Authors: Kassoh Fallah Samuel, Jusufu Abdulai, Dr. Kwasi Ohene-Yankyera

Advance Technology, New Innovation Utilizes in Warehouse, Logistics and Supply Change Management
Authors: Tarun Radadiya

EOG Signals-Based a Robot Implementation
Authors: Dr. Ibrahim Yehya Dallal Bashi, Omar I. Dallal Bashi

Comparative Study on Finished and Unfinished UV Resistant Cotton Fabric
Authors: M. Jayakumari, R. Divya

Shiga Toxin - Producing Escherichia Coli (STEC) in Meat: Selected Studies, Review
Authors: M. ABD Elgadir

Supply Chain of Pomelo Orange
Authors: Andi Putrianisa Nurfadilah, Muslim Salam, Mahyuddin

Wasted Logs in Uncontrolled Chainsaw Milling in Mambasa Forest, Democratic Republic of Congo
Authors: Timothee Besisa, Christopher Lomba, Jean-Remy Makana

Aesthetic Surgery of the Female Genitalia and Why is Important to Thing About body Dysmorphic Disorder: A Review
Authors: Jana Mullerova, Petr Weiss

A Survey Paper on Revealing Image Forgery Using Image Manipulation Detection
Authors: Deepak B. Waghchaure, Ashish R. Gaikwad

Negotiation Mechanism in Cloud Space Based on Price and Time
Authors: Abirami Thangavel

Study the Properties of Color Image of Different Chromatography Plates to Estimate the Type, Thickness, and Integrity of Plates
Authors: Zaid M. Abdul-Khalik, Mowafaq M. Ghareeb, Abdulmutalib A. Nasir

Empirical Analysis and Management of Motor Cycle Road Traffic Accidents: A Case Study of Ekiti State Nigeria
Authors: Adejuwon. S.O, Ilesanmi A.O

Study of Contaminated Currency Notes in Circulation
Authors: Tushar Chandrakant Mhatre

A Comparative Study of Chitosan-Zinc Oxide Nanocomposite and its Fabrication with Herb
Authors: P. Shanthi, S. Kothai

3D Construction of Brain Tumour
Authors: Rohan Singh, Noopur Divecha, Arshi Khan

The Priority of Marketing Strategy of Coffee in Tana Toraja
Authors: Dwi Prasetyawati Thana, Rahim Darma, Rahman Kadir

On (3, k)-Regular Fuzzy Graphs
Authors: S. Meena Devi, M. Andal

Preparation, Characterization and Evaluation of the Extraction Efficiency of Phthalohydroxamic Acid towards Nickel and Cobalt Cations
Authors: Dr. Egbal Eltom Bakheet, Dr. Elmugdad Ahmed Ali

Impact of GST on Travel and Tourism Industry
Authors: Sahil Gupta, Akhil Swami

Uptake of Sub-Dermal Contraceptive Implant in the Immediate Postpartum Period at MOI Teaching and Referral Hospital Eldoret, Kenya
Authors: Richard Mogeni, Emily Mwaliko, Philip Tonui, Juley-Anne Mokua

Synthesized and Characterization of CrxCu0.25Zn0.75-xFe2O4 Nanoparticles using Sol?Gel Auto Combustion Method
Authors: Tariq A. Al-Dhahir, Bassam T. Al-Azraq

To Analyze the Impact of Prognostic Factors on Remission Induction in Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia-A Tertiary Care Centre Study
Authors: Aiyesha Humaira, Syed Sami Ullah

Clinico-Radiological Outcome of Bicondylar Tibial Plateau Fracture Treated with Dual Incision and Dual Pre-contoured Locking Plate: A Prospective Study
Authors: Dilip Soring, Sanjib Waikhom, S. N. Chishti, Khoda Tada, Shams Gulrez, Rajkumar Debbarma

Synthesis and Copolymerization of Several New N-(allyloxy phenyl) tetrachlorophthalimides
Authors: Ahlam Marouf Al-Azzawi, Hiba Kadhim Yaseen

Integrated Framework to Enhance the Deployment of Wind Energy in Libya
Authors: Dr. Abdelgadir M. Mahmoud, Khalid I. Ben Sauod

The Mechanism of Adat Justice Conducted by the Kerapatan Adat Nagari (Kan) within Dispute Resolution on Sako Pusako in Indigenous People Community In Luhak Agam West Sumatera
Authors: Dr. Irzal Rias SH. MH. Diana Arma SH. MH.

Driver Drowsiness Detection Techniques: A Survey
Authors: Shivani Junawane, Shital Jagtap, Prajakta Deshpande, Laveena Soni

The Synergy Model of Children Protection Based on Islamic Values for Both Preventing and Reading Sexual Violence toward Children in Kendari City
Authors: Muamal Gadafi, Hasriany Amin

Age Changes of Enamel, Dentin, Pulp, Cementum
Authors: Dr J. Jananee MDS, Dr Deepika .R

Impact of Principals' Intellectual Stimulation on Students' Performance at Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education in Public Secondary Schools, Kenya
Authors: Patricia Nthoki Muia, Dr. Ursulla Okoth, Dr. Grace Nyagah

Deadline Constraint Heuristics based Workflow Scheduling in Cloud Computing
Authors: Ranjitha R, P. Krishnamoorthy

Effect of the Brassinolide and DTPA and their Interaction in Some of the Morphological Characteristics and Yield of Active Compounds in the Coriander Coriandrumsativum L
Authors: Dr. Mahir Zaki Fysal Al-Shammary, Alaa Salim Sada Al-Halfi

Analyzing the Application of Fourier and Wavelet Transformations for Image Noise Reduction
Authors: Elham M. T. AbdALAmeer, Ashwak Alabaichi, Rafid Sagban

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